How We Choose Survival Items

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How we Choose our Survival Items

High-quality survival equipment guarantees you a sense of security. To provide you with peace of mind for your health, we check a variety of products for you every day. Do you want to know how we make the best recommendations for equipment items?

Our mission is to help you safely survive during emergencies and successfully cope with natural disasters. Understanding the responsibility of our work, we put our soul into a selection of high-quality products for survival. We are obsessed with studying instructions and product reviews. Therefore, you will never regret that you bought survival items recommended in our posts.

How do we Write Reviews?

You may have noticed that our posts differ from reviews on other sites. We offer you to read compact reviews that contain only the most important information about the equipment and environments to use it. Our texts are easy to read, and it always brings pleasure and new knowledge. 

It works like this because:

  • We select only the most useful facts
  • Our guidelines contain all the necessary details of handling equipment
  • We follow the updates on the manufacturers’ websites
  • Our managers are always up to date with the latest market innovations
  • We understand what it means to be prepared in a survival situation
  • Our authors never escalate unnecessary fear and anxiety but sensibly warn you about possible dangers
  • The writers follow a clear text structure, so our posts are pleasant and easy to read.

We control both the content and the form of our reviews. Our goal is to tell you about all the subtleties of equipment and behavior you should stick to in a survival situation, whether it’s a hike or a car accident. We know that if you are ready for difficulties, you will be able to successfully cope with any task in tricky conditions. Our goal is to help you survive, and we strive for it every day!

What do we Consider when Preparing Posts?

Preparing each review for our site is a whole study. Our authors adhere to strict principles when selecting information and writing posts.

  1. First, we examine all the instructions and accompanying documents from the manufacturer. We focus only on official information about the subject, explore its characteristics, potential, and conditions of use, as well as risks and unforeseen situations.
  2. Second, we read a lot of reviews on various sites. Our writers’ extensive experience in the field allows them to easily distinguish fake reviews from real ones. We compare reviews with the characteristics of the product and take into account how useful the item is in a survival situation.
  3. Third, we take into account only verified information. None of our authors will allow themselves to copy the text from a third-party site. Therefore, our reviews can be trusted with confidence if you are going to purchase equipment or survival items.
  4. We love to search for information, do high-quality reviews, and compare products in search of the best item. Our authors are involved in the process and dedicated to their work, so their texts tell you only about what deserves your attention.

What Characteristics of Products are Vital?

When we select the best items for survival, we compare them by key indicators and characteristics. The core of the factors includes the following features:

  • The complete set

The content of survival kits depends on the manufacturer and target. It is important to double-check what makes up the kit so as not to face an unpleasant surprise when the time comes to act. We select kits depending on the purpose of use in specific types of situations.

  • The purpose of the item

Different survival products are designed for different situations. Some items are made to preserve health and life in an open natural environment, while others are designed for protection indoors or in urban spaces. There are home and portable survival kits. Besides, some sets are created for beginners or professionals. There are many variations of survival kits, and our experts always report in the reviews what they are intended for.

  • How much can you buy for

It is an important point when choosing an item for survival. Of course, the price of health and life is immeasurable. However, you need to compare your budget with the cost of goods so as not to turn the purchase of equipment into a stressful situation. We make reviews of only high-quality products in different price categories to help you navigate the vastness of the survival goods market.

These are the main parameters for choosing a survival kit. Next, we take into account particular situations, such as the place and case of use, who uses the set, and so on.

What Product Categories do we Review?

When a person thinks about a survival situation, the first thing that comes to mind is protected sleep and nutrition. After reading our reviews, you will see that survival involves a lot more items. Let’s look at the main categories of products in our reviews.

  • Emergency Kits

Emergency sets can be intended for general use or specific cases. There are more or less complete kits for use in an urban or natural environment for different cases (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.). 

Regardless of the configuration, each set includes the most necessary items, such as a backpack, a minimum set of tools, a first-aid kit, water, and food for long storage. The emergency kit also includes a phone with charging and a radio with batteries to receive messages about the current situation and to communicate with relatives and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

  • Water and Everything for Water

If there is no clean water at hand (it often happens in nature), there are two ways to make it suitable for drinking: boil or drop a neutralizing tablet into the water. Stock up on tablets for water disinfection since there can be a lot of harmful bacteria and pests in natural sources. Also, check if you have filters to purify water in a survival environment.

  • Long-Term Storage Food

The main rule of food for difficult living conditions is that it stays fresh for a long time. In our reviews, you will find information about bars and freeze-dried products that will last you for a long time.

  • Reliable Shelter

There are different types of tents according to the capacity of the number of people and the season of use. We are studying dozens of models for short-term and long-term living in various weather conditions. In our reviews, you will find information about different types of sleeping bags.


We constantly strive to keep up-to-date information and edit old posts accordingly to the new data. Please note that our texts may change. The survival products market is constantly expanding, and we try to supplement our reviews as much as possible. If you have not found information about the new product on our website, it might appear soon!


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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