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No one would want their AR pistol to be out and about when carrying around, especially in 2023. An AR pistol case can be useful for such purposes. Pistol cases both protect your arms and make it easier to transport them around. And if you are not planning to take your AR-15 anywhere, it is better to keep it protected even at home.

There are many reasons why you should choose your AR pistol case properly and pay attention to all the details. The main one is, of course, money. For the price that cases come in, you would want a good protection for your guns.

Additionally, it is important to check whether the pistol cases you are considering are suitable both for SBRs and for AR-15. This determining point will serve you well if you decide to transform your pistol.

Criteria for Choosing AR Pistol Case

Criteria For Choosing Ar Pistol Case If you expect your AR-15 pistol cases to be durable, you have to choose them properly. To make sure you do not forget to check anything, it is better to follow some criteria that help to analyze the quality of rifle cases.

So, if you are planning on shopping for an AR pistol case, keep in mind the following things you need to check:

  • The cost of the pistol case;
  • The material of the case;
  • Dimensions of the case and its shape;
  • Additional partitions;
  • The way the case looks;
  • The way you carry the case.

By going through all of these elements, you will be able to determine how good the AR pistol case is for you. If not all the criteria are matched to your standards, maybe it is better to consider another purchase.

Types of Rifle Cases

Types Of Rifle Cases There are so many types of cases for an AR pistol, and sometimes it is unclear how they differ and what is the advantage of each one over others. While many factors might affect your choice of a protection for an AR-15, it is still important to compare different devices for carrying guns.

Regular and Specialized Cases

Once you build your AR-15 pistol, the problem of transporting it around arises. There are always two options. First, you can put the gun in something that is laying around your house. The most popular choices are cases for tennis rackets and bags where you store tools. While these bags might work for some people who do not carry around their gear much, it might be totally inconvenient to those who need to transport their guns regularly.

The second option is purchasing an AR-15 pistol case. There are a variety of them on the market, and there is something for any preference or purpose. With AR pistol bags, your rifles will be secure from any external mechanical damage and moisture. Such cases also allow you to conceal the content of the bag you are carrying.

Overall, it is recommended to buy specialized cases for your AR-15 guns. As the popularity of them rises, you will be able to find any type or style of such bags on the market. They will keep your guns protected, and also, they look much cooler than a simple bag.

Discreet and Tactical Cases

Discreet And Tactical Cases

Usually, the owners of an AR-15 easily make the choice between a discreet case and a tactical one. It is all about the looks of the gun case, so the preference for one or another type is completely personal.

A tactical case’s name speaks for itself. Speaking with simpler words, people will be able to recognize that you probably have a gun in such a bag. These cases are usually of tan or green colors that are symbolic for military equipment. They also have a lot of pockets that can store all the gun accessories and extra gear. There is even a bungee cord attached on the outside of the AR-15 pistol case.

These types of cases might get a lot of attention when carried around, so if you are not ready for that, it is better to use another one. If people’s weird stares do not bother you or you are not planning on going out in public with your pistol case, then you can safely go with the hard case choice.

Bureau-Sbrbag A discreet case might be a better solution for those who want something practical, yet ordinary looking. This bag style is more common, and people nowadays mostly prefer it to the tactical one.

This case for the AR-15 has the main compartment with no outside pockets, which makes it look like a simple bag. In some models, there are compartments on the inside, so the case is still pretty functional. No matter what size your AR-15 gun is, there will always be a discreet pistol case for it.

Although these cases give you the opportunity of carrying around your firearm without being under constant observation, typically, there is a smaller range of functions than those of the tactical bag.

Soft and Hard Cases

Another distinction that rifle cases have is whether they are soft or hard. A hard case is usually made from aluminum and polymer, which provides total security for your rifle. The material of the hard AR-15 case creates a complete safety form any moisture or dirt and also makes your case very durable.

However, you have to take into account the fact that a hard case is a lot harder to carry around. The quality of it requires a pretty big weight, which, combined with the weight of a gun, can be uncomfortable to transport.

For a lighter version, choose a soft case. It is made out of nylon material and has a lot of additional layers on the inside, which prevents your AR-15 from getting damaged in case of a fall. Soft cases have the benefit of being much lighter, and, therefore, more convenient to carry around.

On the other hand, a soft case is not as protective from moisture as the hard ones. It is still water resistant, but it might get wet if there is a lot of water. Moreover, if you drop it from a big height, there are more chances of getting your AR-15 gun scratched or even broken. If these things concern you, it is better to choose the hard case bag.

Both a hard and a soft case have their own advantages. For instance, if you are planning on traveling by plane with a gun, you better take the hard bag, as it is easily approved by security. The right case for everyday carrying would be the soft one, as it is lighter and smaller in size.

Backpack AR-15 Case

Backpack Ar-15 Case

It is no secret that carrying something heavy in your backpack is better ergonomically than putting it on your shoulder or carrying it in hand. The same thing is with AR-15 pistol gear. You can carry the rifle in a secure and simply looking backpack, which will not give away contents of it as easily as the bag might.

An AR-15 backpack is perfect if your rifle is of smaller size and length. Also, if your AR-15 pistol has a law tactical folder, this option might be the best one. Some people also detach the lower receiver from the upper one to fit the whole gun into the carry-on.

Getting the Right Size

Getting The Right Size To make sure that your gun is secure in the case or that it fits at all, we recommend getting all the measurements of your AR-15 before purchasing the bag. The overall length is usually what everyone thinks of when it comes to measuring. Indeed, it is an important estimation, as otherwise your rifle will not fit.


The main concern here is how much bigger than the AR-15 the case should be. Overall, it is recommended to get a case that is two and more inches bigger than the rifle. But you might not want to buy a bag too big if there are no loop straps inside that will fix the gun.

Depending on how you will carry the rifle, the height should be measured as well. If you want to carry it in a full length, then the height will be smaller. If you are planning on detaching the parts of the rifle, then the height will probably be bigger.

The range of case sizes varies greatly, depending on the type of pistol you have. If you are an owner of a standard AR-15 or an SBR, then a secure bag of about 10 inches wide should be enough. Owners of sub-guns often choose a carry-on with even smaller sizes.

The AR Pistol Case Takeaway

The Ar Pistol Case Takeaway The variety of different AR-15 pistol cases on the market nowadays is truly surprising. To make sure you get the right protective bag for your rifle, consider all its advantages and disadvantages and compare it with other models before buying. Pay attention to the material that the AR-15 pistol case is made of and to the way it looks in general.

A higher cost is not always a sign of quality. Choose pistol cases that are convenient and appropriate for your purposes. Whether you want to keep the AR-15 in a safe place or you want to carry it somewhere affects the type of a pistol case you might need. More protective cases are heavier, while the lighter ones are easier to transfer around.

Do not forget to measure your gun properly before buying any protective cases. Also, take into consideration the way you are planning to carry the rifle, as it might affect the height of the bag you need. If you have a lot of extra details that come with the gun, get the bag with additional pouches on the inside or on the outside.

Following all the recommendations above and analyzing the AR pistol case market in detail, you will be able to purchase a rifle case that is the best for you. No matter what size is your AR-15 pistol and how you are planning to store it, there is always something just perfect for your rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What size is an AR-15 pistol carry case?

Depending on the size of your pistol, the size of the carry case might vary. Usually, all the guns the size up to 29 inches can easily fit into the AR-15 case 0f 10.5 inches long. Depending on how you are planning to carry the rifle around, the appropriate height should also be chosen. For smaller sub-guns, there are more compact pistol cases.

Should I use an AR-15 backpack?

While standard AR-15 pistol cases might have a shoulder strap for you to put on, having a rucksack can be even more convenient. First of all, it is easier to carry around, because the weight of the pistol is distributed on both of your shoulders. Second of all, the appearance of it does not attract too much attention, which is a priority for many firearm owners.

What should I look for in an AR-15 pistol case?

The choice of a good AR-15 pistol case highly depends on how you are planning to use it. But in all the case models you should pay attention to how much it costs, whether the shape and the measurements are suitable to your gun, does it have additional compartments and elastic loops to strap the gun, how does it look on the outside, and whether you like the way it holds.

Is a hard case or a soft case better?

Both hard and soft AR-15 cases are good for different reasons. If you need something extra protective and secure, then definitely go with the hard rifle bag. Moreover, it is often approved at the check-ins in the airports. However, if you want something lighter, easily portable, and smaller in size, we recommend getting a soft AR-15 pistol case.


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