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Survival belt with a heavy buckle, made of paracord project combined with leather sounds like a great survival item to have. Such tools may come in handy in a surprisingly large amount of situations. Just as important as your knife or a pistol, a survival belt will not only keep your pants up, but will also be a great tool of wilderness survival. Read about the belts in the following article.

This piece will tell more about the survival belts and their multiple uses when on a bug out.

Survival belts have a rich history of use by many generations of hikers and campers. They are versatile, compact, convenient, and multidimensional in use. And these are just a few things that first come to mind. You probably think that the main function of any belt is to hold your pants on your waist, but you’d be amazed by how many amazing things you can do with it in any survival situation.

The Main Features and Functions of a Survival Belt

Belts are astonishingly useful. They may fairly be named the most functional accessories ever invented. With a proper belt, you can secure not only your trousers but also an injured limb of food supplies in place when on a bug out.

The belt can be a great self-defense tool. To tell you the truth, the functions of a durable survival belt are nearly endless. Moreover, nowadays, the sellers do produce belts specifically for wilderness survival. You can review our recommendations and place orders later on.

Specialized survival belts are made very durable. That is why they have so many survival uses and functions. Finding the right survival belt corresponding to certain survival situations is vital. May be best tourniquet will be a better choice for you. That is exactly why we decided to share our experiences and life hacks with you here.

Ultimate Self-Defense Gear

As we have already established, you can use a belt as an ultimate self-defense weapon. We insist that everybody should have a tactical belt in their survival kit, amongst other items. Now, we are going to review how to use belts as survival tools in emergencies.

So, let us see what’s on the menu.

Ultimate Whip

Belts can produce thunderous and scary noises if you apply the strength properly. By just whipping your belt strongly enough, you can easily scare away an enemy. Swing the belt as high as you can swing it down rapidly to generate the whip force. Frankly speaking, such a force can be destructive enough to break someone’s skin and cause bleeding. Swinging the belt buckle end can inflict some more serious damage, if necessary.

Physical Restraint

You will need a solid belt for this purpose. If you have managed to take a hostage for some reason, you must find a way to restrain him or her. The same applies to anyone who starts panicking and acting inadequately. You may have to restrain one of your co-hikers to stop them from hurting themselves or harming other team members by accident.

Belts have proven to be the best restraints after handcuffs. You can harmlessly secure someone to a tree or a pole using them.


Yeah, that’s right, you can totally make a spear using a knife and a belt. Strap the knife to the end of a long stick with the help of your belt. Buckle it up so that it could hold tight on the stick and use it for hunting or defending yourself. You might need to use a grommet to make some extra holes.


It doesn’t take too much creative thinking to process how to strangle someone with a belt. If you ever have to choke an enemy, make sure your belt is sturdy and long enough to do that and apply it as a rope.

Durable Sling

The sling is a very ancient self-protection weapon. Even though modern kids use it to play with each other, it still is a very effective way to make an enemy step back. A few modifications will help you turn your belt into a piece of weaponry. Just use two sticks or poles to affix it, and there goes your very own projectile launching sling.

You can shoot rocks or other projectiles with it at longer distances and with more striking force than with your arms alone.

Serious Medical Uses of Belt

As we said, a belt is a great addition to your survival kit, and here are a few reasons why.

Injury elevation

A broken or sprained limb is a usual thing on a hiking trip. Elevation helps the injured limb to heal faster. To elevate the limb, create a loop with your survival belt and hold the limb up fastened. If it is a broken or sprained hand, you can simply affix it to the shoulder.

A tourniquet

Any sturdy belt can make a great tourniquet. You may use the tourniquet to stop the bleeding, for instance. The belt’s tensile strength will restrain the blood flow if you fix it tight. To stop the blood, you should find out where it comes from first — a vein or an artery and then apply the belt correctly.

Splint fastener

Shall anyone around you break a bone, you will have to apply a splint immediately. Find a straight and rigid object and then attach it to the outer side of the broken bone. Try to hold the broken bone steady before the help comes. All kinds of pipes, straight sticks, ski poles work perfectly as a splint. Use the belt to secure the injury in place.

Other Practical Uses

There are also other ways to use your survival belt.

Hiding Food Supplies in a Belt

There are plenty of contenders for your food supplies in the wild, and most of them work at night. To keep your food safe, you will have to keep it up where most local inhabitants and thieves cannot reach it. Belts are absolutely great for that purpose. Put your food supplies together in a bag and fasten it up to a tree with your belt around it.

Carrying Multiple Items in a Belt

You will probably be shipping many things when on the go and would not want to lose anything important. Therefore, you need to secure your bug-out luggage properly. Wrap the belt around your carriage, a stack of emergency supplies, a pack of firewood, or survival gear that you want to ship. It will make the shipping process a lot easier.

Belt Cordage

You frequently need to tie several objects together on a bug out, and you definitely need proper cordage for it. You may make one with your hands if you do not have it with you. Just take a belt and use it to bind the things together. You can make cordage of a whole leather belt or cut it in stripes and use them to secure your goods together.

The belt as Rescue Rope

If you are traveling with friends or family, you need to look out for each other. When on a hike, things can happen. For example, a group member or someone around you might fall into a hole or a ditch, well, or even quicksand, for that matter. You will need to act quickly to save your fellow men. You can use your leather belt to make a rescue rope out of it.

Stretcher Dragging

Survival situations may be different. Someone can get injured badly and will not be able to walk on his own. Or you can hunt for a big game, manage to kill a huge beast, and in need to carry the body. You can convert your belt into strap handles to make the carry easier to drag.

Survival Belt Types and Where to Buy Them

Essentially, it is vital to take your final goals into account when choosing a survival belt. Let’s ask question reviews on which survival belt deserves to be in your survival kit.

1. The Valois SSD-100 Tactical Knife Belt

The Valois Ssd-100

This tactical belt is considered the most classic one in the United States. Its utility has hit a whole other level over the past few years, so it can make a perfect everyday carry for you.

Let us get a closer look at the Valois SSD-100 Tactical Knife Belt. There is a concealed EDC knife right in the belt buckle, and you can always use it as a self-protection tool. You can adjust the belt in length according to your waist size. The knife blade is made of steel and is proven to be amazingly sharp. The bell’s webbing is sturdy, and it fits all standard belt loops. It truly is one of the best belts produced nowadays.

Please watch this video to get a full overview of this particular survival belt and its functions.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt

Gerber Bear Grylls The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt is another leader amongst tactical belts in the United States. Its features and functions allow it to come second in our best survival belts list.

These belts are made of nylon and therefore are very durable and sturdy. Their buckle is made of composite plastic resistant to wet and all kinds of damage. Besides, there are small hidden pockets on the buckle that fit small compact gear. There is enough extra space to fit an additional fire starter, a fishing line, 1-2 fishing hooks, a compact bottle opener, a couple of survival matches, or a led flashlight in its compartment.

Check out this video for more information on the piece.

3. Elite Cobra Riggers Belt

Elite Survival Systems This survival belt succumbs to the two previous ones but takes a firm third place. Elite Cobra provides super durable, sturdy, and high-quality tactical belts.

The Elite Cobra Riggers Belt is a rather reliable option for men who are keen on tactical climbing. All Cobras have a special built-in D-Ring buckle specifically for hiking and climbing needs. Such a buckle will help you repel from cliffs, no doubt. Besides, the belt’s strap materials include the type 13 webbing (1 3/4 inch wide) used by the military forces and obtains 7000 lbs of tensile strength. This belt can easily be used as a duty belt.

We can state that this is a simple yet most effective tactical belt in the United States with all confidence. You can choose your own color too. The Elite Cobra belts come in classic black, maroon, brown, ochre, dark-grey, and grey. Check out this video to see more.

4. Paracord Survival Belt

Wonday Nylon Belt Paracord is one of the most important survival tools, for obvious reasons. That is why we decided to get you acquainted with the ultimate Paracord Survival Belt.

Paracord belts are very sturdy and reliable. Another core feature of the paracord belts — they serve many survival purposes. See it for yourself and unravel the 1/5 inch 550 lbs paracord to create high-tensile cordage.

The paracord belt is constructed based on the paracord survival bracelets. While the paracord belt is used for the same purposes as the bracelets, it provides way more length than a belt. You can also use the paracord belt without unraveling it. If you decide to add such a belt to the cart, choose the Rattlerstrap Paracord Survival Belt, and you won’t regret it. Place your orders on the official website.

5. Military Style 3 Pronged Pistol Belt

Black Marine Corp Our core five closes with one of the most basic survival belts the United States can offer — Military Style 3 Prolonged Pistol Belt. These belts ended up on our list due to their durability rather than usefulness.

The United States military forces have been using these pistol belts for decades now. They only come in one color (black), but they are very cheap, simple, and convenient in use. The materials used for production are suitable for attaching plenty of tools. As we all know, the simpler, the better. This basic Military Style Pistol Belt will serve you nicely for a very long time. Do not forget to place your orders on the official website.

6. Condor Tactical Belt

Condor Tactical Belt Finally, the sixth-best survival belt of the United States market, in our opinion, is the Condor Tactical Belt. For under 15 dollars, you can get a quality tactical belt along with two mag pouches. There is literally nothing like this belt on the menu.

The Condors are designed to carry a concealed weapon and a few extra magazines for it. These belts have a plastic buckle similar to those used in the 1980-the 90s by the US military forces. The buckle is sturdy enough, but we do not advise you to leave it exposed in cold weather for long periods of time, as it tends to break down. You can adjust the belt in size by using the velcro and, as well as the size of the magazine pouches.

An Extra Note On Survival

We have provided you with reviews of different US brands, so now you can easily choose your perfect belt as an expert. But confidence is only halfway to win a survival battle. Proper equipment isn’t the key to success either. It’s the ingenuity that will save your life in an emergency.

The thing is, creativity is the most useful and the most effective survival tool. If you are innovative, able to think outside the box, and not afraid of unexpected difficulties, you will be outstanding in the wild. We have made our input, and now it is your turn. Go ahead and advise the quality survival belts to your friends and family.

In Conclusion

For many of us, belts are an accessory rather than an emergency tool. There is always a belt on your waist supporting your pants, and that exactly what makes the belts into perfect survival tools.

The other quality in favor of the belts is their simplicity. It makes the belts useful, multi-dimensional, and extremely versatile. Of course, you might always say that we have plenty of new cool survival gadgets, but they often lose utility, specifically due to their complexity. Considering all that, we suggest you think carefully before you pack a bug-out bag.

Survival belts can make perfect gifts too. They are adjustable in size (therefore, you do not have to know the exact waist measuring), multifunctional, and suitable for any situation.

Do not forget to send in customer photos if our recommendations have helped you to make your choice. You can check the relevant price (including shipping) of the piece you like most at the sellers’ official websites and place your orders there.


What are the best Survival Belts?

In our opinion, the best survival belts in the United States are the Valois SSD-100 and the Gerber Bear Grylls tactical belts. They make perfect everyday carry items, just like the ultimate survival gear items for bug out activities.

What serious medical uses does a survival belt have?

A survival belt may be one of the most useful survival tools ever. It has many medical uses as well. You can use it for injury elevation, as a tourniquet, or a splint fastener. You can also use a belt to stop the venous or artery bleeding. Therefore, you should definitely pack a survival belt amongst your emergency supplies.

How do you remove a buckle from the slide belt?

Slide belts are very convenient in terms of adjustment (especially as gifts for men). The core feature of such belts is a changeable waist size strap. But you do need to remove the buckle to choose your perfect waist size and adjust your purchase. Flip the buckle over and open the door to remove it. Make sure to follow the instructions if there are any.

What is the best material for a survival belt?

There is a great variety of materials for survival belts. Nylon is considered the most durable and reliable one. But you would also probably want a belt made of type 13 webbing (1 3/4 inch wide). It is widely used by all kinds of military forces and has proven reliable in many situations.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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