Best Gun Cleaning Kit Review and Buying Guide

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The first reason to buy a gun cleaning kit is that your gun can be your best friend in a survival situation. Whether it is a great caliber rifle, a barrel, a shotgun, or a beretta pistol, you should take good care about their condition. To help you learn how to do it withoud danger to yourself and your gun, learn what tools you should have, and what you should avoid, we have created this article.


Introduction Any responsible gun owner knows how important it is to keep firearms clean. First of all, it’s plain safe. If you use your gun often, debris builds up in the barrel. And if left untreated, the debris will eventually affect your gun, making it less accurate when shooting and even more – your gun may become unsafe to use.

Secondly, using your firearms with no proper maintenance is just unreasonable and irresponsible. Because being a gun owner is not only about owning guns. It’s also and foremost about caring about guns:

  • keeping them safely locked, away from children and strangers;
  • having ammo stock full;
  • and keeping firearms clean at all times.

Because if you don’t take care of your gun, your gun may not take care of you when you need it most. Yes, it is always about being fully prepared. A clean and properly maintained gun will never let you down and is always ready to shoot and hit the target. So our recommendation is to clean your firearms always, even during mere shooting practice, and even if you are not using them too often. If your guns are locked in a gun safe, you should also check on them and clean them from time to time.

But again, if you are an experienced gun enthusiast, you know all that. So we believe that at least the first half of our article is mostly for those new to guns and gun maintenance. But the final section may be of much interest to anyone owning guns since we will list the top ten gun cleaning kits you may want to buy.

The Top Ten Gun Cleaning Kits

The Top Ten Gun Cleaning Kits Below you will learn about gun cleaning kits by different brands that differ in size &
design, sets of additional items, and prices divided into three separate categories.

Universal kits

Universal Kits

1 – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit by Gloryfire

Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Our first pick in this category is Gloryfire’s kit for pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

This kit comes packed in a solid carrying case, so you can take it anywhere you want, being able to clean your firearms at all times.

The kit includes an impressive assortment of brass rods for pistol & rifle/shotgun cleaning, muzzle guards, brushes & patch loops, cloth for exterior polishing & component adapters.

These settings provide versatility and excellent cleaning quality.



2 – DAC Winchester Universal Kit

Gun Cleaning Kit This cleaning kit has everything a customer might need when looking for a versatile cleaning set at a fair price:

  • Cleaning rods & brushes;
  • Cleaners and lubricants;
  • Wipes & swabs.

The bad news is when we last checked, this gun kit was out of stock.

3 – Otis Elite Cleaning System with Optics Cleaning Gear

Otis Technology Many people choose this gear by Otis for the impressive settings to keep firearms in perfect working condition.

This is one of the most generous kits with gun maintenance supplies that pack almost everything you can think of when looking for a fully versatile kit. Otis Elit Gear includes a full set of gun cleaning items plus optics cleaning gear.

4 – Otis Tactical System for Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning

Cleaning System However, not all people would choose such a massive set of cleaning gear. Some might want a smaller size option. And one of these options is Otis’ tactical cleaning system that will let you keep your handgun or rifle clean and ready for action.

This cleaning kit has a smaller assortment than it’s bigger brother above but works just fine as a portable set of firearm cleaning supplies. A customer will surely find this kit’s settings appealing.


5 – Hoppe’s Elite Gun Care On The Go Kit

Hoppe's Elite Egcotg Gun Care Hoppe’s Elite Kit is an affordable price option that is also extremely popular. The kit comes in a convenient carrying case and includes everything to clean your firearms on the go. Many gun owners would find this portable kit just perfect.





6 – Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Universal Kit

Real Avid Gun Hands down, Real Avid’s gear is one of the best options for universal firearm maintenance. It features a ton of items and serves for cleaning pistols, rifles, shotguns. The tools in this set require no adapters and are made of nylon. They are flexible and won’t break in a long-long while. All these features make this set of gear a perfect choice for its price.

Unfortunately, this kit is also out of stock. But you can always visit the manufacturer’s website to buy the kit from them directly.


  • Before we continue, we would like to remind you that our top kits list is just a recommendation you can refer to while doing your own research. So don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to check customer reviews, compare prices and item assortment. Don’t hesitate to address manufacturers for more details on their products. Remember that there are many options, and they are not limited to only ten titles that we chose.

Gun Cleaning Kits for Rifles & Shotguns

7 – Freetime Upgraded Kit

Gun Cleaning Kit Universal Many brands offer a variety of cleaning kits for rifles and shotguns. But we chose only one of such kits as we believe that Freetime Upgraded Gun cleaning gear is probably the best of options in the category.

This kit packs supplies fit for all types of rifles and shotguns. As an addition, you can even clean pistols using the items from this set. Freetime Upgraded Kit comes in a smartly organized solid plastic case. It’s not too big in size, so it will not take up too much space in your firearm storage or the back of your car.

Our point is that this kit may well be a great combination of price and quality. Plus, it is versatile and portable. It seems like it has everything you may be looking for in a gun cleaning kit to keep your arsenal in perfect firing condition.

Handgun Cleaning Kits

However, not everyone is an avid hunter or an owner of a large arsenal. Many people just own pistols and revolvers and have no need for large gun cleaning kits loaded with numerous items. A regular customer would look for something smaller and at a lower price.

This section of our top cleaning kits guide will show you the best kits for handguns.

8 – Hoppe’s Elite Zombie Assault Pistol Gear

Elite Zombie Assault We’ll start with something extravagant. At least name-wise.

A zombie apocalypse may well be just a work of fiction, but should this fantastically frightening thing ever happen, you will want to have your handgun ready for action at a moment’s notice. So you must have your handgun in perfect firing condition.

Hoppe’s Elite Zombie Assault gear will let you have your handgun clean at all times. The cleaning supplies include basic items such as cleaning solvent, gun lubricant, a utility brush, and bore snakes. Thanks to its small size, you can carry this gear with you anywhere—an excellent choice for the price.

9 – Real Avid Gun Boss Gear

Cleaning Kit This is another minimalistic option for a good price. Real Avid’s cleaning set will let a customer retain their handgun’s working condition no matter where they are. The set comes in a durable case, containing all the basic gun cleaning items.

Make sure to watch the video below for more details on the product:



10 – Realtree Pistol Cleaning Kit

Realtree Rt034Ap Pistol Cleaning Kit Realtree Pistol gear is a tiny set of supplies for .22 or .45 caliber pistols. It is an excellent portable solution for an affordable price. A customer will get everything necessary for handgun maintenance, including a handheld screwdriver and a set of drill bits to go with it, bore snake, and cotton swabs.



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The Basics of Firearm Cleaning

The Basics Of Firearm Cleaning Why is gun cleaning so important?

Well, because this lets your guns stay rust-free and function properly. A clean gun is also a safe gun. Surely, you’ve seen it enough in action movies when a dirt-clogged pistol barrel explodes, blowing a gunner’s head off. And while in real life, a badly maintained gun will less likely do just the same, it is still unsafe to use an uncleaned firearm.

That is why it is so important to have high-quality gun cleaning equipment to maintain your firearms and know how to do it in the first place. Below is the step-by-step instruction on cleaning a gun that you must know as a firearm owner.

Step One: Make Sure Your Gun is UNLOADED!

When proceeding with cleaning a gun, you want to make sure it will not go off right into your face. So unload it before you start the procedure.

To unload the gun, extract the magazine and cock the gun several times to be completely sure there is no round in the chamber left. When you’re through with it, we advise you to double-check the chamber again.

Step Two: Dismantle a Firearm

Another thing gun cleaning is good for us that it gets you familiar with how your firearm is designed. Taking apart your pistol, rifle, shotgun, or whatever firearm you use and assembling it is a good practice. So don’t neglect it.

To dismantle a pistol, you will need to take apart its basic parts. They are a barrel, a magazine, a frame, a slide, and a guide rod.

Usually, field stripping is not required for basic gun maintenance. Although when you field-strip a firearm, you get to know more about how it works. So our recommendation is to learn how to do it, just in case.

Step Three: Make Yourself a Comfortable Workspace

When cleaning a gun, you may mess up your home interiors with oil. So before proceeding with the task, arrange yourself a comfortable cleaning spot. You may use a piece of cardboard or old newspapers to cover your desk.

Another thing to remember is proper ventilation. Chemical cleaners that are used to clean firearms may cause dizziness and nausea, so make sure your room is ventilated.

Step Four: Clean the Barrel

Use cleaning patches to clean the gun’s barrel. To do it, dip a patch into a gun cleaning solvent and then use a cleaning rod to drive it through the barrel. Our recommendation is to start at the back of the barrel and move towards its front side end. When the cleaning patch appears out of the gun’s muzzle, take it off the rod and pull it back.

Step Five: Interchange Cleaning Patches with Brushes

You may want to use cleaning brushes to replace patches during the process. It will help to increase the quality of cleaning. Brushes will let you remove more dirt from the barrel.

Step Six: Lubricate the Barrel

Gun barrels also need to be lubed up. Once you’ve cleaned your firearm’s barrel with cleaning swabs and brushes, you may proceed with lubricating it. Use cotton patches for this.

Take a cotton swab and soak it with gun oil. And then, using a cleaning rod, drive it through the barrel. Note that the lubricant lawyer must be ever thin, so don’t try too hard.

Step Seven: Clean and Lubricate the Action

Utility brushes are universal cleaning tools. So you may as well use them to clean pistols, rifles, and any other type of firearms.

With a cleaning solvent, brush all elements of the action and then dry them with paper towels. After that, proceed with lubrication. Again, remember to put a thin layer of lubricant.

Step Eight: Assemble the Firearm and Wipe It on the Outside

When your gun is reassembled, use a piece of cloth to polish it clean. Try your best because you will want your gun to look just as good as new.

Watch the video below on how to clean a rifle properly.

Remember to clean your firearms after each use. This is especially important if you’ve been using it heavily on the shooting range. When fire lots of rounds, a lot of debris builds up on the inside of a gun’s barrel, which can cause lots of problems over time. So be responsible and provide your firearms with proper treatment.

And to do it, you will need high-quality gun cleaning gear. There is a lot of gun cleaning kits out there. So choosing the right one may become quite difficult. Read on, and you will learn a few tips on how to choose gun cleaning supplies. We will then move on to our top picks of the best gun cleaning kits on the market.

Choosing a Gun Cleaning Kit

Choosing A Gun Cleaning Kit Choosing a gun cleaning supplies kit is not an easy matter. The choice is wide, and you may easily get confused. There are many types and models of cleaning kits, and they all differ in sizes and sets of gun cleaning tools. Not to mention a price range. Some gun kits are too big and heavy to carry around. Others have a weird design, which makes it almost impossible to pack them into your survival bag.

But here’s the good news: you can find yourself a convenient and high-quality gun cleaning kit to keep your firearms clean at all times. And you can find one for a reasonable price as well. Check out these tips.

Tip One: Is It Portable?

When it comes to choosing a proper gun cleaning kit, portability is one of the main features. Since you don’t just keep your guns locked at your home gun safe, you may want to have a possibility to clean them anywhere outside your house – during a hunt or out on the firing range. Let alone, if we’re speaking about a survival situation when you most likely will have to change places a lot. So we guess you may want to look for a cleaning kit with a carrying case to go with it.

Also, you may want your cleaning kit to be not too big and heavy. But at the same time, you don’t want to compromise the quality and versatility of it. And the latter is our next point.

Tip Two: Can It Clean Various Gun Calibers?

Versatility is another key feature of a high-quality gun cleaning kit. Maybe you already have a vast home arsenal or are thinking of expanding it in the nearest future. So you must be sure that all of your firearms of different calibers will stay in perfect condition.

Sadly, not every kit fits for cleaning pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Each firearm type requires a certain type of kit. And you can’t clean firearms of different calibers and types using the same set of cleaning tools, or can you?

The answer is, you can. But it takes a cleaning kit with a universal set of tools. So if you have more than one type of weapon, look for a versatile kit. More details on that later.

Tip Three: Is It Built to Last?

In other words, you should not neglect quality. Your kit may be versatile and portable but is it any good if the cleaning tools in it are of poor quality? If you’re using a cheaper cleaning kit at home, you can easily replace a broken tool. But there may be a variety of cases when you don’t have such a possibility. So the quality and reliability are of great importance. Don’t take chances to save a couple of bucks buying a cheaper type of gun cleaning kit. Our recommendation is to always go for as much quality as your wallet can let you afford.

So before we move on with our top picks of the best gun cleaning kits on the market, let’s make a summary of what an ideal gun maintenance kit must be:

  • It must be portable. Not too big and not too heavy.
  • It must be versatile and fit for at least two different gun calibers;
  • It must contain cleaning tools of the best quality possible.

And here are the basic items that your kit must have:

  • A brass cleaning rod;
  • Gun oil or any other lubricant;
  • Cleaning solvent;
  • Utility brushes;
  • Bore brushes or a bore snake;
  • Cleaning patches & cotton swabs;
  • A nylon cleaning brush.

That is very important: if the kit you’re offered lacks ANY of the aforementioned items, you should not buy it even if the price seems too tempting. To keep your firearms in working condition, you must buy a kit that has a complete basic set of cleaning items listed above.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit Summary

Best Gun Cleaning Kit Summary A firearm is an important survival tool. It’s used for self-defense, hunting, and, of course, for, let’s say, peacemaking in cases when things go down. And to serve its purpose, a firearm must be perfectly maintained. Gun cleaning is an important part of gun ownership. Without it, a gun becomes a dysfunctional useful piece of metal scrap. Even worse, a firearm that has not received proper maintenance for a long time becomes extremely unreliable and unsafe. In contrast, a timely maintained gun stays as new and will serve a gun owner for years to come.

Our recommendation is to look for a high-quality gun cleaning kit. And while the price is important, don’t narrow your choice down to cheaper options. Lower-quality cleaning kits are not reliable and will eventually fail you when you least expect it.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What Comes in a Gun Cleaning Kit?

All sets of firearm cleaning supplies, despite their prices, sizes, and other extra features, must always include a basic assortment of supplies such as cleaning rods, cleaners & lubricants, utility brushes, bore brushes, cleaning patches & cotton swabs, a nylon cleaning brush.

Are All Gun Cleaning Kits Universal?

There are different gun cleaning kits for different gun calibers and gun types. These cleaning kits vary in packaging solutions, numbers of items, and prices. When looking for a kit, a customer should consider a caliber and type of a firearm. Or a customer can choose a set of versatile cleaning equipment that will work great for most firearm types and calibers. Of course, the bigger the kit is, the higher its price. So if you want to get yourself an ultimate firearm maintenance kit, be prepared to spend some extra money.

What are the Best Gun Cleaning Kits?

Several brands produce the most reliable and popular gun cleaning kits in the market. Among those brands are Real Avid, Otis, and Hoppe’s, to name a few. So it is no surprise that some of the best cleaning kits belong to these brands. These kits include:

  • Real Avid’s Gun Boss Pro Universal Kit;
  • Otis’s Elit Cleaning System;
  • Hoppe’s Elit Zombie Assault Pistol Cleaning Gear.

What is the Best Gun Cleaning Kit For a 9mm?

According to online customer reviews, the best of all 9mm gun cleaning kits on the market is а Pro Handgun Cleaning Kit by Real Avid. It is a high-quality 13-item set in a durable plastic case and is perfect in portability—a great combination of quality and price.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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