Winter Emergency Vehicle Kit

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Snow and cold in 2023 are the strongest elements capable of bringing death and horror. Sometimes, due to a cyclone, their onset occurs with lightning speed. Especially in the mountains, where winter weather conditions come earlier, and icy roads can throw even experienced drivers off balance.

That is why it is worth preparing a winter car survival kit in advance.

Trapped cars, people frozen to death — we hear about all this in the news and definitely do not want to become one of this chronicle.

It is especially difficult at night because the quality of the road is significantly reduced, and it is very easy to fly off the road straight into a snow trap.

Even if this happened, this is not a reason to despair and give up. You just need to think about the possibility of such a situation in advance and prepare, besides, this is not difficult to do. Get a winter emergency kit for your car. Consider getting sherpa vehicle if you ready for this turn. Also, do not forget about the importance of basic survival skills.

All this should be aimed at performing two functions:

  • Get your car out of winter captivity.
  • Survive if you were unable to pull the car out.

Items To Help You Get the Vehicle Unstuck


Of course, your best option would be to quickly get out of the winter trap and keep going. Spending the day, or even worse, the night in the car is something you should try to avoid in winter.

To do this, you must have things in your arsenal that:

  • help you remove snow and dig out the car;
  • will be able to pull your car out on the icy road.

By using this and the auxiliary gears, you can almost always deal with an emergency on your own. If you want to learn how to hotwire a car – just read our article about it.

1. Tire Chains

Rupse Anti Snow Chains Better to prevent than fix. So consider using tire chains. Just keep in mind that not all states are allowed to use them, so check the information beforehand.

To put them on tires you will need a certain skill and experience. Few people manage to cope with them the first time. Therefore, so that this accessory does not become useless rubbish, you need to practice.

Tire chains aim to improve traction. They prevent slipping on ice.

2. Cold Weather Windshield Wiper With a Scraper

Mallory 533 Snowisp This is a basic necessity for any car owner. With a scraper, you will quickly remove snow and ice on your windshield and brush away excess snow with a brush.

Poor visibility is one of the first causes of accidents in winter, so just use an ice scraper always before you hit the road.

You can turn on the heater in the car to defrost the glass faster, but in some cases, you can not do it without a scraper.

3. Ice and Snow shovel

Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel Residents of Canada or Siberia will probably be surprised that not all car drivers have a durable shovel. However, this is really one of the first things you should put in your car for the winter. And you should also have one more shovel at home. If a large amount of snow falls during the night, the shovel in the car will not help you when you want to ride it waking up at home in the morning.

Using this basic tool, you will be able to dig your car quickly.

If the snow does not let your car go, then you can use a survival shovel differently. Check out how you can use it to build a snow shelter.

4. Traction Mats in the Trunk

Subzero 12501 You may need extra traction to get started and get out successfully.

Unlike other improvised means like sand or kitty litter, traction mats are good because they can be used an unlimited number of times. You will not collect sand from the road, but you can take the rugs with you.


5. Emergency Battery Boost Jumper

Noco Boost Plus A dead car battery on a winter road sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. Winter weather negatively affects the battery’s ability to hold a charge and at times they can suddenly stop working. If this happens you need to use Battery Boost Jumper.

With it, you start the engine again and can continue driving.

A very cool thing that we recommend to have in every car glove compartment.

6. Small Tarp in Your Car

Outdoor Xtreme 5'X7' An auxiliary you can do without, but it is undoubtedly more convenient with it.

Place the tarp under your feet to avoid getting wet or dirty, or spread your tools on top of it to avoid losing them.

You only need a 5’x7 ‘tarp for the car.

7. LED Tactical Flashlight

We hope you already have a tactical flashlight in your car, but if suddenly not, we will have to repeat it. A flashlight is very important. If you are stuck at night or in an impenetrable blizzard, without additional light you may not see anything even with the headlights on.

Put a LED tactical flashlight in your winter car emergency kit and do not worry about this problem.

Items to Get Unstuck in Cold Weather


If you cannot get your car out, then you will need more than a flashlight to survive.

Now you need to take care to ride out the storm and wait for help.

8. Tact bivvy blanket

Bivvy Sac In principle, any survival blankets are better than nothing, but tact bivvy blankets are better than almost all others. It is made of innovative materials that easily retain body heat and keep you warm.

These blankets are very compact and weigh nothing at all, so it is not worth saving, but rather take them according to the number of people traveling with you.

We also recommend watching this introductory video:

9. Emergency Food

Freccia Rossa Be sure to take food on the winter road. Even if your path goes without unnecessary adventures, food is always pleasant. Well, if you get stuck somewhere, then in the winter weather your body will spend more calories and you will need to eat.

Put something non-perishable in your car and forget about the problem. For instance, you can buy high-calorie bars. They will quickly replenish your calorie store and keep you full for a long time.

You can go ahead and take a portable stove with you or just start a fire. Then you can make a hot drink like tea or hot cocoa. Also, a great option to warm up and calm your nerves a little.

10. Water

Simply Green Take a supply of water with you, or you can also bring along a stainless steel bottle to extract it from the snow.

It is not recommended to just eat snow, as it will overcool your body. The body will spend its stored energy to avoid hypothermia. So just melt the required amount of snow in a bottle over a fire.

The body needs water in winter, just like in the warm seasons, do not forget about this.

11. Warm Clothes in Emergency Kit

Mechanix Wear If you suddenly get wet, you will need to change your clothes. Wet clothes are the first cause of freezing. Get yourself zippo hand warmer as well to protect yourself from cold.

You also need to think about protecting your hands from the winter conditions. Without warm gloves, you are truly like no hands. If your fingers get cold, you will not be able to control your hands and carry out the necessary manipulations to get you from this emergency situation. Pay attention to Mechanix brand gloves. These are high-quality and nice products that you will definitely want to have with you in cold weather survival.

12. Camp Stove Fire

Coleman Powerpack A portable camp stove, matches, and lighter and it is not that bad anymore.

Use a camp stove to melt drinking water or heat food. It will not take up much space, but it will definitely make your life easier. You do not have to look for dry twigs for lighting, which is not so easy to do in winter.


13. Kaito Pocket Radio

Kaito Ka208 Pocket Sized Portable Radio Kaito Pocket Radio will be very useful for you to find out the weather forecast, monitor the condition, and just not sit in chilling silence.

You do not want to waste a lot of your vehicle’s battery, so a portable radio is what you need.

It is only about the size of a credit card, so it will not burden you.

If you stopped due to weather conditions, then information about its change is vital for you to continue your journey.

14. Coil Lighter and Waterproof Matches

Tesla Lighter Fire provides warmth, food, and water in winter weather. Bring a coil windproof lighter and a box of matches with you for quick and easy fire and warmth.




15. Survival Playing Cards

Sea And Sky Discover Your first priority will be to make sure everyone is safe and free from cold. If all is well, and all you have to do is wait for help, you can think about entertainment. Survival playing cards are a good way to kill time so that the rescue will come faster.

Turn on the pocket radio, and play cards. In addition, this card deck also carries a teaching side. The reverse side provides information on how to deal with different situations.

16. LifeStraw Personal Water-Filtring Tool

Lifestraw Snow and cold does not mean that the water you have extracted will be clean. To get clean water you need to purify it. So as not to bring bulky filters, just take LifeStraw Personal Water Filter with you. Drink water through a straw, and it will get clear. Very convenient and easy.

We always recommend this marvelous invention and if you are our regular reader, then you know how delighted we are with LifeStraw. If not, watch the video:

Buy several personal water filters. They are not expensive and everyone will have their own.

17. Paracord Tool Variety

Live Fire 550 Firecord The usefulness of paracord for survival can be talked about endlessly. In addition, we advise you to buy Firecord or fire-starting shoelaces. With their help, you can easily start a fire anywhere.

Watch a video on how to do this:

18. Propane Ice Heater

Mr. Heater F215100 Almost all tools we are talking about are designed to keep you warm. It is the same story with the small propane heater. This baby is able to warm you qualitatively, but do not forget about ventilation. It uses propane, so you can suffocate in an enclosed space if you forget about it.

Have a look at tent heaters alternatives that you can also use.


19. Extra Fuel in the Trunk

Laken Fuel Bottle Various things can happen on the road, and extra fuel never hurts. Gas consumption will increase dramatically if you want to leave the heater on in the car.

Therefore, be sure to put an extra sturdy container with fuel in the trunk to be able to refuel your vehicle.



20. Road Flares

Imagine a situation: you flew into a snowdrift and get stuck. Your condition is not very good, and in the pitch darkness, a second car crashes into you. You need to avoid this. Put on the road flares.

This is a must-have for absolutely any vehicle emergency kit.

21. Winter Travel Emergency Kit Bag

Nexpak Usa Tf130 5040 Optional accessory, but one that can help you. Keeping all supplies organized is important to not to forget anything and to keep track of gear condition.

Pack all equipment in a large zippered duffel bag and have your winter car emergency kit close at hand.

Arrange all items in an organized manner.

To Sum Up

Action Plan

As with anything, preparation is very important when it comes to winter driving. You may be the most experienced driver in the world, but the elements will be more experienced and stronger than you. It is in your power to make sure that you have everything you need to not only not getting into an accident, but also, if necessary, help others.

In huge areas of our country, winter is truly severe and carries many dangers. Winter tires, a shovel, and other basic equipment are absolute must-haves that you do not even need to discuss. The main thing is to choose the best. After all, the quality of your gear is what you rely on for survival. Consider getting ice cleats for shoes as well!

On the winter road, you need to be especially careful. Even if you think the road is safe, this is not always the case. Black ice is a phenomenon when it seems to you that there is no ice, only a clean road. But this is not the case. The ice is so thin that it has no color and can deceive drivers. This is why it is important to have special tires and to be aware of the weather conditions.

The good thing is that with special training and equipment, you do not have to worry. Just drive carefully!


What should be in the winter emergency car kit?

If you are building a winter car survival kit you need two categories of survival supplies:

  1. to get your vehicle out of captivity;
  2. that help you and your loved ones to survive the winter weather.

The first items may include:

To the second type of emergency supplies:

  • first aid kit
  • cell phone
  • sleeping bag
  • food and water
  • fire starter items
  • cell phone charger
  • extra gas tank

What are 3 items you should include in your winter car kit drivers ed?

If we limit the list of a winter survival kit for your vehicle to only three supplies, then let them be:

  • snow shovel
  • jumper cables
  • sleeping bag or an emergency blanket.

Make sure you have all these things. Of course, you also need a cell phone charger and reliable winter tires designed for winter driving.

Road conditions and bad visibility are common causes of accidents, so you need to drive with extreme caution.

What should a car emergency kit contain?

Every car emergency kit should contain basic items like:

  • first aid kit
  • spare tire
  • extra tank with fuel
  • basic tools in case of breakdown.

Make sure everything is in good condition and check your supplies periodically.

For the winter period, you will need to supplement your survival kit. Get a good shovel, traction mats (or at least alternatives like cat litter), battery boost jumper. If you get stuck in snow and ice captivity, then fire starter equipment, survival blanket, food will come in handy.

How do I prepare my car for extreme cold weather?

It does not matter how good a driver you are, anyone can crash in freezing rain or blizzard conditions. Therefore, you need to prepare your car. Make sure your tires are suitable for winter roads and provide good traction. Have an extra tank with fuel and a battery boost jumper with you. Your trunk must be equipped with special gear to be ready for emergencies:

  • shovel
  • fire starters
  • sleeping bags

Of course, you must have a first aid kit and it would be nice to have a spare tire. With such an arsenal, you will be ready for winter emergencies.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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