Best Survival Rifle Review and Buying Guide

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Both hunters and preppers appreciate having a survival rifle or other survival weapon, be it a pistol, a shotgun, or any other species of firearms, with a scope or without one. In questions of life and death, a big caliber rifle is your way out alive from the attack of the severest predator or a fully-armed man. As of 2023, the options for survival rifles have expanded significantly. Read the article to learn more about the latest survival rifles.

TOP Best Survival Rifle Options

In this review, we will show you how to choose a survival weapon to suit your purpose. A survival rifle can be useful to anyone: a soldier, a hiker, a camper, a tourist, a hunter, and a TEOTWAWKI survival. We understand that a gun can come in handy for various reasons, and to choose the best one, you need to decide for what purpose you plan to use this weapon. Unfortunately, there is no perfect gun for all occasions, and not everyone has the opportunity to buy ten guns, mainly because it can be 2 9 pounds, 3 5 pounds gun, 4 25 pounds gun, or even 7 pounds gun.

1. Scoped Ruger 10.22 Takedown .22 LR Survival Rifle

We have selected this survival 22 LR Ruger as the best survival Ruger for hunting small game. Ruger’s survival is definitely useful for you if we are talking about survival in wild or semi-wild conditions. Of course, if one shot a deer, for example, he will be able to feed you and your family for a long time. But let’s be honest and objective. Firstly, it is much easier to meet a squirrel or rabbit in our forests than a deer. Secondly, it is much safer for small game. A couple of rabbits shot will help you eat their meat for several days and survive.

22 Rifle Scope Another good thing about hunting small game in the wild is the availability of small pistol caliber carbines survival Ruger ammo. For example, if you want to use 17 HMR ammo or .22 Magnum, remember that this is a good choice for small game guns, but there is a better choice. The best rounds for this type of firearm are considered the .22 LR rounds or 22 Magnums, and they deserve it. The fact is that such cartridges weigh very little, and you can easily buy them at the nearest weapons store without spending all your money and store your ammunition with more ergonomy. One must admit that it is rare to find cartridges that fit a thousand rounds in your go bag, but the .22 LR Ruger steel barrel model has this type of cartridges. These cartridges are ideal for The Scoped Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle .22 LR. Together they provide excellent results and are good helpers in survival.

2. Savage Model 42 Takedown Survival Rifle

When it comes to the characteristics of The Scoped Ruger 10.22 Takedown .22 LR Ruger, the first thing to mention is that The Scoped Ruger 10/22 Takedown .22 LR rifle is the perfect companion for survival in the wild and semi-wild conditions. The Scoped Ruger 10/22 Takedown design is super minimalistic, and it comes with a folding stock and steel barrel. The good news is that The Scoped Ruger 10.22 Takedown. 22 LR rifle will last you decades, so you don’t have to spend money on constant maintenance of your weapon. Besides, if something does go wrong, getting spare parts will not be a problem, as The Scoped Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle .22 LR is one of the most popular survival rifles among carbine rifles with a shorter barrel for hunting small game. And paired with .22 LR, 17 HMR, or 22 Magnum rounds, The Scoped Ruger 10.22 Takedown 22 LR gun will let you kill the game with just a single shot and don’t waste a few rounds, ensuring your survival for days ahead. The maintenance of the .22 LR, 17 HMR, or 22 Magnum gun— like any other gun— must be cleaned regularly. This will help you avoid misfires and ensure ease of use.

Remmington 700 Survival Rifle If you are looking for a lightweight shotgun to bug out in any location, we advise you to look at the Savage Model 42 Takedown. A Savage Model 42 Takedown will amaze even the most seasoned survivalist with its compact size. You must admit that you have to move a lot while surviving, which is why a Savage Model 42 Takedown is a savior. Moreover, according to the Savage Model 42 Takedown advertisement, there is no better survival choice than the Savage Model 42 Takedown. One Savage Model 42 Takedown rifle can replace your entire collection of survival rifles. This gun is definitely worth adding to your bug-out bag. Such a rifle can always be found in stock, like all accessories—overall length with a barrel – 34.7 5 inches long.

3. Remington 700 Survival Rifle

When it comes to big game hunting, you may come across a wild deer. Agree, when it comes to survival, such a large prey should not be missed. There are many things to consider when hunting big game if you are going to shoot a deer. For example, it is preferable to kill large animals with a single shot and don’t waste a few rounds. If we are talking about deer, they are swift animals. Therefore, even if you injure them but do not kill them, the deer will still be able to hide from you, and you will lose such a valuable source of food for survival. So in a gun for survival and hunting for a big game, accuracy and range are important. Besides, even if you miss a little and hit, for example, the leg of a large animal, this should at least slow it down. Therefore, it is worth choosing survival rifles or lever-action carbine rifle with a shorter barrel and large carbine that can inflict significant damage. One should take a closer look at the 9mm or 40 mm, 20 gauge rifle. The 9mm or 40 mm, 20 gauge rifle can inflict significant damage to even the largest beast.

Remington 700 Adl If you want to choose a simpler gun for hunting animals, we recommend taking a closer look at the Chiappa little badger with a steel barrel. The Chiappa little badger is one of the most affordable guns, according to the advertisement. The Chiappa little badger barrel is made of stainless steel to help with corrosion resistance. A replacement magazine for a little badger is easy to find. Go to any weapon magazine. Little badger shows good results. It is lightweight, compact, and quite neutral. A gun like the little badger is suitable for novice hunters since the little badger is extremely easy to use and maintain. With such a rifle, you can easily teach, for example, a son to shoot.

We chose the Remington 700 gun for the best survival gun and big game hunting survival rifle, which combines everything you could expect from a good gun. The Remington 700 is ideal for bullets big enough to take out a big game in a single shot and don’t waste a few rounds. These surplus rifles, which are now used in survival situations, began to be used in the army during the Vietnam War as sniper rifles. The fact is that there were not enough weapons, so carbine rifles with a shorter barrel from stock for sports shooting enthusiasts were used. But to this day, the Remington 700 is used in the army as a sniper gun. Agree that this is an indicator of the reliability and convenience of this survival rifle.

4. AR-15 Survival Rifle

Ar 15 E1607599764485 As far as perimeter defense goes, you can, of course, use one of the big game survival rifles, as their range allows them to cover the perimeter up to 300 yards. But using these guns or lever-action guns for survival can be a bad idea if your goal is to protect your home and your family from bad people. The fact is that a deer can stand calmly while you aim or reload with a gun, and the person will immediately understand that he is in danger. That is why it is worth choosing guns that have good performance not only in range but also in shot accuracy, as well as in speed and ease of use. Of course, you can use the same Remington 700, but only if you are planning animal protection or hunting. That is why it is better to take a closer look at the semi-auto stainless steel shotguns, like an AR-15 rifle. AR-15 is a rifle with 5.56 mm rounds.

We chose the AR-15 as the best survival gun for perimeter defense; AR-15 is a versatile and convenient gun that will become your assistant in survival. AR-15 is a semi-auto survival gun made of stainless steel with deadly precision. If you are a lucky owner of an AR-15 survival rimfire rifle, make sure you regularly clean your AR-15 survival rifle. Then you have the perfect perimeter defense tool. It is best to add a rear-sight visor to AR-15 to maximize your safety. It is always in stock.

5. AK-47 Survival Rifle

Ak 47 E1607599657600 When surviving, especially in the wild, you cannot always count on the ability to spot strangers from afar. When we talk about perimeter defense under 150 yards, it is essential to keep in mind which metrics are crucial when choosing a survival rifle. The main nuance in defense at such a distance is the possibility that opponents will begin to return rounds. So your survival rifle needs to be sharp, fast, light, and not misfire. Naturally, it is better to choose a semi-automatic survival rifle not to waste precious time reloading and maintaining the weapon. One should have a sufficient number of cartridges in stock, and with you, do not doubt that you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Considering all these indicators, we have chosen the best survival rifle to protect small perimeters; this is the AK-47. Sure, you can try to find the original AK-47 model design, but trust me, it’s not worth it. Such a rifle can weigh more than 25 pounds. Better to take a closer look at the more Americanized semi-auto AK-47 model design with the 30 round magazine, which retains all the charm of the original gun but becomes even more convenient in perimeter defense. This choice is excellent if you need to hit multiple targets at once, especially if they are closer than 100 yards from you. In such cases, accuracy, speed, and lethality are important. Add a holographic sight or a 9-power scope for utmost precision. All this is in the semi-automatic AK-47 model with the 30 round magazine.


Bestsurvivalrifles The semi-auto model design is not only more convenient than the fully automatic, but also more economical. You won’t waste all of your precious 7.62 × 39 mm rounds to inflict multiple wounds on your opponent. Keep in mind that with rapid-fire, accuracy goes to the second plan, and the gun gives constant misfires because it is almost impossible to aim with this type of shooting. But the semi-automatic model design will combine all the charms of the AK-47, allowing you to shoot accurately and precisely at the target. It is best to add a rear-sight visor to such a rifle to maximize your safety.

The 75 round drum magazine model is also available, but these rifles get incredibly heavy, too heavy. Such a rifle can weigh more than 25 pounds. Trust me, and you will not want to run through the forest and survive with a rifle weighing more than 25 pounds. After having carried one of those, you will hardly have sleep deprivation issues.

6. Mossberg 500 Survival Rifle

One should also not overlook such a survival situation when opponents have already made their way into your house. Here, in close quarters, the protection scheme is completely different, weeks when protecting a perimeter small or large. It is important to act quickly, accurately, and still not harm your family and home while having the opponent’s maximum lethality. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind in this situation is a pistol, but since we are talking about guns, let’s exclude the pistol from the list of weapons in case of self-defense at a short distance.

Mossberg 500 Of course, if you use the AK-47, you will almost 100% be able to kill the stranger, but such shooting will also lead to significant damage to furniture and even walls, which you can shoot through your loved ones. Agree. This is a so-so solution for such a situation. In this case, the weapon must inflict sufficient damage to neutralize the enemy. You don’t want them to spend the last minutes of their lives striking back at you. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at large pistol caliber carbine model weapons with the shorter barrel so that any shot inflicts such damage that the enemy is immediately rendered harmless. However, plate-carriers are a way out.

For these survival scenarios, the best gun is the Mossberg 500 gun. With a shorter barrel, this gun model is a bit of a gap between the shot and the slug. This is so you can shoot accurately and deadly. If you choose just a slug, then such guns, of course, have good damage, but when firing from such a weapon, it is easy to miss, and you may not have time for a second shot. The combination of gun or shotguns do not always do good damage, but they shoot very accurately. You can stock up without any doubt. You can read a review to be sure about it.

7. Henry AR7 Survival Rifle

Henry AR7 survival rifle is perhaps the most versatile and compact lightweight bolt action rifle of all survival rifles, plus Henry ar 7 is also very high quality with a 17-inch barrel and blowback action. Henry ar 7 rifles, like the AR-15 and over AR models, were initially designed for US Air Force pilots who disembark and survive in the wild. For US Air Force pilots in these situations, reliability, ease of use, and compactness are essential. All this is in Henry ar 7 survival rifle. Henry ar 7 barrel length fits entirely into the Henry ar 7 survival firearm receiver or stock, like all other components, including the magazine. This closes the housing tight enough to protect against moisture and damage. You can assemble such a Henry ar 7 rifle in less than one minute with a little practice. It is enough to get the barrel, magazine, and all the accessories out of the receiver or stock, attach them, and you’re done. Overall Length with a barrel is 3 5 inches.

Riffle We’ve identified five main points to consider when buying a survival rifle. First, decide for what purpose you will use the rifle – for hunting or protection. If you need a survival rifle for hunting, decide in advance on the game’s size you will hunt. It can be hunting small game or hunting big game. For a different game, you may need different guns. If you plan to use a rifle for self-defense, you need to decide on the range. Typically, survival rifles are classified into perimeter defense guns with more than 200 yards, self-defense survival rifles with a range of up to 200 yards, and self-defense survival rifles at close range. Thus, we have divided rifles into five main types: survival Rifles for hunting big game, survival rifles for hunting small game, survival weapon for protecting perimeter over 200 yards, survival rifles for self-defense up to 200 yards, and survival rifles for self-defense at close range. To keep the ore compact, the barrel is usually shorter than the receiver or stock, or the bore length is the same as the receiver or stock. This is done so that the barrel can easily fit into the receiver or stock and thus save space. These rifles are usually very easy to assemble, especially with a little practice.

We have selected the five best survival rifles, one in each category, and one versatile gun for all survival situations. We recommend that you carefully read all the proposed guns to decide which one is right for you. We hope our review will help you make your survival process successful.

Best Survival Rifle Summary

So, summing up, it is worth saying that absolutely anyone can find themselves in a survival situation. And when surviving, it is imperative to choose an action rifle for yourself that can provide you and your family with safety. When selecting a survival rifle, it is essential to decide what you will be using this rifle. You may need a small game rifle, a big game firearm, a large perimeter break action rifle, a small perimeter rifle, or even a small range self-defense rifle. Once you decide how you will use your firearm, decide for yourself the most important criterion when choosing. Perhaps you want to kill your opponent with a single shot and don’t waste a few rounds or not make noise.

If you look for a runner’s up, these models are worth considering:

  • Remington 597, Marlin Model 60
  • Winchester Model 70, Savage XP Trophy Hunter
  • Sig Sauer M400 SRP or Ruger Mini-30
  • Winchester SXP Defender Shotgun

We also recommend that you navigate the firearm price itself and the price and availability of bullets and other equipment useful in survival. Rifle maintenance is a critical point in survival. You do not want the action rifle to misfire at the most inopportune moment or suddenly run out of cartridges that you cannot buy in one store. It is better to have spare round, magazines, carbines, scope mounts, barrel nut, or at least one front sight. People often forget this when they buy a gun. Having spare parts is very important. We hope our review will help you make your survival process successful.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Who can get a survival rifle?

A survival rifle can come in handy for anyone who finds themselves in a survival situation and wants to protect themselves and their loved ones. The legal aspect of buying a gun may differ depending on which country or state you live in. But there are general rules for buying a firearm: the buyer of a rifle must be of legal age and not have a mental illness. Such requirements are related to the fact that rifle holders must be responsible enough to rifle only for survival and not fracking civilians. When buying a rifle, one should not always trust an advertisement. It is better to study this issue to find the perfect survival rifle for yourself. So stock up!

What is the best all-around survival rifle?

Choosing one single rifle for all survival situations is nearly impossible. This is since different types of best survival rifles are designed for different uses. For example, you can choose the best big or small game rifle, the best perimeter defense rifle, the best indoor self-defense rifle, or the best single-shot kill gun. One should also consider design, weight, and price when purchasing a rifle. One should not choose a bright design if you want the enemy not to notice you. As for weight, this is also a critical point because if you have to move a lot to survive, it will not be easy to carry a heavy rifle with you at all times, and in this case, it is better to take a closer look at the lighter options. Do not forget about price and availability because the rifle will need to be serviced even after purchase. In any case, this is always your choice, because only you know which rifle is right for you, so do not believe the advertisement too much.

What’s the best survival gun?

Choosing the best survival rifle ever is not an easy task, and it all depends on what kind of survival situation you find yourself in. For example, if you are going g to survive hunting small game, you need an accurate small-bore rifle. If survival for you is hunting big game, it is better to take a closer look at the best survival rifles with long-range and large-caliber bullets to kill a large animal with one shot and don’t waste a few rounds. If you need to protect your home, then it is better to choose a rifle that will not damage your home and your family, but at the same time will be deadly enough to neutralize the enemy. If you do not have the opportunity to buy a suitable rifle for all survival scenarios, it is better to look at some universal option, which will combine all the data necessary for survival. You can buy a takedown gun, a gun with a long barrel or short barrel, small receiver or stock or large receiver or stock, big front sight, abs plastic coat, it’s all your choice. Also, you need to think about the weight of your gun. It can be a 5 lbs gun, 2 9 pounds, 3 5 pounds gun, 4 25 pounds gun, or 7-pound gun. We also advise you to pay attention to your weapon’s design and watch the advertisement but do not trust it too much. So stock up everything you need, and we wish you successful survival!

How much is a Henry ar 7 survival rifle?

The price of a Henry ar 7 gun is around $ 230, which is pretty good for a henry repeating arms capable of pretty much anything. Besides the attractive price, the ar 7 gun can please you with its lightweight, compactness, and functionality, even if you are wearing a survival plate carrier. The total length – ar 7 is 3 5 inches long, so it allows you to hide the barrel and all accessories, including the round magazines, in the gun receiver or stock. All this will easily fit into your sling pack or go bag if you are a hiker, camper, or tourist. These guns were originally developed for pilots who needed to survive an emergency landing. That is why the ar 7 gun has everything you need to survive. With ar 7 help, you can hunt big and small animals, defend the perimeter and use it for self-defense and home defense.

What caliber rifle is best for home defense?

As a home defense rifle, we recommend you take a closer look at the Mossberg 500 rifle. This rifle is deadly enough to disarm any intruder, yet accurate enough to do so in one shot and don’t waste a few rounds. In situations of survival and home defense, such moments as the ability to quickly reload the rifle are essential because you may not have an extra couple of seconds in a situation where your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake. Also, a Takedown rifle can be the right choice. Such rifles do good damage to the enemy so that a person can be secured with one shot. Plus, the takedown rifles can be folded in two. When folded, the rifle will equal the barrel’s length or receiver or stock (17. 5 inches long). So stock up everything you need, and we wish you successful survival!


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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