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Introduction What is crucial things for survival is, of course, survival food. Another thing— water supplies, essential for everyday life and twice as needed in survival contexts. What all professional homesteaders, survivalists, and preppers are united by is they have sufficient knowledge and skills. If you are well-prepared, the survival odds maximize mighty. When you know to apply your knowledge and act in a survival situation— your survival bag should contain quality survival gear— you are safe! Read our article and get to know how to get water supplies with quality equipment!

To the point

If you live in a dry and hot climate, you know that there is nothing better than a drink of cold water when the season gets too hot. However, there are situations when you don’t get to satisfy your needs, and your thirst remains unrelieved.

For example, a power cut can leave you without water if you use a deep well with an electricity-powered submersible pump as your only water supply device. When power gets shut down, without a proper generator, your electric pump will be rendered useless. What you need for such a situation is a reliable backup plan. A hand pump is an answer!

Unfortunately, sometimes finding a deep well hand pump becomes quite a task these days. However, with a proper approach, you will be able to find several retailers online. But then, there goes another problem of finding the proper submersible pump that will suit your deep well. The reason is not all pumps are designed to be used for all depths.

Our team has thoroughly researched the deep-well hand pump market to find the best options you can consider buying. Our idea was to find pumps and look for pumps that would not be too expensive and require high repair or installation costs. As a result, we ended up with eight deep well hand pumps for two types of wells – shallow and deep ones.

Read on to find out the best deep well hand pump options you can purchase to back up your electric pump.

Water Pumps Q&A

Water Pumps Qna This section will look at the most frequent questions people ask when they choose deep-well hand pumps. If you are already familiar with water pumps, you may feel free to skip this section and jump right into the list of the highest quality hand pump options. For those who are new to the topic, the information below will be of much help.

1 – Will a budget hand pump do?

The idea of saving some cash is very tempting. But when it comes down to buying a specific tool, something that you will use quite often, or something that you could be 100% sure of, going budget0-friendly is not an option.

We are not trying to persuade you to buy extremely expensive hand pumps. We are trying to say that whether you want to keep a new hand pump alongside your existing electricity-powered submersible pump or are looking for an all-time primary hand pump, you will want to be sure that you can rely on the pump any time, day and night.

And as practice shows, budget-friendly equipment is only good for a short time. Later, cheaper elements used in the design will run out of order, and the whole device will require repair. It will no longer be fit for normal operation.

Deep-well pumps are not the type of equipment you should try to save money on.

Go for a high-quality deep-well pump. Such models will not require as much routine maintenance or frequent repairs as cheaper submersible pumps. Choosing a higher-priced deep-well pump, you choose a stable water system for your household.

Look for the stainless steel hand pumps, to begin with. Stainless steel shallow or deep well pumps are extremely durable and will serve you for years to come.

However, if you already purchase a cheaper model, you can most likely upgrade it to make it last longer. Ther are budget-friendly simple pumps that you can improve by replacing some of their parts.

2 – How deep can a hand pump go?

There are two types of well pumps:

  • Deep-well pumps
  • Shallow-well pumps

The type names speak for themselves. Deep-well pumps are capable of pumping water from the depths of 100 feet and more. With shallow-well pumps, you can go as deep as 25 feet or 30 feet max.

3 – Do I need to prime a hand pump?

Most shallow/deep-well hand pumps require priming before you begin to use them for the first time. This procedure is necessary even for self-priming pumps.

However, according to the manufacturer, Bison pumps do not need priming. The company’s representatives say that Bison pumps expel the air when you push the pump handle down. This, as the Bison pumps manufacturer says, makes priming irrelevant.

Still, our opinion is that you should do priming even if your well pump does not need it. Priming is a simple procedure that will not take you too long.

4 – Will I be able to use a shallow/deep-well pump in freezing temperatures?

If your region has colder seasons with temperatures below zero, your best option is to choose a pump system with freeze protection. Freeze-resistant well pumps are capable of drawing water in temperatures well below zero.

5 – What are the cons of hand pumps?

Retrieving water with a deep or shallow-well pump requires applying a decent amount of muscle power. This may seem quite hard for an average person. Even if you buy the highest-quality hand pump system, you will still need to get the water pumped manually.

Another thing you should consider is filtration. This may be an issue with hand pumps, as well. Some would even say that drinking water that was pumped using a simple pump system is not advisable. That is why a shallow/deep-well hand pump user would choose to complement their water pump system with a filtration device.

A lower-priced submersible pump will require routine maintenance to keep it fully functional. This may become quite a task if you fail to find the necessary parts for the well pump, such as pump cylinders, sucking rods, etc.

Maintaining a budget-friendly shallow/deep-well pump is more difficult than installing it. So our recommendation is to go for a higher-priced model and, if you’re unsure, ask for professional installation of a newly purchased water pump.

6 – Why do I need a second pump in the first place?

Last but not least is the question some still ask: why have two pumps? The answer is simple: you need a second water pump to back up your existing jet pump or another type of pump that you are using.

If you are using a water pump fed from the grid to pump water for your entire household plumbing system, and suddenly a power cut renders it dead, you will be left without water. With a simple pump that’s powered manually, you will be able to restore the water supply for yourself and your family.

The same goes for submersible pumps that you feed using solar panels. With several cloudy days in a row, your solar-powered jet pump will stop working. Once again, you will need a second pump to get drinking water.

Sometimes, there is nothing better than good old hand pumping.

Tips on Choosing a Hand Pump

Tips On Choosing A Hand Pump Before we jump into our top list of deep good hand pumps, lets us give you a quick guide on what to consider when choosing a hand pump. There are three main factors you should take into account:

  • How often do you plan to use a hand pump?
  • What is the depth of your well?
  • What pipe flow rate do you need?

Let’s take a closer look at each factor.

Is it going to be your full-time pump?

You will have to decide how often you plan to use your new hand pump. Is it going to be the full-time pump that you will use to pump water every day? Or is it going to be your emergency pump installed alongside your existing electrical pump?

The answer will affect your choice greatly. Because for a primary-hand pump, you will have to go for a higher-priced model.

How deep is your well?

Well depth is a critical factor when looking for the right pump. Without knowing the well depth, you risk buying an improper model. Another thing you must find out is the maximum static water level.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for many retailers to mark their products to be designed for deep wells when in reality, those pumps are only made to access water at the well depth of 25 feet. An while you may increase the value by applying more force to the hand pump, you won’t be able to reach further down at a depth of, let’s say, 100 feet or even deeper. If you need to lift water from that deep wells, go for a deep-well model.

What pump flow do you need?

Pump flow is the characteristic that shows how much water a pump will give in one push. The pump flow rate is a factor you will need to consider depending on how you use a water pump – this is very much related to the first factor.

If you need a new manually-powered submersible pump as a primary water source device, you should go for a water pump flow of 5 GPM. It is a standard value for simple pumps used in households.

If you need to do water pumping for your livestock – your option is to look for higher pump flow rate values.

The Best Hand Pumps

The Best Hand Pumps Finally, we are ready to look at the best hand pumps for different well depths. The list below includes the eight highest-quality hand pump options that we found online.

Shallow-well pumps

1 – The TBVECHI Pump

Tbvechi Suction PumpA simple pump by TBVECHI is a shallow-well model that we would advise those looking for the most affordable simple pump. While in the previous sections, we said that purchasing low-priced hand pumps is not advisable, still, there are a few decent-quality options on the market, with the TBVECHI simple pump being one of them.

Elegantly designed, this well pump will only suit 10-feet water pumping tasks. So before you grab this little hero, make sure that you know exactly how deep your well is. Otherwise, you risk buying a completely useless piece of equipment.

The construction includes stainless steel pump body and a stainless steel pump head. The simple pump by TBVECHI is installed quickly and has a lightweight of two kilos only.

As far as the cons go:

  • The fixing screws could have been better. So your best option is to get rid of them and use your ones before installing the pump.
  • A leather bowl inside the pump is not top-quality. Make sure you check on it now and then.

However, the TBVECHI simple pump is good for a second pump that will not break the bank. Or, if you put it another way, this pump is better than no pump at all.

2 – Green Hand Cistern Pump


Green Hand Cistern model is another simple pump for shallow wells. This pump will reach water at a maximum depth of 25 feet.

Traditionally looking, this pump has cast-iron fixtures and aluminum parts. It is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that will serve you for years to come. Another great feature of this design is that it’s easy to install and maintain.

This simple pump will fit a standard one and a quarter drop pipe and is very easy to fix – you will find all the necessary parts with next to no effort.

The maximum flow rate is 5 GPM, making this shallow-well pump an excellent choice for a standard household.

3 – Cincinnati Gem Chain Pump

Cincinnati Gem Chain Pump

Cincinnati Gem Chain pump is a submersible pump that will fit water pumping from a depth of more than 25 feet.

This pump combines modern-day materials with an ancient method (Chinese, to be precise) and can lift water from a depth of up to 30 feet. The pump flow rate is 5 GPM.

This shallow-well pump is more expensive than the previous two hand pumps, but it is definitely with it. Its slim design and build quality make it a good investment.

However, this simple pump comes with a downside: extra installation expenses – parts like a chain, buckets, and tube are not included in the set.

4 – Pressurized Sealed-Top Water Pump

Pressurized Sealed-Top Water Pump

Pressurized Sealed-Top water pump is a classically looking simple pump for shallow wells. The design includes a brass pump cylinder and a brass sucker rod. The construction is all iron, making this simple pump extremely durable.

As far as installation goes, it’s very easy and requires no specific knowledge or skills. Before using the pump for the first time, don’t forget to prime it.

The pump will pump water from a depth of 20 feet. However, going deeper than 15 feet may require applying more muscle strength.

Like the previously mentioned Green Hand Cistern pump, this hand pump will also fit a standard drop pipe.

The Pressurized Sealed-Top water pump is a simple pump with a classical pump cylinder and sucker rod design known for two centuries already. It means that you can’t go wrong with this pump.

5 – Stainless Steel Bison Pump

Bison Pumps Stainless A stainless steel Bison pump is a shallow-well pump that is virtually indestructible. We would even all this stainless steel monster the most durable hand pump on the list. As with all Bison pumps, this simple pump comes in a stylish design and an all-stainless steel body, and a stainless steel pump head.

As far as the characteristics go, this Bison pump has a pump flow value of four and a half GPM and is capable of pumping water from a depth of 25 feet.

This simple pump is perfect for both serving as an emergency water source or as your only pump.

The stainless steel Bison pump has freeze protection and is lead-free.

Installing a Bison pump is very easy. Another great feature of this pump, as with many other Bison pumps, is a lifetime warranty.

The stainless steel Bison pump is a perfect choice for those looking for a top-quality, heavy-use simple pump that will serve for years to come. However, you should consider its high price compared to many other pipes on the market. But that is the common thing with Bison pumps.

Want to know more about Bison pumps?

Check out the video below to find out more about Bison pumps and how to install them.

  • Bison Pumps is one of the most successful and acclaimed pump manufacturers offering various types of pumps, including shallow-well pumps, deep-well hand pumps, playground water pumps, and more.

Deep-well hand pumps

6 – Large-Capacity Windmill Head Pump

Large-Capacity-Windmill-Head-Pump As with the previous part of this list, we will begin showing you our top picks of deep-well hand pumps with the most affordable model, the Large-Capacity Windmill Head Pump.

To be precise, this pump is a shallow-well simple pump with some extra possibilities. This pump’s potential lets it take water from a depth of 100 feet if necessary! However, you should consider when trying this – you will need to use a foot valve. Or you will need to attach a windmill to the pump head.

What is cool about this deep-well pump is that it comes with all necessary accessories, including:

  • pump head,
  • pump cylinder,
  • drop pipe,
  • sucking rod.

And yes, some models don’t come with pump cylinders or other critical parts.

Another great feature is that this submersible pump has freeze protection and is fit to use in various weather conditions.

7 – Bison Stainless Steel Deep Well Pump

Stainless-Steel-Deep-Well-Pump-Head Another Bison pump. This time it’s a simple pump for deep wells. This Bison model is perfect for deep static water level pumping. With this deep-well pump, you will be able to take water from a depth of 200 feet and even deeper.

This stainless steel deep well pump by Bison is extremely durable and requires no priming. Also, it does not require regular maintenance, unlike cheaper models do.

However, you should know that the installation process may seem a bit difficult. So your best option – should you choose to buy this deep-well pump – is to visit the Bison pumps official site for instructions.

You can use this submersible pump throughout the year, including winters, making this deep-well pump one of the best choices for those living in rural areas, off-gridders, and survival enthusiasts.

8 – Deep Well Double Action Force Pump

Deep-Well-Double-Acting-Force-Pump Let us present to you our final pick of this list – a Double-action Force submersible pump for deep static water level pumping.

This deep-well pump is basic and simple in its design. But when you’re looking for a heavy-use pump, there is no other option than to go with something that’s even proved to work centuries ago. The Double-action Force pump is what you need.

With a cylinder that acts upward and downward, you get to pump water faster and in larger amounts. This model is perfect for farms.




Conclusion If you’re an off-gridder, a survival enthusiast, or a farmer, you know how critical it is to have a reliable water source. Using a powered well pump is easy. But at the same time, it makes you vulnerable to power cuts that will make your pump system useless. That is why having a backup hand pump is so important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How deep will a hand well pump work?

Hand pumps are divided into two categories: pumps for deep wells and pumps for shallow wells. The latter category includes models that will work with the shallow static water level pumping from the depths of 10, 20, 25, or 30 feet. If you need to reach deeper, then your choice is a pump with a larger cylinder that will take water from a depth of 100 feet and deeper.

What is the best hand pump for a well?

There are many pump models out there. But one of the best manufacturers is the Bison pumps company. Their products tend to be more expensive than their rivals, but there is no way you will go wrong with a pump made by Bison pumps.

How much does a Bison deep well hand pump cost?

Bison deep-well hand pumps will cost about $1,800. While this price may seem high, you should remember that you get a quality and a lifetime warranty with Bison products.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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