Terms of Use General Overview

You should be ready to support our website’s (“Survive Nature,” “we,” or “us”) Terms Of Service when you work with it in 2023. To be fully accurate, it’s crucial to utilize it in conformity with the Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. Overall, the User is supposed to comprehend the regulations and other stated terms applied to the appropriate services of Survive Nature.

It doesn’t matter how you reach the Survive Nature site. Once you’ve got here, you should respect the Terms of Service and check it for further changes. We can modify the precepts and restrictions of usage, so please be attentive. This way you won’t miss any important changes.


If you intend to work with specific functions of our space (chats, communication boards, etc.), then you must first do the registration process. The registration application, which you want to complete, will request some of your private data. You accept to give your individual data as soon as you begin to operate on the Survive Nature.

If there are any suspicions about the correctness of your data, we have the power to deactivate your account or restrain your actions on the site. The Privacy Policy defines how we can manage your private information that we receive during your registration process.


During the registration process, which we mentioned earlier, you will need to come up with an account nickname and likewise build a strong password. You are answerable for all actions of your account.

It is important to remember that it is recommended to log out as soon as you finish the session. We will inform you if there will be unspecified doubtful operations. But we cannot be accountable for any variety of accident that happens via your account. You need to secure the confidentiality of your account and preserve your password and private data.

Interactive Events

Using the site, users are equipped with a platform for communication (reviews, a blog, forums, a commenting system, etc.), which implies feedback from visitors to our Site. The author is wholly accountable for the correctness of the shared data in the publicly accessible segments of the site (discussions, forums, comments). Here are some points to remember:

  • A visitor who considers the data on the site as directly violating someone’s rights. The user who shared the message can contact the Site Administration to eliminate disagreements caused by the information posted on the site. Before-mentioned users are previously obliged to independently, through communication within site, try to fix controversial subjects in their opinion, taking reasonable measures for this.
  • The site administration has the power to cancel the Agreement with the user at any moment, including if the user has disrupted any requirement of the Agreement or executed things that clearly show that the user does not intend or cannot comply with the outlines of the Agreement.
  • The user is rigidly forbidden from using the Site to post any data and other elements for trading goals or information that holds advertising.

SurviveNature.com does not track content and publications on the Site forums. Each user agrees that the site team has the right to control this process too. Moreover, we may switch or withdraw any posting that outrages the terms of usage. And also disclose such materials and reveal them to third individuals to comply with this rule or even the legal process to defend ourselves, our customers, and everyone connected.

Intellectual Property Rights

From Us To You

All information presented on our website is our property. The Site is for personal use only. All materials on our Site are protected by copyright, trademarks, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use our materials if it violates copyright in any possible way. According to the Terms of Service, it is not allowed to distribute (publish, transmit, sell, modify, etc.) these elements in any known way. But if you really need it, you can print a piece of information for personal use. It means that you remember all the essential rules of copyright and others.

Your Duty As A User

By sharing elements from our Site on any media platform, you approve that you are no less than 13 years old, and you have gained approval from the copyright owner to share this content. When you convey information from the Site by e-mail, you give us unlimited power to do such elements, in whole or in part, in any known way. Thus, the information is protected by property rights. You must realize that we likewise have the power to consider you as the producer of any activities received from your account.

Any data you adjust will be recognized as “work that was produced for hire” if it respects Part 101 of the US Copyright Act. The copyright for all content shared on the website belongs to SurviveNature.com. That is, our Site is both the author and the owner of all copyrights. If the content of SurviveNature.com you have converted brings you income, then we have the license to take over all property rights and copyrights indefinitely, for all the needed stuff. That is, what you published earlier on the base of information from our site will be our joint business.

You must admit that our Site is under no obligation to share crafts of any kind you have developed out of the content placed on SurviveNature.com. And besides, the Site can at any time stop showing parts of the information for unshared reasons.

Linking and Framing

You may apply a link to our Site if the attached link does not assume any sponsoring of your site by us. Nevertheless, you may not, without our former agreement, create frames, embedded links to any content on the Site, consolidate elements from our SurviveNature.com web pages into another website, etc.

Internet Commerce

The user of our Site can make his choice based on ads, catalogs, website data, or any other promotional commodities. And then order things by mail or via the Internet (usually using special means shared on any website of the goods).

The assortment of goods that are traded to order in a specific online store is managed by the business entity independently, except for the goods, the sale of which is prohibited by law. So before opening an online store, you should know the Licensing Conditions (of course, if any) for the deal of a particular variety of goods.

The retailer holds power at any moment, unilaterally and without special warning, to make corrections, delete, correct, supplement, or in any other way refresh the data posted in all parts of the store (to archive, transfer, and eliminate the history of Buyers’ buying from the personal account and the online store database for any period of time).

The individuals are responsible for keeping the US law and the Terms of Use. Our Site is not accountable for destruction created to the User as an effect of incorrect treatment of the Merchandises obtained in the online market. The Site and the SurviveNature.com team are not answerable for the content and performance of External Sites that are not directly correlated to us.


SurviveNature.com and related companies, employees, representatives, and other persons are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of the fraudulent intrusion of third parties that led to a change in the information posted on the site, for any losses, direct or indirect, tangible or intangible (including the loss of data, and any other economic crashes), notwithstanding of the roots, origin or consequences arising after getting the path to the site or incapability to reach the site.

Yet, in event of detection of an intrusion of a third individual into the network system connected with the site, which will affect the protection of users’ data, SurviveNature.com will inform its users and take the basic criteria.

Due to the fact that our SurviveNature Site is relatively young and proceeds to grow constantly, the completeness and relevance of the details may vary.


As mentioned earlier, we have the right to block your account in the event of questionable activity. If this happens, then you will no longer have access to some elements or parts of the Site, and maybe to the complete Site at all. Subject to the Terms of Service, the disclaimers and conditions you experience will remain in effect.

Return System

Each specific thing obtained on SurviveNature.com will have its own Return System. That is, when buying a product or service, be prepared for the fact that there couldn’t be any compensation.

Dispute Resolution

Any Dispute is subordinate to restraining arbitration under the laws of the State of Colorado. That is, the current Terms of Use of our SurviveNature.com Site will be interpreted in accordance with this Assurance. If any clause from this report is acknowledged unlawful or even invalid for any reason, it will be cut from this Agreement and will not influence the relevance of other clauses.


In the event that any item from this Statement (other than the Class Action Abandonment) is admitted prohibited, this item will immediately be eliminated from the Statement. And if the Class Action Abandonment clause is considered invalid, then the whole Statement will be unenforceable, and the discussion will subsequently be settled by the court.

Class Action Abandonment

None of the individual users of our SurviveNature.com site can be sued as a plaintiff. Moreover, class actions, arbitration, and other judicial procedures are not sanctioned. The referee, in turn, has no authority to combine the claims of several physiques. Also, an arbitrator cannot stand in class and joint actions. Exceptions are the cases when the individuals specifically agree on this in advance.

Amazon Partners

Our website cooperates with Amazon Services LLC Associates Programs, which is fully designed for advertising fees through links with the necessary goods in the SurviveNature.com articles.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a legislative act passed by the U.S. Senate on May 14, 1998. The law clearly delineated the responsibilities of the site team and users. So the operators of the Site are not accountable for the activities of users if:

  • The site did not gain financial profits from the efforts of the offender, having the capacity to command his actions;
  • The site did not have a copyright acknowledgment;
  • If the Site obtained a report of suspicion, then immediately took the required action.

In addition to civil liability, the act introduced criminal liability for copyright infringement. Researching the copyright state of creative work can be difficult and problematic. While the US Copyright Office searches its database at http://www.loc.gov/copyright, records may be incomplete and should not be construed as an exhaustive source.

The simplest and most reliable rule for using the site. If you have not created something yourself and are not sure that it is copyrighted, then do not upload it to the Site. Also, no materials can be distributed without the written permission of SurviveNature.com.

“Fair Use” doctrine prevents you from distributing copyrighted works in their entirety for non-commercial or instructional goals, and it also prevents you from redistributing copyrighted works that you previously bought or downloaded for free on another website.


Our Site contains various links to merchandise that are found on sites that are not associated with us, with which we do not cooperate. It is essential to note that we are not liable for the completion of their work and the assistance they give. Referring to third companies, we do not ensure the efficiency and smoothness of their work. We also do not give assurances regarding the outcomes of the session on sites that are not correlated to Survive Nature.

By using SurviveNature.com, you give an agreement for independent work and responsibility when working with sites that are not partners of the Survive Nature website. Please do not forget that all information must be verified. And also one should not forget that the Seller of goods or services must give all the needed data both about himself and the goods he offers.