Best Biometric Gun Safe Review and Buying Guide

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Everyone who has a gun has probably faced the problem of storing it securely and this issue remains pertinent in 2023. For many years, safes with keys or password locks were the most common options. However, nowadays you do not need to memorize an access code or find a secure storage for your key. With the invention of biometric gun safes, it has become easier and simpler to store your firearms.

TOP Best Biometric Gun Safe Options

Top Best Biometric Gun Safe Options

Now, let’s proceed to the most important part. Here, we present to you the variety of best biometric gun safes that are now available in the gun safe industry. Each of them is good for a different reason. So no matter what you are looking for, it will probably be on the list. Here are nine storages for your firearm that can proudly behold the name of the best biometric gun safe.



Barska Mini Biometric Safe If you want something that is not only customer approved, but is also used by the governmental authorities themselves, you can opt for BARSKA AX11224. This is one the most reliable and secure biometric gun safes out there for many reasons.

Its sizes are 14.6 by 16.5 by 8 inches on the outside and 12.3 by 16.4 by 6.9 inches on the inside.

The biometric scanner, which can store up to 120 fingerprints, can provide you a quick access to the firearm within less than three seconds. What is more, this fingerprint gun safe comes with plenty of additional equipment that allows you to attach the firearm safety device to any horizontal or vertical surface. You do not even have to drill any holes in the safe itself, as it already comes with them.

To make sure you have fast access to the gun in case a biometric scanner fails (which happens rarely and almost never), there are some backup keys. You can open the safe using the key by unscrewing the front plate with the safe’s name and turning the key clockwise in the hole. Also, it comes with AA batteries that allow you to recharge safe’s sound system and the biometric scanner itself.

But most importantly, the biometric gun safe protects your valuables with its steel walls of 14 gauge and deadbolts that are made of steel as well. As a nice addition, there is a mat on the bottom of the interior space, and it prevents any scratching or breaking.

Once you open the safe, both with the scanner and the key, a sound notification will be played. It will also notify you when the batteries will soon run out. That is when the spare ones can be extra handy.

Although BARSKA AX11224 is one of the best biometric safes out there, it still has a small disadvantage. Unfortunately, there is no interior light in there. So, if you are planning to use the safe in a dark room, it might not work out without some additional source of light.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, steel construction, pre-drilled holes for mounting.
  • Benefits: Quick access with up to 30 fingerprints storage, durable construction ensures security, easy to mount on walls or floors.
  • Drawbacks: Limited storage capacity, potential issues with fingerprint recognition in some cases.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • John D., Texas: “I’ve had the BARSKA safe for over a year now, and it’s been flawless. The fingerprint scanner is quick and hasn’t failed me once. Highly recommend!”
  • Linda F., New York: “The safe is compact and fits perfectly in my drawer. The biometric feature is a game-changer for quick access.”">Check Price Now”]

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

Viking Security Safe The next storage that deserves the name of the best biometric gun safe as well is Viking Security Safe VS-25BL. Its biometric scanner can memorize up to 32 different fingerprints. The size of the biometric safe is 10 by 14 by 10 inches on the outside, and on the inside, it is 9.5 by 13.5 by 8.5 inches.

Moreover, if you do not trust the biometric fingerprint scanner technology, you can set a PIN code, which can be as small as four digits and as big as eight. You can also gain access to the safe’s content via the backup key, which comes with the safe’s equipment. However, biometric security always tends to be the most reliable one, and that is why people choose this safe over the others.

No doubt, this biometric gun safe will both look fancy and protect your things from unauthorized users. Made out of steel with no seams, this biometric fingerprint safe is completely secure, as it also provides protection by having a pry-resistant door which is 5 mm thick.

On the inside, there is an interior light and soft upholstery. What makes the Viking Security Safe VS-25BL attractive to many customers is its shelving system. You can adjust the shelf as you like and keep multiple firearms separated.

But why is this model one of the best biometric handgun safes on the market? Well, because of its security measures, of course. These include the following:

  • After entering five incorrect PIN codes and 10 incorrect fingerprints, the pry-resistant door does not allow you to try any more.
  • When the safe’s door is open for longer than a minute, the audio notification will be played.
  • Once you open the door, either with a backup key, code, or fingerprint reader, you will hear the sound notification.
  • To track your actions with the safe, the screen in the front shows the current state and how much battery you have left.

There are really no noticeable disadvantages to Viking Security Safe VS-25BL. Only some biometric gun safe reviews claimed that it would be nice if the digit buttons would light up, as it is especially convenient for opening the safe in the dark.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, LED light, steel construction, adjustable shelf.
  • Benefits: Enhanced visibility with LED light, adjustable shelf allows for customization, robust construction for added security.
  • Drawbacks: Might be bulkier for some users, potential issues with the biometric scanner for some users.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Mike P., California: “The LED light inside the safe is a nice touch. I can easily access my firearm even in the dark. Solid build quality too.”
  • Sarah L., Ohio: “I appreciate the adjustable shelf feature. It allows me to store other valuables alongside my pistol.”

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

Gun Safe - Pistol Safe Portable Gun If you are ready to spend a little more on your biometric handgun safe, then YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe is the option for you. This is the best fingerprint gun storage of the premium class. The mechanism allows you to program multiple fingerprints with high accuracy, which only helps you to unlock the safe faster in the future.

This model of a safe with fingerprint scanner has a size of 14.9 by 11.6 by 8.6 inches on the outside and 12 by 9 by 5.3 inches on the inside. The safe comes with additional backup keys and tools that help you to mount it onto the wall. Another benefit that YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe has is its five-year warranty, which is noticeably bigger than for any other gun safe on the market.

The safe has the following access options:

  • Fingerprint scanner;
  • PIN code that consists of four numbers;
  • Backup keys.

Moreover, you can set several access requirements and use the biometric lock in combination with a standard code entering. This might deprive you of quick access, but it will surely protect all the valuables stored there.

Speaking of valuables, you can keep not only guns, but also any jewelry, or important papers in there. The walls of the safe are enveloped with a soft material that prevents any external damage to your possessions.

The biometric fingerprint scanners on YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe are on another level. They allow you to open the door within a moment. What is more, the safe is easy to put on any surface, such as room walls or cabinet walls. The amount of equipment provided by the seller helps you to do it all by yourself without much effort.

As for the bad sides that you might meet when using this gun safe, there are not too many of them. Some people mention the price as the disadvantage, however, for the technological abilities that this device offers, the cost of it is totally justified. Another mentioned disadvantage is the interior size. Due to the inner placement of electronics, there is less room for storing than it could potentially be, if all the devices were not as big.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint recognition, pry-resistant door, steel construction.
  • Benefits: High security with pry-resistant features, durable construction, quick access with fingerprint recognition.
  • Drawbacks: Limited storage space, potential delays in fingerprint recognition.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Alan T., Florida: “The YUEMA safe offers peace of mind with its pry-resistant door. I feel confident about the security of my firearm.”
  • Nina K., Washington: “It’s a sturdy safe with a reliable fingerprint scanner. No complaints so far.”

GunVault SVB500

Gun Vault Gvsvb500 Unisex Safety Drawer If you have a single pistol that needs to be protected, why not consider buying GunVault SVB500? This is one of the best safes with biometric locks, and it is preferred by many because of its compact size adjustable to any space and huge warranty of 17 years. The dimensions of this pistol safe are 6.5 by 3.5 by 13 inches on the outside.

The biometric handgun safe can store multiple fingerprints at once (as much as 120). All authorized users will have access to the gun inside once their fingerprint is scanned. You might not be able to store long guns there, but this is a perfect security device for smaller firearms which can be kept near the bed, in the closet, or under your desk for self-defense needs.

This biometric safe model also includes inside lighting, which works automatically. In order not to spend too much battery energy, the light will be turned off after 10 seconds of being open. Thus, you have quick access to your gun even if you are in the dark. If the battery is soon to be dead, you will know about it by the flickering indicator and the sound notification.

Before buying GunVault SVB500, familiarize yourself with its cons. The batteries for the biometric gun safe do not come in a package, and you have to buy them separately. Also, if you want to remove one recording of a fingerprint, you have to delete the whole fingerprint base, which might be very inconvenient. As for the security problems, some users wish for the outer case to be of thicker steel.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, drop-down drawer, backup override key.
  • Benefits: Quick access with drop-down drawer design, backup access with override key, secure fingerprint recognition.
  • Drawbacks: Battery life concerns, potential issues with fingerprint scanner sensitivity.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Raj S., New Jersey: “The drop-down drawer design is ingenious. It allows for quick and silent access, which is crucial in emergencies.”
  • Becky G., Arizona: “I had some initial issues with the fingerprint scanner, but their customer service was prompt and helpful.”

Ainfox Electronic Security Safe Box

Safe Box Many biometric gun safe reviews note that Ainfox Electronic Security Safe Box is one of the best models on the market. Many like its simple installation process, which runs smoothly thanks to the pre-made holes in the back of a safe and several screws that come in a package. It also can store up to 120 different fingerprints.

Ainfox Electronic Security Safe Box has a standard size, and it can fit anywhere, including cabinets, space under a desk, or simply walls and floor. On the outside, this biometric handgun safe is 9.8 by 13.8 by 9.9 inches. On the inside, it is 9.2 by 13.6 by 9.7 inches. As you can see, no extra space is taken from you, and the capacious space inside the safe can fit quite a lot.

The safe is secure from any intrusion because of its thick steel walls and steel bars in the door. Moreover, it is secure from any external damage, like staining or corrosion. The matt surface of the exterior keeps the biometric safe protected and nice-looking at the same time.

Just like with many biometric gun safes, emergency backup battery pack and some spare keys come in a package with this Ainfox storage. What distinguishes this model is the ability to connect a separate external battery powered by electricity. This can really help if you run out of AA batteries but still need to access the content of the safe using the biometric fingerprint reader.

Of course, this biometric safe has other access options, not only the biometric lock. You can set a PIN code that should consist of five numbers. Just remember, once you insert the wrong combination five times, the door will be locked and the alarm will notify you about the intrusion for 20 seconds. If the battery runs out or something goes wrong with the fingerprint scanner, you can open the safe with a key.

This biometric safe does not have any significant disadvantages to it. Although there were cases when customers could not get their fingerprint read from the first time. Sometimes, you have to try several times to finally access the guns.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, steel construction, digital keypad.
  • Benefits: Multiple access methods with fingerprint and keypad, robust construction ensures security, spacious interior.
  • Drawbacks: Potential issues with the electronic system, might be too large for some users.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Leo V., Illinois: “The digital keypad along with the biometric scanner offers dual security. It’s spacious and well-built.”
  • Dana M., Georgia: “It’s a bit on the larger side, but that means more storage space. The electronic system has been smooth.”

AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access 2-Pistol Safe

Amazon Basics Deluxe Quick Access If you are looking for a gun safe with a biometric lock that can fit up to two firearms, AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access 2-Pistol Safe is a good option to try out. While still being perfectly fine for putting into a cabinet or other small storages, this safe can easily store one or two guns. On the outside, its size is 14.8 by 11 by 3.7 inches, and on the inside, it is 11.6 by 7.6 by 3.1 inches.

This is also one of the fingerprint gun safes that have been approved by California Department of Justice to store any arms safely. The safe is made out of two layers of steel, and its door is opened and closed by the gas mechanism. This makes the interior space inaccessible to any unauthorized enters.

Some of the most outstanding qualities of AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access 2-Pistol Safe include:

  • Recording of up to 50 different fingerprints;
  • Durability of the biometric lock that takes up to 1 million touches;
  • Extra quick fingerprint reader that recognizes your touch within a second;
  • Key and number code access;
  • Equipment to mount the safe onto the wall or the floor.

This biometric fingerprint safe also has a feature of turning the sound alarms off. So when you enter the code or open the door any preferable way, there will be no sound notifications. It might be useful especially in the cases of self-defense. For instance, when you quickly need to access your firearm without being noticed, you can just put the finger on the reader, and the door will open silently.

No biometric safe is perfect, and this one is not an exception. Despite there being no serious problems, some safe owners talk about the sensitivity of a scanner. To gain access, you need to place your finger in a very specific position (the one you were scanning it for the first time), and there should be nothing on your fingertips, as it might prevent the correct reading. Moreover, you have to buy AA batteries that make the fingerprint scanner work all by yourself, as they do not come in the same package.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, gas strut door, steel construction.
  • Benefits: Quick and silent access with gas strut door, secure storage with steel construction, easy to mount.
  • Drawbacks: Limited to two pistols, potential issues with fingerprint recognition.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Oscar N., Pennsylvania: “Perfect for storing my two pistols. The biometric scanner is quick and efficient.”
  • Rita F., Michigan: “The gas strut door is a great feature. It ensures silent access, which can be crucial.”

Jolitac Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box

Jolitac Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box Another great biometric fingerprint gun safe is Jolitac Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box. This storage unit is very reliable and secure, as its walls are carbon steel and the box itself was laser cut and welded with no seams. Some extra protection is provided by the three steel bolts located inside the safe door. The storage allows only authorized users to get in, otherwise a notification system will work. If you put in the wrong code combination five times straight, or there is some suspicious shaking, the alarm rings for a minute and the door gets locked.

The inside of this gun safe is quite spacious. The overall size of it is 21.7 by 15 x by 13.8 inches. The interior is lighted, and it makes the process of getting somewhere from the safe much easier, especially in the dark. You can organize the valuables stored there in any way you like using the adjustable shelf that comes with the safe.

This biometric safe can record as much as 32 different fingerprints, but this is not the only security measure. You can also set a numerical combination to the digital lock or open the safe using a key. By the way, the sound of pressing buttons can be turned off, so you can silently open your storage.

The package that comes with the gun safe includes some extra batteries, shelf, mounting tools, and a cord. You can attach the safe to any surface or put it in a discrete storage space using the pre-made holes in the back and the equipment that is offered.

The only bad side that you might meet when using Jolitac Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box is the error in recognizing authorized fingerprints that sometimes arises. It might take you several attempts to get into the safe, but in the end it should work. If not, you can always use a key or a code combination.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, steel construction, tamper alarm.
  • Benefits: Enhanced security with tamper alarm, robust construction, quick access with fingerprint scanner.
  • Drawbacks: Limited storage space, potential false alarms.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Sam L., North Carolina: “The tamper alarm gives an added sense of security. The safe itself is compact and fits well in tight spaces.”
  • Jenny Q., Nevada: “It’s a reliable safe with a good biometric system. The alarm feature is a bonus.”

Quicktec Rifle Safe Gun Safe

Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Lucky owners of long guns probably wonder what is the best storage for their type of firearm. Well, a perfect security space for rifles and other guns that have a longer body is Quicktec Rifle Safe Gun Safe. Compact on the outside and capacious on the inside, this biometric safe can fit up to five longer guns and even some smaller ones, along with the accessories and tools, in the special compartment.

Quicktec Rifle SafeGun Safe can record up to 125 fingerprints, which is bigger than the majority of other biometric gun safes. There is also a two-year warranty for this safe. For more security and for some backup access methods, you can also set the code of three to eight digits or open the vault with one of the two keys.

The thickness and quality of the safe body combined with, not two or three, but five locking bolts make this gun safe one of the most secure ones on the market. Installation also would not take much time: the pre-made holes in the back make it easier for you to mount the safe anywhere you want.

As for the mentioned inner compartment, it has its own set of keys as well. It means you have even more protection inside of already secure enough safe. In this smaller storage, you can keep any gun accessories, necessary tools, bullets, or any other valuables. This division allows you to use the safe for several purposes: you can store guns in the bigger compartment and something like jewelry or important documents in the smaller one. The storage is really functional, and the choice of what to keep in there is totally yours.

Smaller cons of this model of a safe include denting and thinness. There were cases when customers received a safe with some dents. Fortunately, the selling company has great customer service, and all the problems were solved immediately. The other complaint is about the walls of the safe. Some people, especially those who need extra protection even from experienced thieves, think the safe’s sides are not thick enough. However, this is more of a preference problem, than the model one, as it still serves the safety function very well.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, larger storage for rifles, steel construction.
  • Benefits: Suitable for storing multiple rifles, secure construction, quick access with biometric scanner.
  • Drawbacks: Bulky design might not be suitable for all users, potential issues with fingerprint recognition.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Eli R., Missouri: “I store multiple rifles in this safe, and it’s been great. The biometric scanner is efficient, and the build quality is top-notch.”
  • Lucia W., Indiana: “It’s a bit bulky, but that’s expected for a rifle safe. The security features are commendable.”

SOLOMONE CAVALLI Biometric Gun Pistol Safe

Solomone Cavalli Portable Biometric Last but not least, the honorable mention in our list of best biometric gun safes is SOLOMONE CAVALLI Biometric Gun Pistol Safe. This is a great option for those who need something smaller and portable, yet still protective. You can even use this affordable biometric safe on the go, especially when you travel. It can fit a lot of fingerprints, and you can put up to 125 of them.

If you measure the safe, it will be 10.6 by 7.5 by 2.1 inches on the outside and 7.8 by 7.4 by 1 inches on the inside. Clearly, you can fit such a small storage unit in a drawer, closet shelf, or even your bag or storing compartments in a car. Being lightweight, but still very secure, this gun safe is perfect for carrying around a protected gun.

SOLOMONE CAVALLI Biometric Safe works on batteries. You will need four AA ones to make the biometric scanner work. For some additional access methods, there are spare keys that can open your safe even if the fingerprint scanner does not work for some reason. A cable that comes in a package will help you to strap the safe in any storage unit you choose to make it even more secure.

Unlike the other models, this one does not have pre-drilled holes, meaning you have to make them yourself, if you prefer to mount the safe. Also, there are no tools for mounting, so you will have to buy them additionally. However, for mounting we would recommend considering some other safe options, because this one is exceptionally good for being a mobile one.

As for the disadvantages that you might encounter, there are a few. Once you scan your finger, it might take almost five seconds for the safe to open. Also, the opening will be accompanied with the notification sound, which cannot be muted. This is not good if you want to use the safe secretly.

  • Features: Biometric fingerprint scanner, steel construction, compact design.
  • Benefits: Suitable for tight spaces due to compact design, robust construction for security, quick access with fingerprint scanner.
  • Drawbacks: Limited storage capacity, potential issues with biometric scanner sensitivity.

User Reviews & Testimonials

  • Henry X., Oregon: “For its compact size, this safe offers excellent security. The fingerprint scanner is quick and hasn’t failed me yet.”
  • Mia Z., Tennessee: “It’s a straightforward and efficient safe. Great for quick access in emergencies.”

The more serious problem is the scanning itself. While some purchasers are happy with their product, and it works completely fine each time, others have complaints about the safe regularly taking several attempts to read the fingerprint. It can prevent you from having as quickly as possible access to the gun when needed.

Biometric gun safes look just like the ordinary ones, and their main distinction is a biometric fingerprint scanner. These gun safes give you quick access to their content, while still providing a secure firearm storage space. No unauthorized users can pass through the fingerprint lock.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about the best biometric gun safes on the market. Based on different criteria, the choice of products has been made with much attention to every little detail. If you are looking for a great biometric handgun safe, you might want to read further.

What Biometric Gun Safe to Choose?

What Biometric Gun Safe To Choose?

As we have mentioned, specialized stores have plenty of different offers when it comes to choosing a biometric fingerprint gun safe. They vary not only in appearances, but also in forms they come in.

If you want the biometric safe not to stand out from your interior design too much, you can buy the one that mounts onto the wall. They can be hidden in a cabinet or put in the places where you will have instant access to your gun.

Another type of biometric gun safes is the standing one. You do not have to attach it to anything. This biometric fingerprint lock gives you great handgun security, and it can stand on any surface. This means you do not have to buy extra cabinets or make a shelf for your safe. Just put it on the floor and have easy gun access.

A unique gun storage offering is a biometric pistol safe, which is a smaller version of a gun safe. Basically, it is a pocket that keeps in your firearm until you press the biometric sensor and unlock the pistol safe. You can keep it anywhere you want to, as the compactness allows it. Many people put their biometric pistol safe right by the bed to have quick access to self-defense.

Whatever you choose, just remember about the security features of your safe. Buying one just to fit in with the room might not be the most rational idea.

Best Biometric Safe Takeaway

Best Biometric Safe Takeaway

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what a good safe should look like. While all the models are different and beneficial in their own way, there are always some that are more preferred than the others. Depending on your purpose, one safe might be the ideal solution, while the other might seem completely inappropriate.

When choosing a gun safe, pay attention to its size (especially if you are planning to mount it or put it somewhere discreet), the material and its quality, the number of fingerprints possible to record, access options, and weight, if you know you are going to move safe quite often.

Compare different biometric safes presented on the market and choose what is best for you. If you pick something from the list above, the quality and security of your gun safe is guaranteed.

Understanding Biometric Technology

Biometric technology has revolutionized the way we think about security. At its core, biometrics relies on the unique physical or behavioral characteristics of an individual to confirm their identity. This could be anything from a fingerprint to a voice pattern or even an eye retina.

How Do Biometric Gun Safes Work?

Biometric gun safes primarily use fingerprint recognition technology. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Scanning: The first time you use the safe, you’ll place your finger on a scanner. This scanner uses either optical, capacitive, or ultrasonic technology to capture a detailed image of your fingerprint.
  2. Analysis: The safe’s software then analyzes this image, identifying unique patterns and ridges.
  3. Conversion: This data is then converted into a unique code that represents your fingerprint.
  4. Storage: This code is stored in the safe’s memory.
  5. Access: The next time you try to open the safe, the scanner will compare the fingerprint it scans with the stored code. If there’s a match, the safe will open.

Expert Opinion: Dr. Linda Rodriguez, Biometrics Researcher

“Biometric technology, especially fingerprint recognition, has come a long way in the past decade. Today’s biometric safes are not just about recognizing a pattern; they’re about ensuring that the pattern is from a live finger. Advanced safes even have anti-spoofing measures to ensure that. For gun owners, this means an added layer of security. Not only does the safe prevent unauthorized access, but it also ensures quick access for the owner in emergencies.”

The Future of Biometrics in Gun Safes

As technology advances, we can expect even more sophisticated biometric systems. Future safes might incorporate multiple biometric checks, like facial recognition combined with fingerprint scanning, for even tighter security. There’s also ongoing research into making these systems faster, more accurate, and more resistant to potential hacking attempts.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Biometric Gun Safe

When it comes to securing firearms, a biometric gun safe offers unparalleled speed and security. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one? This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider.

1. Size & Capacity

  • Single vs. Multiple Storage: Determine if you need a safe for a single firearm or multiple ones. Some safes are compact, designed for a single handgun, while others can store rifles or multiple pistols.
  • Interior Dimensions: Check the interior dimensions, especially if you plan to store larger firearms or additional items like ammunition or documents.

2. Biometric Technology

  • Scanner Quality: A high-quality scanner ensures accurate and quick fingerprint recognition.
  • Multiple Fingerprints: Some safes allow for multiple fingerprints, which is useful if more than one person needs access.
  • Backup Access: Ensure there’s an alternative way to access the safe, such as a keypad or manual key, in case the biometric system fails.

3. Battery Life & Alerts

  • Power Source: Some safes are battery-operated, while others might have a direct power source. Consider how often you’ll need to replace or recharge the batteries.
  • Low Battery Alerts: A safe that alerts you when the battery is low ensures you’re never locked out due to a dead battery.

4. Construction & Durability

  • Material: Look for safes made of solid steel or similar durable materials.
  • Tamper Alerts: Advanced safes come with tamper alerts that notify you if someone tries to access the safe without authorization.
  • Fire and Water Resistance: Some safes offer protection against fire and water damage, adding an extra layer of security for your firearms.

5. Mounting & Portability

  • Mounting Options: If you want to secure the safe to a wall, floor, or shelf, look for pre-drilled holes or mounting kits.
  • Portability: If you travel often or need to move the safe, consider its weight and whether it comes with a handle.

6. Price & Warranty

  • Budget: Determine your budget and find a safe that offers the best features within that range.
  • Warranty: A good warranty can be a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. Look for safes with extended warranties that cover potential defects or malfunctions.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a biometric gun safe is a decision that prioritizes both safety and convenience. By considering the factors listed above, you can find a safe that perfectly fits your needs and offers peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is a biometric gun safe?

A biometric gun safe is a storage unit, which, additionally to the standard security methods like PIN code and keys, has a biometric fingerprint scanner. It means you can access the content of your safe simply by scanning your finger. Only those people who have their fingerprints in the safe’s system can open the doors. Otherwise, they will be locked and the alarm will go off.

What is the best biometric gun safe?

There are many good gun safes on the market. If you want something very secure, consider BARSKA AX11224, Ainfox Electronic Security Safe Box, Jolitac Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Box, or AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access 2-Pistol Safe. For more premium quality ones, check YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe. And if you need smaller storage, you can buy either GunVault SVB500, or SOLOMONE CAVALLI Biometric Gun Pistol Safe. For long gun storage, we recommend Quicktec Rifle Safe Gun Safe.

Are biometric safes good?

Gun safes with biometric scanning options are extra safe, because they combine several security measures. You can scan a fingerprint, which is a unique access method, or you can also add some number combinations and even key opening to make sure that it is difficult to open the safe for an intruder.

How much is a biometric gun safe?

The prices for gun safes differ depending on the quality of walls and door material, quality of the biometric scanner, size of the safe, and some extra features, like mounting, lighting, or shelving. There are both some very affordable options, and more expensive ones with better quality.

Why choose a fingerprint safe?

Biometric safes are some of the most secure ones. If you want no one to access the valuables stored there, you can add only your personal fingerprints, so that without you it will not open at all. While keys can be duplicated and PIN codes can be uncovered, the fingerprint of each human being cannot be replicated.


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