105 Changes in Your Life After TEOTWAWKI

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TEOTWAWKI: what stands behind this abbreviation? The truth is, that the term comprices anything from a zombie apocalypse, nuclear war, to economic collapse, pandemic, and natural disaster scenario. As you can see, the odds are that such situations can become our reality. Don’t waste your time swiping your newsfeed: it is time to become preppers and be ready for any danger that might arise. All about that is our article.

Let’s get it clear: TEOTWAWKI is the word for The End Of The World As We Know It. As for me, this term means that something REALLY huge has occurred… in other words, TEOTWAWKI is an event that has pushed our reality back into a pre-power, pre-network era.

Moreover, TEOTWAWKI  is not a simple short-term local emergency: it’s a thing that tosses all people once again into the prolonged mode of harsh survival! Sounds scary, right?

But how may TEOTWAWKI happen?

  • Perhaps, it’s a destructive infection or virus that wipes out 90% of the total populace, not even like COVID-19.
  • Perhaps, it’s a Nuclear Holocaust.
  • Perhaps, it’s a Nationwide EMP that produces considerable damage to the electrical infrastructure, terrible enough that it can’t even be recovered before the TEOTWAWKI happens.
  • Perhaps, it’s a Nuclear War. You can’t deny that nuclear war may arise anytime…

Whatever the reason is, have you ever tried to really consider the specific things that would be changed in your life after TEOTWAWKI? By reading this article, you’ll obtain an entirely new and, let me say, a different viewpoint!

Pandemic: Increased Birth Rate

That’s my best estimate for the long-term period when the worst time after the apocalypse will be gone, and things will get somehow settled down. In the first year or two after TEOTWAWKI, pregnancies will not be that frequent. Why? Because most males and females would strive to survive and wouldn’t want to bring a child into this terrible world; nonetheless, once everything will kind of be okay, survivors won’t have contraception or safe abortion options. Many propose that sex is a human need, and these consequences would be inevitable.

So, in survival communities, healthy youth, males and females, will turn up having more than two children. They apparently won’t aspire to have children at all; however, they won’t determine anything… something will occur, and children will be born. Just as a large American frontier family in the late 19th century!

No More Mowed Lawns on Earth

Cutting the lawns will be a relic of eras gone because mowing will be a total misuse of calories in our current reality where each calorie matters. Fuel will likewise be a unique resource and would not be wasted on such a minor subject as tall grass nearby your home!

Yards will become waist-high greens. The same is applicable for your nearby woods. Truth be told, if there’s any fuel left, riding trimmers will be utilized for anything other than cutting yards.

No More Regular Traffic Jams Scenario (possibly permanent, huh)


Without fuel, we wouldn’t be able to manage with the energy expected to control vehicles; besides, since everybody will be jobless at any rate, there will not, at this point, be day-by-day driving.

In any case, there will be long-lasting traffic jams. Those will be the autos left by individuals who surrendered them straight on the road in a panic.

Here are a couple of various fuel choices to consider for after TEOTWAWKI.

Say No to Videogames: The End Of The World

This is pretty simple: without electricity, one wouldn’t enjoy their Grand Theft AutoXbox, or PlayStation. What a pity! So, make entertaining preparations to distract yourself during the end of the world as we know it.

More Stray Pets and Waste

When food becomes rare, so does pet ownership: people won’t be able to give the needed amount of nourishment to their beloved animals, nor will they have time to care about them. This is a luxury that is inapplicable for the circumstances of TEOTWAWKI.

I personally consider my chocolate labrador my best friend, even more like part of the family, and he is a part of my preps; nonetheless, people who aren’t ready for such situations will not have the resources to continue taking care of them, so go get preparations for your pets in advance.

Printed Books are Great


Real, actual books with pages will be valuable, as, with no power, you have no PC and no digital books. So, an actual book will gain popularity once more!

The best books will educate the members of the society during the end of the world as we know to perform tasks, for example, Cultivating or Fixing Things or Cooking Books, or survival books; however, decent fiction pages will still be admired by people.

No Urban Trees on Earth

When winter hits, many people will require firewood for heat, and in the first place, they will get kindling – their self-grown trees in the backyard.

Choose your fighter: cutting wood VS. freezing to death?

Bye, lawn trees… next up will be public trees. Main concern: in only a couple of years, there may be no more trees in urban settings.

Say Goodbye to Indoor Plumbing

The hugest amount of people depends on water towers (gravity to make water pressure) to supply their houses. Water towers are filled with pumps that require power and electricity.

No power means = no indoor pipes.  Your sinks will have no water. Your toilets won’t flush: simply consider this. This is a significant issue that will altogether increase disinfection.

Online Purchases and Web are Non-Existent

Without a power outage, there will be no web. Without the web, you can’t accept stuff from the web, so say no to qualifying purchases and purchasing stuff in general. Furthermore, there won’t be any cross country mail transfer accessible by the same token! So, regardless of whether you might get something from the Web, you wouldn’t get anything conveyed by the mail! So, get some clothes for the end of the world as we know it in advance.

I appreciate composing for this blog, yet if TEOTWAWKI occurs, this blog will be finished. I assume that the uplifting news is that we will presently don’t need to stress over our online privacy.

No More Fancy Weddings

When you are simply attempting to live, events like costly weddings will be one of the main things to go out; not to mention, I estimate that there will be a lot fewer weddings as a rule.

More Deaths Because of Simple Scratches


Medicine producers won’t have the opportunity to work, so your influenza shots, antibiotics, and painkillers won’t be as easily accessible as they once were. Moreover, the people who have such medicines won’t be willing to give them away to strangers. You may have the option to deal for a few, yet it may cost a ton of high-price stuff or ammo. Why? Because somebody who has life-saving meds has all the power and control! Are you going to refuse to trade them and risk life?

Many people won’t have that much money to buy the medicines needed, nor will they find any easy medication access. So, a simple scratch may get you infected and be the reason for your death if TEOTWAWKI occurs.

Say Goodbye to Professional Sports

At the point when your only desire is to survive, games and sports presently won’t hold interest. Not to mention, the athletes themselves will try to survive with their relatives.

Professional sports will be the thing about which children ask nearby the campfire at nighttime. For example, children would ask about the Olympics, about the National Championships, and so forth. These will be rare and unknown concepts for any young person or person born after TEOTWAWKI…

Say Goodbye to 911 Services

On the off chance that TEOTWAWKI occurs, the emergency services will immediately get overpowered. The fairest would first try to “take care of their responsibilities,” but they soon will recognize that they need to stop trying to save others and start taking care of their own homes! They will leave their posts and go home to save their own families.

Big Backyard Gardens Will Be Far Popular

Individuals who have planted seeds will definitely make up their own food sources: and that may be the simple part. The critical step may be shielding your terrace garden from neighbors eager to steal your harvests! Obviously, you can’t rely solely on a garden for your food stocks, but it should be one part of it.

Seeds Would Cost a lot More.

Heirloom seeds will become very much worthy, as it is a great nourishment source to feed yourself. Moreover, these seeds can then be saved for planting next year (as they have no certain time of shelf life). If you know what you’re doing, you can save the seeds each year and replace them the next year and then make it last forever.

This is obviously a cool tool to have (we mean seeds) when food supplies and opportunities to get food are limited. Plus, they’ll be great for sharing if you have extras! Try not to be tricked tho: just having those seeds without cultivation skills and special knowledge will create a false sense of security. Remember to start gardening in advance, before TEOTWAWKI, not after.

No More Movies and Fancy Celebrities on Earth

Like Pro Athletes, claiming to be somebody you’re not in front of cameras will not, at this point, be something anybody is keen on. What’s more, without electrical power, you can’t watch TV shows and movies at any rate. After everything comes down, there may be small theater shows of sketches that a local survival group puts on for the evening around the campfire. But this is only if they first deal with all their initial survival needs.

No More Concerts and Fancy Musicians: A True End of the WOrld

I accept that some kind of country music will last for a long time: people will, in the long run, play fiddles and acoustic guitars. Nonetheless, mega concerts in arenas will be a thing of the past. As far as I am concerned, this is totally fine. No more Bieber craziness or viewing Miley Cyrus doing obscene acts on stage.

I could survive without these things in any way, thank you.

Waste and Stench from Neighborhood


Without indoor plumbing or waste disposal services, neighborhoods will stink. Where will we put the garbage?

The best guess is that they’ll dump the waste down the street sometime at midnight. Nevertheless, it will just stay there in the sun and rain, and the rodents won’t stop flying around. This is something that individuals disregard to consider while getting ready for the apocalypse. Trust me. This is totally going to be a troublesome thing, even a shitty problem, you know.

No More Planes and Fuel


Without electricity, the fuel will not be offered in such large quantities as it is now, so, without fuel, planes will not fly. Thus, the sky will seem the same as it did just after September 11… The sky will be empty and remain empty for a long time.

No more flying over the US to see family for Christmas.

Limited Contacts


Cell phones don’t work. Phones don’t work at all. So, how are you going to call and speak to your family when you live a couple of states away?

The appropriate answer is that you wouldn’t at all.

If both parties do not have radios with backup power generation systems, you will not communicate with them. Moreover, without mail administrations, messages can’t be sent either; henceforth, if you choose to attempt to get back after TEOTWAWKI, you’ll go blindfolded. Not actually knowing whether they would, in any case, be there or even be alive…

The Roads Will Be Terrible – Many Forbidden Examples

Streets and roads might be OK for a couple of years after TEOTWAWKI; nevertheless, roads and bridges will rapidly begin to fall flat without ordinary support. Holes will get greater and greater, bridges will crack, and in the end, fall. Regardless of whether you could drive a couple of years after TEOTWAWKI (which is questionable), you wouldn’t go at 85 mph. In case you’re fortunate, you’ll be traveling at around 30 miles per hour!

Hand Tools Will Become More Expensive


Tools that don’t need electricity to work will skyrocket in price. Not the price in terms of paper money (they will cost nothing), but the price in terms of barter leverage.


People Will Take Up Old School Skills

The old school’s skills, the pre-industrial era, will be in high demand: you could use these skills to exchange or trade with your neighbors. Sewing and retouching the garments will be important. Shoe and boot cleaning will turn into an essential specialty. At that point, carpentry can likewise be helpful. Thereafter, utilizing your hands to assemble or fix things will be crucial after the TEOTWAWKI, the end of the world as we know it.

Here are 20 valuable skills to exchange after TEOTWAWKI.

Cities Will Become Dangerous Death Traps

Dense-Crowd The city will be very dangerous, particularly in the primary months. Thousands of starving individuals will deliver mass violence. People will simply attack each other for scarce resources, like first aid kits or food items, then, over time, people will leave the city searching for new resources. Those who remain will survive mainly by taking from others by force.

If you live in the capital city, I propose you leave when things go south. On the off chance that you don’t live in a large city, it’s ideal to dodge and never surrender to the temptation of going back to the city. Most likely, it will be a death trap. And I don’t want to bet my life on it.

A Dollar Won’t Cost Anything After the Apocalypse


Paper cash won’t cost anything. The lone explanation it has today that individuals trust it, as we have the certainty that others perceive these paper dollars as worth.

TEOTWAWKI will not destroy all trust in paper dollars carrying any value. Come to think of it. This paper can’t do anything practical. It can’t dig like a great tactical shovel. It can’t be eaten to give people energy. It can’t be used for self-security. The only use of paper dollars after TEOTWAWKI is to help start fires or emergency toilet paper.

Say No to Colleges and Universities

Higher education will be restricted to local survival communities. In terms of survival conditions where a small community survives, it will start educating its children; nonetheless, this won’t be the learning process and lessons we have nowadays: survival skills and a firearm and an ax will be the main topics of the training. Not philosophy or the humanities, that’s for sure. Say goodbye to school parties and events. It will be gone.

Horses Will Be Mainstream Again

If you have ponies or horses and can save them from starving, they would be very much needed! Whenever everything is settled after TEOTWAWKI, the survivors will employ the horses to go on trips. Like in the bygone eras…

Body Hair Will Not Be a Shame

Everyday shaving will be a relic of past eras because new, sharp razors will be less accessible, and most won’t have any desire to invest time and energy in shaving. Men will have a more hairy beard along these lines, and ladies will have hairy legs and armpits.

No More Diets and Calorie Count

When food stocks are poor, having an excessive amount of bodyweight will no longer be a problem: hunger will be the new problem that people will face.

The National Politics Won’t Matter

Following the TEOTWAWKI, the only policy that one will care about is local neighborhood politics. No matter how little your survival coalition group is, there will be some form of decision-making. There will be some government leaders and their people: this is local politics.

The Right Prescription Glasses For The Eyes Will Become Cherished

Like me, if you wear lenses for bad-eyesight prevention, you will need to carefully plan everything to TEOTWAWKI. Blurred eyesight is a large drawback of survival conditions: problems may arise from shooting guns to spotting invaders. Bad eyesight will kill you after TEOTWAWKI; therefore, you need glasses and, preferably, a spare pair, because you wouldn’t be able to buy any. Besides, the chances of exchanging for a pair with your exact recipe are almost zero. They are, as I see, you have two options:

  1. Make a LASIK vision correction as soon as possible.
  2. Consider getting a pair of sports glasses with your prescription today to be prepared.

Sports glasses can withstand much more abuse than traditional glasses.

Firearm Will be a Norm


The individuals who will survive will have lots of weapons, and no authorizations or permissions will be required. Besides, without any type of law enforcement, we’re returning to the Wild West time, when it was warm all over the place. Plan to be ready with equipment for TEOTWAWKI gunfights.

A Lot Less Wildlife

Animals = Protein during survival conditions. Starvation of people equals the mass extinction of local wildlife. Birds, squirrels, deer, snakes, and rabbits will be destroyed on the spot. Some people will even eat rodents. Again, some limitations: no rats in your daily ration, as rats carry diseases and reproduce like crazy, so I expect them to be here in considerable numbers.

Well, nonetheless, the mornings will be amazingly quiet, with zero birds signing in nature.

Say No to Weather Plans

The weather throughout the day will be a complete lottery. You will obviously know the overall seasons: you will realize that there will be no snow in July; notwithstanding, you won’t understand what the following ten days will carry with them storms and rains. Why? Since our current weather estimating framework won’t work at this point. Try not to plan your picnics dependent on the weather any longer…

Here you can find old methods of forecasting the weather conditions.

The Concept of the Weekend Will Disappear

“Thank God, it’s Friday. Oh, my God, it’s Monday.” Does that sound familiar? This whole “weekend” concept will die: when survival is your only priority, you really don’t get any days off. While you won’t be going to your workplace Monday-to-Friday, you also won’t be relaxing on Saturday and Sunday.

Solar Panels and Devices Would be Expensive

Having the option to use some of the sun’s energy will be the advantage of TEOTWAWKI, the end of the world as we know it. It will be completely in handy to have the option to control and charge a couple of selected gadgets, regardless of whether it isn’t much power or if the charging process is taking a long time. If you have a little fridge or radiator, at that point, the entire city will talk about you! Heck, even solar lanterns, a solar power bank, and USB rechargeable batteries will set you apart from the average John. But again, the “catch” is that you will have to protect these devices from your envious neighbors.

Small Villages Will Be Formed

Several coalitions of survival can get through the initial hell of TEOTWAWKI. These packs of individuals will be very close-knit people. They will have the devices, assets, and trust to cooperate to survive. They can even arrange a village and start working all together here to start planting the gardens. From multiple points of view, this survival life will be harder than it is today, yet it might be better, as some people believe.

Lower Mean Age of the Population

Due to the regular starvation and lack of nourishment, an insufficient amount of modern medicines, and extremely poor hygiene, the average life expectancy of our population will be drastically reduced. Much higher child mortality rates will cause this quantity to drop.

Here are ten ways you will most likely die after TEOTWAWKI, actually.

Say No to Morning Cup of Coffee

As restaurants and cafeterias won’t work anymore; hence, you won’t be able to buy a mug of tea. If you stockpiled some in advance, possibly you have a few bases lying around. But, to be honest, I very much doubt that you have lots of supplies for the long journey; in this way, coffee beans will disappear and become a rare luxury, not often seen and pretty costly if you would like to buy them.

Cannibalism as a Regular Thing

While it’s terrible to think of it, you should be assured that some individuals will do it, as we know from the past this has happened, for example, at Donner’s party.

So why should it be different after TEOTWAWKI? It’s your choice whether you go that far, but I assure you, many will do.

Privileges Will Be Gone

I’m sure you know someone who has some privileges. Well, just look at most of today’s teenagers. Those who take this position after TEOTWAWKI will fail. People will instantly recognize that they have no right to do anything. Many will decide that this new life based on survival is not worth living: they will intentionally leave this world behind (e.g., kill themselves).

Piercings/Tattoos will be Less Popular

Certainly, all these piercings and tattoos will become a lot less popular, but will, on the other hand, be a distraction from surviving. Yet individuals who puncture or tattoo themselves will more frequently get infected with blood-transmitted diseases. Today, on the off chance that you have a disease, you take antibiotics, and you are healthy again.

After TEOTWAWKI, a mild plague can kill: so, the risk/reward equation will suck.

The Rodent Population will get out of Control


With poor hygienic conditions and a lack of poison-control, rats will thrive. Rodents generally have a very short breeding period; thus, these cycles are extremely difficult to stop once they start; henceforth, without any modern poison-control elements, rodents will dominate the World.

Then again, rats can become a permanent source of protein for some people, but rats carry diseases, so this is an important trade-off that should be withdrawn if at all possible.

Gyms Will No Longer Exist on Earth


One will get a gym session in every day by transferring water briquettes from one’s water supply to one’s place of living. Everyone will train, but not toned or in shape: they will work out to stay alive.

Also, you’ll want to try to conserve as much energy as possible, rather than burning it on purpose. You will lose much energy anyway, just by trying to survive. Besides, you’ll want to take a break and try to preserve your valuable calories.

Teeth will Be Worse

Without any official dentistry or toothpaste, oral health will undergo some difficulties, and sadly, over time, people’s teeth will rot. Tooth decay will start once one will lack regular oral hygiene.

No braces would be implemented to fix crooked teeth, while today, most children get braces, and most people have a good smile. In the future, rotten and crooked teeth will return to our society as a norm. So, it’s a good idea to have a dental plan for TEOTWAWKI.

No More Fancy Funerals

If TEOTWAWKI occurs, as I dread, with mass starvation, there will be thousands (possibly a large number of) individuals who won’t be buried at all: they will bite the dust straight in rooms, houses, and in the city, and nobody will take care to bury them. They will spoil, rot, smell, and be left for the vultures to eat.

The individuals who have lost a relative can take the time and energy to have a basic memorial funereal: it will be a normal pit dove in the terrace, with a basic cross and a basic headstone: no caskets, no treating, no funeral car.

So you should have a plan for how to handle this for your family.

Prostitution will be Widespread after Economic Collapse

Whether you like it or not, sex is an ancient barter tool: it has existed since the dawn of civilization. As I heard you say once, “Perhaps this is one of the oldest jobs ever…”

Rape will also be prevalent. Why pay (i.e., barter) when you can just forcefully have it? But I think it’s likely that the whole peak of prostitution develops at some point after TEOTWAWKI. Personally, I do not approve of these things; however, for some, it will be a way to survive.

Zero Financial Debt

I have good news for you. Your mortgage and student loans, and credit card debt will be forgotten after TEOTWAWKI; in this way, no one will knock on your door threatening you if you don’t pay them back, specifically in a case when everybody is just trying to survive.

Traditional financial institutions will lose all of their common sense!

There will be no Children’s Overnight Stays

Your children aren’t going to spend the night with friends. Why? Because after TEOTWAWKI, the trust will apply only to your immediate family. Well, the trust is still able to reach out to your extended family, but that’s it. If scarce resources such as food and heat are limited, the last thing you would want to do is to waste them on other people’s children.

Besides, you don’t trust anyone with your child… even for one night.

No More Nightclubs or Bars


Do you like to stop at the local bar after a long workday, like me? You’d better have a shot today because this pleasant habit will end after TEOTWAWKI.

Alcohol is better used for survival situations than to get us drunk. Also, if you’re drunk, you’re just asking to be used in the uncivilized world. In our “civilized” modern world, too many people are already using it, if you get me right.

Less Trust From Strangers

At this point, you will lack a sense of security in a group or, in any event, passing a lonely stranger in the city. You will rapidly understand that blindfolded trust can destroy you. There will be no more entryways for outsiders or much hospitality for strangers. Sorry, yet outsiders will be equivalent to the most threatful danger after TEOTWAWKI.

Handheld Weapons Will Become More Popular

Guns, ammo, and gun suppressors will be crucial, but you actually won’t want to waste your bullets. Instead, you’ll want to have some other form of self-defense protection as well.

Brass knuckles, monkey fists, and survival knives will be attractive options to have along with a gun.

Here’s a guide to a huge amount of weapons.

Foraging is Everything

Searching for food in the wild areas will become famous when there is as yet something to get. Things like wild mushrooms, cattails, and wild onions will immediately get uncommon in thickly populated regions. In rural regions, such edible gatherings will be a common activity for survivalists. Remember that getting food is not as easy as it seems: you need to completely comprehend what you are doing to succeed.

Even Less Sleep


Fortunately, you won’t, in such conditions, be woken up by a morning alarm clock. Why? Since it won’t work!

The terrible news is that you won’t sleep by any means, as times will be risky, particularly around evening time, while you need to sleep calmly. You’ll be more nervous, and you will need to plan for periods of sleep in shifts to be attentive and look for unwanted strangers.

Say no to Pet Food

Previously, we talked about a massive decline in pet ownership. Well, pet food manufacturers will also close. Besides, pet meals will be eaten by your fellow humans, as it’s nutritious and high in calories, and if you’re starving, it will taste amazing.

Canned “Best Buy” Product Dates Won’t Matter

The shelf life of your canned food has expired or passed the time of their “best purchase when you use”? What’s the difference!? This can contain a huge amount of valuable calories. Open the can, smell the food, and if it’s not bad, eat the insides.

No More Semi-Truck Distribution Networks


There will be no semi-trailer trackers in operation. The times of mass transfer logistics development of merchandise will end. In any case, when things come down, there might be some dealers pulling essential survival trucks and trailers from town-to-town, attempting to earn enough to pay the bills by trading goods and food.

Handcrank Devices Are Desirable


There are several tools that one can buy with hand cranks instead of electric cords. Two popular items are radios and flashlights. They are great because hand cranks are mini electric generators. They don’t produce much power, but they will give you a radio just to listen to and a light source with no power supply. These tools will be gems when it comes to TEOTWAWKI.

Neosporin Will be Desirable

Medicines containing antibiotics will suit as a popular trade item. If you scratch the knuckles, would you prefer to apply a little Neosporin or take the risk without it? Ensure that the downside of a serious infection is death; besides, if you have saved a little Neosporin, others can trade many things for it!

No More Major Surgeries

On the off chance that you have a hurting hip or a broken knee, you should live with this injury for the remainder of your life. There will be no hip medical procedure or knee inserts; anyway, there will be many individuals staggering around after TEOTWAWKI, particularly as the survivor populace ages…

Here are a few tips to help prepare your elder loved ones for TEOTWAWKI.

Vegans Will Turn

Being vegan is a luxury that modern life allows, but, unfortunately, after TEOTWAWKI, I doubt that many will abandon cooked proteins when they have not eaten in a few days or even weeks. And if they refuse to do so, they risk starving to death because of their vegan principles. It will be much more difficult to avoid hunger if you are picky about your meal choices.

Cosmetics and Perfumes are Luxuries

Makeup, perfume, and hair gel will be rare, and masses of individuals will have neither the energy nor the desire to care about applying them. Who wants to get dressed if they haven’t showered for a week and their toilets don’t flush? Some may first use the fragrance to mask their stench, but ultimately, the substance will run out, and people will get used to the smell.

Stargaze And Storytelling Will Be Popular

One of the types of ancient entertainment, which will return, is stargazing. The stars will be unbelievably precious after TEOTWAWKI. No light contamination will bring back the sparkling night sky for your enjoyment. If you’ve ever seen stars without light pollution, you know what I mean; it’s astounding!

There will likewise be more storytelling as a type of evening entertainment. Why? Since stories don’t need a web-connection or cash. What’s more, the kids will want to hear their father hear tales about the “past times”…

Housing Depreciation Will Be More Noticeable

Mortgage holders will no longer keep up their property. The houseы will begin to break down right the day after the end of the world as we know. After a few years, the houses will be in total disrepair, particularly the abandoned houses. Regardless, you can take materials from these forgotten houses to keep your home in fair condition, not that you care much about what it resembles… In any case, keeping your home flawless is necessary to shield you from unwanted guests and natural disaster conditions.

Board Games will be Popular.


Kids will have to play some games, even after TEOTWAWKI, and board games, playing cards, and puzzles will do just fine! No, they’re not merely as cool as video games or mobile phones, but they’re very fun when the opportunities for joy are limited.

My relatives still live off card games at family parties, and once we play them all together, it’s always a great time. Make sure to read some information about these survival playing cards, which not only work for card games but also include some useful information such as “will you survive if… ” questions.

Skin Cancer Cases Will Increase on Earth

Sunscreen wouldn’t now be quickly accessible, and the remaining sunscreens will be utilized in a year or two after TEOTWAWKI. Individuals will have to cover-up, wear long sleeves, and restrict prolonged staying in the open space. Most won’t heed those suggestions. Who will even think about a little sun when you have more actual problems that need to be resolved?

Nonetheless, the process will begin. Slowly at first, and then year after year, this attitude will take its toll, and skin cancer will grow. In merely twenty years, it could turn into an epidemic, although we may no longer have a doctor’s diagnosis for it.

Say No to Restaurants, Cafes, and Delivery

I’m sorry, but from now on, you’ll be making and cooking your own dishes. I hope you’ve done your homework and actually did the food stockpiling… Basically, the lack of electricity means that there will be no food delivery and restaurants that would prepare and deliver meals for you…

Air Pollution Will Disappear


Air pollution won’t be an issue now. The terrifying number of vehicles (I mean cars) that release exhausted fumes into our environment will be reduced alongside the creation of gardens and planting seeds.

The biggest portion of the electric power produced after the end of the world as we know will be produced from alternative sources, for example, windmills. This implies that the constant grey clouds that drift over our urban areas and factories will rapidly scatter without those constant streams of exhausting fumes!

No-one Cares About Global Climate Change and Natural Disaster Odds

Worries about environmental problems will vanish very fastly. Nevertheless, if our Earth truly will get hotter and hotter, milder winters will help survival after TEOTWAWKI. Simply saying… new norms of climate, new everything!

Families Will Live Closer To Each Other

For most, their youngsters and parents will be the only people they can trust, so normally, families will stick together. Youngsters will not, at this point, set off for college and move to a new place of living on the opposite side of the nation. After TEOTWAWKI, the newborns brought into the world in a small city will grow up, live, and bite the dust in this very short time…

Backyard Pools Will be Useful

One frequently neglects methods of storing water in the terrace pool. An entire pool full of nurturing water located right outside your back door is a great endurance luxury! In any case, have you ever considered how to get the maximum from this survival luxury?

Your neighbors will want you to share, and that may not be your intention. How many strangers will you let drink from your pool? Are you ready to shoot the intruders?

A backyard pool can be one of those survival advantages that turns into a survival nightmare. As the old saying goes, “It’s better to have a neighbor with a swimming pool!”

Light Pollution Will be in the Past


With regards to TEOTWAWKI, the night will bring darkness. No more city lights, no more streetlamps, no more house lights… just as dull as it tends to be. The only exception case would be a rare full moon.


Robbers Will be Prevalent and Deadly

Robber gangs and bandits will unite and thrive by taking resources from others. They will wander from city-to-city, raping and robbing to satisfy their needs and desires, forming new behavior norms. You will face two solutions to these problems: you may either hide from them or face them. They will be hard and well-armed, so in the event when your survival coalition isn’t ready for a deadly skirmish, it might be more prudent to avoid them. You must plan for this inevitable thing (facing a large group of survivors with bad intentions).

Build a plan to hide your supplies strongly and develop an exit route. Strengthening your home is a good point to start at.

Bicycles Will Be Much More Popular

Since most auto-vehicles will be futile, bikes will maintain their popularity! However, some type of extreme alert will be required (particularly just after TEOTWAWKI) in light of the fact that you would prefer not to deal with unfriendly strangers… Yet, on the occasion when you need to drive for a huge distance, at that point, a bicycle (particularly an off-road bicycle on a secluded path) will be something that numerous people will acknowledge.

Here is a list of your best transportation options after TEOTWAWKI.

Popular Hobbies Will Disappear

These expensive hobbies will be gone. Golf, bowling, skiing – these types of entertainment will disappear overnight, and you will not have too much time to waste on such luxury entertainment activities.

Traveling will be Rare and Without GPS

Your wanderings will end. Why? Because the journeys will be extra dangerous and, in some cases, even life-threatening. And in the event you’re forced to leave, you won’t have GPS navigation to help to guide you. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a compass and a map. If not… you will have to navigate yourself through the sun and stars.

Yes, the satellites remaining in orbit will still transmit GPS signals; nonetheless, without electrical power, there will be no data collection devices left.

No Weed Control


Similarly, as yards are not cut now, weed will likewise grow out of control. Wherever you look, there will be weed planted and growing in the cracks of streets, walkways, and carports, in each forgotten garden and unkempt yard. On the off chance that you live close to Kudzu, you’ll simply find that it covers nearly everything! Kudzu grows very quickly and, when left to its own growing process, covers everything in its way.

In around ten years, there won’t be anything left in the Deep South that isn’t shrouded in this stuff.

Strong Boots and Shoes Will Cost More

Strong boots and good shoes will be very welcome. Bad shoes or boots will cause problems with your feet, which can lead to every sort of deficiency of survival. We’ve seen movies where the main character checks out a dead guy’s shoes, looking for a change to his or her current pair.

Rain Collection Systems Will be Common

When the taps are dry, you’ll want to install simple rainwater collection systems on the roof. You can collect an impressive amount of rainwater if you have barrels on each drainpipe. When there is TEOTWAWKI, almost everyone will start collecting rainwater.

Mass Unemployment: Economic

You won’t have a job any longer – in any event, not in the traditional sense. Your new day-by-day occupation will be endurance: gathering resources, battling off threatening strangers and securing your family. This is your new regular job, and it will be the hardest occupation you’ve ever had.

Personal Sanitation Will Decrease

We have already discussed indoor plumbing, and managing human waste will be a tremendous issue, but so it will be with ordinary cleanliness. Every day showers will be a relic of days gone by. Showers will be the norm only once every week, well, if you are fortunate. The process of finding water and moving it into the house will be a long time occupation, not something you would actually be eager to do. On the off chance that you live nearby a huge waterway, stream, lake, at that point, you will be the fortunate person who can simply strip down and hop into the water; additionally, cleaning up will take significantly more time, and energy (no electrical power, remember), so cool showers will turn into the new norm.

Less Bath Time


Once again, showers require water pressure that will not be available over a long time in the circumstances of the end of the world as we know it. You can build a gravity shower, but most of the survivalists won’t find the energy to do it in a worthy way. Instead, most people prefer to simply swim in waterways such as rivers or lakes, depending on which major water source is closer.

After TEOTWAWKI, most will not warm their bodies in a hot shower. That’s how it can be done.

Suicide Rates Will Increase

Numerous people will think that the world after the end of the world as we know is not worth it to live in it: they will decide not to tolerate difficulties and suffering and choose the easy way.

Values will Change

Most of the problems and issues of the 1st world will disappear because values will change. Comments like ” why can’t I get my telephone in pink?” or ” are we there yet?” or “But I’m hungry now!” or ” my Instagram/ Facebook feed is so chaotic…” will disappear, there will be new norms.

These are examples of stupid complaints and problems from developed countries. They will sound even more ridiculous than they already do today.

No Internet – No Email


The Web connection will no longer exist, just like the Internet in general, and even in the event it somehow does, there will be no power grid to run the computer and use it beneficially. Remember that you will have other values, as mentioned earlier. Hence, you won’t worry about your dirty mailbox anymore!

Drug/Alcohol Abuse will be Reduced

From first sight, it may seem that most people believe drug abuse will increase its rates since individuals would like to escape from their new awful reality. This might be valid, yet after some time, entertainment-drugs will become as uncommon as life-saving ones. Alcohol will be put away for disinfection purposes, cleaning wounds, and so on; in this way, while drug and alcohol misuse won’t be discharged totally, it will be not that common as expected.

Moms Will Breastfeed

During the end of the world as we know it, without admittance to the baby formula, ladies will have no real option except to breastfeed.

I can’t think of being able to score compatible sums of baby formula after TEOTWAWKI. In addition, breastfeeding supports a mother to feed her baby without making a fuss over constantly cleaning the baby-bottles, blending the required amount of the formula, or heating the bottle (additional effort).

No National Elections or Political Parties

Every person will be from the survivalist party! National elections will be a thing of the past, and without national communication of the local club of leaders – new leaders will dominate local communities. Some ‘neighborhood’ leaders may be elected, but national democracy will not rise from the ashes. Besides, all things considered, these nearby authority gatherings will take after oligarchic types of ruling the land. Numbers of individuals will rule new institutions of government during the end of the world as we know.

Old Magazines Will Cost More

Playboy magazines will be back: not that there will be any new offerings, but rather the old magazines will be well known and often used (re-read, of course). These piles of past issues that have been buried for quite a long time will, at last, bring in a healthy barter price.

Digital Photos Will Be Lost

Numbers of digital photographs put away on PC hard drives or in the cloud will be hard to access in the events of the end of the world as we know it (if not impossible). However, physical photographs will turn into a top choice and valued fortune for families. You can buy a Polaroid in advance, for example…

Of course, those photographs will be completely useless in terms of money resources, but they will have gigantic personal value.

The Regular Content of Clothing Items Will Seem Silly

Who is going to wear a bikini after TEOTWAWKI? The answer is nobody.

The tiny bikini is 100% style and 0% capacity. Coats will be helpful for keeping oneself warm. Nonetheless, a tie is practically pointless, as initially expected. Ties are valuable for other endurance needs, e.g., it can be used as some kind of paracord bracelet, yet composing a professional look for work would no longer be one of the tie’s main use.

Credit Score Would Be Meaningless

Do you have a good or bad credit rating? Oh God, many of you… but who cares for the TEOTWAWKI?

Without trust and PC algorithms and calculations, the credit scores will be good for nothing; nonetheless, it is believable that the old types of credit will return. For example, in case if you would like to buy something, simply give something more important as a type of ‘insurance.’ In any case, on the occasion when you don’t restore the borrowed products, you will lose the security.

This is the oldest form of credit; by the way, today, we call it credit at the bank.

No Civil Courts and Lawyers


There will be no more courts, judges, and legal counselors. Debates will presently be settled by people or small groups. Often, the one with the greatest amount of resources will win the dispute. Back in ancient times, you know.

No Car Wash


Nobody will be interested in washing a non-working car. In addition, car washing is a big loss of water and time. Both hand-washing tracks and automatic car washes will become antiquated overnight.


Sweet Treats Will Be Rare

Sweet candies (for example, chocolate bars) will become a rare treat, they will no longer be mass-produced, and over time they will become harder and harder to get. Well-known brands like Snickers, Bounty, and M&M’s will disappear real quick!

More Fishing

Presently, a word for everyone who appreciates fishing. It will turn out to be exceptionally mainstream for starving individuals until the lakes and streams are fished out completely. The fish will resemble the wildlife in general – in urban areas, the water streams will be unfilled of all life, while in provincial regions, fishing will turn into a day-by-day- job, so stock up on a couple of Yo-Yo reels right now while you still have an ability.

Reuse and Keep Items!

You won’t be throwing anything away so quickly (other than human waste and real garbage). Old appliances, old dishes, and neat survival gear will be stored securely, believe me. A lot of old stuff can be repurposed after TEOTWAWKI. Moreover, you could also invest your money in the land territories. A land is always a great option because you’ll have to have a secure spot that you can hide into. For example, a country’s land would be perfect for hunting or growing and harvesting plants.

No Income Inequality (kind of)

The rich will change over to poor people, and the poor will change over to the rich. We will get over income inequality, not fully, but kind of! Just a joke.

The new “rich” will be those of us who have key survival skills and resources, experience, capability, and a community that people will trust.

“Poor people” c, on the other side, will be the individuals who today enlist others to deal with their everyday life purposes: these rich individuals will be exposed to uncommon conditions (such as cleaning, cooking, haunting) when the TEOTWAWKI occurs…

In reality, the public authority will uphold none of them.

More DIY/Fix it Yourself

In the event when you are a member of a strong survival society or a subject of one of the numerous survivalist groups, the society as a whole will be very independent, but individuals may not be. Participants can focus on the specific skills they know best; nevertheless, those who are not part of a solid survival coalition will be forced to become 100 percent DIY and probably will lack self-sufficiency.

No more calls to an expert for the maintenance of your belongings. You can fix things that are broken with parts that you have with you or that you can exchange. Actually, on YouTube, you can find lots of examples from DIY’ers from Russia who has a number of suggestions for many DIY preparations for the end of the world as we know it.

No More Kindergartens

In the event you have small children, your relatives and you will have to watch them all day, every day, as there will no longer be any government-budgeted kindergartens that monitor groups of children so that you can do something.

You’ll have to look after the children and do everything to care about them. It won’t be easy.

Bigger and Larger Wildfires


Firefighting will no longer be a permanent job. People won’t go to the deserted places to try to put out a roaring forest fire. Furthermore, forest fires will continue to be on fire until their fuel source eliminates itself, or it will start raining/snowing. As a result of these uncontrolled forest fires, TEOTWAWKI will burn very many acres of land.

Shopping Centers and “Shopping” will not Exist

The idea of” shopping trips” and “shopping centers” will disappear, and shopping malls are likely to become forgotten and empty ghost towns, cleared of opportunistic hunters.

No More Charity Handouts

Without a national government, we will get rid of the policy of forced redistribution. Those who now rely on handouts will be ‘lost’ as soon as the TEOTWAWKI occurs. Handout programs of national welfare will be lost in the past.

National Park Boundaries Won’t Matter

National parks will continue to exist in the sense that their remarkable excellence will not disappear. Nevertheless, there will be zero people left to support them or control their events. There will be no tourists. Instead, there will be people living there or just passers-by. The park authorities would leave their parks long ago to defend their own houses.

Amusement Parks will be Abandoned


No more trips down Splash Mountain or Double Dragon or funny Happy Birthday events in here. Amusement parks require a large amount of staff to work and a lot of electric power to work, and that is only a couple of instances of the issues that may emerge. Amusement parks will be one of the first places deserted after TEOTWAWKI. Amusement parks will get dull, now only remaining as the monument of the life that was there not long ago.


As should be obvious, when TEOTWAWKI happens, things will be definitely unique for quite a while. The world will presently function without civility and be reversed backward in time. Will TEOTWAWKI really occur? Who knows. Might it be able to occur? Truly.

Remember: Plan, Modify, and Succeed.


How many preppers are there in the US?

Many preppers in the US are in a state of preparedness for the end of the world as we know it. Let’s look at the case of the coronavirus. In the United States, anyone could enter their zip code and receive several messages a week with specific recommendations and data from the WHO and the CDC. Currently, more than 40 thousand people have signed up. So, thus people wanted to have the preparedness for the upcoming apocalypse that didn’t happen. Or did it? So, we have at least 40 thousand preppers who care about future survival.

What are preppers afraid of?

As for me, this all comes from the suspicion theories in American culture and the United States. Many preppers have fears of psychological warfare or cataclysmic events, so members of the prepping community are roused by constant media inclusion of, for example, natural disasters, just as an oversight that urges them to plan for the terrible situations. In this way, their main concerns come from the media: COVID-19, the Nuclear War between powerful countries, etc.

What About SHTF?

SHTF has numerous survival implications. However, the SHTF as a word means Shit Hits The Fan. In an SHTF scenario, the point is quite straightforward. It’s simply a prepper/survivalist’s method of saying that during a drawn-out emergency or breakdown of social norms and the World in general, and that everything will get terrible, truly terrible!

What Would it Take for TEOTWAWKI to Happen?

Well, basically, TEOTWAWKI, once again, is a word-acronym for The End Of The World As We Know It. That is the mass event that may arise in a society when something bad has happened, like a total collapse. One of the examples is Nuclear War. Something catastrophic that would lead to a total collapse of the society and government, to job loss, to loss of social media and networks, e.g., Instagram and Facebook, to the formation of survivalist groups making a survival retreat, to totally new social norms, to no big events. Institutions of government, institutions of business and economy, institutions of law, institutions of social norms, institutions of marriage – every instance will be gone—total crash.

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