Best Tent Stove Options For Warm Winter Campsite Review and Buying Guide

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Being a camp lover, you may know how freezy are the nights in nature, even if you are in a tent. The easiest solution to this problem is the portable wood stove.

Maybe you imagine a wood-burning tent stove as a huge and non-transferable item, but modern tent stoves are compact and convenient for camping and survival adventures.

You do not need to have any extra skills to install this gear in your wall tent — companies have provided everything for your comfort.

TOP Best Tent Stove

Top Best Tent Stove Lightweight Types Of Wood Stove

Survival gear should be light enough to be transferred along the way. That is why lightness is an essential characteristic of tent stoves.

The main material for this model of wood-burning tent stoves is galvanized steel because of the small weight. Application of this substance instead of other metals helps producers to decrease the weight of the gear twice.

I recommend you pay attention to such tent wood stoves even if you think you are strong enough. You will never know how long will be your route and where you will find the next shelter. Choose the lighter version of tent stoves to save your health.

Unfortunately, steel is more susceptible to damages. This type of stoves’ quality is lower than other more durable ones, but the price is also more affordable. If your winter trips happen rarely, such an option is the best tent stove for you.

1 — Gstove Heat Camping Stove – Starterpack

Gstove Heat Camping

The performance of the Gstove is high — you can achieve stable warmth with a small amount of fuel.

It can be the best variant if you are a beginner in survival and camping. Lightness and convenience are all you need from the best tent stove.

Here is the price for the Gstove today.



2 — SilverFire Hunter Chimney Stove

Silverfire Hunter You can use this Chimney Stove for both outdoor and indoor purposes. The weight of this wood stove allows you to assemble it in any place you want without extra effort.

To make heat, you should collect twigs or field scrub as the stove creates natural thrust inside.

SilverFire Stove reduces less time for kindling than rocket stoves, and it can supplement your tent with a cozy atmosphere.

Tap here to learn the current price for this wood-burning stove.



Durable And Heavy Wood Burning Tent Stoves

Producers use thicker steel for these stoves models. Of course, the weight as well as the strength and opportunity to keep the warmth longer increases.

Besides, you can not worry about some break-ups as this material will serve you for years. So, you and your family will be protected from carbon monoxide with this type of stoves.

More accessories are sold with heavy tent stoves. For example, you do not need to buy a stove pipe damper as it is attached to the oven. Cold-air inlets will help you to control access to air and regulate the temperature inside.

Cooking lovers may select this variant because of the installed oven. You can use it for both cooking and water heating.

However, you will not manage the carrying of this stove by yourself — only a vehicle or a strong horse can do it.

Also, the price is higher for these tent stoves, but you will not regret about money using it. This is an investment in your comfort in the future!

3 — SHTFandGO Bullet Proof 50BMG Rocket Stove

Bullet Proof Rocket This rocket stove is a huge device that produces a small amount of smoke but keeps high heat inside. You can be familiar with such a feature if you have used a smokeless bonfire. You will need no more than several sticks to start a fire inside this camping wood stove.

It is popular among campers and preppers as the strong material makes it reliable and high-quality. Durable steel allows you to use this heater for the whole life because nothing can break it.

The basement of these stoves is wide enough to be confident in the stable position of the device. You can carry it using a special handle included in the stove, but it is heavy to transport it alone. The diameter of the pipe sections equals three inches, so you can imagine the overall weight of this tent stove.

Strong steel provides support for heavy cooking tools such as pots and pans. So, you will be able to prepare a dinner for the whole camp on this wall tent stove.

Production of these tent stoves is located in America. The surface of the camp stove is covered by black paint with resistance to high temperatures.

The current price for this option is here.

4 — Guide Gear Outdoor Tent Wood Stove

Guide Gear Outdoor Tent Wood Stove If you are searching for a long-lasting, multi-tasking, and portable wood stove, this option is for you!

You can cook any dishes using the oven of this tent stove. The construction provides a trustworthy connection of all the parts and secures you from harmful gases.

This wood-burning stove is demountable — you can remove pipes and legs and put them inside the stove for more convenient transportation.

Purchasing Guide Gear Tent Wood Stove, you will receive:

  • Rake and door opener;
  • Gear for installation;
  • Removable legs;
  • Pipes.

You can learn the price and order it here.

5 — Camp Chef Alpine CS14 Heavy Duty Cylinder Tent Cabin Stove

Camp Chef Alpine Camp Chef Alpine is a cylinder stove with several practical extensions that can make it irreplaceable.

Advantages of these cylinder stoves:

  • Convenient carrying;
  • Wide drying rack;
  • The diameter of the pipe is equal to five inches, and the length is about ten feet;
  • Legs are adjustable for any surface;
  • Included spark arrestor;
  • Mounts for a water tank.

Check the offer here.

The Folding Tent Stove

Collapsible stoves are in demand among people who prefer long-distance travel with limited space.

In contrast to the previous models, these stoves are foldable because of the special design and light materials. They are made of thin stainless steel what makes them portable and suitable for survival.

The prices for these stoves are higher than for lightweight ones because of the special mountable mechanisms. However, if you are going to travel without large storage, for example, using a plane or boat, these stoves are the best for you.

6 — Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Cook Tent Stove Package

Winnerwell Woodlander This tent stove is a stainless steel construction that is easy to regulate and transport.

There is an option to remove the cover of the plate to heat the pot with fire. It allows you to control the heating of your cooking equipment more.

You will not need to purchase additional items with Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe because there is a tank, bag, spark arrestor, drying racks, pipes, and a mat resistant to the fire included in the package.

Visit the website and know more about this multi-device.

7 — Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack Stove

Colorado Cylinder Stoves The weight and sizes of this Pack Stove are the important reasons to buy it. The diameter of the pipe equals four inches and is equipped with a damper.

Once you mount it, the height of the stove will be about 19 inches, other measurements — 23x14x11 inches.

The Collapsible Pack Stove weight is equal to 32 pounds — you can easily carry and install it in any place.


Colorado Cylinder Stoves - Uncompahgre You can be confident in the quality of materials and paint. The construction’s main substance is carbon steel, and the cover is made of a stove with 1200 degrees stain.

As regards included extensions, there are five pipes and a spark arrestor in the package of Uncompahgre Stove.

More information about this tent stove is here.

You can make your life easier if you also purchase these elements of gear for camping:

  • Flue Stove
  • Heaters for Water
  • Heating Trays

This article will give you enough pieces of knowledge to become a master in tent heating.

Here you will learn:

  • What was life without heating devices?
  • Is the usage of a tent stove secure?
  • Why do you need to purchase a tent stove?
  • What additional goods should you buy for a tent stove?
  • What model of tent stoves should you get?

These questions will allow you to make a reasonable decision to purchase a camping wood stove or leave this idea and select an alternative way of heating.


Camping Before The Creation of Tent Stove

Camping Before The Creation Of Tent Stove Winter is the worst season for camping. If you have experienced cold mornings in the canvas tent without any heating, you will understand me.

I visited many winter camps as a boy scout, and I can describe a typical day here. The longer you are in the canvas camp, the more you begin to hate waking up and going out of your sleeping bag. The cold remains until the sun is high enough, and all this time, you have to warm yourself with several layers of cloth, fire, and tea. There is no pleasure in such activities — winter camping without stoves creates a disgust to this pastime at all.

I decided to collect modern gear that should help me cope with cold weather and love the canvas tent trips again. So, I purchased gear for mountaineers, such as sleeping bags, pillows, and an upgraded tent. I hoped that this specialized equipment would keep the warmth inside the tent and would allow me to sleep as much as I want.

Unfortunately, the new gear did not meet my expectations, and I was left unsatisfied.

Later on, one situation changed my mind and made me enjoy winter camps again.

Successful Hunting in the Wilderness

Hunters know that no one can predict autumn weather conditions, especially when the hunting trip is planned more than a month before it. That is why it is essential to prepare yourself and your equipment for both a warm and cold environment.

Some hunters avoid such challenges because they have constant tents in the forest where they can store all the gear. They do not need to waste time searching for a suitable place with lots of animals and carrying huge survival bags as they have already had all of this.

Other people interested in hunting choose the locations with access for car or travel railers. It means that they have huge storage for cloth and equipment, and they do not need to choose between one warm item and another.

However, most of the desirable hunting areas are located deep in the forest. So, only Y horses or ATVs are suitable types of transports for such places, and only canvas wall tents can be used here.

One day I visited a similar group of hunters who had already lived for several days in this place. The weather was snowy, and the temperature suddenly dropped. Despite my preparedness, I realized that I could not survive in those canvas tents.

The only thing that could save me was a tent wood stove, and my friends had installed it! You cannot imagine my happiness at that time, but warm airflow was the best thing on such a winter day.

Safety Of Tent Wood Stove

Safety Of Tent Wood Stove The only concern about the woodstove is its security. Please, pay attention to this topic as it can be hazardous to use a tent stove in the wrong way.

You should always control the build quality of all parts of the stove and repair them in time. Do not forget to create holes in the tent to ventilate the area inside. If you do not provide air access, the wood-burning will fill the tent with harmful gases and lead to vertigo, sickness, asphyxiation, and lethal poisoning.

Make sure there are no gaps between parts of the stove, as everything should be hermetically sealed. If you see or feel smoke in the tent, something goes wrong. You should control the process of heating to avoid undesirable tragedies.

Considerations To Buy Tent Wood Stove

Considerations To Buy Tent Wood Stove Your comfort and conditions for survival are all that the gear should provide you. However, survival in winter camping is impossible without a wall tent stove.

Opportunity To Cook Warm Meal in the Wilderness

It may be difficult to start a fire in winter or carry a gas oven to your winter camp. That is why most of the wood stoves are equipped with cooking panels.

You will not need to consume only MRE food and solve problems with a bonfire if you have a portable wood stove with you. Hot coffee and warm scrambled egg will be your usual breakfast eve inside the tent with a camp stove.

Convenience Gear

Once you experience winter camping, you will know how difficult it may be to sleep in a freezy tent. Tent wood stoves allow users to warm up the tent in advance and relax in comfortable conditions after a hard day. Your awakening and cross-dressing will become a pleasure but not a suffering.

Dry Your Clothes With the Heat

You should be ready for such circumstances when all your equipment and dresses become wet after a rainy or snowy day. There is no chance that you will not fall ill if you cannot dry out these items. A tent wood stove will save you from these issues and make your gear useful again.

To sum up, there are plenty of advantages of having a wood-burning tent stove while being on the adventure. Warmth, food, and dry dresses are crucial points for your satisfaction.

Additional Goods For Canvas Camp Stove

Additional Goods For Canvas Camp Stove Let us explore the elements of the stove kit and what additional items you should buy.

The basic accessories sold along with the tent stove are:

  • Stove Jack
  • Wood Grid
  • Stove Pipe
  • Spark Arrestor

Sometimes it is enough to have only these tools, but to make the usage of wood-burning stoves more practical, companies offer other elements of gear.

Alternative Type Of Fuel

The stove we are talking about works from the wood-burning. That is why you will need to have a wood supply to your camp. If there is no opportunity to get as much firewood as you need, you can use pellet or propane.

You should check whether your stove is suitable for burning these types of fuel in advance. You cannot use propane or pellets for all the tent stoves. That is why they are additional tools.

Tank For Heated Water

Stanley Kettle Campers attach a reservoir for water near the stove pipe to make warm water for dishwashing or cleaning. If you use such an option, the water will heat every time you use the tent stove. Make sure your water tank is raised enough to avoid its deformation because of the high temperatures.





Pipe Flap

Vogelzang 6In A damper is a precious thing for usage with camping wood stoves. Sometimes it goes together with the stove but sometimes no. So if you do not get it, you should purchase it additionally.

This tool allows you to prolong the burning of the firewood so it will create enough warmth for the whole night. You will appreciate it when you will not add wood to the stove every two hours in the middle of the night.



Getpreparedstuff Maybe you are a fan of baking in the morning. The chimney oven will help you to cook biscuits, pies, and mini rolls, even during a camping trip.

It is one of the best tent stove invitations because it does not require additional firewood but uses the heat from the tent stove during the wood-burning.




Models Of The Tent Stove

Models Of The Tent Stove

There are four main features that you should keep in mind while choosing the most suitable tent stove:

  • The distance you will need to complete carrying the woodstove.
  • The size of your tent.
  • The weight you can carry to the campsite.
  • Affordable price for survival gear.

Here we will describe several types of wood stoves according to the four features stated above, along with the list of the best tent stoves on the market.

Best Tent Stove Summary

Best Tent Stove Summary Winter camps do not always mean cold mornings and full backpacks of thick clothes. The more you invest in your gear, the more relaxed you can be in your rest in nature. You should consider getting ice cleats for your footwear.

Tent stoves will protect you from low temperatures, a wet environment, and hunger— it is all you need to stay healthy during survival.

Make sure you are ready for the cold weather when you are going to survive for a long time. Provide yourself with warm shelter by buying a wood-burning tent stove.

Do not test yourself with cold awakenings, and it does not worth it. The stove will save you from this morning’s pain.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can you put a wood stove in a tent?

You can use wood stoves as well as propane stoves inside your tents, but you should follow some simple rules. The control over the level of gases inside is important to avoid poisonings and deaths. There is a limit on carbon monoxide that the body can consume. That is why you should learn how to manipulate the damper and access air in the tents.

What is the best tent stove?

There are several of the best tent stoves on the market in the USA, but your choice should be based on your needs. For instance, if you have a small tent, you need a smaller size and a power stove. You will not need to create so much warmth as it is needed for group tents. Another crucial point is your budget — select the tent stove in such a way that it is affordable for you.

Are tent stoves safe?

As it was declared in this article, they are safe enough if you know how it works. You should learn more about the mechanical parts of the oven and their purposes. Once you are able to control all of them, you will not allow a huge amount of poisoning gases to collect inside the wall tent.

How do you keep a tent stove burning all night?

There are several tips you should apply to create a fire for all night. Firstly, firewood should be dry. Otherwise, the fire in the stove will end, and you will need to start it again. Secondly, the pipe and the stove should be prepared and warm enough to not waste the energy for heating but only for keeping the heat inside. Make the airflow appropriate using air valves — you should find a balance between the full ventilation and the stagnant air.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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