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Having good survival skills and a sufficient amount of survival gear is of paramount importance for survival or homestead. Your situational awareness is of great help, too. When you know exactly what to put in your survival backpack, your level of preparedness is outstanding. Small tools and info on how to use them can dramatically increase your survival chances. A snowflake tool is among them.

Experienced preppers know what a snowflake tool (or a multi-tool) is: a convenient tool that can be used for different tasks. You purchase just one thing and get from 15 to 20 various tools instead. There is always a risk of emergency cases or unusual situations that can unexpectedly hit, so you have to be well-prepared to act and react at any time, and a snowflake tool of excellent quality is a must-have item in your survival pack.

To the point

We, as customers, prefer different snowflake models, but all of us strive to buy the best product that doesn’t cost a fortune and will work for at least some years. For those who are seeking a great snowflake multi-tool, we have prepared our brief review. Here, we have added a rating that ends with the best product overall. We have run some tests, checked a lot of products and brands, read dozens of users’ reviews, and defined those tools that are worth your attention.

Our team hopes that you will find your top instrument like wrenches or multitools that will ideally fit into your prepper bag. With all the links to Amazon and other resources where you can easily put the product you like in the cart, the process of choosing will be even easier. All the products are currently in stock. Before we start, please familiarize yourself with our “how to pick” guide below.

Desuccus 18-In-1 Snowflake Multi Tool Top Pick: Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool






Hexflex Ss-Brk-Hexbo23S Hexbo23S Best Price: Hex Flex Adventure Tool







How to Pick a Great Snowflake Tool?

Although it seems that a snowflake is a simple instrument and there is no significant difference between one and another, there are still some vital characteristics to think of when you buy one such tool for your survivalist backpack or simply for daily usage.

We have determined at least three parameters for you to think about. Our advice is to read about them carefully and ensure that the product you select later will match your initial request.

The Instrument’s Dimensions

When you buy various products and instruments, this is a vital question to answer: what size, diameter, and weight should your tool have? The majority of such tools have more or less the same parameters. However, some are heavier and bigger, while others are smaller and lighter (but with fewer functions sometimes).

Normally, the weight of such tools reaches two or three ounces; the diameter is about a couple of inches. Some products will go into your backpack or pocket with ease, while others might require something bigger not to get lost inside or spoil the cloth.

What Is the Tool Made of?

Before choosing your snowflake and putting it in the cart, ensure that you are fine with the material your instrument is made of. Many manufacturers produce such tools of stainless steel, and this guarantees the product’s durability and stability.

However, some companies prefer to save money on the tool’s outside. For instance, it can be simply painted in this or that color which is not a solid option because the paint will go off through time. The water will then run the tool’s inner material.

So, pay attention to the materials used for your snowflake before adding it to the cart. Products that have gone through electrophoresis or oxidation are usually much more durable. If sellers or manufacturers provide you with a guarantee for at least one year, it is even better.

The Instruments You Request in Your Snowflake Tool

Despite the moderate size, a snowflake is a multipurpose tool, and you may have up to 20 different tools and items included. Before you choose the product from our list or in a store, think thoroughly about the instruments that you will use.

If you can desist from a couple of tools because you are sure you will never need them, you may save some money and buy a compact but handy appliance. If you need a screwdriver, think of all the screw options you have to work with: maybe you will need more than one screwdriver in one flake for various aims.

Each flake has its own field of application: some tools fit if you plan to go camping —with no shower—for a significant period or feel like you will try surviving in the woods; others are great if you are an avid snowboarder or skier who always has to deal with equipment fixing in different parts of the world (and the shop with instruments can be way too far). Getting a great snowflake multi-tool of moderate size will let you forget about the rest of the common tools.

Now that you know how to select the best product and hopefully will follow our recommendations, proceed to our top four snowflake tools rating. In the end, you will see the model that we have like the most, with the ability to provide the best quality tool for a fair price. The rating is based on our own tests, tests of our friends who enjoy camping in the wilderness, and reviews that experienced people share online.

The best Snowflake tool

1. No Touch Door Opener Hand Tool (for Easy Usage)

19 In 1 Snowflake Multi-Tool The first thing you notice when you see this snowflake tool is its color. Not many manufacturers can boast such an interesting color on a joint of light-blue and lilac of their instruments. However, the regular gray color is available, too.

You will get 18 tools from this flake. Its weight is around 2,4 ounces; the size is 2,5 inches. The stainless steel tool is a bit bigger than some of its competitors; that is why we would not recommend buying it if you need to add a flake to your keys. Although, if you need a tool that will stay out of your keychain and live in the pack, why not considering it?

The tool’s stylish look and moderate price of 11 US dollars make this product a great gift option for your friend’s prepper bag.

Check prices here

2. Snow Flake Explorer Keychain Multi-Tool (for Severe Obstacles)

Hi-Spec 48 Piece Starters Diy Tool Kit Set With Bike A 19-in-1 rust-proof tool is amazing when it comes to severe obstacles and emergency cases where you really need to survive. It is made of stainless steel and has a fancy red color. Besides regular screwdriver options, you will also get a bottle opener, box cutter, and other useful elements in your keychain.

The 2,3-inch tool weighs just 2 ounces. The price is higher than other rating participants have: you can purchase it for 19 US dollars. Even so, this multi-tool is rather popular among preppers and other people.

Check prices here

3. HexFlex Adventure Tool (Great Pricing)

Hexflex Ss-Brk-Hexbo23S Hexbo23S This is an option for those who seek a multi-tool with all the basics but don’t want to spend much on it. You will get 15 tools in this flake for just 8 US dollars.

The tool is made of stainless steel, which ensures its longevity. It weighs 2,3 ounces, and its diameter is only 2 inches which makes it a great addition to your keychain. However, be careful with carrying this instrument if you decide to put the keys in your pocket: some tools might be way too sharp and scratch you.

Check prices here

4. Desuccus 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi-Tool (the Best)

Desuccus 18-In-1 Snowflake Multi Tool Many people consider this snowflake tool from Desuccus the best on the market, and we agree with them. We have seen people that share positive reviews about the tool’s functionality, quality, and price.

The tool is made of stainless steel and has a nice silvery color; it weighs 2,3 ounces and has a diameter of 2,5 inches. And what’s more important: you get 18 great instruments for just 9 US dollars! A wonderful addition to your keychain, right? The tool will deliver the best impression and serve you for years.

Check prices here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still have a question or two, hopefully, you will get the answer here.

What materials ensure that my flake will live for a long period?

To avoid a quick ruining of your flake multi-tool, you’d better buy the one made of stainless steel. Also, pay attention to the finishing of the product and don’t put the one with regular paint in your cart.

How to select a proper instrument?

Before you start reading users’ reviews online, find the product that fits you and is in stock, and add it to your cart, remember to answer a couple of questions like “why do I need this?” and “what tools should my flake have?”. Also, note that there are options for different budgets, so almost everyone can buy themselves a flake with ease. Pay attention to the dimensions and functions, and you will get your best instrument.

How can I use the snowflake multi-tool?

The tool is extremely useful because normally, it is small and lightweight but can substitute plenty of instruments. You can do lots of things: from fixing your bike to use the tools in the woods during a survival situation. So, don’t hesitate to select your future flake and put it in the cart as soon as possible.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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