Best Shell Catcher Review and Buying Guide

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A successful shooting session consists of many important equipment features and personal skills. Sometimes, having a pistol and knowing how to pull the trigger is not enough for the pro-like experience. And if you are unable to enjoy the process, then what is the point of shooting at all?

Luckily, nowadays, we can benefit from the development of technologies and different accessories that make our life easier. One of such quality additions was created for those who do not like to clean up the mess left after shooting, and it is a shell catcher.

A shell catcher, or otherwise called a brass catcher, is a rifle accessory that catches empty cartridges left after shooting. You simply attach it to your rifle, or even a pistol, and let it collect all the spent brass.

What Brass Catcher to Choose?

What Brass Catcher To Choose? There are plenty of brass catchers on the market right now. If you are buying the catching device for the first time, it might be difficult to make the right choice. To make the shell catcher shopping process less intimidating, we suggest you take a look at the collection of the best equipment.

Typically, there are three forms of brass catchers: a box, a bag, and a pouch. Customers choose these types of ejected shell catching tools for the most part. However, there are some other types of such accessories as well. Nevertheless, here we will be talking only about the three mentioned types of a brass catcher.

In this article, we will talk about several categories of brass catchers. The quality products were analyzed in full detail, and they are ready to catch each one of your brass shells.

TOP Best Shell Catcher

Top Best Shell Catcher Flyland AR-15 Brass Catcher

Fyland Shell Catcher If you are looking for a simple brass catcher made out of heat resistant mesh, consider buying Flyland AR-15 Brass Catcher. This is the perfect tool that does not let the shells fly away, and it is on the cheaper side. This affordable catcher can save you a lot of money, while still providing the quality and performing its main function.

This shell catcher is created mainly for AR-15 rifles. However, it still works great on some of the other types of guns. A heat resistant mesh bag with a zipper in the bottom allows you to extract all the brass shells easily and quickly.



Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher

Caldwell Pic Rail Brass Catcher

Similar to the previous one, yet in some ways very different, Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher is also a good option, as the brand of it has established itself on the market as a reliable one. This brass catcher easily attaches to a rifle, so you can mount and demount it with a couple of simple movements.

Although the overall form of the mesh bag is good enough to catch all of the brass shells, some people had trouble with its material. Take into account that the mesh itself can melt because of the high temperature. Nevertheless, experienced shooters say that the hole should not be much of a problem, as its size is smaller than the shell’s one.

Once you attach this brass shell catcher, you will be able to shoot up to 100 rounds. The bag is quite capacious, and it has a zipper that allows you to remove brass easily. For its price, Cardwell AR-15 Brass Catcher is a very durable choice, and it will serve you for a long time.

Gloryfire Picatinny Mounted Brass Net

Mpp Pic Rail Brass Catchers Shell Catchers Another affordable mesh bag option is Gloryfire Picatinny Mounted Brass Net. Despite being in a lower price range, this catcher lasts for long periods of time. However, one of the main advantages of this catcher bag over the other ones is its compatibility with arms that have a Picatinny rail.

You can effortlessly mount the bag onto your gun and take it off just as easily. Unlike the previous option of a brass catcher, this one would not melt due to its resistance to higher temperatures.





Caldwell Brass Trap

Caldwell Brass Trap If you do not want to add extra weight to your gun, or if there is no need for you to attach the catcher as you stand still, then get a Caldwell Brass Trap. This reliable brand in the sphere of shooting accessories provides you with a detached shell catcher. Although some people do not like the detached versions because they sometimes miss a shell or two, it is still a great choice for those who have no need to take the bag from one place to another.

Despite the possibility of some bullets not getting into the bag, Caldwell Brass Trap still collects the majority of them, which makes your process of cleaning much quicker. Moreover, Caldwell created the catcher of a perfect diameter that is big enough to collect as much as possible.

Like the previous models, this bag is made out of a mesh material, and it also has a zipper for easier emptying. So, if you are looking for a detached catcher with a good price, this is your sign to buy one from Caldwell.

TacStar With Picatinny Mount

Tacstar Industries Looking for something more solid and professional-like? Well, the TacStar With Picatinny Mount is right here, and it is waiting for you to try it out. The size and the appearance of this catcher bag are pretty impressive. In fact, it is so small that sometimes people other than the shooter himself or herself cannot even notice it.

What is more, there is no mesh see-through fabrics here: everything is made of thick material. You can easily empty the stock once it is full. The adjustments for the rifle attachment can also be made quickly. You can shoot over 100 rounds, and you will not even need to worry about clearing your catcher.

The fact that is evident from the name of this catcher is that it is perfect for hand guards with a Picatinny rail. Because of all of that, the price might get a little bit higher, but the product is worth every cent of it.

No-M.A.R Brass Shell Catcher

Brass Shark Those who value visual appearance of the catcher, might get interested in No-M.A.R Brass Shell Catcher. This one is in the shape of a box, and it is completely transparent. Once you stock it up with brass shells, the catching case looks impressive.

Not only the visual aesthetic of it, but also the functionality is on the highest level. The case can fit more shells than any other mesh bag. Moreover, it will serve your hand guard for much longer than any other “soft” catcher would do.

With increased functionality comes increased price. Compared to the other categories, this one can be expensive. If you are ready financially to invest in such a tool, then this option is perfect for you.

Graco Model 2 For Pistols

Graco Models Mark Ii


Last but not least, we must mention Graco Model 2 For Pistols. Taking into account the type of your firearm when choosing a catching attachment is important, because not all of them can be suited to one type of catching bag. So, if you need a brass shell catcher to use with a pistol, go for this option.

While still being made of nylon (just as the mesh bags are), it has lower probability of getting melted, because the gun bullets do not heat as much. This option also has a good price, compared to the similar categories.



Advantages of a Brass Catcher

Advantages Of A Brass Catcher Well, the most obvious advantage that comes from owning a brass shell catcher and having it mounted to your firearm is the lack of cleaning afterwards. Once you have completed your shooting session, all that is left to do is pack your rifles, and you are ready to go. No tedious searching for brass shells on the ground, no opening and closing your bag over and over again to put away all the empty cartridges. Brass catchers are really the game changers.

Some shooters also note that having a brass catcher makes them less distracted. When you fire each brass one by one, they are obviously falling down from your rifle. These little movements that from the first sight seem unimportant at all might cost you some target hitting accuracy. So, a brass catcher might help you to concentrate more.

Of course, no one says that you will become a professional shooter, once you buy a brass shell. But it still can be very useful and practical in terms of saving time and effort. And if you worry that an additional attachment mounted to your rifle will somehow affect the way the gun feels in your arms, then you should not be. There is a big range of brass catchers, and you can choose one from the categories that seem the best for you personally.

Picking the Right Brass Catcher

Picking The Right Brass Catcher When you go to Google in search of a shell catcher, a huge range of pistol attachments show up. Those customers who have already purchased a brass catcher in the past, might easily navigate around the different features, price varieties, shopping promotions, and other stuff related to buying a new tool. If you are not as experienced and are looking for the option that works great for a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place.

To make sure that you buy a good hot brass shell catcher, check the following features:

  • The type of a brass shell catcher. Depending on the type of your shooting activity, a correct catching device should be chosen. If you are planning on being on the go while shooting from guns, then an attachable brass catcher is the best one. For those who need a brass catcher for shooting from one position, then a detached catching bag might be better.
  • How to mount the attachment. Not all brass catchers can be supported by all types of guns. There are some specific categories of catchers that only go with certain firearms. However, there are also brass shell catchers that can be used for several types of rifles. If you have multiple guns, it is recommended to purchase the latter one.
  • A budget range. A brass shell catcher is a totally additional tool that is needed only for your own comfort. Spending all your savings on it can be an irrational decision, especially considering the fact that these catchers are usually not too expensive. Check for the reasonable price and compare different options on the market before making your final choice.

Best Shell Catchers Takeaway

Best Shell Catchers Takeaway If you shoot frequently, getting a brass shell catcher might be your life-changing decision. No more dreadful cleaning ups after the shooting. All you have to do is mount the catching device to your firearm and enjoy all the shells getting collected in one bag. Once you are done, just unzip and empty it.

Remember about getting the right type of catcher for your specific rifle or pistol, as not all the models arbe suitable for every arm. Also, pick the catching bag based on your style of shooting. If you are constantly on the go, better purchase the attached one. If there is no need to take the bag everywhere with you as you stand in one place, the detached one can work as well.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What are shell catchers also called?

The shell catchers that are used for collecting your brass shells after shooting sometimes are also called “brass catchers” or even “shell brass catchers”. They can be in a form of bag, pouch, and box.

What makes the best shell catcher?

The material of your catching device should be irresistible to easy melting. If you are planning to shoot a lot, better get a capacious catcher as well. Moreover, the catching accessory should have an option of easy emptying.

How useful is a shell catcher?

Shell catchers can help you with the same time and effort after your shooting. If the shells don’t jam around, you don’t have to pick them up all over the place afterwards. Moreover, it can help you to concentrate on shooting more.

What weapons are shell catchers needed for?

Shell catchers can be used both on a rifle and on a pistol. The main difference is that you will need different styles of catchers for them, as the sizes may vary.


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