Best EDC Flashlight Review and Buying Guide

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An EDC flashlight is a great pocket flashlight option. With the help of our review, choose one with as many lumens as you need and decide whether you want a pocket every day to carry the version or something else. Modern flashlights can use batteries and can be rechargeable and waterproof. Some can stand on their tail, and some can be carried on a keychain if they are just a couple of inches long. Decide what button and what weight you want and add to your gear collection one for illumination!



Do you remember the times when you were younger, in childhood, and your father asked you to help him with the car or somewhere in the shed? I’m sure you will get what I mean if you ever had a chance to live in the village. But for those who grew up in the flats, this story will probably be recognized as well.

So, your father calls you, you come to him with a deep aspiration to help, and what do you get? A flashlight to hold… But the mission was still important! And you were holding this heavy as the car itself flashlight for as long as you stop feeling your shoulders. And even after that, you changed the hand and kept holding it until your arm gets numb. You could not say you were tired—the mission would be failed!

My father, personally, had a MagLite flashlight. And though its name was “Maglite,” hardly would anyone call it to be actually lite. And yet, it was one of the best devices available on the market.

Luckily, these days are behind us. Because today we can choose from a huge variety of EDC flashlights—from water-resistant ones to almost unbreakable. But, I’m not going to tell you about all the possible tools. I will only get you acquainted with the FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight, which is convenient in use and at a fair price. I definitely wish I had it in my pocket for everyday carry back then.

The New Era of the EDC Flashlight

The New Era Of The Edc Flashlight

The world changes, and so must the flashlights! You will see that it is true if you pay attention to the new LED tactical flashlights, which are now more advanced: more efficient, including more components, and so on.

Now I would like to introduce three main flashlight features that make it the best flashlight on the planet.

Reason #1: Smart Flashlight Design

The New Era Of The Edc Flashlight

You might think that design does not actually matter—whatever works—and you will be wrong. A convenient design will make using your device comfortable and desirable, so you will definitely want to use it once again.

Here is the list of 3 main design qualities, which make this EDC flashlight one of the best flashlights for everyday carry:

  • Convenient button

This may sound a little strange—how can a button be improved? It can! In this LED flashlight, the button is slightly recessed. This construction does not allow the device to activate when unnecessary. Think of how much energy you might save if accidental turning on was removed from the life of your items? Quite a lot, I believe!

Before I got this device, I always faced the problem of the unexpected turning on of the light. I used to carry my flashlight in the pocket with the keys, and when it accidentally turned on, I could not see it, as it was the day-time. In the evening, I noticed that my tool is on and always got upset since I knew that my battery would soon be over. With this light, this is not a problem anymore!

Smart Flashlight Design

Since the button is on the tail end, the “recessed location” allows you to light the entire room with your hands-free. This is useful when your hands are busy doing something important which requires light.

  • Size

Yes, the size matters. The smaller – the better, as hardly will you want to take a huge keychain flashlight with you. This one is small enough (only several inches in length), so it will perfectly fit your pocket, so nobody will even notice that you have a flashlight with you.


  • Lens’ shape

The lens of this FireHawk has a convex shape to protect it.

  • Beveled prongs

This construction was designed to protect the lens of your items.

Lens' Shape

An additional advantage of having these prongs is that they can serve as the weapon. If you hit someone with them, they will bring some harm for sure. (We would recommend not to hit anyone for no reason!)

  • Waterproof construction

What is especially pleasing about this tool is that it has a waterproof design. This means that if you accidentally drop it into the water, it will survive this little catastrophe. All you will have to do is take it out of the water and let it dry out.

Reason #2: Convenient Flashlight Construction

To begin with, these FireHawk EDC flashlights are firm and strong. Rock-solid—people would call them. This is not about the material (which is of high quality as well). This is about little things.

First, check the space for the battery—unscrew the tail cap! The threads of this flashlight are neat and tidy. You will not have to put the lithium-ion batteries—AA battery type is just enough.


When looking closely, you will also notice a rubber gasket, which is required to keep the battery dry in case of rain or any other water-connected situation.



This EDC flashlight also includes two diamond prints machined into the aluminum body. They are put exactly in the place you will use to take it at hand.

The deep grooves are located where your fingers will touch each other when you take the device. This feature is convenient for holding.



If it happens that you accidentally drop your LED on the floor—it is fine. These flashlights can handle it (but not if you drop it from a thirty-floor building, of course!). But, these best EDC flashlights will keep working even if you drop them from a 5-feet height.


The Brightest Everyday

Such EDC flashlights also include belt clips, so you could keep the keychain flashlight close to your hands: in the pocket or even on the belt itself.

Get ready—for a relatively small size, these EDC flashlights have a relatively high weight. It can be justified by the material (metal), design, and construction—such flashlights are quite functional!

The Brightest

But, do not get scared—these flashlights are, of course, still lighter than the MagLite’s. You will not be seriously bothered by wearing one FireHawk on your keychain or in the pocket.

Reason#3: The Brightest Everyday Carry Flashlight

What do flashlights actually serve for? Exactly, to “illuminate the space.” So, being bright enough for this device is extremely important – it is its main feature!

These best EDC flashlights are brighter than you think. They achieve such brightness thanks to 300 lumens of light, which they are specified for. And they provide so much led light just thanks to the aa batteries—such a wonder!

Having so many lumens allows your flashlight to give you just as much light as you might need in the everyday carry.

Moreover, you can choose the light your flashlights give with the special sliding tip, which serves as a tool to change brightness settings.

The Brightest Everyday Carry Flashlight

You can slide it either forward or backward for different light regimes. The tip is resistant enough not to move by itself, but changing the settings is not a hard task since it’s not as resistant as you might think.

I tried to use my FireHawk in the complete darkness at night, and I was surprised with how large the beam distance was and how far away I could see with it. Night walks are not dangerous any longer if you have such a “helper” in your pocket.

Besides, with such brightness, you can shine directly in somebody’s eyes with the purpose of self-defense. This light flow will definitely disorientate your enemy, giving you time to run away or perform any other self-defense actions. But do not do it without the need!

For sure, the light of this keychain flashlight is much brighter than, for example, the smartphone lights. So, from my experience, this is definitely the brightest LED flashlight I have ever had, and I will for sure advise this EDC flashlight for everyday carry.

Best EDC Flashlight Summary

Best Edc Flashlight Summary

The FireHawk LED Flashlights are my personal choice, which I strongly recommend. I bought several everyday carry flashlights and put them in different places: in the bag, in the car, I keep one at home. If you get such a LED flashlight, you, for sure, may earn real respect from true survivalists.

So, consider buying it as soon as possible, so you could start carrying this FireHawk Flashlight every day. But, if you decide, follow the link below, and you will receive one LED flashlight with no money!

Have a look into our extensive blog for preppers of all calibers and learn about all things survival and beyond:

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What does EDC flashlight mean?

EDC (Everyday Carry) Flashlights, like the one we were talking about in the article, are the tools used by people to give the light, to “illuminate the space.” They are easy and convenient in usage (since they are pretty small in size). You can carry them in the pocket and use them any time you need more light.

What is the best EDC flashlight?

“The best” is, of course, a subjective category. Still, the flashlights we were discussing in the article—the FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlights are probably one of the best options available on the market. This is a high-functional small flashlight, comfortable in everyday carry, with a convenient size, smart design, and fair price.

Do you need a flashlight for EDC?

The answer is unambiguous—of course, you need a LED flashlight for everyday carry. This flashlight will come to help in any routine situation which might require more light than there is. If you have to work in a dark place or in the dark time (in the evening or at night), the everyday carry flashlight is one of the best solutions. Besides, it is small enough, so you will not be bothered by carrying it in the pocket.

What is the brightest pocket flashlight?

The brightest pocket flashlight is definitely the FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight. It is equipped with up to 300 lumens, which makes this EDC flashlight the best choice for those who usually lack light in the workplace or in any other routine situation. If you choose this one, you will be impressed by its beam distance for sure.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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