Homestead And Survival

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Homestead and survival are two things that are interlinked when it comes to preparedness for a disaster or SHTF. Learn about how to set up a garden properly, how to arrange your gear, prepare food (canning meat is especially useful – you want some chicken before moving onto rabbits), water, and first aid kit. Preppers need to develop good homesteading skills, and we can help with, so use the Internet while it’s still available.

Have you ever dreamed of building your own home for survival? Admit that such thoughts have visited you! Thus, creating a homestead survival is a multi-faceted and complex process since it requires a large amount of time, effort, and nerves. So be patient and follow the instructions carefully. Once your bug out location has started to take effect, you need to focus on the area. Remember that today there is no single correct way to build a house for survival. There are no absolute values. However, you may use your knowledge, as well as the best practices suggested below.

I am sure that everything is individual and depends solely on the goals. But if you and your family are planning to build a farmstead, you’re moving in the right direction. For this reason, in this article, we will look at some excellent survival practices and a step-by-step plan to improve life in these conditions.

What is the best way to focus your attention?

  • roof options and their features
  • how not to stay without water
  • where to find products
  • sturdy layout
  • availability
  • stages of the transition from survival to the well-being

This article reveals the features of survival. It includes building the parcel with or without a chicken coop and conducting the Internet. In general, it is a valuable experience for beginners! You will finally acquire useful skills and knowledge.

Checklist of errors survival


Roof overhead

It’s time to figure out in detail where to start building a house for survival. Let me remind you that in this case, much depends on your financial resources, your knowledge, and your efforts. Therefore, if you are serious about the process, try to do everything wisely. So, the most durable and impenetrable roof for your homestead survival depends on the habitat. Further survival depends on whether the land is private or public. Consider the first option.

If it’s your property, you may do whatever you want with it. In this case, survival will not seem difficult. You have the opportunity to buy a camper or a bug out cabin. Also, why not use a regular tent? In general, the taste and color of the friend are not. Choose what you like.

The second option involves building a farmstead on public land. Unfortunately, there are a lot of nuances associated with the laws. Not everything is so simple and easy. You are not the owner of this land, so you have no right to build the home in this place. However, don’t worry! There are several ways to implement the plan. Follow the instructions.

There are two options for hiding your hut: mobile and non-mobile shelters. Use all possible tools and skills. This way, you may minimize risks and losses. Your results depend directly on your efforts. Where to start? Firstly, think ahead and plan the design of the camper or tent. These are mobile versions of houses, as under any circumstances you have an opportunity to leave. You are not tied to a specific area and time. You may move around in search of a better habitat. However, they also have disadvantages. Under such conditions, it is more difficult to accumulate stocks of ammunition, weapons, nutrition, and water. Your limit will be proportional to the capacity of the camper. Besides, it is more difficult to find a parking space. After all, vans are sometimes giant.

Now let’s analyze the second option. Bunkers, houses, cabins are fixed types of shelters. What is their advantage? They are practical and easy to use if you do not need to move anywhere. In case of an attack, you may defend your home by any legal means. The second advantage is that the capacity of such huts is large. You will be able to stock up on food, water, weapons, and other household items, even books! If necessary, you may set traps or alarms. No one attacks you, as you are a difficult target to reach.

In general, choose the appropriate method of homestead survival. Consider the pros and cons to ensure that survival is as successful as possible. Even if you use a regular tent, plan how you will carry your supplies. It all depends on you and your survival cache resources. You may view a few useful life hacks on the homestead survival site. I’m sure you’ll find many amazing things also on amazon com. Sellers advise all the necessary materials for homestead survival.

Useful checklist

Shelter With Water

Shelter with water

The next part of the parcel survival report is about finding water. The fact is that for the prosperity of your site, there must be a natural drinking source nearby. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lake or a stream. The most important thing for you is that you have access to water. Otherwise, you will have to act instantly and put any effort into creating a storage system. It is a significant quality on my survival list.

What are the advantages of having the natural spring nearby? For instance, if you live near the water source, there is no need to build an extensive water supply system. You have the option to use the water directly. However, not everything is so rosy! There is a probability that a lake or river may flood your homestead survival. Be extremely careful! On the other hand, if there is no such source nearby, consider a water storage system. In any case, the availability of water supply reduces financial costs and saves survival time. I suggest you consider another idea. It is associated with the installation of a rainwater collection system. Special thanks to the barrels, you will be able to collect fresh water. Try to apply your skills to make an effective water collection system. To do this, you may use survival tarps.


Food stocks and their search

In my opinion, the most troublesome part of survival is storing and finding food. It is necessary to have practical skills to feed the whole family, especially children. Today, we all depend on the food consumed and its quality. Therefore, think through everything to the smallest detail so as not to be trapped. In general, the correct calculation of calories is the key to health and a good mood.

1) Broken Food System

All processes link with each other. In the food sector, farmers depend on a variety of seeds, equipment, and fertilizers. In turn, producers and sellers depend on farmers, workers, and trucking companies. Therefore, if one of the cycles is broken, the entire system suffers. You will object that you have a beautiful garden that fulfills this function. But does he feed you every day? Even hunting no longer plays a significant role because, without a refrigerator, the meat will spoil. You don’t have a cellar or a place to store food. In these conditions, you lose all odds of survival.

Even in the comparison of epochs, we see the difference in the ways of survival. Before the technological revolution, humans had low survival rates, but they used skills and knowledge daily. They faced the problems of hunger, cold, and disease. In general, the people of the past centuries were experts in this field. As for the modern American? Unfortunately, we have the technologies, the Internet, communications, but we are beginners. Below I describe a step-by-step guide on finding and storing food. Go to the solution to these problems seriously.

2) Stock up

Do stock up on a giant amount of food. Initially, stock up on the necessary products. So you will create the conditions for your system. Continue to take care of the garden and its prosperity, engage in hunting or fishing. Practice daily and gain new experience to live well. The faster you become an expert in this business, the higher the chances of survival. It is an effective variant for the homesteaders. Thus, you need to have stocks of products to reduce the time to search for them.

3) Minimizing costs

Thus, you need to have stocks of products to reduce the time to search for them. It is not always possible to have enough food to eat. So try to practice as much as possible to calculate the eating. Save seeds, grow the fruits and vegetables, and start a compost heap. Another useful saving option is the preservation of meat or vegetables. For more information, see the guide on how to save products. Build a chicken coop to get eggs, have hives for bees and honey production. By the way, aquaponics is an excellent system for fish and vegetables. Don’t worry. It’s easy.

4) Homestead Survival Site and Amazon Com

Today, most people use the Internet, watching various content, including inappropriate videos. Therefore, they are wasting their strength and their potential. It is terrible if a person is interested in site surfing for adults. Proper use of sites will improve your skills and knowledge. It is the most extensive library, where you may find books, notes, and any information.

Today we have an opportunity to search for data. The Internet is a secret tool and value that may turn the whole world upside down. For survival, you should use educational sites, YouTube, or the homestead survival site. It is the only option you will try out the right methods. Don’t miss the chances to become the best of the best!

Checklist for survival

5) Trust and Homesteaders

As you know, to try to survive alone in the case of a failure. It is better to find partners and support society. Thanks to them, you will remain a socially adopted human, and you will be able to exchange products, weapons, and other things by barter. For example, if you need salt for meat preservation, you may ask your neighbors for it. The power is in the exchange. Another question would be if your property near the ocean. The same situation is with survival medicines, clothing, and hygiene products. I recommend that you initially collect the necessary first aid kit because anything can happen to you. Medical supplies will also protect you and your children from serious diseases. These items are essential elements of it.

What else is useful for interacting with neighbors? The coalition is an excellent element for bartering supplies. It’s safer to go camping with a team than alone. Therefore, choose a society that you trust. Find either a group of like-minded persons, or create one yourself. With the parcel survival site and the resources, you may submit the ads and organize a local group. Thus, thanks to the action list and step-by-step instructions, you will provide the family with the necessary things.


Control Plan

Earlier, we discussed the problem of finding products and water, as well as ways to survive. Now I suggest you consider the best location. Carefully consider everything down to the nuances, like your house, bunker, and other fixed estate ways require a master plan. It is a guide regulating the design of your future home. Firstly, think about where it is best to place the house in terms of defense and security. Secondly, consider the location near the water and homesteaders and the best place for the garden. This data simplifies the construction process.

There are a few basic rules for a homesteader. Position your home closer to the water so that you do not get flooded. Thanks to the drinking spring, you do not have to build columns, drag water back and forth several times. The closer to the water, the easier it is to live. Your garden also needs water and sunlight. For the soil to be suitable, cut down unnecessary trees to allow sunlight to pass through. The resulting branches and trees are better used for firewood. Check out the key factors!

1) Hiding

The main element of survival is to provide shelter and safety. The best place for the home, in this case, is a remote and less accessible location. Keep your homestead as far away from the roads as possible and install an alarm system. In general, you may even view a survival book or homestead survival site to understand the process.

2) Water resources

The second priority, in this case, is the distance and accessibility of the natural water source. If you consider these two things, success is guaranteed.

3) The Beauty of your farmstead

The next story is the design of the garden and its gentrification. Keep an eye on the soil and fertilize it more often, grow vegetables, fruits and stock up on seeds. Access to water will provide a water supply. Check the correct location of the garden several times.

If you follow this plan, then you will succeed!

Checklist of survival


Accessibility Factor

Have you ever wondered if your location is easily accessible to other homesteaders? If your technologies and tools help to hide your homestead survival, there will be no problems. It’s a different story if strangers can get to you and steal your supplies. The attack and threat increase instantly. So you will have to hide quickly. I believe that over time, you will find shelter options. Trees and fallen logs are the helpers in the homesteading. Do not forget about the technology of alarms and mini-traps. All this will increase security.


Homestead Survival And Prosperity

Homestead Survival and Prosperity

When you have completed all the main stages, you may expand your home and overall well-being. It is an incredible process because you will turn your homestead into a beautiful place. What is needed to do for this?

Firstly, the estate will require the development of an off-grid energy system and an alarm system. These basic things will keep your family safe. Secondly, add the accumulation of weapons and ammunition. Besides, you may develop technologies for rainwater harvesting, hot water supply, and crop cultivation. What about the grid waste control system? Consider these points as well. I also recommend setting up a composting system, preparing much firewood, and a smokehouse for preserving meat. In general, the process of building a house is multi-faceted, so be prepared to spend much effort. Some buyers purchase a new solar oven.

In general, use all available technologies and tools to simplify the homesteading. The beauty of your home depends only on you! You may also improve your survival skills through ads on this topic or by reading a post.

Result Of Homestead Survival

Result of Homestead Survival

Action Plan

So, any experience is essential in the process of survival in the United Kingdom or the USA. For many, these steps seem impossible, but plan everything initially and act. What is the final plan?

Choose private or public land. Decide on the capacity of your home and the necessary tools, especially with the water supply system. Think through every detail, including water resources, products, and equipment—stock up on seeds, weapons, and clothing for several years to come. In general, decide what is the absolute minimum for you and take it with you. If necessary, view the survival ads. Again, everything is individual and depends only on you. So decide what is your priority: an upgraded shelter? Maybe a portable solar oven or an alarm system? The main thing is to reach the minimum level of readiness as soon as possible. Then develop your abilities to the level of prosperity. Remember that the whole journey begins with one step. Your homestead is in your hands! Use this informational report for expertise and skill improvement.


How Often Should Home Maintenance Be Done?

Taking care of your home and your land is the most important element in the conditions of survival. At a minimum, you have a garden, water supply systems, and waste control. Therefore, it is better to clean twice a week. At least keep an eye on the trees and thickets. Clean the water and barrels. You may also create your cleaning technologies or buy the necessary products.

Why Tankless Water Heaters Are So Much Better Than Traditional Ones

This question is one of the most popular. The fact is that quality and price play a significant role for any buyer. So, a cylinder-less water heater has a long life, more than twenty years. The traditional ones serve only twelve years. The difference is significant, so it is better to choose the first option. Secondly, the cylinder-less water heater, although more expensive, has an improved installation system and parts’ quality. Besides, they do not have additional energy costs since the water is not heated unnecessarily. Here are the advantages of such models!

How to choose the best flooring for your home

The floor covering for the house is not a cheap thing. It all depends on you and your preferences. There are different coating options, ranging from laminate to tile: view prices, quality, and manufacturers. I recommend using laminate flooring because it looks nice. Some people buy floor tiles for aesthetics, but they quickly deteriorate.

How long can I survive at home?

Survival is an energy-consuming task. If you take all the necessary things with you (clothing, ammunition, weapons, food, and water), then you will be able to hold out for a long time. It all depends on your goal and action plan. If you build a house, expand the garden and take care of it, you will succeed. Also, do not forget about the presence of a natural water source. It will make it easier to find it. You can create a team with your neighbors to survive and exchange the necessary things. In this case, you will last a long time.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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