Best Bushcraft Gear Items Review and Buying Guide

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Want to learn about Bushcraft gear? In this article, we will tell you about a company that has specialized on serious survival gear for years. Everything, from a tent, a knife, a sleeping bag, a hammock, and a flint to tools to make a fire, clothing, and hiking gear, you can find among the Bushcraft offers. Read the article and learn about the best solutions on the suvival market.

The ability to create tools from improvised materials is one of the features that distinguish humans from animals. The first people to survive adapted to create cutting tools from stones and sticks, using them to build shelters, and much more. After all, even to make a fire, a person needed to use dry branches and stones for kindling.

Bushcraft is a set of essential tools and skills for surviving in cruel and indifferent nature. As ancient people did not have any comfortable conditions, they needed to struggle for their lives every day, applying the most effective improvised means.

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Bushcraft Term Explanation

People are used to improving their technologies constantly. Modern Smartphones, TVs, and other gadgets confirm it. Nevertheless, bushcraft gear is eternal, and people who live far from civilization still need them to survive. In natural conditions, we all have the same body needs as our forefathers. We have to build a fire to keep ourselves warm and make shelters hide from predators and bad weather. We need to feed and provide water for ourselves as well. To manage all these things, you should bear some of the vital tools we call bushcraft gear in your perfect bug-out bag.

In General, bushcraft is an art to survive in any geographical area and any circumstances. The bushcraft devices are surprisingly simple and incredibly effective. However, having them with you is important because nobody knows when you will need the items.

In this article, you will find the best bushcraft gear with short reviews. They are the must-have for everyone, especially for travelers and adventurers.

Best Survival Gear For You

Versatile Hatchet

A quality survival hatchet is a perfect tool for survival in the wilderness. And the main character of the Hatchet book confirms this idea. The tool was the only one he had, and he managed to stay alive during a deadly winter in the wild using the ax as universal survival gear.

Using the hatchet, you can chop wood to create shelters, hunting animals, and much more. In short, you better have it when you go to the woods, mountains, and other wild areas.

It will not be a problem for you to find many options for getting hatchets. There are a lot of stores where are different kinds of this item for every price. Do not hesitate to visit one of them and choose one for your survival kit. If you prefer Internet shopping, there is a wide range of brands and types for all tastes and price categories.

Those who are willing to spend money on purchasing high-quality tools should take a look at Wetterlings company. They offer a wide selection of good heavy hatchets for any situation.

If you are searching for a more light item, Frisker’s 14-inch hatchet is your choice. It has a Nyglass handle and a strong and lightweight design at the same time.

Hand Made Hatchet

As the head is the most important segment of this tool, search for the options for it carefully. If there are imprisoned stones and metal scrap nearby, tie one of them with a rope to your improvised hatchet handle.

If you do not have any rope, watch this video to find out another working variant.

Survival Knife

It is hard to distinguish the more universal and significant instrument than a knife.

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People use a survival knife as a weapon for attacking wild animals or intruders, as survival gear for cutting things, making holes, getting food, shaving, and so on. In other words, knives are useful in almost every possible situation.

The market offers you a wide range of knives for every taste and price. Some of them have simple designs, while the others look freaking cool. Besides, there are a set of multifunctional tools for various kinds of situations. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • Have a closer look at Helle product if you are a customer who is searching for a credible surviving knife with a durable fixed blade. It is manufactured in Norway and has great quality.
  • A large-sized Kabars knife is convenient for hunters. To confirm its usability, I highlight the American military services use this knife regularly.
  • If you are a camping lover, I would recommend having durable and ultralight cutting tools in your backpack. For example, such options as Benchmade and Spyderco pocket knives are famous for their reliability and usefulness.

Bushcraft Knife Tutorial

Finding yourself in a survival situation, try to concentrate first on your future weapon’s functionality. For staying alive, it is more effective for you to have a knife with a fixed blade. Besides, it is much easier to make such a device from scrap materials than other more complex types of these tools.

To create your crude knife, you should find something you can use as a handle and a knife blade. In general, the idea is the same as creating hand0made hatchets.

Some guidelines for you:

  1. Search for sharp materials for the blade. Alternatively, it can be metal pieces, broken glass things, sharp stones, jewelry, etc. Everything is working if you know how to implement it. Note: obsidian is one of the most effective variants used as weapon tools even by Maya hundreds of years ago. So you are lucky if you find it somewhere in the wilderness.
  2. Use a rope or wire to attach this improvised blade to the handle. In case of absence of hilt, wrap your sharp material with its rope till you find a handle option.

Surviving Saws Review

For certain actions, other things as hatchets or knives are not suitable. The saw will be your salvation if you need to cut down trees and build a shelter for yourself. Thus, never underestimate this bushcraft gear in your surviving mission. There is a wide range of saws for different needs: from hacksaws to saws for cutting meat and keyhole saws. This is one of the best tools for a bushcrafter.

However, no one wants to carry a table saw everywhere in an apocalypse or a plane crash. Therefore, pay attention to the following ultracompact models:

  1. Small and light Gerber Gator Saw has a function of teeth replacement and is suitable for any conditions.
  2. Pocket Handsaw is a compact-sized device that can easily fit in your pockets. To prevent possible questions: no, it is unlikely to cut down huge old trees, but this saw will still definitely be useful for your survival.
  3. Another small-sized and efficient bushcraft gear is Vital Pack Saw. Believe me. It will not take much place in your backpack but certainly will be essential in survival.
  4. If you are one of the minimalism followers, have a look at the Saber Cut Saw. Looking like a thin piece of wire, this thing is nevertheless capable of felling trees if you need it. Simultaneously, it does not take up much space what makes this tool a part of survival equipment.

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Hand Made Saw Instructions

It is not so easy to make a good saw in the wild because of its artificial blade. However, if you have a wire, it could be a nice alternative, especially if there is only natural stuff at your disposal.

Note: Keep in mind that such a tool is not equal to those I described above. To be prepared for 100%, you better purchase some quality products. However, the handmade tool is a way if there is no other choice.

For doing this, you should have 2 keyrings and a piece of hard wire (like in electrical barriers).

Step 1: Take some wire (about three ft) and put the key on it. You should place it at approx in the middle of the wire length.

Step 2: The keychain will be the handle of your future saw, so twist the wire around itself, starting from the middle.

Step 3: When you achieve the end, fasten another ring to get your improvising wire saw.


Everyone knows how important fire was for our ancestors. Of course, it is never superfluous always having a box of waterproof matches with you. However, the number of matches is limited, while the good old flint and striker can save your life on any trip or emergency. Keep these tools in a backpack, and you will no longer have to worry about your matches getting wet or the lighter will not work. This basic sort of fire starters will not let you down even during water trips.

Top 3 Devices

Stores specializing in survival and travel equipment can offer you a wide range of different flint and striker devices in various price ranges and settings. Despite each of them (design, price, weight, etc.), they are all very effective to use. Below you can find some information about good and universal tools for making fire.

  1. The lightest, cheapest, and simplest product in this selection is Full Magnesium Body Fire Starter. This fundamental thing is small and, at the same time, brings excellent results in use.
  2. Nice and stylish Carbon Steel Fire Striker will be the jewelry of your collection. It costs a little more than other products. However, this fire starter is definitely worth its price.
  3.  One of the most available tools is Ferro Rod Flint Firesteel. Hurry up to buy some of them on sale and carry them with you constantly. For instance, put a complete set in your automobile kit and keep it there. Keep another one in an emergency bag and one in your pocket of a backpack. You can order Ferro rods by clicking on the links above and ensuring that a fire starter is always handy.

Hand Made Flint&Striker Gear

Unlike other bushcraft tools, this one can easily be found in natural conditions since it does not require any special improvised materials and artificial sources. All you need is to find two stones and knock them against each other until sparks appear. If it does not work, you can try to beat a piece of metal against a stone. Try alternative types of rocks until you manage to create a fire.

Survival Compass

Having a sense of direction is essential for each traveler, kayaker, or fisher. A simple and quality compass such as Suunto will never let you be lost in the forest, mountains, or elsewhere. Nevertheless, how versatile and expensive your compass should depend on the purposes for which you intend to use it. Thus, if for the regular trip of hunting, a basic device is more than enough, but if you are a geologist, you need a more complex instrument. A  Brunton Pocket compass is an accurate and modern device that is not suitable for survival but is great for scientific and research purposes. Search the one that is perfect for your personal demands and necessities.

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Hand Made Alternative

To reconstruct this technology in the wilderness, all you need is to have a couple of simple things. First of all, it is a needle or short wire that contains magnetic metals. Then, put the object on a leaf, stopper, wooden fragment, or another floating thing. Now the most important part -you need a bowl or puddle with still water where you set your construction. The needle changes position according to the Earth’s magnetic field and helps you determine Southern and Northern directions.

This method is old and proven. However, note that even a slight gust of wind will affect the accuracy of your improvised compass.


No matter what tool you have – a knife or ax – you need a device for sharpening the blade in any case. Otherwise, the weapon will quickly lose its effectiveness. So, there should always be a place for whetstones in your bug-out-bag.

To use it, just wet the stone and move it along the blade’s surface at an angle of 20 degrees until it becomes sharper and thinner. For better results, search for the stone with both a coarse grit and a fine grit sides.

This video contains instructions for using sharpening stones for the blades.

If you are still looking for your perfect whetstone, take a closer look at the following companies:

The products of each firm are accessible on Amazon or the shelves of most hardware stores in your city.

Some of the other Whetstone techniques:

Alternative Way

In general, it is not easy to find good appropriate smooth grindstone in the wilderness. And it unlikely will be as effective as the goods from the market. The tools from the stores have an artificial origin and an ideal texture for performing their functions. It cannot be said about the first natural rock that comes across.

If you have no other choice, you can try using river rocks. But keep in mind that not each of them will effectively work as a sharpener.

Fishing Hooks&Line

Almost every kind of store can offer you these 2 cheapest and lightest parts of traveler’s equipment. Never neglect them. With these tools in your bag or pockets, you do not have to worry about fishing troubles. All you need is a line with a hook attached to it and any available bait.

To buy it, you can address any military, sportive, or outdoor shop. Or you can open your browser and place an order for a free Paracord Survival Kit from home. Besides fishing items, you will get other bushcraft gears such as cordage and fire-starter additionally.

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Improvising Fishing Line&Hook

In the absence of ready-made fishing gear, all you need is to find a strong line and a top from an aluminum can. The latter is a nice supply for the makeshift hooks. Make a little effort to give them the necessary shape, get a couple of baits, and your fishing rod is ready.

Watch this short video to learn details.


Bushcrafting is one of the most vital skills in modern times. No matter what lifestyle you have, if you know how to use handy tools and materials for survival purposes, you can fear nothing. Teaching children this knowledge is essential as well. They miss lots of basic skills which help to handle a “real” world and real problems. You never know what moment of your life you will need to apply a pocket knife or spread out the sleeping bag or build a fire to make some cookies in a camp. However, it is never too late to get new information and to learn. And bushcraft is not an exception.

The outcome is that even if you are an expert, you need your survival gear on hand. Without it and careful preparation, you cannot be a successful survivalist. But what is more essential is that you need to know how to create all of these tools from scrap materials. Only this knowledge can guarantee your safety in the woods and in places that are far from civilization.

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Why Bushcraft?

This art of surviving in conditions of wilderness is becoming more and more popular these days. Nature is beautiful and dangerous simultaneously, and to thrive during a bushcraft camp, you should apply all your skills and abilities as a survivalist. In general, the term includes a set of primitive abilities to shape the world around you and meet your survival needs. Why do people like to challenge themselves this way? I guess that when the latest high-tech technologies and GPS navigators are not in reach, there is only bushcrafter and the environment ready to kill him. And at that moment, the person shows what he really is.

Bushcraft Gear Stores

There are many web stores where you can order any device from the comfort of your home. The largest customer service companies, such as Amazon or eBay, offer a wide range of survival kits and types of equipment. Besides, if you are not a fan of online shopping, you can contact sports, hardware, military, or outdoor stores and purchase everything you want there. And as an alternative to shopping, I can offer to read this article and find out how to make all the necessary basic instruments with your own hands.

What About The Price?

Any basic bushcraft tools can be purchased at the lowest possible price since they do not include the latest technologies. However, even the simplest pocket knife or elementary compass in nature will be a godsend for you. Of course, if you do not have enough basic functionality, you can easily spend money and buy gear with an exquisite design and additional features, but it is out of bushcraft rules. As for materials that can be used for improvised things, such as a fishing line or sewing needle, they cost a penny and will not bring you unexpected costs.

What is a guarantee?

In the conditions of bushcraft camp, everything depends only on you and on your abilities and knowledge. If you are sufficiently prepared, you can easily cope with just a few basic devices at hand. These things are guaranteed to perform their functions at 100% because nothing is complicated and easy to break in their design. Each of these items will fully work out its value and save your life not once. For the record, even if you’re not into bushcraft, it’s still a good idea to have at least some of these items in your auto or backpack to avoid unpleasant situations.

DIY Bushcraft Camp Preparing

The point of creating such a camp is to practice basic crafts. Undoubtedly, you should think about the bushcraft gear that you will take with you. Besides, plan what location you will use and what items you may need there. Read all the information you find about this place to know its features. Be sure to bring fire extraction tools, a sleeping bag (especially if you are going to a cool part of the country), a few cutting tools, and other necessary small things. However, don’t plan everything down to the smallest details. Leave room for improvisation and enjoy the process.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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