Best Small Gun Safe Review and Buying Guide

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Gun Safes Introduction

Gun Safes Introduction It’s no secret that today almost everyone can get a license to carry a gun. At the same time, the goals of acquiring guns can be very different: self-defense, an exciting hobby, or sports shooting. For instance, for someone, a handgun is a collectible object, and someone likes hunting or sports shooting. However, regardless of the purpose, everyone who has bought a gun must take care of safe gun storage conditions.

If you want to buy a handgun for self-defense or other needs, you should take a serious and responsible approach to choose the best handgun safe! Unfortunately, many gun owners take this issue lightly, and that’s why they have many troubles. Safety is your top priority, as your life and the well-being of your family depend on it. As a rule, gun safes have different shapes, sizes, and colors: you can choose any handgun safe that meets your needs and mandatory legal requirements for gun storage space.

Why is it vital to choose the best handgun safe? Indeed, many experts point out several reasons for buying an ideal gun safe. Firstly, a handgun safe with solid steel construction will allow you to protect your gun from strangers. Nobody can take a handgun without your permission. Secondly, you will always know where your weapon is. In case of robbery or illegal entry into your house, you will have quick access to the handgun.

As you can see, gun safes are excellent storage, as only gun owners have access to a dangerous item. If you are interested in buying the best quick access gun safe with advanced security features, you definitely need to check out the list of top gun safes in demand on the market. Also, in this article, you will learn what features should be considered when choosing handgun safes and what they are. Read this article about gun safety and stay up to date!

Small Gun Safes Made Of Solid Steel Construction

Small Gun Safes Made Of Solid Steel Construction

Overall, choosing the best handgun safe depends on many factors. The determining factor in most cases is the budget. Many gun safes are expensive, and not every gun owner can buy such a good. Therefore, collect the necessary amount of money in advance so that this factor does not affect your choice.

This paragraph provides information about the top handgun safes, which you can find in local gun stores or online on Amazon. A detailed overview of gun safes will allow you to quickly choose a heavy-duty gun safe and give you a complete picture of the characteristics and functions of any high-quality gun safe. Read this review with pleasure!

1. Vaultek VS20i Biometric Gun Safe

Vaultek Vs20I Biometric

The most popular heavy-duty handgun safe is the Vaultek VS20i model. This biometric gun safe is guaranteed to protect your gun and ammunition from outsiders, as it has an upgraded protection system. Thanks to the anti-theft system, no robber or burglar will steal your handgun and pull it out of the biometric gun safe.

As a rule, this quick access handgun safe is designed to hold no more than one pistol. Why should you pay attention to this gun safe? Firstly, this model is durable, made of carbon steel, and has a heavy-duty steel construction. The second distinctive feature of this gun safe is its compactness. You can easily move this handgun from room to room.

Any gun owner will confirm that the Vaultek VT20i model is the best quick access handgun safe! You will have quick access to your gun in emergencies since this model has a high-speed electronic keypad and biometric fingerprint scanner. You will open your handgun safe in seconds, and it is really a plus of this model.

Below are the main advantages of such gun safes:

  • Quick access to your handgun
  • Remote control through the Smart Safe function
  • Biometric scanner
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Universal intelligent and safe technologies
  • Modern design
  • Robust construction
  • The ability to connect to the mobile phone

As you can see, this advanced model is one of the best on the market. You can even connect a remote control to open and close the safe. This technology allows owners to control hotkeys instantly. It is worth noting that you will need to buy powerful batteries for this heavy-duty safe once every four months. Before purchasing this model, watch a helpful video review about this safe and its characteristics.

2. Perfect Gun Safes With A Backup Keypad And Override Keys

Sentrysafe Qap2Blx Biometric Gun Safe

The second universal model is the SentrySafe QAP2BLX gun safe with easy access. Many gun fans know this brand, which is popular due to the excellent price-quality ratio of products. This heavy-duty safe is perfect for storing all items, including your gun gear.

Moreover, this portable handgun safe meets high-quality standards and has a biometric scanner. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your guns, thanks to the extra-protection technology. The safe’s biometric scanner is accurate. However, this gun safe retains half as many fingerprints as a biometric gun safe. How else do these gun safes differ from other models? For instance, this portable gun safe has a backup key and locking mechanisms for additional access parameters.

Main features:

  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Backup keypad
  • Pry-resistant door
  • Three methods of opening the gun safe
  • Designed for storing other valuables
  • Built-in LED light and long battery life

By the way, these models have a so-called hinge mechanism, thanks to which you can open the safe door silently. Therefore, you can easily get to the safe, silently open the door, and take out a gun in emergencies. No robber will hear you. Another feature of such gun safes is pre-drilled mounting holes for safe fixing anywhere. Use this feature to reduce the risk of theft of your weapons. If you follow all the safety rules, you will protect your gun.

However, these handgun safes also have some drawbacks. Although this portable gun safe has a biometric scanner, this feature is slow. If a burglar invades your home and you have only a few seconds to take a gun, the slow speed of the biometric scanner will become a hindrance for you. Finally, if you use such handgun safes, you will have to buy disposable batteries regularly. It is not convenient because your gun safe may be blocked in an emergency.

3. Gun Safes With Large Gun Capacity

Steelwater Heavy Duty

What about the upgraded durable pistol safe called Steelwater AMSW592216 New and Improved? Have you tried this model in action yet? If not, you should definitely pay attention to these handgun safes with a door organizer and an improved exterior design! These well-known branded gun safes are designed to store long guns and other valuables. This model can withstand up to 16 shots, and no burglar will pull out your weapon. If you have larger guns and want to hide them from children and other family members, this gun safe is perfect for your purposes.

View the main features of this solid steel gun safe:

  • Convenient door organizer
  • High fire resistance and burglary protection
  • Equipped with mechanical locks
  • Double-butted bypass key
  • Quality assurance
  • Large gun capacity

This improved model guarantees the ultra-reliability of all your valuables. Many gun owners recommend this gun safe, especially if you are a beginner in this field. As for the disadvantages, it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner and Smart Safe technology. Also, you won’t be able to move the handgun safe since it’s heavy. Therefore, you need to think about where you will put this heavy gun safe in the house. Also, the manufacturer offers customers a one-year quality guarantee. In case of malfunctions, you can bring it under warranty for repair or refund the money.

4. Smart Pistol Safe Two Gun Capacity

Billconch Biometric Gun Safe

According to many gun fans, the best gun safe with a heavy-duty case is the BILLCONCH model. Besides the fact that this model has an improved fingerprint scanner and biometric lock, this gun safe has a self-illuminating keypad for your own programmable passcode! You don’t have to worry about the safety of your valuables and weapons because, thanks to the high accuracy of fingerprint identification, nobody will crack your easy-access safe. Also, this reliable gun safe has backup keys and a Bluetooth system. The only thing you should consider when buying this model is batteries. Unfortunately, you will have to replace or recharge the accumulator quite often.


  • Four ways to unlock and gain access
  • Fast battery charging
  • Reliable locking mechanism (biometric lock)
  • High durability carbon steel
  • Capacity up to two handguns

Thus, thanks to innovative technologies, this improved model has become a hundred times more powerful and reliable! The biometric gun safe is made of high carbon steel and is lightweight. However, this ideal bedside gun safe is not without some drawbacks.


  • No pre-drilled holes on the bottom
  • The locking mechanism can be somewhat unreliable
  • This gun safe is not fire-resistant

Although these disadvantages may scare you, this tamper-resistant gun safe will win your heart from the first seconds. These handgun safes function properly. That’s why you can monitor and control them remotely.

5. Ideal Pistol Safe With Electronic Keypad And Gauge Steel Construction

Al20B Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt

One of the latest innovations that blew up the gun market is the RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID. Almost every gun owner has heard about the Hornady brand since the company has been on the market for a long time and has an excellent customer base. What the Hornady brand does not offer: additional accessories for weapons, ammunition, and durable gun safes for short and long guns. The RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID is one of the best in the gun market. People appreciate this gun safe because of its super strength, compactness, and universal protective functions. It is perfect for sitting by your bedside table!

This gun safe has the following features:

  • Two USB ports on the back to charge the battery at night
  • The secure gun drawer behind the face of the clock
  • Alarm system
  • Quick and easy access to firearms
  • No mechanical lock
  • Heavy-duty gauge steel construction
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Modern minimalistic case design

As you can see, this model has many functions, thanks to which the protection of your gun is guaranteed night and day. The built-in RFID reader provides a fast and reliable way to gain access. If robbers break into your house at night, it will take you a few seconds to open the gun safe and load the pistol. The main feature of this handgun safe is electronic locks. Usually, many pistol safes have mechanical locks. That’s why the owners open the safes slowly. Thanks to the ultra-fast fingerprint scanner, you will get access to the pistol in seconds.

As for the disadvantages, many buyers note the following points:

  • Need for AC power
  • The RFID key means the constant wearing of an additional item to open the safe remotely
  • Small capacity

Thus, this model deserves a high rating because it has many universal functions. Buy such a gun safe and test it as soon as possible!

6. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safes

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Another find on the gun market is the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe, designed for storing medium-sized guns. These fantastic handgun safes have a capacity of up to five pistols! These safes have enough space to securely store your firearms and valuable items away from children and family members.

Like many other gun safes, this model is made of durable steel with anti-slip materials and a locking latch. The safe lock is pick-proof and comes fitted with a new welded housing. What else can please you with this model? Firstly, these universal pistol safes have a drop-down door with spring access. Secondly, the safes are equipped with a red backlight and silent mode. Unlike other models, the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is not subject to corrosion and rust. At the same time, the inner case is equipped with scratch-resistant rods to protect your pistols.

However, these models also have several disadvantages. Indeed, such pistol safes are heavy. It will be difficult for you to drag the safe from one corner to another. Also, these safes do not have ultra-safe technology. It reduces the effectiveness of protection against hacking. The average cost of these models varies from 50 to 400 euros.

7. Durable Car Gun Safe

Funshion Gun Safe For Pistols

The following top model on our list is the FUNSHION Gun Safe, designed for storing pistols. These universal biometric gun safes have the following characteristics: a high-speed fingerprint scanner, an intuitive electronic keyboard, a physical key, and mounting hardware. Many gun fans recommend this model, as it has pre-drilled mounting holes in the upper part of the case. You can attach this handgun safe to any surface (desk, wall, shelf, or car panel). This innovative technology allows you to hide weapons securely and reduces the risk of hacking and theft.

The second vital point is the operation of AA batteries. You can easily replace the batteries by buying them at the local store. The models also include a micro USB charging port and solid construction with a locking mechanism.

Main features:

  • Several mounting options
  • A biometric fingerprint scanner and the spring-loaded drawer
  • An excellent locking system
  • Gun capacity is up to two pistol

These models, resistant to external influences, have only one downside: a low level of reliability from hacking. If the safe has a poor build quality, it is easy to crack. In all other parameters, these pistol safes are ideal for storing firearms.

8. Verifi Smart Safe Gun Safe

Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

The Verify Smart Safe Pistol Safe is in demand among gun fans. This model is heavy-duty and ultra-reliable, made of premium materials. According to many gun experts, this upgraded pistol safe provides fantastic, reliable protection thanks to the largest fingerprint sensor!

What are the advantages of such a large fingerprint sensor? Thanks to such nanotechnology, this pistol safe guarantees quick access to guns and other valuable things, and the sensor can capture high-resolution images of fingerprints. If you are worried about the safety of firearms and valuable items, this advanced model is perfect for your purposes.

Why do gun fans appreciate this model?

  • The most advanced fingerprint technology
  • You can store multiple fingerprints (up to 40 different fingerprints)
  • High-durable construction
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Monitoring any unauthorized and authorized entry attempts

Honestly, the self-diagnosis function and monitoring of many unauthorized and authorized entry attempts are some of the most advanced technologies of modern gun safes. If you want to reliably protect your pistols from children, family members, or strangers, you should definitely buy this handgun safe.

Nevertheless, one of the disadvantages of such models is their heavyweight and high cost. Unfortunately, not every gun owner can buy such an expensive gun safe. If you have financial difficulties, it is better to look for another less expensive pistol safe.

9. Ideal Portable Handgun Safes With Advanced Locking Mechanism

First Alert 5200Df Portable Handgun

The ideal portable model in all respects is the First Alert RA31524 Handgun Safe. It is an affordable and lightweight handgun safe that you can easily move from room to room or from one house to another. Although this handgun safe holds only one gun, it is super reliable and durable. You can store this portable handgun safe anywhere.

Like many other portable safes, this model provides quick access to firearms in the most critical situations. Using an intuitive numeric keypad, you will open the safe in a matter of seconds and take out a gun. Some gun fans consider that manufacturers could improve these models by adding advanced scanner technology. However, these portable gun safes without this technology are still the best because they have a spring-loaded locking system.

Below are the distinctive features of such models:

  • 18-gauge heavy steel construction
  • The inner part of the safe, made of foam, provides soft, corrosion-resistant protection for the case
  • Reliable gun protection system
  • The product comes with a steel cable for storing in the car trunk
  • Multiple mounting holes for attaching the safe to a shelf

Moreover, this product will pleasantly surprise you with a low price. Many gun fans choose this portable gun safe as it is budget-friendly and has an excellent price-quality ratio. However, keep in mind that these models are weak against some attacks, such as drilling! Therefore, if reliable protection is a top priority for you, think several times about whether to buy this gun safe or not.

10. Vaultek Slider Series Gun Safe

Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

The most popular handgun safe is the Vaultek Slider Series Safe, which has a reputation as the best car pistol safe. You can easily store this portable safe in your car, as it is small and designed for a single gun with a maximum length of eight inches. This safe is made of durable stainless steel material that is not subject to corrosion. The quality of the material and the protection system are at the highest level. You don’t have to worry about your guns, as these safes are super reliable.

Main features:

  • Remote Smart Safe technology
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • The Bluetooth function allows you to check diagnostic data
  • Stylish structure design

However, these safes have a short-term warranty and limited gun capacity. You cannot store multiple pistols or revolvers in this safe. Thus, the Vaultek Slider Series Safe is perfectly suited for those wanting to store their firearms in a car.

Thus, choosing the best safe is not an easy task and requires a conscious and responsible approach. Manufacturers annually supply new products to the markets that are in demand from gun fans. However, if you want to safely and securely store your pistols away from children, family members, and robbers, you should not buy the first pistol safe you come across. The above-presented list of top handgun safes will allow you to quickly find and buy an improved safe!

The Best Durable Gun Safe Buyers Guide

The Best Durable Gun Safe Buyers Guide In the previous paragraph, we reviewed the best safes for storing firearms and small valuables. Since the safety of your family depends on the choice of the handgun safe, you should approach this task responsibly and consciously.

In this short paragraph, we will look at the main characteristics that you need to consider when buying a reliable gun safe. Do everything possible to prevent firearms from falling into the hands of children and robbers, as it is fraught with dangerous consequences. The information below will help you choose the best pistol safe and the right place to store it.

  • Locking System Reliability

As a rule, many manufacturers make gun safes from ultra-strong steel with a biometric function. This feature allows a person to open a pistol safe with a fingerprint. Besides, some advanced portable safes have a voice activation function or password entry using an electronic keyboard.

When choosing the best handgun safe, consider these characteristics. For instance, the biometric function will not always play into your hands since such security systems are the easiest to crack. For this reason, many gun fans recommend storing pistols in safes with a mechanical lock! Such locks serve for years and are a reliable system for protecting your valuables.

Undoubtedly, electronic locks also have advantages, and it does not mean that they always function incorrectly. If you take care of pistol safes and regularly resort to maintenance, safes with an electronic lock will last for a long time. However, if you choose between a mechanical or electronic lock, it is better to purchase the first option. By the way, some safes have combination locks for an advanced security system. You can find these safes in any gun store or online on Amazon.

  • Gun Capacity And Material Quality

The second important feature of any pistol safe is gun capacity. If you have several pistols or revolvers, you need to find a safe with a capacity of two to five guns. Over time, most likely, you will expand your gun collection by buying new weapons. In this case, you will have difficulties storing the whole gun collection. It is better to take care of this issue in advance!

How to choose the perfect safe? It is better to buy a safe that is at least six inches larger than your longest firearm. Also, keep in mind that it is not advisable to buy too bulky steel safe, as you will have to look for a place in the house to store it.

As for the material, most gun safes are made of high-strength stainless steel. Such steel safes are reliable and have a half-inch thick steel door and a quarter-inch thick steel wall. Often manufacturers make gun safes out of concrete, as a result of which it is difficult for robbers to cut or crack them. 

Therefore, when choosing a durable safe, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material.

Fort Knox Pb1 Handgun Safe

Under any circumstances, you should have easy and quick access to your pistols. This criterion is essential when choosing the ideal pry-resistant handgun safe. Firstly, such safes can save you time when burglars get into your house. Secondly, these pry-resistant fast access safes have a private access function. This feature means that only the owners of gun safes can open them. One of such universal safes is the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe.

Steelwater Gun Safes New

Overall, the best fireproof safes have a high rating of 350F for an hour of fire cladding! Unfortunately, emergencies such as accidental fires can occur at any moment. Therefore, it is vital to have a fireproof safe tested for resistance to external influences.

Most gun safes contain ceramic sheet stone or wool coating, thanks to which the safes are not exposed to excessive heat and fire. An excellent option with all such characteristics is the Steelwater AMSW592216 New and Improved Model. This fireproof safe definitely deserves your attention.

  • Weight and Lighting

As for the weight, all safes can differ significantly from each other. The most reliable safe is heavy since nobody will be able to lift and move it. Secondly, it is difficult to open heavy safes. However, if the main criterion for you is compactness and portability, it is better to choose a light handgun safe. The following light safes are in demand on the market: RPNB Portable Safe or Vaultek VT20i Safe.

Finally, many buyers pay attention to the lighting function. It is another feature that you need to consider when buying a durable safe. The lighting function will allow you to open the safe faster and charge the gun. For instance, you can use an LED lamp or rope lighting to avoid groping for guns in the dark.

  • Product Warranty

Always consider the quality guarantee when choosing an upgraded handgun safe. Many people neglect the product warranty, as they consider it unnecessary. However, the product warranty allows you to contact the store in case of malfunction or breakage of the safe. If the safe is faulty due to a warranty case, you will receive a new safe or money. In any case, the guarantee is proof of the safety of your funds.

To sum up, there is a wide range of durable safes on the market that differ in functions and technologies. The most suitable safe for storing pistols is a safe made of durable stainless steel. When choosing the perfect safe, consider the key characteristics. If you follow all the recommendations mentioned above, you will easily find an ideal safe in the store!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Where should I keep my small gun safe?

Overall, every gun owner should keep a small pistol safe in an easily accessible place. You need to have fast access to your gun safe to quickly attack a robber or burglar. However, it is worth keeping handgun safes away from children so that they do not have access to your weapons. Many people keep gun safes next to their beds.

Why Should You Store Your Firearms?

Safe storage of firearms is a priority that all gun owners should strive for. Firstly, if you buy a reliable handgun safe, you will hide the weapon, and nobody will have access to it. Secondly, your children will not take weapons. Finally, never tell anyone where you store weapons so that people cannot take them. Keep the keys out of the reach of your children and other family members.

How To Safely Store A Firearm?

Use the following rules for safe storage of weapons in the house. Firstly, lock your gun in the gauge steel gun safe and carry the keys with you. Secondly, keep the weapon unloaded so that strangers (especially children) cannot take it. Many gun fans advise storing ammunition separately from guns! Don’t hide a gun under a bed or pillow. The safest storage place is handgun safe with a locking mechanism.

Should I buy an electronic gun safe or a mechanical one?

It all depends on your needs and budget. As a rule, both electronic and mechanical gun safes have advantages. For instance, mechanical safe locks are time-tested and have a long service life. Electronic gun safes are adapted for remote control and have a biometric lock. However, mechanical safes are slow to open, and electronic gun safes run on batteries. You will have to change the battery regularly.

Does my pistol safe require any maintenance?

Absolutely! If you want your tamper-resistant gun safe to last you a long time, check the handgun safe regularly for malfunctions. Maintenance is an excellent solution for those who are interested in a quality product. As a rule, maintenance includes lubrication of bolts and door organizers, battery recharge, or replacement of LED light systems.

What is a fire rating in a pistol safe?

In addition to innovative technologies, many gun safes have high fire resistance. As a rule, any fireproof gun safe has been tested and certified to meet or exceed performance metrics at a temperature of 1200° F for at least 60 minutes. Fire protection is an additional feature that makes your gun safe much better! When choosing a better gauge steel gun safe, pay attention to this characteristic.


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