Best Gun Belt Review and Buying Guide

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Carrying a handgun using a simple belt seems impossible and inappropriate, especially in 2023, so if you have to bring one around with you, it is better to consider a gun belt.  It is not only a convenient way to carry a gun but also a safe substitute for an average belt. Since the latter one has a big chance to sag after hitching a gun to it, it is indeed better to use the special gear as a solid belt for guns.

However, there exists a wide range of various gun belts for everyday carry united with gun support. Therefore, it becomes challenging to choose a high-quality belt for your purposes. Briefly, you should pay attention to four aspects: durability, holding power, size, and material, but you also should know how to apply this knowledge properly.

If you are aiming to find the right gun belt for you but do not know where and what to look for, you picked a great place to examine. Here you will find a detailed overview of five relevant top picks of the available gun belts for various purposes and a full buyer’s guide, so stay with us!

Best Gun Belts Top Picks

Best Gun Belts Top Picks For conducting the following list of the best gun belt products available both online and in land-based shops, we relied on several significant factors:

  • quality of materials used;
  • variety of sizes presented;
  • the versatility of usage;
  • trustworthiness of the producer;
  • availability in the stock;
  • the ability of concealed carry.

Hence, the list is indeed diversified, and you will find the perfect gun belt that will meet all your needs, accompanied by a great quality of production. However, note that each individual has their own niceties and desires, so even if the description of the product promises a lot, it may not be very profitable for you to acquire it. 

Therefore, determine the usability of the mentioned product considering the buyer’s guide beforehand.

1. Finest Gun Belt Overall – Relentless

Relentless Tactical The product that opens our top picks is the Relentless Tactical Ultimate Carry Gun Belt which proclaims its popularity and worthiness by being called “the best-reviewed gun belt on Amazon.” As is seen from the name, it is an ultimate carry belt, which means you can use it as both a normal belt and a gun belt at the same time. It is extremely convenient since even if you had to bring your weapon with you, there will be no difficulties met if you will have to use it as the belt will remain functioning.

This belt is made from 100% full-grain leather which ensures the tight vertical holding strength and provides you with a guarantee that your pants will not fall down from the carried weight. It is ideal for a holstered firearm since the belt is supported by unique Chicago screws that provide intangible fastenings. What is more, the belt is designed as lightweight as possible thanks to 14 oz. leather used, at the same time having 1.5 inches width that allows carrying heavy gear. For instance, it withstands the weight of a loaded gun and two mags!

Even though there are only two colors of Relentless Tactical belt presented (black and brown), you will find a wide range of sizes, so everyone will find the most fitting option. Both colors also have either uniform stitching or a basket weave, although the former models are preferable for those who are in need of the greatest holding power.
A Relentless Carry gun belt will provide you with a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you can always contact the distributing center to repair your belt. However, those tactical belts rarely got injured and are likely to serve you for more than five years on average.

2. Best Value Gun Belt – Kmioc

Kmioc Concealed Carry Here is one of the most superior gun belts for concealed carry – the Kmioc Concealed Carry Leather gun belt. Looking just like a regular leather belt, it actually provides you with high-level sturdiness and endurance. Being made with Italian leather, gun belts for concealed carry from Kmioc are overcoming most gun belts of more expensive American production! It is also an outstanding option since it has recessed stitching and is able to hold both OWB and IWB holsters.

It also has a variety of sizes available so that it is possible to use it for everyday carry and for every body type with comfort. What is even more important, this rigid belt has a little chance of spoiling, thanks to a zinc alloy quick-release buckle that will prevent corrosion or damage. Additionally, you can easily swap the belt details with a changeable two-screw system.
In general, there are no picky niceties you should consider before acquiring one. We did not find any disadvantages of Kmioc’s gun belts, which means you can freely select the desired color and needed size to wear it right away! 

Since this model can be used as both a tactical gun belt and a regular belt, especially as a concealed carry belt, there will be no difficulties in applying it to your daily life.

3. Best Dress Belt – Kore

Kore Tactical Gun Belt Kore gun belts are indeed outstanding products among the wide range of all other gear. Even though Kore tactical gun belts are designed for concealed carry, there is no doubt you will want to show them off. Presented as either a leather or nylon belt, both of them will provide you with excellent solidness and durability, and what can be better than a stable tactical belt? It is a perfect EDC belt that will serve both a law enforcement officer and a shooting sportsman.

Kore concealed carry belts are designed so that they have no chance of falling or being damaged by a minor hit. However, the Kore’s leather belt is more likely to be used as a part of your everyday wear, yet still will operate as the most durable tactical belt on a shooting range. Kore’s belt buckle is famous for both its design and convenient usage. They have a steel core and are equipped with a spring-loaded belt system so you do not have to worry about the strength of the fastening. What is more, Kore offers a replaceable buckle, so you can replace the damaged or inconvenient belt buckle with a more likable option whenever you like.

The Kore tactical gun belt capacity is unbelievable – thanks to the reinforced power core center you can use a nylon belt with two firearms and two mags at one time. 

In general, there are no drawbacks found in using this belt strap, so hurry up to find the most fitting Kore tactical gun belt for you!

4. Best Versatile Gun Belt – Helikon-Tex

Helikon-Tex Range Line There is no doubt this Helikon-Tex Modular Range battle belt can be called universal as it will find its place in all the tactical gear possibly found, no matter what is a particular purpose of use. It is made using a laser-cut 500D Cordura nylon web outer layer. More specifically, there are two layers, so if the outer belt gets broken, you will stay equipped with the inner belt.

What is also unique about this belt is a Cobra buckle with a quick-release feature. The inner belt also has non-slippery pads on the inside which guarantees the safe conceal carry strap. You can even use suspenders for a better load-bearing capability. However, there is another level of confidence available – a super fiber inner lining and the stitching made as a hidden track will prevent you from overloading the belt.

In general, Helikon is a reliable choice to make, so it may be one of the best CCW gun belts, being a high-quality gun belt in general. 

However, there is almost no choice to make among the producers since there is only one color presented, however, hopefully, it will not be a struggle for you!

5. Best Durable Gun Belt – Bigfoot

Bigfoot Original Gun Belt Bigfoot is a commonly popular company that is famous for the quality of its full-grain solid leather and handcraft belts. Therefore, Bigfoot gun belts are believed to be more durable than many other belts made with grain leather. You can even choose between luxurious bison leather, English bridle leather, and more regular materials.

In any case, the Bigfoot gun belt is able to carry any heavy-duty yet looking classical. The regular width of their best gun belts is 1.5 inches and are available in three support levels: 14 oz. for micros, 14 oz. with a steel core for mid-sized guns, and 18 oz. steel core belt for heavier handguns.

However, it is important to determine that the buckle of this tactical belt may occur to be small for some occasions. Nevertheless, it is a perfect battle belt with a long and honorable history behind it. Just high-quality full-grain leather worth buying!

As you see, there is a great variety of options to choose from, starting from a classical leather gun belt and finishing with an extra durable nylon executive gun belt. Hence, you will definitely find something for your purposes and measures.

Gun Belts Buyers Guide

Gun Belts Buyers Guide Now, it is time to discuss the particular features you should pay attention to while choosing the perfect well-fitting belt. It is not as simple as it may seem to be since even picking a regular belt may be a real challenge for some of us, so there is no doubt it is harder to pick a heavy-duty gun belt. 

Below, you will find the most detailed buyer’s guide!

  • Belt Size

Start with the belt size, as it is the most important detail for your comfort. Measure your hips’ girth and add from 2 to 4 inches, depending on your usual state. If choosing a leather gun belt, be ready to face probably the toughest belt, so it may need some time to feel more comfortable, whereas the nylon models fit perfectly right away. Also, pay attention to the belt loops on your shooting pants and compare them to the width of the belt in order not to be disappointed!

  • Gun Belt Strength

Unfortunately, there are no measures or tips to measure the strength of the belt. However, you can sum up the vertical and horizontal strengths of the model. The latter one is responsible for the usual measure of whether the belt is capable of holding a pair of jeans, whilst the former is accountable for additional heavy-duty. So, consider your firearm an extra load and determine whether the given belt is apt to support the desired weight of the gear.

  • Great Belts Materials

Like with any other gear, paying attention to the materials used is essential since you are probably going to use this equipment to save your and others’ lives. The leather belts must be sturdy enough not to tear up, nylon belts must be of two layers, and so on in order to provide you with the highest safety levels. Also, pay attention to the buckles and pads on the inside of the belts. It is better to have a belt with a steel core since it is almost impossible to damage it as well as those cannot be spoiled by corrosion.

  • Best Gun Belt Purpose

Indeed, in the case of choosing a gun belt, it is important to remember why you are acquiring it at all. For instance, if you are going to carry the gun covertly, consider a concealed carry CCW belt, which uses the hidden track instead of belt holes for more comfortable usage. If your main aim is a dressy belt, think of high-quality leather belts that can be used as common everyday belts.

All in all, we wish you good luck in choosing the most fitting gun belt for you. Hopefully, this article helped you to determine the best market positions and make your perfect choice faster.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What Makes a Good Gun Belt?

The best gun belts must be made with superior durable materials, including not only the belt itself but also the belt buckle. Since it is a part of your tactical gear, pay attention that it is able to withstand great loads without getting damaged.

Do Gun Belts Make a Difference?

Indeed, yes! Instead of carrying your firearm in the backpack or in pockets, you can easily place it in a handy place without being afraid it will slip off or you will have no access to it at a crucial moment. You can consider a belt with a Cobra buckle if you are especially concerned about the load capacity.

How Thick Should a Gun Belt Be?

The recommended thickness of the gun belt depends on the firearm you usually use. For heavy-duty it is better to use belts of at least 1.5 inches, while for common guns, 1 inch is usually enough.

What should I look for when buying a gun belt?

It is important to remember four main factors: size, strength, materials, and purpose of use while choosing the gun belt. For a leather belt, it is significant to pay attention to the quality and durability of the material, while for CCW belts it is crucial to look for the greatest loading power.

What Is the Purpose of an Inner Belt?

The inner belt prevents your gear from getting lost if the outer belt gets broken. Therefore, it. is a crucial detail of any nylon belt.

How to Correctly Choose the Belt Size?

While choosing your new belt, remember that it should not be of the same size as your hips or waist are. Always add a couple of inches to the actual size and grab a belt that has some additional holes.


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