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Having an opportunity to drink a glass of clean water in 2023 is exactly what our bodies need in survival conditions. Whilst having fresh air around you for breathing is almost an inevitable thing, finding a source of clean drinking water sometimes can be a real deal. However, water is an essential factor of the human’s vital activity. Even though you can find puddles, rivers, and creeks, drinking water from them may be extremely dangerous because of the waterborne bacteria living there.

No matter whether you are a fan of camping and hiking or the one who is constantly preparing for the end of the world in the bunker, you should consider having an instant source of water for your future self. A water pouch is exactly what you should assume acquiring for such cases! Although they are not durable sources, they are great means of storage for water and highly convenient in usage.

Stay with us to find out the best manufacturers of water pouches, why you may need them, and what their benefits are in contrast with other ways of packaging.

Why May I Need a Water Pouch?


Many people believe water pouches are just a waste of money as they are not able to store enough water for a long-surviving process. However, this point has some limitations and does not inspect several aspects that make the usage of water pouches extremely beneficial.

So, bagged water is different from bottled water in the following ways:

  • The size of the water pouch package makes it easy to carry with you. It does not take much place and does not weigh too much, so there are no questions occurring about whether to take it with you or not. Therefore, in emergency situations, you will always stay with some amount of water.
  • Furthermore, the pack itself is very robust and can withstand various surrounding conditions, starting from falling or being placed between heavy objects, finishing by temperature shifts that usually result in bottled water shorter shelf-life.
  • Because of the convenient sizes of the pouches, you can bring a couple of them with you, while relying on only one bottle of water may be risky in terms of damaging it and eating a leak of all your life-saving reserves.

Surely, there are also shortcomings delivered by using water pouches. First of all, it is a high price which cannot be unnoticed since bottled water comes almost four times cheaper! What is more, water bags are single-use, so you are not able to refill and seal them, which can cause serious ecological damage as bottles are, in contrast, reusable.

Nevertheless, pouches of water are equivalents of ration bars in the world of food. There is a little chance you will eat them as a complete meal, but you definitely will not refuse them if you are starving.

According to all these features, one can make a conclusion that water pouches can be placed in a very specific position in the survival kit.

Water Pouches in Emergency Situations

Undoubtedly, there is a reason why water pouches are also called SOS emergency drinking water pouches. The reason is clear and understandable and proclaims that each package (about 4 oz.) will supply you with the exact amount of water that is needed for surviving a whole day.

For instance, if you used a bottle of water in your emergency kit, it is likely that you would drink a whole reserve at one time. However, while using pouches, you can save enough water each time by using only one bag at a time. It is believed that using two packs per person per day will let you feel more or less comfortable during an emergency. However, if you are placed in hot temperatures or have to move a lot, it is better to increase the level of water supply.

Otherwise, if you drink not enough water, you might experience dehydration which will not let you continue living in a common way since your digestion system will start to decay.

What is also important in terms of emergency, drinking water pouches are also easy to squeeze; thus, they are not only saving space of their storage but also saving your time. In the most dangerous situations, where you have to be fast and quiet, drinking water from pouches is life-saving as they do not require lots of effort.

When Exactly to Use Water Pouches?


Indeed, it is not really clear when you should open your reserves to let the water out as it may become your main asset in an emergency. Again, each packaging is approximately 4 oz., which is only a sixteenth fraction of your recommended daily diet. Therefore, there appears a question on how to distribute stored bagged water for emergency supplies so that it will be enough for your health and not too much to waste at the same time.

Surely, water pouches are not a replacement for common drinking water; that is why they are called SOS emergency drinking water. Even though the shelf-life and the water inside them are the same as water in bottles or glass, water pouches are able to save your life.

Durable water pouches are likely to stay drinkable longer than water packaged in other storages. It is due to their ability to protect water from spillage given by a special type of plastic used in the packaging. Although it is lightweight, it will not let water inside become contaminated because of extremely safe seals and impenetrable surface material.

However, buying a number of durable water pouches that will supply you with a needed daily diet will cost you a fortune. Not only buying water bags is a tricky deal, but carrying them is also heavy duty. Even if you are used to being thrifty with water intake and 1 gallon per a couple of days may be enough for you, taking 8 pouches will only make the burden heavier and full of plastic.

Some situations that are intended for using emergency drinking water pouches:

  • quick trips during which carrying lots of water is impossible or unnecessary
  • getting stuck in the vehicle (car, plane, boat, etc.)
  • hiking through high temperatures without emergency supplies
  • unexpectedly extended trips (e.g., a member of the party got injured)

So, there may be numerous situations where drinking water is essentially needed but cannot be easily found and you can come up with them in your daily life. Thanks to the weight of the packaging, you can carry it in your pockets. Therefore, we highly recommend you bring a gallon of bottled drinking water with you in a trunk or backpack and have a couple of pouches in your pockets just in case an emergency occurs.

How to Store Emergency Drinking Water Pouches?

How To Store Emergency Drinking Water Pouches? Basically, it can be stored as any other packaged water. It can be located at your home, at the workplace, or given to your children to take with them at school. The package of the pouch is durable and robust enough to withstand temperature shifts and sometimes even the heavy object placed on it. It also prolongs the storing shelf-life of the pouches.

Therefore, you can store pouches in your emergency kit in advance so you will not forget to bring them with you. However, there is no doubt that purified water in pouches should not replace water purification machines. You will gain more drinking water by using it than by carrying several SOS emergency drinking water pouches. Nevertheless, having purified water in your emergency kit will save you some time to search for better conditions without stopping to purify water.

You can also consider storing one pouch in your car. Indeed, one of the first places you will attend during a disaster is your vehicle as you will be aiming to leave the place. However, try to avoid storing pouches in cars during high-temperature periods as it can change the taste and biological components of water.

Unlike any other form of packed water, it is impossible to open a pouch and then close it to use later. Once you have opened a package, you cannot fill it again or continue drinking after some time. Therefore, it becomes even more valuable as you have to drink 4 oz. of water at a time, so you really have to be thirsty.

You may also consider having a pouch or two in your backpack. It will prevent you from getting thirsty during an unexpected walk through high temperatures, for example.

Convenient storage is also reusable pouches that can be used while doing sports. Their weight is usually not more than 10 grams and the material is flexible, so again it is more convenient than using a bottle and such kind of storage can also be refilled!

How Much Water is Needed in Emergency Kits?

Even though in our daily lives a person uses almost 300 gallons of water, emergency water is not necessarily served in such amounts. As it follows, for drinking a person needs only 0,4-0,5 gallons per day (slightly more water is needed in hot temperature conditions). Therefore, in your emergency kit, you’d better prepare a reserve for 5 days of survival, which is up to 7 pouches.

Thanks to the lightweight form of the packages, you can fill and carry the kit easily with you. Also, do not forget to supply your pockets and other storage with emergency drinking water pouches too.

Tips on Using Emergency Drinking Water Pouches

Even though it seems that there is nothing to be clarified about using bagged drinking water, there may be things you did not come up with the first time.

  1. The pouch is designed to prevent a leak by using a special quality of plastic as a packaging material. It results in difficulties for a common person to open the pack. Surely, you will be able to tear the part of the package apart, but some water will pour out. Therefore, it is better to use scissors or knives to open the pack.
  2. Do not postpone using a pouch until a real disaster. Pouches are suitable for many daily situations, including both attending work, school, or gym, and hiking or camping. Do not think there should be a special situation for using it as it is better to always play it safe and have an extra drinking water source with you, especially when its weight is so light.
  3. SOS emergency drinking water pouches have a shelf life of approximately 5 years. It means that if you bought them once and did not find them useful, do not throw them away! You can use spoiled water from the pouch in the following ways:
    • freeze the pouch to use it as a cooler for food or during a picnic or as an ice bandage for injuries
    • keep a spoiled pouch in your emergency kit to rinse eyes and wash hands or other objects
    • use an old pouch while cooking meals on camping, especially if you can use this water for boiling

Generally, packs of spoiled water can become a replacement for drinking water if there is a lack of the latter. However, at first, try it and see the reaction after 5 minutes. Sometimes even water whose taste is common may be spoiled due to improper storage conditions.

Our Top Choice

By exploration of the customers’ feedback, price, and the details of the components provided by the manufacturers, we made a conclusion that the Datrex water pouch is the best choice on the accessible market. You can request it in two options – 12 pouches per $7.45 or 64 pouches per $26.70. Each pouch is 4 oz. and the shelf-life is 5 years, which are probably the most comfortable conditions for the durable water pouches of worthy quality.

These pouches are lightweight and durable, which is definitely a benefit for your emergency kit. Moreover, it is an official supplier of the US national army and is Coast Guard approved.

Assimilating Drinking Water Pouches

Assimilating Drinking Water Pouches Nowadays, it is a widespread tendency to adopt the usage of lightweight water pouches in the company. It is definitely a worthy idea as there exist several benefits:

  1. Price. Every directr strives to save the budget, so it is notable that using drinking water pouches is 70% cheaper than using bottles.
  2. Attractiveness. Because of some psychological details, people tend to pay more attention to unconventional things, which means that new unfamiliar things attract more attention. Therefore, in a world where everyone got used to using bottles, a water pouch can become a new trend. People will aim to drink more water per day because of using drinking water pouches.
  3. Eco-friendly. Instead of drinking from glass or plastic bottles, it is better to use a water pouch and reuse it further. It is more convenient to carry with you since it is lightweight and prevents any leak, so the chance that one would like to reuse it increases.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What Is a Water Pouch?

Water pouches are dosed portions of water delivered in sturdy plastic bags. These are a perfect option for emergency kits and for carrying them with you on long trips. They are perfect for storing in emergency kits and can also be used by a company at the workplace.

How Long Do Water Pouches Last?

The most common range of pouches’ shelf life is from 3 to 6 years. Moreover, the packaging itself can withstand more than 10 years of storage, however, the water itself can spoil due to the conditions in which the pouch is stored.

How Long Does an Emergency Water Pouch Last?

Basically, SOS emergency drinking water pouches are best by 3 to 6 years after the production date provided by the manufacturers. You can leave them in the car, at home, or in a workplace to drink daily or use in case of disaster. It is also worth storing a pouch in a bag.

How Long is Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Good for?

Datrex emergency drinking water pouches are best-by 5 years after the date of production. However, even if the exploitation date has gone overdue, you can still treat the pouch for different reasons, for instance, as an ice pouch or as a reserve for water for cooking or washing hands.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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