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Survival without survival gadgets can get really tough, especially if you are unprepared, lack the knowledge, and have no experience. However, a proper tool or gadget can improve your situation greatly: a few items of survival gear, pocket knives, a robust tent, a compass, a flashlight, and an extra bottle of water can come in handy in questions of life and death. Read our article and find out how to survive in the wilderness, using your survival kit, and find out what to put there to increase your chances of survival.

Living in an unpredictable world where pandemic changes to the natural disasters (and vice versa) too fast, the one ready to all the vicissitudes of life will finally take it all. Having such survival tools as survival gadgets helps those people who have them achieve their goal of staying alive in any possible survival situation. Plus, without a doubt, it gives you a boost of confidence when you know you have survival items to help yourself in all likely-to-arise survival situations.

It’s not easy to find the right survival gadget of high quality (and which is also easy to use) when there are too many of them on the market. When the market offers a hundred and hundred survival items, it’s easy to get lost and go nuts.

But don’t hurry to lose your mind while trying to make the right choice and while making attempts to save your money from spending them on survival gadgets that won’t bring you any profit. Rejoice, as we’ve already done everything for you and made a list of the best survival gadgets presented on the market—a list which we refresh every time we find a new worthy survival tool.

These survival tools are of various prices, functionality, models, size, and meet the diverse needs of customers, so you can choose more than one tool that suits your requirements the most.

If you’re ready to take life into your own hands and bring more comfort and a feeling of security in it, then this article is for you. Make yourself comfortable and get your credit cards (or Apple pay) out, as you’ll need them after (or during) finishing this item.

Best Survival Gadgets All in One List

As we already mentioned in the article, survival gadgets can be of different sizes (from the smallest to the biggest ones) and various functionality (from the most basic to most peculiar, like the ones of a diversion safe).

But the main common feature of all of them is their portability: you can carry them in your bug out bag or even wear them on your wrist (namely, they are called wearables).

1 — Pocket Lamp

The portable lamp is the survival gadget without which you cannot imagine any of your trips, and it’s clear why. Without proper lighting, you won’t be able to cook your food (you won’t find products in the total darkness), but the tent together gives first aid to those in need and even start a fire. That’s why buying the Pocket Light could be the best decision to make before hiking in the woods.

This survival device not only great for its lighting ability but also can be rewarded for its portability. It’s small, light, and you can easily carry it in the pocket of your trousers without feeling its weight. Just take it out of the pocket, open it, activate it, and utilize it to illuminate your way.

Also, its functions are not limited by only lightning or portability. You can use this pocket lamp to charge your devices as it has a solar battery. So don’t worry about your phone or some other electronic device to be uncharged in emergencies.

Moreover, you can use this survival gadget either as a lantern when you bug it out or a flashlight when it’s compressed. In other words, it lets you use a single survival gadget for different purposes with saving a place in your backpack for some other items of an emergency survival kit.

2 —Katio Pocket Radio

Kaito Ka208 Pocket Sized Portable Radio While on the go, you don’t have a lot of time and, more importantly, many opportunities to check on weather conditions or emergencies in the area you’re hiking or intend to stay for the camping.

But without knowing it, you will get into trouble and may even lose all your emergency supplies due to the rapid change of weather. So knowing the current situation is the power that allows you to keep yourself safe even in the most extreme emergency.

Thanks to the Katio Pocket Radio’s smallness, you can grab it and go whenever you need to without unnecessary inconvenience.

3 — Titanium Escape Ring

Titanium Escape RingWe bet you saw those movies where villains capture main heroes, and those have to escape the chains of captivity. And all of them (or almost all of them) have special devices and gadgets for running to freedom.

Have you ever thought about where do they take those gadgets and do these gadgets even exist in real life? Because we thought about it and believed it’s the type of high tech device, people use only in blockbusters.

Until we have seen the Titanium Escape Ring on amazon. com, the device looks as if it came down from the movie’s screen, but no, it’s a real carbon steel miracle. People who created this ring knew that kidnapping is a severe issue taking the lives of thousands of people worldwide, so they decided to make the ring, which has a hidden saw blade inside of it. As that’s the information that all people need to have access to.

The saw blade can cut more than one type of material, including ropes, zip-ties, duct tapes, and expendable handcuffs. You can also get out of the standard handcuffs by dialing the ring’s blade length and using it as a shim pick.

Perhaps, this is the survival gadget that is a must-have for every traveler that cares for their well-being.

4 — Paracord Grenade

Paracord Grenade

Being a prepper, you know the importance of taking paracord with you on your journeys. Without this survival tool, any emergency may become critical.

It’s uncomfortable to carry one with you due to its size and weight, to tell the truth. Fortunately, some people are possibly into the survivalists’ issues, made in the shape of the grenade, which you can take with you just by putting it on your hand.

They attached different survival pack items and packaged them into the paracord so that it started looking like a grenade. That’s the reason why they call it the paracord grenade. Clamp it to your backpack and go for the adventure with various survival tools hanging from your back.

If you wonder what tools are inside the paracord grenade, then this is the list:

  • Swivels;
  • Firestarter;
  • Knife Blade;
  • Floaters;
  • Tinder;
  • Hooks and weights for fishing;
  • Tinfoil.

Do you agree it is a lot for the single survival kit? Imagine how much space you can have in your backpack when you put most of the survival gadgets on your wrist!

For getting a FREE Paracord Grenade, click here, but make sure your delivery company is the one you can trust.

5 — Yaktrax Traction Crampons
Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats

Hiking in the snow is not easy when your shoes have slippery soles. Without proper traction with the land walking on or down the snowy hills feels like a real challenge. Specifically, when you have a weighty backpack on your back. Precisely not having ski poles makes the climbing process even more challenging. In a survival situation like this, you wish you’d have some survival gadgets to make hiking a bit more feasible.

The solution to this problem is buying the Yaktrax Traction Cleats made of rubber materials and easy to use. You need to wear it on your hiking boots, and no more think about the situation when you might lose your balance on slippery surfaces.

What’s important, though they are made of rubber, they are lightweight, that you can put a pair of these crampons in your backpack always to have them at hand and wear them in survival situations. Their low price is also something you might consider before the purchase.

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6 — USB Lighter Watch

Usb Lighter Watch There’s a great possibility that you have some watches on your wrist right now, but we bet you can use them only for checking the time. It’s not bad, right, as those are watches that are made for watching the correct time. But in the situation of an emergency, knowing the exact time won’t bring you any profit. That kind of information won’t keep you warm or won’t help you to find necessary items in the first aid kit.

What can’t be said about survival watches that we found on They’re more than just watches as they have a hidden lighter inside.

You must be thinking now: “You gotta be kidding me! How is it possible that such a familiar device has more than one function? How watches can be one of the survival tools I can use in survival situations?”

All your questions are valid, and you have all rights not to believe us when we talk about usual gadgets having unusual functions. But trust us, purchase these watches, slide the watch face and see an electric windproof lighter hidden inside.

Buying this lighter watch might do good for you even when you don’t smoke and don’t need to light the fire constantly. It’s good for warming your food, for lightning your way, for setting the dry wood on fire to keep you warm.

The opportunity to charge it with a USB charger made for any electronic device you have is a huge plus and one more reason to obtain this survival device.

Another reason why you would choose to buy the device is the impression you might leave after showing it to your friends or colleagues. It’s not about being humble and keep your multifunctional device for one and only yourself, no. We sincerely believe such survival watches must be available for everyone who wants to obtain them and use them in practice in some challenging survival situation.

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7 — EasyPower USB Battery

Easypower Usb Battery As you know (or maybe you don’t), most of your survival gadgets can be charged only by standard AA batteries. The problem is that this type of battery will become archaic sooner or later, meaning you won’t be able to use your survival products anymore. Either you’ll have to buy a lot of these AA batteries for emergency and carry them with you in case of one. Not to mention the weight of these batteries that won’t make your bug-out backpack any lighter.

Luckily, there are some batteries you can use more than once, meaning you don’t have to worry about possible future world catastrophes and the weight of your backpack (with the emergency blanket inside).

If you have the USB charger, the EasyPower USB Battery is the must-have for your survival kit. As long as you have alternative survival generators, such as BioLite or PowerBank Solar Charger, you will always have your batteries charged.

What’s important is that you don’t need to worry about the box for charging batteries as they require none. Buying the EasyPower USB Battery, you save not only your time and nerves but money also. The price for this irreplaceable part of the survival kit is too low. So don’t waste time.

8 — The Biolite Camp Stove

Campstove 2

Another energy source is the BioLite Camp Stove, one of the many portable stoves you can find on the market. Though there are actually many stoves on the market of survival products, this one is the best, and here is why.

It’s the only portable stove that you can use for charging your electronic devices. This stove work principle is: you have to put the dry wood inside the stove and set it on fire. That’s all.

Then you wait till the moment when the stove gets hot enough, it starts to produce heat that, in turn, pushes the air through the blower and turns it into the generator. That’s how an external battery gets charged.

After this, you can utilize it as a charger for your electronic items, including radio, GPS, mobile phone, or batteries of EasyPower.

You can also use the BioLite Camp Stove for cooking food outdoors, having wood as a natural burning resource. You need only wood for using this survival gadget and lightning the fire inside makes this survival device worth buying it.

9 — Anytime Charge Power Battery

Anytime Charge Power Battery

The Anytime Charge Power Battery is a real survival gadget in every prepper’s survival kit, respecting himself. Having it in your bug out bag (along with the water filter, the sleeping bag, the emergency tent, and emergency blankets that preserve your body heat), you protect yourself from possible future issues connected with the uncharged electronic items without which your journey will turn into a catastrophe.

Purchasing this charge power battery will be beneficial for both iPhone and Android owners as it can charge both of them.

Technical characteristics of the PowerBank Solar Charger, the survival device, are significant: it is superficial, dustproof, impact-proof, and waterproof, and you can easily attach it to your backpack.

Moreover, there’s one more function of the charge power battery: the LED Flashlight hidden inside the corpus. The LED Flashlight gives you access to the light without lighting the fire conveniently in survival conditions.

This portable solar charger of high quality must become a part of your survival kit, as you never know when your mobile phone may run down or when the power outage can occur, leaving you with nothing but despair in the middle of nowhere.

10 — The Ultra-Pocket Shot

The Ultra-Pocket Shot Anything can happen on hiking, as you can meet animals you wish you’d never meet, and in these more than survival situations, the new type of slingshot in your survival gear kit can be a real rescue for you.

You can use this survival gear to shoot arrows and rocks for defense purposes or for getting some food for yourself. A strong argument in favor of survival gear is that you can easily carry it in your pocket or bug out bag.

The speed of launching projectiles can reach up to 350 feet per second, making this survival gear one of the essential survival tools, like the pocket shot, in your nylon bag where you carry all your survival items.

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11 — Waterproof Socks

Waterproof Socks If you ever heard about such a medical condition as Trench Foot, you know how it is essential to keep your feet dry and away from water. Although, it’s not easy when you a backpacker hiking on a long-distance route (where you have to cross bodies of water, for example), and you can’t have more than few pairs of socks as you don’t have a place for them in your backpack.

The solution to this severe problem is in purchasing the Bamboo Water Proof Socks with waterproof and mud proof material they are made of. Wearing them, you keep your feet dry and preserve your body heat for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about water destroying your skin. The only water issue you have to worry about when you have these socks on your feet is where you can find drinking water or if you took the water filter with you or not.

This survival gear is a must-have for all the travelers caring for their health condition.

12 — Estream Portable Water Generator

Estream Portable Water Generator

Nowadays, technology has advanced to the level where the survival gear gadget transforms any water source into storable energy. The name of this survival gear made of stainless steel is an Estream generator.

Being on the river vehicle, sometimes you need more generated power that you have. Sometimes all that surrounds you is water. In a situation like this, the water generator can become a device that can literally save your life. Immerse the survival gear in the water, secure it to the boat, and let the survival gear do its job. The turbine of the gear will whirl hence producing power leaving you with storable energy at the output. The generated energy remains in the battery pack connected to the survival gear.

Purchase this survival gear at a more than attractive price.

13 — Spy, Escape, and Evasion Leather Belt

Spy, Escape &Amp; Evasion Harness Leather We all live our ordinary lives and don’t think that an emergency can occur at any given moment. We dress like everyday people, eat like regular people, visit the cinema as normal people do, and do not carry all our emergency gear. That’s not convenient and totally out of fashion.

If you’re a gentleman, you wear a suit to work and cannot carry small gears as a fire starter, a bottle opener, or a pocket knife in the pockets of your expensive jacket. That’s ridiculous, and makers of survival gears know that that’s why they made the Spy, Escape, and Evasion Lether Belt to make your life a bit more comfortable and safe.

Looking like a usual belt, it is still a multi-tool and has secret compartments so you can keep survival tools (such as a folding knife with a steel blade, a bottle opener, or waterproof matches) from your survival kit in there. You can also keep money in the belt, and no one will ever think that you can hide in such an ordinary thing these significant items.

This modern survival gear is an essential part of the 21st century.

14 — Micro Concealed Carry Key Knife

Such survival gear as a knife is something you cannot imagine any of your travelings. This key knife has small size and lightweight, so you can put it in your bag and carry it with you whenever you’re going to.

With its help, you can collect dry wood for lighting the fire, so you can prepare some meals for yourself to protect yourself in extreme situations. In other words, this is the survival gear that will always be helpful.

Unfortunately, most survival knives you can find on the market are too large. It is not convenient to carry them with you as they take too much space in your backpack. But luckily, the new pocket knife is of a handy size and weight so you can put it in your bag or even in your pocket. It looks like an ordinary key when you keep it in a folded way.

Reading this article, you get the opportunity of purchasing the key knife for free, paying just for the delivery. But first, examine if the offer is still available

15 — The Wazoo Survival Cache Belt

The Wazoo Survival Cache Belt Another belt on the market is the Wazoo Survival Cache Belt that is more than just a belt as it replaces the complete bug out bag.

A table of contents you can hide in this supreme belt:

  • Folding knife;
  • Tinder;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Bottle opener;
  • Firestarter;
  • Container for water;
  • Fishing Hooks, and more of the survival gear kit.

Put it around your waist and don’t take it off, so in an emergency, you won’t have to waste your time on collecting survival gear all over your apartment (or city).

16 —Pocket Fisherman’s Rod

Pocket Fisherman's Rod

If you’re an experienced backpacker, you know how to fish as fishing in the journey is more than just entertainment. It also allows you to get yourself some nourishment.

The problem is that almost all fishing gadgets are of enormous size, and you cannot take it with you without experiencing great discomfort. Luckily, all this is in the past now as we have fishing gear of a comfortable size and great functionality in the future. The name of this device you can find on Amazon is the Ronco Pocket Fishing Rod.

This survival gadget’s size is perfect for your pocket if you fold it up. You can also use it for luring fish as it has a special section for this on the corpus, which makes it even more convenient for everyday use.

Of course, the Ronco Pocket Rod will never replace the ordinary fishing rods, but you can use it as an alternative to them in situations of extreme emergency. Having this gadget is better than not having it.

17 —Leatherman Tread Bracelet

Leatherman Tread Bracelet The survival gear that can be multitool and stylish is a real gadget, or is it a marketing move?

Maybe sometimes it’s just a marketing ploy, but in the case of Leatherman Tread Bracelet, it’s authentic survival gear. Carry it out on your wrist so everyone can enjoy the way it looks like, either put it in the pocket and use it whenever you feel like doing it.

Some of the survival tools hidden in the corpus of the tread bracelet:

  • Bottle Opener;
  • Glass Breaker;
  • Hook for cutting;
  • Spanner for the oxygen tank, and more of the emergency survival kit.

This multi-tool device can be a perfect present for your friends keen on traveling as well as yourself. Presenting this device as a gist also allows you to keep your money as you don’t have to buy survival items one by one because all of them can be found in the Leatherman Tread Bracelet.

Also, consider buying this survival gadget for yourself as someday it might bring you joy and salvation.

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18 — NOCO Genius Jumper Starter

Noco Genius Jumper StarterSometimes new technologies are not necessarily new ones. Sometimes they are just old ones that were upgraded, as it happened with jump starters.

The latest jump starter you can find on the market is the NOCO Genius Jump Starter. The main difference between this survival gear and others is its size. Unlike old models, you can put the new jump starter in your pocket that is even sounds incredible, especially when you know how the old models looked.

With the new NOCO jump starter’s help, you can jump batteries of old vehicles, trucks, and jeep wranglers from the first attempt! And it doesn’t look massive or inconvenient to use due to its design and smallness.

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19 — Tesla Lighter

Tesla Lighter

We bet you have a lighter, and it takes a lot of your efforts to light a fire with its help. Wind, rain, and other unpleasant weather conditions can be a real nightmare for those obtaining ordinary lighters as they aren’t easy to use.

Purchasing an electric Tesla Lighter, you may forget that issues like that exist. Its waterproof, stormproof, and windproof material gives more than just a nice design of the lighter corpus. It allows its owner to light the fire, keep oneself warm, and cook meals even outside.

This survival lighter has dual arching electric currents that warm the lighter with electrical heat and not a flame that makes it possible to use it even during the strongest storm.

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20 — Survival Fire Laces

Survival Fire Laces

Though you might think that FireLaces can never be something of a survival gear kit, we will reassure you they can.

If you surf amazon, you will eventually find the FireLaces that is, in our humble opinion, must be in the survival gear kit of every survivalist. The reason why we believe you need them is their functionality.

Have you ever seen laces that could be more than just laces but also gear providing you fire whenever you need it? We bet you haven’t. That’s because they are new to the market and already blew the rating of the essential emergency tools humanity ever had.

Even if it sounds pretentious, it is true. When you stay in your sleeping bag and shiver from cold because you forgot all the firestarters you had, if you have these laces — you’re saved.

Untie your boots, and beat your laces to stone for creating a 3000-degree F shower of sparks. These sparks can set many burning materials on fire so you won’t be cold and hungry anymore.

All this is the reason for the laces’ high price, but we believe it is totally worth it because ordinary laces only good for tieing your boots, and that’s their maximum.

21 — Night Vision Gear

Night Vision Gear

In the survival kit of every experienced survivalist, there are specific emergency tools. With the help of those, you can light yourself the way even in the darkest forest under the darkest trees. For these purposes, tactical headlamps and tactical flashlights can be the best purchasing.

If you feel you need more than that if you want to examine more in the darkness, make night vision gadgets your top choice.

It might not be easy to choose night vision gadgets that suit you more, but the best gadgets of this category presented on the market are Bushnell Lynx Gen 1 binoculars. The quality of these binoculars is point north, so you won’t be disappointed purchasing them, we know that for sure.

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Sightmark Photon

You need a night vision rifle scope for clearer vision, and the SightMark Photon XT Night Vision Rifle Scope is a perfect choice for this. You may not worry about your property at night, as utilizing this rifle scope is more than enough to protect your belongings.

It’s up to you to decide whether to buy survival items from the article or not, but imagine how complicated your life will be if you decide not to do it. You may think that such gadgets do not worth the money you spend on them, but, after all, who cares about money when your life’s at stake?


Camping survival tools

Decide what you might need to take with you for camping? Will you have pure water there, will you have a place for sleep, is there any dry wood or something that you can burn and cook using its heat. Depending on this, chose tools from the article that you believe meet your interests the most.

Best navigational gadgets

Gadgets with functions of lightning, charging, cutting may be the best variant for navigation. Radio and night vision gadgets also can bring you a profit.

Best shelter and safety gadgets

For this purpose, choose gadgets that you can use for self-protection, for escaping danger, for providing you with pure water that you can drink. Have a closer look at a portable camp stove as it gives you warmth and safety.

How to choose survival tools?

It depends on what do you need. It depends on what functions of survival gadgets are essential for you. It depends on the weather conditions of the place you’re going to. In other words, too many factors affect your decision, so you need to make a decision based on your interests and needs.

Things to keep in mind when buying survival gear

Keep in mind what you need the survival gear, what do you want to get from using it, how much space do you have in your backpack, and how long it will take you to reach the final point of your journey. Try to examine all these questions before purchasing any survival gadget. And be practical: don’t buy anything you won’t need in the future.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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