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Are you thinking about buying a survival multi-tool? Get one the size of a credit card and put it into your pocket or wallet. Get a stainless steel knife or a metal super tool with a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a ruler, pliers, and wrenches. Multi Tools are essential for any survival kit and make a perfect gift. Learn about the brands, the prices, and the mechanics of such gear on our website.

Brief Intro

Since ancient times people had to perform certain actions to survive: make a fire, defend from predatory animals, hunt. Even though we do not live in these times any longer, we still sometimes get in situations when some different tools are in need. Of course, these are no longer only survival knives or bows or arrows. Now the variety of survival tools expanded thanks to computers or servers.

What Does It Mean For Us?

It means that everyday people adapt, invent new tools to facilitate and improve their quality of life. But one crucial, hardly solvable problem remains: all these survival tools are heavy and uncomfortable in carrying.

At this point, I am referring to traditional tools. Especially those people keep in a fully stocked tool-box.

Of course, someone can have just a couple of them or wear only, for example, a pocket knife. Anyway, having these tools in your pockets or on the belt is not that much comfortable.

Fortunately, humanity managed to invent something more comfortable than the whole box: the survival multi-tools! “Multi” here refers to the fact that one device can perform several functions. Besides, this technology allows slipping into a bug out bag.

These devices are the perfect option for those who consider themselves to be real survivalists. Why should you choose to obtain such a survival tool?

  1. It can be used in a variety of situations (depending on the model you have);
  2. It is easily packable;
  3. It is lightweight.

For sure, the diversity of these survival multi-tools is broader than you think. Can you imagine: more than 30 thousand of these devices are present, and they all serve different purposes! You can easily get lost among all these tools. Consider getting snowflake tool as well for multipurpose use.

But do not worry – we will not let that happen. This page was created, so you could feel more confident when choosing a concrete survival tool. Let’s get started!

Here you can find a free copy of the Ultimate Survival Gear Checklist.

Some Historical Facts About The Gear

Could you ever think that the first multi-tool was invented as long ago as around 200 A.D? Although it was not much a survival multi-tool, it was not connected with self-protection or hunt, and it still deserves our attention. What was it for? – you might ask. And we will answer: this device was created for eating purposes!

It was invented by the Roman man, who wanted to keep his utensils after the food intake with himself. So, he united the spoon and the fork with a hinge. This device became the first multi-tool ever.

Approximately 1600 years later, Victorinox, the Swiss company, started to produce more developed tools. These were cutler’s knives, first introduced in 1884. Two years later, the company outgrew into the world’s most reliable folding tool company.

In 1893 the first Swiss Army Knife was created. But almost one hundred years later, in the 1980s, another manufacture, launched by Tim Leatherman, appeared. The company’s activity was mainly devoted to fulfilling the gap between what people wanted multi-tools to do and what was actually on the market. A professional engineer, Leatherman managed to combine different tools and eventually made a series of handy multi-tools.

Nowadays, almost every knife producer manufactures multi-tools of various natures. And although all these devices are different in their colors, weights, or shapes, they all serve one big purpose—to facilitate human’s lives.

The Variety Of Gear Styles

First of all, before we move to the discussion of three main types of survival multi-tool variants, let me make myself clear. Most of the tools cannot fully replace the original tool, which’s an idea that inspired the creators to make a smaller copy. They are pretty functional, but not highly functional, so to say.

Of course, it is uncomfortable to take, for example, an electric saw with yourself every day. But sometimes, the help of this device is a matter of emergency. What to do? For such cases, these survival multitools have been designed. They can help you solve small routine problems. But hardly will they ever be more functional than the conventional tools.

But still, every survivalist is supposed to have one or several such multi-tools, just in case he or she will not have an “original” tool at hand.

So, if you are planning to buy one, at first, you should choose the style of multi-tool which would fit you best.

As I have already said, there are three main styles of survival multitools:

  1. Survival Business Cards
  2. Swiss Army Knives
  3. Folding Multi-Tools


Survival Credit Card

It is important to know about these magic helpers because they usually include as many fantastic survival devices as one little metal plate contains. Among these are bottle openers, screwdriver bits, saw blades, can openers, and some other useful devices. Thus, when you have one, you are prepared for a set of situations.

They are small enough, so you can keep them in your bug out bag or even in a wallet. Their main advantages include:

  • Low price
  • Long-term use
  • Low weight

Personally, I have two: one is in my car, and another one is in my wallet. I do not possess them for a long time, but I already used them more than twice.


Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knife is a folding knife with some improvements. Already the first Swiss army knives included at least a reamer, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener, besides the blade itself. Nowadays the amount of extra-devices has grown up.

Victorinox and Wegner are the only producers who create true Swiss Army Knives.


Folding Multi-Tools

The Leatherman company, which I already mentioned above, designed the first folding multi-tools, recognizable all over the world. They are stronger than ordinary Swiss Army knife. Besides, they contain pliers.

How To Make a Right Choice When Buying a Multi-Tool

In a huge variety of survival multitools, it is easy to get lost and choose the “wrong” device. The following advice pieces will be a landmark to make the right choice—these recommendations will lead you like a lighthouse in a foggy space.

First of all, pay attention to the weight of a multi-tool. Too heavy ones should be left behind—you will never carry a two-pound gadget, no matter how useful it is. You can keep it at home, for sure, or, perhaps, in the car, but not in a wallet.

Second of all, check its combinability. The survival multitool, which only contains two other tools, will lose compared to the one that contains five.

Sometimes you might need a specific multi-tool. The majority of survival multitools are for general use, so you will not find in them any special-case tools. To solve this problem, people invented a series of specialized multitools. They all are of very different natures, like:

  1. Multi-tools for mountain biking
  2. Multi-tools for snowboarding
  3. Multi-tools for fishing
  4. Multi-tools to play golf
  5. And many others.

Thus, before purchasing, make sure you know what you need this survival multitool for, check its weight and compatibility.

Top Best Survival Multi-Tools for Your Survival Kit

At this point, what matters is that not all survival multitools are equal in their natures. Some of them are more practical, advanced, and usable, and some are less. That is why you should better have an understanding of which kind of device would suit you perfectly.

If you are a survivalist, do not seek snowboarding tools; they are not what you really want. Unless you plan to go on vacation to the snowboarding camp, the best survival multi-tool would be a survival multi-tool if you are a survivalist.

You should be especially careful when purchasing online—you never know what exactly you will eventually receive, no matter how beautiful and attractive the pictures on the site are. Think carefully; make smart decisions!

Now we are going to share a list of the best survival multi-tools (in our opinion):

The 12 In 1 Trademate

#1 The 12 in 1 Trademate Pocket Multi-Tool

The 12 In 1

This Trademate multi-tool is an extraordinary combination of 12 different devices, applicable for a wide variety of cases. It is made from stainless steel and designed in a convenient-for-use way.

These 12 gadgets will be useful for every true survivalist. As it is compact, you will be able to take it wherever you want—just put it in your survival bag.

This tool’s usual price is about $79.00, but at the time of editing this article, it was possible to buy this handy 12 in 1 Trademate Multitool just for $9.95 + shipping.

Here you can check the current price.

#2 Victorinox Swiss Pocket Tool X

Victorinox Swiss Army Now we can introduce the stainless steel bi-fold multi-tool, created by the Victorinox Company, famous for their Swiss Army Knives.

In one device, you can find a bender, a scraper, a crimper, a bottle or a can opener, and usually three screwdrivers of different sizes.

Here you can check the current price.

#3 Victorinox Swiss Army Work Champ Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool The Company, which we mentioned earlier, is famous for its knives. This pocket knife of classic style is unusual because it can perform 33 functions—starting from pliers and scissors and ending with a large knife blade.

The material is reliable and wear-resistant—the stainless steel construction will never fail you.

You can choose any of the six demonstrated colors.

Here you can check the current price.

#4 Leatherman SuperTool 300

Leatherman Now we can move to one of the most serious competitors of the Victorinox Company—the Leatherman. This survival SuperTool 300 contains a lot of tools— 19 different devices! Below I list them:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Saw
  • Openers
  • Knives of different natures and for different purposes
  • Cutters
  • Wire stripper
  • And many others

The design is just for users: black stainless steel looks suitably for every survivalist, and a lanyard loop helps not to lose the device if you accidentally dropped it.

Here you can check the current price.

#5 Leatherman Charge ALX Pocket Multi-Tool

Leatherman - Charge Alx Multitool Continuing with the line of Leatherman devices, now we introduce the Charge ALX Multi-Tool. This tool, having a leather case in a complete set, is bi-fold and is of stainless steel.

Here is the list of gadgets it includes:

  • Pliers for various uses
  • Cutters for various uses
  • Cutting hook
  • Knives
  • Wire stripper
  • Bottle opener and can opener
  • And some extra details.

There you can also find a locking mechanism, which does not allow any of the integrated tools to open up when unexpected.

Here you can find a current price for this tool.

#6 Leatherman Black MUT Pocket Multi-Tool

Leatherman - Lt725B The last in our Leatherman Collection is the unit called Black MUT Multi-Tool. This option is for those survivalists who are not afraid to pay extra money for the tool, which will serve for years.

This Leatherman Multi-Tool is more valuable than you can imagine—combining 16 devices, it can perform numerous functions.

The list of possible gadgets includes:

  • A saw
  • A hammer
  • A cutting hook
  • Two openers: bottle opener and can opener
  • Bronze carbon scraper
  • Electrical crimper
  • And some more details, with which you can get acquainted before the purchase.

Besides the fact that it includes almost everything, made of stainless steel, some of its elements are replaceable!

If you chose this survival multi-tool, you could be sure that in the set, you will also get a leather carrying case!

Here you can find a current price for this tool.

#7 Survival Business Card

Survival Business Card The next handy survival multi-tool is the Survival Business Card, which looks like an ordinary credit card but combines 11 different devices. Its size is small, and its weight is low enough to put it in your wallet, despite the fact that it is created from stainless steel.

Below you can watch the video by Jason (a professional survivalist), who used this Business Card and now knows all the advantages of buying it. Take a look, and do not forget to get your own free Survival Business Card by covering the reasonable S&H.

Here you can find the current price of this tool (attention: it’s free + S&H).

#8 Rescuecard™ Credit Card Multi-Tool

Credit Card Multitool Continuing with the line of cards, we can now demonstrate the Rescuecard credit card knife. This example is probably one of the best survival multi-tools on the entire market because it includes more devices than the ordinary card does.

In this card, you will find 14 different tools. And you can receive one without spending a penny, just by covering the reasonable S&H.

However, there is one minus in it—it does not include pliers. But this option is still the best for those survivalists who want to get the most compact variant.

Here you can find out about the current price of this multi-tool (attention: it’s free + S&H).

#9 SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool S66N-CP

Sog Multitool Pliers Thanks to its construction, this device provides higher cutting power and double the grip. It includes 16 various tools. Made of stainless steel, this multi-tool will serve you for years, keeping a flawless look.

Besides, it is easy to use—you can access any of the blades with just one hand.

Here you can check the current price for this tool.

#10 Gerber Suspension Pocket Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Having stainless steel construction, this multi-tool includes 12 different devices. And in spite of the fact that it is highly functional, it has a low weight (and only the best multi-tools have a low weight!).

Gerber is famous for its long-serving knife blades and tools. If you choose to buy their product, you will also get a nylon holster.

This multi-tool also integrates a special locking mechanism, which will not let you get hurt or allow the device to close while using.

Here you can find the current prices for this survival multi-tool.

Here you can find a free copy of the Ultimate Survival Gear Checklist.

Places To Keep Your Survival Multi-Tools

When you buy the survival multi-tool, you sometimes ask yourself: “Where should I keep my stuff?”

Actually, the choice is yours—this could be your pocket, your bag or your car. It depends on the tool itself and the purposes you would like it to serve.

You can wear it on the hip, and for that, there are multiple holsters so that you could keep your multi-tool just at hand. Usually, producers sell fitting holsters in a set with the tools, but sometimes you have to buy them on your own.

But it is not a problem—there are dozens of convenient multi-tool holsters available online.

You can also keep your gadgets in your Bug Out Bag.

Here you can get your free copy of the only bug out bag checklist!

Gerber 7-In-1As I said, you might also want to get some tools in the car, in the glovebox, for example. This is also an option! You can even keep some survival multi-tools on the keychain—check the Gerber Shard.

In case you have medical kits or emergency bags, you definitely should have any small tool in it.

Of course, these little tools will not help you in all the situations, but it is better to have something than nothing at all!


Now you know much more about survival multi-tools. Why should you choose to have one (or even more) than not to have them at all? Because these devices are multi-functional, easy to find, easy to use, effective, and reliable!

Even you already have something like a survival knife. You should still consider buying some additional multi-tools.

It is always a great idea to buy more – you can put one in your house, in your vehicle, in the bag, and even at the working place. And, of course, always keep one in your pocket!

Your multi-tools do not have to all be high-functional machines. One multi-tool, containing 33 devices, will be just enough. All the others can be smaller and more generic, and you can keep them at any place you want.

If you consider yourself to be a true survivalist, you will not be shy to buy plenty of these survival multi-tools.

In other words, survival multi-tools are practical and convenient hand tools, which will serve you long years for any purpose!


What is the best survival multi-tool?

There is a broad variety of different survival multi-tools humanity ever invented—starting from the utensils and ending with the most advanced devices. Each multi-tool is different from another. They all represent different combinations of tools. Of course, the most practical multitool will be the one, which combines 33 functions, like the Pocket Knife by Victorinox. But if we think of convenience, the lower weight, compact design, and the presence of a locking mechanism will win. So, every person chooses his own best survival multi-tool.

What multi-tool does the military use?

Usually, Gerber’s Multi-Pliers are considered to be the most widespread multi-tools for military use. In the article, we paid attention to the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier—you can go check some information about it once again! But, some other devices do the military use as well—some of the Leatherman’s, for example.

Why is Leatherman so expensive?

The question of price is always debatable. For two different people, one and the same price might be extremely high and pretty low at the same time. But, if you want to get a multitool, which’s knife blade will not get broken after the first use, you should consider reliable producers. Leatherman is one of them. Their devices are usually durable and resistant, so that you can trust this manufacturer.

How useful are multi-tools?

If you read the article attentively, you probably understood that you could hardly overestimate the practical use of multi-tools. These devices are created to simplify people’s lives, as they are always at hand and can help with some ordinary routine tasks. And the more tools one unit combines in itself. The easier is the life of its owner.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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