Best Tent Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide

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Buying a tent air conditioner is a true life-changer. A portable air conditioner will save you from the heat in the summer. Air conditioners may use different cooling systems, and each brand has something to offer. With our guidance, consider the functions, the size (and BTU capacity), whether they have a dehumidifier (and how many pints you want), and the price of available models and choose one that’s best for you.

Summer camps are the perfect entertainment for every survivalist. But there’s one small problem that ruins all the fun: scorching heat outside and inside the tent. Sweating while sleeping or resting doesn’t sound like something you’d like to experience. Don’t you find it?

A tent air conditioner could save the situation (even the hottest one) and be the best purchase in late July and August. Such tent air conditioners can also be a practical present for the ones you love. They’ll be surely happy to obtain one tent air conditioner while in the middle of camping and the middle of summer heat.

Luckily, we live in a period of unlimited access to all new products appearing on Amazon. We can surf through the best tent air conditioners and find the best air conditioner, among others. Just one click — and your camping trip becomes a nice journey and not a sweating trial.

TOP Best The Most Functional Tent Air Conditioner Options On The Market

Top Best The Most Functional Tent Air Conditioner Options On The Market Now, let’s move to the most interesting part of the article. We’re going to examine the best AC units on the market, check their characteristics and affordability.

IcyBreeze Cooler

Icybreeze This air conditioner unit acts not only as a portable air conditioner but also as a cooler.

For utilizing it, you need to have access to cold water as this air conditioner uses it as a cooling agent. It’s nothing like a traditional refrigerant with noisy hoses and the necessity of cutting holes in the tent. You can utilize it inside the tent and be sure it won’t harm you anyhow.

An IcyBreeze Cooler can decrease the temperature up to 35 degrees (which is quite a lot, actually). No midday heatwave can threaten you with this air conditioner unit with its evaporative cooler. It also acts as an independent full-functioning cooler that can maintain the quality of your camping food and keep your drinks cold. What can you desire more on the day of the extreme heat?

The IcyBreeze is a perfect gift for pilots, boaters, tailgaters, and other people preferring outdoor activities.

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Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner If you were wondering what the perfect air conditioner unit for tents is, then the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is the perfect option for you.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner is a battery-powered unit with an evaporative cooler that can work for five hours straight using its energy-efficient battery.

This Zero Breeze air conditioner unit, can cool off the tent just in ten minutes due to its unique dual hose design that makes it’s possible to increase the cooling capacity by two times, 2300 BTU/h. Sounds solid for us.

In addition to this, the Zero Breeze battery-powered air conditioner unit is easily transportable and makes almost no noise. If it’s not everything you were dreaming of, then what else you’re asking for?

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Frigidaire 5 000 BTU Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner

Frigidaire Ffra0511R1E 5 Having an opportunity to set up an air conditioner unit for small windows? Then consider purchasing the Frigidaire 5,000 BTU as it’s the best option among many other window-mounted units.

Some of the technical characteristics of the Frigidaire 5 000 BTU:

  • Using a standard 115V electrical socket, it cools off the room of 150 sq ft with moisture absorption up to 1.1 pints per hour.
  • A fully complete set includes two cool speeds, two-way air direction, two fan speeds, and mechanical rotary controls.
  • This air conditioner makes almost no noise.
  • It needs a low-power start-up.
  • It’s 15-1/4 inches and 12 inches.

The bottom line is this tent air conditioner is perfect for those preferring high-quality AC for tents with small windows. Don’t doubt purchasing one.

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It’s up to you to decide what air conditioner model to choose, but we genuinely believe you need to purchase any. All of the listed ac AC have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you want your AC to be a multipurpose survival and have camping gear at the same time, then stop your choice at the IcyBreezy cooler. Our sympathy goes to this exact air conditioner unit.

But, being honest, the air conditioner cooling off the tent for the shortest period is the ZeroBreeze cooler, so if it’s essential for you, then choose this one air conditioner.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you’re going to choose, because the essential point is purchasing one then not purchasing anything at all. The minute you set up your air conditioner, you’ll ask yourself a question: why haven’t I done that before? And we would join you in your amusement. Really, why haven’t you?

Key Features of The Best Tent Air Conditioner Options

Key Features Of The Best Tent Air Conditioner Options Before we move on to the enumeration of the best tent air conditioners’ key features, we’ll cover two main factors of ones you need to keep in mind.

The first one refers to the size of the tent. Make sure it meets your requirements and needs.

Note bigger camping air conditioners require more power sources for exploitation. The logic of this is quite clear: smaller tents need less time to cool off (or to warm up). Thus the AC unit will work less and spend less cooling power. And vice versa: tent air conditioner needs to work hard and spend its battery life on your demands satisfaction if your tent is big enough. It turns out you wait quite a lot of time to feel the comfortable temperature finally, and while you’re waiting, the energy consumption is increasing.

Why not purchasing a smaller size tent to give yourself more comfort and less money to spend on electricity?

The second factor you need to focus your attention on is your expectations of the temperature decrease.

Determine what level of temperature decrease you’re expecting from the portable air conditioner. Ensure you have realistic expectations and note the standard temperature decrease for the standard tent air conditioner is temp decrease by 10 or 15 degrees. Portable tent AC units will cope with this task perfectly.

If you want the air conditioner to decrease the air temp 40 degrees (from 100 to 60 degrees, for example), then a simple AC unit won’t meet your needs. Only a large window-mounted unit plugged into grid power can deal with it. But note these air conditioning units consume a huge amount of power. Think twice before purchasing one of these air coolers. Always remember there’s another, more affordable, and easy-to-use option.

Now, let’s focus on key features searching for while choosing your perfect air cooler unit for camping.

Energy-Efficient Heat

What kind of survivalist are you? Are you the one looking for comfort even when camping, and that’s why you stay at campsites with available grid powers? Or are you the one who enjoys staying in remote places with no access to electricity and other benefits of civilization?

Your answer affects your choice of tent AC units as they differ in their functionality in wild conditions. For example, if there are power grids and an electric hookup at the place where you’re staying, then it doesn’t matter what kind of portable air conditioners you need to purchase. And if you’re camping somewhere in the wild, it’s clear you won’t have access to the power sources. It means you need the best tent air conditioner with great cooling capacity and autonomy of working with little power for a long period.

If you’re a fan of the second camping option, consider purchasing cooler fan AC units or portable refrigerant units. And forget about window-mounted air conditioner units as they are impossible to use in remote places.

Weight and Size

It’s obvious the smaller and lighter your tent air conditioner, the better for you. Remember you need to carry it with you everywhere you go. If your tent air conditioner has handles and if it can combine several functions under one cap (like cooling off your tent and your drinks at the same time), then this portable air conditioner is a must-have for you.

Air Conditioner Extras

It’s great if your portable air conditioner is lightweight, portable, affordable, and has an evaporative cooler. It’s even great if this portable air conditioner has extra benefits like a USB charging port, remote control, or an outdoor power cord. It means the AC unit becomes multifunctional, more attractive for consumers, and more comfortable and easy to use.

Make sure you check all the extras of your best tent air conditioner before purchasing one.

Setup Simplicity

The easiness of the AC unit setup process is something you need to pay attention to. Trust us: you don’t want to spend too much time setting up your air conditioner for camping. You have to do too many things (more essential ones) at the campsite, such as cooking meals, arranging sleeping bags, organizing the tent, preparing sleeping pads, etc. Wasting precious time on setting up the portable air conditioner for a tent doesn’t sound like a good and sensible idea.

Make sure your best tent air conditioner is easy to use and easy to set up so you have time to set up other surviving items.

Air Conditioner Affordability

The last but not the least important factor you need to consider is the affordability of the tent air conditioner.

Focus on your income and on how much money you’re ready to spend on your tent air conditioner. Mind that you pay for your comfort while camping, but it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on it.

Luckily we live in a world of unlimited opportunities, and it refers to the unlimited opportunities of choosing the perfect tent air conditioner for your perfect time at the campsite.

Basic Types of Camping Tent Air Conditioner Options

Basic Types Of Camping Tent Air Conditioner Options For starters, let’s find out what tent air conditioners are considered basic nowadays.

Tent air conditioners can be:

Ice/Fan-Based Portable A/C Units

Perhaps, these air conditioners are simplest in use and operating principle as they use ice for transforming heat into cold air. Their full complete set includes a hose, pump, and a built-in fan.

The working principle of these air conditioners is as simple as it can be: heated air goes through the cooler, seep through the ice, and enters a hose through a small built-in fan already in new condition — in the cooler way, being cool air. What can be simpler than that, huh?

Perks of choosing this tent air conditioner as your very best camping air conditioner:

  • This tent air conditioner is made of an untorn material, so you shouldn’t be anxious. It can break down in the most undesirable situation. You can even use this tent air conditioner as an extra seat if you have a big company, and the trunk of your car can’t accommodate as many chairs as you wish (or if you have more people than your five-six-person tent can accommodate).
  • These tent air conditioners have a trustworthy power source and don’t tend to run out of battery during your long-distance camping trips.
  • Such tent air conditioner not only makes cold air but also uses its cooling power to cool drinks and other obligatory attributes of the real camper in the real campsite.
  • Using these tent air conditioners doesn’t require cutting holes in the marquee of one or keep your marquee open all the time as hoses move across the ice.

For more comfort and efficiency, better utilize large cubes of ice as they will give more tent cooling effect, and you won’t have to add new ice blocks all the time. Put that one ice block once, and enjoy your time on a camping trip. Or make a layer of small ice cubes on the bottom of the camping air conditioner and add bigger ice blocks above them. It will extend the work time of your evaporative cooler and increase its cooling capacity.

By the way, we checked several different ice\fan-based portable AC units and found out the IcyBreeze, with its perfect cooling capacity, is the best one among other portable AC on Amazon.

Refrigerant-Based Portable A/C Units

Such tent air conditioner uses hoses and refrigerant to produce cool air and turn camping tents into nicer places for spending time in.

As the previous model of air conditioning unit, this camping air conditioner is the one worth purchasing. And there are some reasons why we think so:

  • A hose is already a big plus of the AC unit as you don’t need to cut holes in your tent to utilize it. This air conditioner can function through the open door or slightly open zipper.
  • Other major features of these tent air conditioners are their energy efficiency and the option of no use of power supply while utilizing. It’s beneficial when you’re at your campsite in the middle of nowhere and have no access to any power sources.
  • The cooling capacity of these portable air conditioners is similar to the cooling process of the window AC units.

The best refrigerant-based portable AC unit we found on Amazon is the Zero Breeze Mark 2, review of which we’ll give later.

Refrigerant-Based Window A/C Units

People usually use these tent AC units to survive summer heat while being at home. And that’s clear why: such window AC is meant to be placed outside windows as they turn hot air from the street into the cool air inside the apartment. Unfortunately, they’re not meant to be used while camping, and there are few reasons why:

  • Such window air conditioners require too much energy for their functioning. In the wild conditions, you don’t always have an opportunity to spend most of your campsite’s power source on cold-air production. Ensure you bear that in mind while considering taking the AC window unit with you to the campsite.
  • Another severe reason for not choosing these window AC units as tent AC units is the fact you need to destroy your tent by making holes in it. There’s no other way you can utilize these camping air conditioners. Agree not all people would like to perform manipulations like this towards their tents. Not saying it’s an extremely uncomfortable option while it’s cold outside and you have to make holes in your shelter.

Anyway, if you don’t find these reasons severe enough and you think of purchasing one of the window tent AC units for your camping adventures, consider picking among the tents we found on Amazon. These tents with window AC units have a built-in ac port.

Ozark Trail 16X16-Feet The first window AC unit tent from our Amazon list we’d like you to focus your attention on is the Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent. Purchasing one, you get not only a built-in AC port but also a twelve-person tent where a big company of twelve people can easily accommodate. It’s a LARGE tent with a built-in ac port. For more comfort, make sure you obtain an adjustable stand for keeping your portable AC unit stable. It can be a real challenge sometimes due to the tent size.

Ozark Trail 16X16-Feet 12-PersonCamco Adjustable

Its rainfly made of sturdy material, seven windows, and factory-sealed seams provide you with a guaranteed dry pastime in a campsite. Having this marquee makes your camping not only an adventurous but also a quite comfortable experience.

Bushnell Shield Series Tent The Bushnell Shield Series tent is one more high-quality marquee from the many tents with window air conditioning units you can find on Amazon. Bushnell Shield Series Tent2

If your marquee size is quite modest, then this tent AC unit is the one option you need to note. This marquee with a window air conditioner can be a perfect accommodation for six people: enough to turn your camping atmosphere into an adventurous one, especially when you can get this atmosphere at a very affordable price.

Why Do You Need To Purchase A Portable Air Conditioner

Why Do You Need To Purchase A Portable Air Conditioner Why would you need to purchase a portable air conditioner in the first place?

That’s a good question. And we have a not worse answer for it.

The thing is, there are three reasons why you would need to have a tent air conditioner than not to have it.

A Better Camping Place

You can’t imagine how many people cancel their camping trips at the last minute. There are many reasons why people can do it, but there’s one reason that interests us the most: the extreme heat and lack of a portable air conditioner.

You might think it can’t be true and nothing can stop real survivalists from camping, but statistics don’t lie. No one enjoys camping when you can’t sleep, eat and rest because of sweltering heat. And that’s what forces many people to cancel their trips for the benefit of their health.

It might be sad, but it’s something that benefits you. You can take these vacant camping places (which are usually the best ones) if you have a portable air conditioner with great cooling capacity and evaporative coolers. And also, there won’t be many people in the campground in the summer heat as not so many people have air conditioners for tents.

In any case, this heat situation can be a real camping gift for you.

Escape From the Midday Heatwave

Perhaps, there’s nothing worse than midday heat. And it’s even worse that you can’t escape it while camping. It can take you by surprise in the middle of canoeing, hiking, or fishing. The problem is it’s not only something uncomfortable you wouldn’t like to experience, but it’s also dangerous for your health. Heatstroke and sunstroke can be deadly dangerous for those having heart (and not only heart) problems.

The solution to the problem is quite simple: a tent air conditioner. When the midday heatwave comes, hide in your tent, turn on the air conditioner unit, launch an evaporative cooler via USB charging port, and wait out the sweltering heat in comfortable conditions.

A Full Night Sleep

This is the most obvious reason for purchasing the battery-powered personal air conditioner with remote control and evaporative coolers. The air conditioner unit will be your guarantee of a good night’s sleep as you won’t be suffering from extreme heat. Good night’s sleep is essential as it gives you energy for the rest of the day. And without energy, you can’t fully enjoy hiking, fishing, and other surviving activities.

The bottom line is there’re no reasons for not purchasing tent AC units as you’ll benefit from this purchase more than you benefit from camping without it.

As regarding other camping inconveniences such as bugs, campfire stroke, pit toilets, etc., for those survivalists who are resilient ones, there’s not such a big deal. These people know all the risks and know what they can face staying in remote places.

But there’s another category of survivalists, who are just newbies in the surviving world. Such inconveniences can be a real nightmare.

Luckily, we live in the modern world where almost all issues with inconveniences like that can be solved. If you suffer from bags and their invasion in your personal space, purchase a high-quality camping tent and a potent bug spray. Suffering from the campfire stroke? A smokeless fire pit is your salvation. Would you like to try staying in the campground in the middle of winter but afraid of shivering from the cold? Think of obtaining tent stoves or tent heaters, and be sure no cold weather can be a threat for you and the ones you love.

As you can see, there are no situations you can’t solve in the surviving world. Especially when you have a perfect air conditioner unit with evaporative coolers, remote control, and USB charging port. Having one makes you able to face any occurring extreme situation with dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can you air-condition a tent?

You definitely can, as that what’s the main purpose of all AC on the market. Purchase one and forget about the times when you were suffering from the extreme heat at the campgrounds. You no longer need to camp in uncomfortable conditions as you have the option to enjoy this time.

What is the best portable air conditioner for camping?

All AC listed in the article are good ones, but you need to choose the AC best suiting your interests and demands. If you want your air conditioner to be multifunctional, then consider buying the IcyBreeze Cooler as it cools off the tent in a short period and decreases the temperature up to 35 degrees. We have personal sympathy towards this air conditioner unit.

How do I keep my tent cool?

When in the campground, first of all, set up your tent. Then you can start setting up the air conditioner unit. Once you do this, it begins to cool off the tent. From that moment, you either have to add ice blocks or cold water there or do nothing as the AC will do everything for you. We advise you not to open your tent door often so hot air won’t enter it and ruin the cool air atmosphere.

How to use a window air conditioner in a tent?

A window unit is the AC with the least comfortable way of setup. For setting it up, you have to cut holes in your tent, so the hoses of the AC can easily function and cool off your marquee. Mind your marquee’s material is sturdy enough as window AC can weigh quite a lot. Also, remember you have to destroy your marquee while making holes for hoses, and note it’s problematic to utilize these AC in cold seasons.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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