Best Hammock Stand Review and Buying Guide

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A hammock, particularly in 2023, can be a perfect addition to your backyard. It is great for many reasons, and having something to sit on while being outside is always nice. However, it is not always possible to attach the hammock to trees or other sturdy constructions. That is where a hammock stand can be very practical to use.

A hammock stand allows you to place your hammock anywhere. You only need enough space for it to fit and some flat surface, so that the stand can be positioned properly. Portable hammock stands allow you to sit in the shadows on a hot day or sunbathe under the rays of sunshine whenever you want to.

There are different types and varieties of hammock stands on the market. While choosing the type you want is not always hard, it might be difficult to decide what kind of construction is the best in terms of quality and durability.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best hammock stands that one can buy. All of them are great for many different reasons, and you might find something that fits your needs perfectly.

Check out top-5 hammock stands that you can purchase on Amazon:

Perfect Hammock Stand for You

Perfect Hammock Stand For You Let’s dive deeper into our choice of the best hammock stands. We are going to talk about the advantages of each. However, if there are some flaws indicated by customers’ reviews or our analysis of the market, we are going to mention them as well.

See what qualities all the best hammock stands have and choose something that you really like. All of these hammock stands are of exceptional quality, so you can be completely sure of their functionality.

1. VITA5 Hammock with Stand and Cupholder

Vita5 Hammock

Do you dream of lying under the sun with a glass of refreshing lemonade and an interesting book to read? Then VITA5 Hammock with Stand and Cupholder is the best hammock stand for you. As you can probably tell by the name of it, this set includes everything at once, not only the stand itself. Thus, you do not need to buy everything piece by piece, as you get a new hammock, a cup holder, and a stand altogether.

This portable hammock stand is easy to assemble and disassemble back every time you want to relocate the hammock. What is more, you do not need to transport all the details of this construction separately. The hammock set includes a bag that can store all the pieces while your hammock is out of use or needs to be relocated somewhere else.

One of the most distinguishing features of this hammock stand set is its attachable mini-table. This tray can hold anything from food and drinks to books and electronic gadgets. The table makes this construction a perfect stand for those who like to work or do some hobbies in the outdoor space.

The max weight capacity of this hammock stand is 450 lbs. Thus, you can fit more than one person on the hammock without breaking it. However, metal hammock stands are not too heavy, and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to move the hammock around. It is also good because you can take the hammock on an outdoor adventure, like a camping trip or a getaway to a local park.

This hammock stand is perfect for an outdoor patio, as it doesn’t take too much space. But note that the hammock itself is made of cotton, which is not waterproof. Also, some customers mention that the design is quite simple, but that is a matter of preference only.

2. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock and Stand

Vivere Double Cotton

Looking for something to spice up your backyard? Vivere Double Cotton Hammock and Stand is one of the favorite hammocks stands among those who like bright colors and good hammocks. This sturdy hammock stand has exceptional quality and quite an affordable price.

Similar to the previous product, this is also a hammock set, meaning you get a hammock, a stand, and even a carrying case all at once. Moreover, before buying, you can choose the material for the hammock itself. It can be made of polyester, cotton, or a patented sunbrella, which is weather resistant. Also, this is a top hammock stand for those who like to customize their purchases, as the design on the hammock can be changed as well.

The steel stand is not as heavy as it might seem. With a weight of only 35 pounds, it is very stable and has a max weight capacity of 450 lbs. This steel hammock stand does not take too much time and effort in assembling or packing everything back in a carrying case.

This is also a space-saving option, as it would not take too much room in your garden or backyard. It can be placed even on smaller patios because the hammock size is quite standard. The incredibly sturdy structure makes it safe for you to use the hammock stand on different surfaces.

The comfortable hammock will last you for many years. Strings made from polyester are much more durable than the cotton ones that come with other traditional hammocks. And the steel stand of this Vivere hammock set will not break even after a powerful hit.

3. Tranquillo Universal Hammock Stand

Tranquillo Universal Collapsible

The best hammock stand in terms of durability and sturdiness is surely Tranquillo Universal Hammock Stand. This is a high-quality product that has a big weight capacity and stable structure, which can hold single and double hammocks. The heavy-duty hammock stand combined with rubber feet is no joke when it comes to providing good support for a hammock.

If you could not use a traditional hammock stand before because of the annoying sound it makes when moving, then this purchase would be just perfect for you. The portable stand has ball bearings that make your swinging experience soundless and perfect for relaxation.

The weight limit of this model is also much higher than the others have. High weight capacity allows you to put up to 550 lbs on the hammock stand without breaking it. Nevertheless, the steel stand itself is not too heavy for you to carry around when needed. The surface of the stand is powder-coated, and the legs have rubber pieces on the ends, so durability and stability are ensured.

Unlike standard hammock stands that do not allow you to choose the height of the hammock, this hammock stand makes it easy for you to place the hammock higher or lower. With adjustable hooks, you can also regulate how tight or loose the hammock swings. This is perfect for families where members have different preferences on how to relax in a hammock bed.

The hammock included in the set has two layers that provide material strength. However, if you already have a hammock and you only plan to use the steel hammock stand, you can easily attach your material to the stand itself.

The portable hammock stand by Tranquillo is one of the best hammock stands on the market. Its heavy-duty frame, which is rust-resistant as well, can hold a double hammock easily, as the weight capacity allows.

4. PIRNY Hammock Chair Stand

Pirny Hammock Chair Stand

For those who are looking for the best space-saving option, there is a PIRNY Hammock Chair Stand. This is a portable hammock that allows you to sit, instead of lying in it. This is a perfect solution if you have people around to talk with, but still want to relax in the comfort of a hammock.

The hammock chair stand comes with a hammock itself, so you can enjoy the swings as soon as you get the package. The material of the hammock net is quite a comfortable one, and sitting there with a cup of coffee in the morning can be a great start to your day. And several of such smaller hammocks will be perfect for getting together with friends at night.

If you do not like the hammock that comes in the set with the stand, you can always attach another one. Most hammock stands do not have the option of attaching different styles of hammocks, but this one does. The versatility of the hammock stand makes it a fantastic purchase for those who love the hammock life.

The hammock stand itself is very stable, and it has an unusual shape of legs: they are made in a triangular form so that the hammock chair can stand properly even when you swing back and forth. The weight limit for this hammock stand is 500 lbs, and it is not too heavy or bulky itself. In fact, it is so space-saving that you can place it on your porch instead of a regular swing. Some people like to gather several such hammock stands around the barbeque and spend the evening this way. No matter what you prefer, a PIRNY Hammock Chair Stand will be of great use.

The heavy-duty hammock stand will serve you for a very long time because the rust-resistance surface of its body cannot be damaged easily. You can safely keep the hammock stand outside under any weather conditions. What is more, if you do not like something about the product, you can always return it, as the seller offers a lifetime warranty.

Although this style of hammock stand might not be for everyone, some people find it particularly useful. Of course, if you prefer to lay down while breathing some fresh air, then this option is not the one to go for. However, if you do not mind sitting in a comfortable chair, then you will like the product.

5. Petra Leisure Steel Hammock Stand

Petra Leisure 15 Ft Indoor

The design should not be neglected even if your priorities are on different things. If you are looking for something stylish and unique, then Petra Leisure Steel Hammock Stand should definitely catch your attention. This is a hammock stand with great weight capacity, interestingly looking shape, and very durable materials.

Although this is not one of the portable hammock stands, you will find it fascinating how sturdy it is. Made out of powder-coated steel, the structure is completely rust-resistant. Small details are made of black oxide, which makes them safe from any weather effects and corrosion. At the end of each leg, there is a rubber piece that prevents sliding and scratching of the surfaces.

The combination of modern look and quality shape makes this hammock look elegant, while still being able to hold up to 450 lbs. Spreader bars make the hammock stand balanced, so you can be sure that anything that is under the weight capacity will be properly held. This is also one of the best hammocks for holding up to two people.

The seller also offers a service of professional assembly. If you do not feel like attaching all the pieces together, or for some reason you cannot do it, you can always pay some extra cash for skilled people to come and quickly assemble your new hammock stand. However, don’t be scared, the process of assembly is not too difficult, so you can do it all by yourself as well.

One of the disadvantages that we have already mentioned is weight. If you need a portable hammock stand, then this is not a good option. It weighs a lot in order to provide sturdiness and stability, so you cannot carry it around too much. Nevertheless, if you do not plan to transport the hammock stand anywhere, then Petra Leisure Steel Hammock Stand can be a great choice.

Why You Should Use a Hammock Stand

Why You Should Use A Hammock Stand So why would one want to purchase a hammock stand instead of doing it the good old way and attaching a hammock to trees? Well, there are several reasons for that. The first of them is about transportability. With a portable hammock stand, you can set up a place to lie down pretty much everywhere. This is especially convenient for those who like outdoor activities and camping.

Another reason is the possibility to change the setting. You put up a hammock in your backyard or garden with a chance to move it anywhere else anytime. This gives a lot of new options for outdoor area decoration. Also, a portable hammock stand can be moved to different places with different weather conditions.


Last but not least, you are helping the environment by using a hammock stand. Portable stands do not require any natural damage, as you don’t need two trees to attach the hammock properly. Let’s leave our environment healthy and safe, while still being able to enjoy it from a favorite hammock.

Hammock Stand Variations

Hammock Stand Variations As you might have noticed from the list of the best hammock stands we suggest buying, these products can be very different in terms of style. Actually, there are several kinds of hammock stands that one can purchase.

When looking for a hammock stand, you might encounter the following types:

  • Spreader bar hammocks;
  • Brazilian hammocks;
  • Chair hammocks.

Spreader bar hammocks are the standard-looking ones. The material is attached to the two sides of a hammock stand, and the fabric itself is flattened in a way that allows the hammock to hold its form. Usually, you can fit only a couple of people in there, even in the case of large hammocks.

Brazilian hammocks look similar to the spreader bar ones, however, they have more fabric in the hammock net itself. They make you fall deeper into the hammock and also allow you to lie with feet facing the space on the sides, instead of the legs of the stand. Usually, hammock stands for these longer hammocks are higher, because no one would want to drown in the fabric and then lay on the ground.

Hammock chairs are not meant for lying, but they are perfect for comfortable hammock sitting. They are also more compact, so you can place even multiple hammocks like this on your porch or in the garden. Hammock chairs are somewhat similar to porch swings, as they also sway and sometimes even spin around.

How to Choose the Right Hammock Stand

How To Choose The Right Hammock Stand To make sure you do not make a mistake when purchasing a hammock stand, you should follow several rules. They define the best products and help you to pick your favorite hammock stands.


1. Hammock Assembly Difficulty

It is important to pick the hammock stands that are easy to assemble, especially if you have no experience in doing it. Most hammock stands are quite easy to assemble, however, those with bigger weight capacity might cause you some trouble.

If the assembly is not so easy, but you still want to purchase the hammock stand, you can always hire a professional to do all the work for you. This way you would only have to enjoy your lazy daze once everything is done.

2. Stand Weight Capacity

You should pay special attention to the weight capacity of a hammock stand. When you use the hammock alone, there should be no problems, even if the capacity is low. But if there is a chance that someone might want to join you, then it is better to opt for a bigger weight capacity.

A portable hammock stand usually has a weight capacity of 300-500 lbs. This is enough to fit two people safely.

3. Hammock Stand Portability

If you like to spend time in nature and take your hammock everywhere with you, then you should make sure it is a portable one. Being able to throw one in a carrying case and then assemble it somewhere in the middle of a forest can be a great pleasure only if your stand isn’t too heavy.

However, for those who value the weight capacity more or those who need a temporary garden piece, there are less portable but more sturdy options as well.

3. Best Stands Cost

Nowadays, the market is full of different models. The costs of them vary from simple and affordable ones to high-quality and expensive ones. Depending on the qualities and functionality, each hammock stand will have its own price.

You don’t need to save too much for the type of hammock you want. There are also affordable options that have pretty much the same functionality. Once you are ready, you can move on to more comfortable and practical products.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is a hammock stand?

A hammock stand is a frame that holds your hammock in a way you like it. There are different types of frames, and each of them has its own benefits. For a deeper lounger choose a Brazilian hammock stand. If you want a standard hammock, use the spreader bar one. If you don’t have much space or simply prefer sitting instead of laying, you can buy a chair stand.

Can you attach any hammock to a stand?

Each hammock stand has some particular ways of attaching a hammock. While some models of stands allow you to attach any type of hammock with any strings, other options might be limited to one particular hammock. If it is important for you to be able to change hammocks over time, then pay attention to the functionality of the stand.

How do I choose a hammock stand?

When you are shopping for a hammock stand, you should pay attention to several aspects. First of all, make sure it can hold the amount of weight you are planning to put on it (one person or several people). Also, if you need a portable hammock stand, choose the ones that are more or less lightweight and can be put in a carrying case. If you are not used to assembling furniture, choose options with easy assembly or hire a professional to do this.


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