Best Fire Starter Review and Buying Guide

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Perhaps you tried to make a fire for cooking or warm-up at least once and did not forget how much effort you need to make for this task. Watching the fire burn is a fascinating process, but you hardly want to face difficulties and spend a lot of time collecting birch bark and sticks. Undoubtedly, if you go out of town with your family, for instance, to the forest to enjoy warm days and family holidays, you can spend a couple of hours lighting a fire. But what will you do if you need to light fires to survive? Imagine you are left alone in the forest and don’t have time for a grueling process.

In this case, a perfect option to start a fire is a fire starter! The best fire starters instantly help to light the flame so that you can look at the burning sparks and control the burning process. They’re like hitting the easy button for fire-starting because the best fire starters have convenient functionality.

Finding the best fire starter in local stores or online is not easy because there is a wide variety of such products. However, this brief overview contains all the relevant information regarding the best fire starter for lighting a flame. We will look at the key characteristics of fire starters, such as burn time, water resistance, durability, lighting, and resistance to heat, rain, and wind. Thanks to this information, you can quickly choose a resistant to wind and other external influences fire starter!

Best Fire Starters Today: How To Choose And Use In Emergency Situations

Choosing a durable fire starter is worth starting with a comparative analysis. Brands and major manufacturers supply the market with a wide range of such products designed for kindling fire. Without studying the characteristics of fire starters and understanding how they function, you will not be able to choose the best fire starter. Therefore, you need to view the models of the best fire starters presented below and compare them according to several vital criteria.

1. Emergency Fire Starter For Fireplace, Campfire, And Other Purposes

Phone Skope Pyro One of the best fire starters for kindling is the Phone Skope PYRO Putty model! This tool is perfect for kindling a great fire in windy or rainy weather. This fire starter is resistant to external influences, such as rain or wind. Besides, it is easy to use and has a solid construction. Many customers recommend this model, as it will always be helpful in survival and windy conditions.

Why is this fire starter ideal? It is worth noting that this model is waterproof. Even if you drop this fire starter into the water, it will not break, and it is very profitable in terms of price and quality. Also, this model is designed to ignite a flame in conditions of wet snow or even frost. Survivalists note that this device copes with the task perfectly and is an indispensable fire starter for any survival gear. Use the fire starter to start a fire for cooking outdoors or creating flames. Even if your electricity is cut off or some natural disaster begins, you will be able to ignite fuel with this device.

Key features:

  • Burn time is about eight minutes
  • These models stay lit in high wind
  • Waterproof and no harmful toxins

In terms of functionality, this fire starter is perfect. It has more uses than starting fires. For instance, if your tent leaks, you can rub this place with pyrotechnic putty to make it waterproof. Manufacturers supply pyrotechnic putty in protective packaging. The fire starter ignites the flame in a matter of seconds!

However, this model also has some drawbacks. Many customers note that these fire starters light slowly if they get wet. For this reason, you should hide these starters in your backpack, and they don’t get wet. Secondly, the material is not eco-friendly. But despite these disadvantages, this model still deserves attention. The price-quality ratio of this product is excellent, and this model costs no more than $50.

 2. Instant Fire Starter To Light Fast A Roaring Fire

Fireflame Quick The rating of this fire starter is high, as it is safe and water-resistant. Using the FireFlame model from Kiknek company, you will quickly light a fire even in damp conditions. This device is lighter than many other fire starters, and you can carry it anywhere. Although this starter has a slow kindling process, the burn time is about five minutes.

By the way, another advantage of this device is absolute water resistance and environmentally friendly material. All fire starters are made of eco-friendly foil and pressed vegetable oil. This product does not harm the environment and people.

Distinctive features:

  • You can easily carry this fire starter in a backpack or survival gear
  • These models light in any weather
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • These models are ideal for camping at night or survival

Nevertheless, these fire starters quickly break down and break apart. If you plan to go on a long camping trip, buy several tools in stock. Spare fire starters will never be superfluous, and, in a crisis, on the contrary, they will become irreplaceable things. Spare no money and buy FireFlame models for emergencies right now!

3. Durable Fire Starter With Tinder


Thanks to this high-performance, durable, and safe fire starter, sparks from the flame will fly in different directions. This UST Strikeforce model lights up in any weather and is the best in reliability and ease of use. Although these starters are heavy, they have a durable waterproof construction. Besides, these starters can withstand up to 5000 shocks and various external damages. You won’t have to spend money, again and again, buying new starters, as this model will last a long time. Thus, even if a strong wind blows or you spill water on this fire starter, you still won’t break this device. Also, this tool is what you need in terms of price and quality!

4. Ideal Fire Starter For Camping


The Light a Fire model is a favorite of many survivalists, hunters, and fans of camping and evening gatherings around the campfire in June! Many recommend this versatile device because it is durable, comfortable, and lighter than others. The main advantage is an eco-friendly material. The Light a Fire is made of American pine wood shaving and food-grade wax without an unpleasant smell.

As a rule, burn time is about 14 minutes, and it is one of the best indicators! This fire starter functions in any weather, even if there is a strong wind or hurricane outside. However, it is better not to use this tool in rainy weather, as it will quickly get wet and break. Also, according to all safety standards, these models are reliable and safe. If you do not want to buy Light a Fire, look at the product specifications and price in advance. This tool is inexpensive, and besides, you can use it for various needs: campfire, camping, wood stove, charcoal grills, fireplace, or pellet stove.

This fire starter will be an excellent gift, especially if you give it along with a survival kit or a durable knife. Light a Fire simplifies starting a grill, stove, or oven. You don’t need to use paper, wood, or other items to light a fire or fireplace. It’s convenient!

5. ‎Multi-Сoloured Starter From Ultimate Survival Technologies

Blastmatch Firestarter

How about the best one-handed starter, popular among many survivalists and hunters? Have you never bought or used this model? The multi-colored starter from Ultimate Survival Technologies is a simple and easy-to-use device that lights a fireplace, grill, and oven instantly.

These helpful models are made of high-strength and high-quality material. They are resistant to many external influences and are designed for hiking and hunting. Besides, you can carry and store this starter in your pocket or backpack and not worry that it will break. As for the price, this model costs no more than $20.




6. Natural Eco-Wood Firelighters

Wood Products

Fatwood fire starters are made of pine trees and contain a lot of resin, and that’s why they burn easily at humid temperatures. Many buyers noted that one piece of Fatwood burned for 6 minutes! It is also worth noting that the natural starter material is not dangerous to the environment and people since all elements are eco-friendly. Even if you blow on the flame, it will not go out because, thanks to the starter, the burn time is long.

Advantages of this model:

  • Resistant to various influences
  • Natural materials
  • These models burn hot and light easily
  • Lighter than other starters or matches
  • It is convenient to store in a tent or a backpack

7. Magnesium Survival Starters

Survival Spark

One of the most sustainable and reliable models is the Survival Spark. These starters are in demand because they are multifunctional and easy to use. This starter lights up well and is inexpensive. If you buy a knife, compass, or whistle in addition to a fire starter, you will get an excellent kit for crises.

However, one of the drawbacks of this tool is its instability to the wind. Unfortunately, magnesium shavings can blow away at the slightest wave of your hand, and therefore this starter is inconvenient to use in the wind.


8. EXOTAC Men’s Firerod

Exotac Men's Firerod

Ferrocerium rods made of aluminum are an excellent option for igniting fires. This high-quality product applies to any conditions, especially for survival and emergencies. Undoubtedly, you will need time to learn how to use these items. But it’s worth it! There are no better fire tools than EXOTAC Men’s Firerod models!

Distinctive characteristics:

  • Waterproof tinder capsule
  • High-quality and durable
  • Sparks burn at high temperature
  • This model has the ergonomic and reliable aluminum handle
  • Easily lights tinder

The only thing that might alert you is the price. Such models are not cheap, but their quality justifies the price.

9. Midwest Hearth Starter

Fire Up Natural Sustainable

The Midwest Hearth model is one of the best on the market because it combines several functions and features. This starter is an ideal option for survival in the wild, as using this tool you can easily make fire. This model is made of natural materials, and burn time is 11 minutes!

Although this starter is not waterproof and resistant to wind, it serves as an excellent start in the development of fire-starting skills for beginners. Moreover, you can store it in the most secluded place, and it will not interfere with you. Try to test this starter! With this tool, you can cook a meal or create a heating source. In general, you will not regret it if you buy this starter!



10. UST Sparkie Starter

Ust Sparkie Fire Starter

Many hunters and fishermen recommend this starter and note its high efficiency under the most terrible weather conditions. UST Sparkie Starter is an excellent option for travelers and fans of fun camping. You can easily put it in a backpack or jacket pocket, as it is lightweight. Moreover, it is easy to use and does not require special skills.

Thus, today you can find on the market from the most expensive advanced starters to budget ones. Manufacturers annually produce new helpful models that are indispensable in a crisis or survival. Most helpful starters are made of natural materials and have a convenient design. However, always approach the choice of starter consciously, considering all the characteristics and factors.


Main Rules When Choosing A Starter

Fire Starter

Undoubtedly, every starter is fantastic and applicable to any crisis situation. But your main task is to choose the best starter from the best, and this requires certain knowledge. You have to decide which starter you need: waterproof, durable, magnesium, or aluminum? Secondly, define your budget. Many starters are expensive, which can critically affect your finances. Finally, what will you light the starter with: a match or an iron rod?

Below are some rules that you should follow when choosing a starter. These rules will help you quickly find the right item at an affordable price!

Main tips on how to choose a starter:

  • Evaluate the specifications. Review, burn time, resistance to external influences, ease of use, and application.
  • Test the starter ignited from a match or other source.
  • Create a constant flow of air to test the starter for resistance to windy weather.
  • Immerse the starter in water for 10 minutes and check whether it is waterproof or not.
  • Follow the instructions and safety precautions.

Observing the above rules, you will learn how to choose the best starters in stores and check their properties. In addition, these tips will allow you to save money because it is better to buy a high-quality starter once than to constantly buy a low-quality one.

Final Words on Firestarters

To sum up, choosing a survival starter is one of the most important tasks for every survivalist, hunter, and person who wants to be ready for any crisis. You can choose any starter that attracts you in price, quality, and color. The main thing is to choose the best starter for your application, use it to start a fire, and always put safety first when building fires!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What Are Lighter Flints Made Of?

Overall, flint is made of a pyrophoric alloy called ferrocerium. This alloy consists of cerium, lanthanum, iron, magnesium, neodymium, and praseodymium). All elements, including magnesium shavings and a ferrocerium rod, function properly. If you run such an alloy on a rough surface, you will create the smallest metal particles. They ignite instantly and form metal oxides.

How To Make Campfire Starters?

You can use several ways to make fire starters at home. For instance, you will need a cardboard egg box, candle stubs, dryer lint, and other materials to create durable starters. You need to stick a candle stub into the cup of the egg carton and wrap the dryer lint around the stub. This method of creating starters is simple and not energy-consuming. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this process, and the price of the necessary materials is acceptable.

How To Make A Fire Starter Log?

Firstly, create a double boiler by placing the empty can in the pan with water. Secondly, put the candle in the can and heat the water to melt the wax. The next step is to place cardboard tubes in the tin and pile them into each tube. Don’t forget to stuff potpourri and melted wax into each tube. So, you will get an excellent fire starter log for a campfire or fire pit.

How To Use A Magnesium Fire Starter Stick?

A magnesium starter is a convenient tool for burning fires, for instance, on the lakeshore. You can use such a tool as follows:

  1. With the back of the knife, scrape off small pieces of magnesium into a pile.
  2. Take a paper or dry grass (something that will light up quickly) and put it on top of the magnesium.
  3. Using the flint part of the magnesium lighter and the back of the knife, strike so that sparks fly.
  4. Make sure that the paper or grass catches fire from burning magnesium.

What Are Fire Starter Sticks Made Of?

Most manufacturers make such sticks from eco-friendly materials: wood, high-quality food paraffin, or pine trees. Indeed, these fire starter sticks do not contain any harmful chemical impurities and are a natural alternative to traditional matches or lighters.

How To Use Fire Starter Bricks?

Use the following instructions for starting a fire with fire starter bricks. Choose a place where you will make a bonfire. This place should preferably be windless and sheltered from other precipitation. After, make fire starter bricks from the appropriate materials. Usually, such fire starter bricks are organic and do not contain harmful substances. Finally, light and enjoy a fire that burns for several minutes!

How To Make Fire Starters Out Of Dryer Lint?

Overall, you can make a starter out of dryer lint using household items. Firstly, collect the materials (dryer lint, an empty pack of eggs, candle stubs, scissors, dental floss). Secondly, cut the candle wax and fill the egg pack with dryer lint. After, you need to cut the carton into compartments filled with lint and tie them with a thread. Melt the wax and fill the compartments. Finally, light your starter!

How Is Ferrocerium Made?

Usually, ferrocerium is made from the following chemicals: cerium, lanthanum, neodymium and iron. Manufacturers also add magnesium and lanthanides. When hitting a harder material, the mixture forms hot sparks reaching a high temperature.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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