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As to the crucial things for survival, survival food comes to mind first. Another thing— water supplies, that you cannot live without in everyday life, not to mention some hard situations. All professional homesteaders, survivalists, and preppers are united by putting knowledge and skills first. If one is well-prepared, the survival chances maximize manifold. If you know for sure how to act in a dangerous situation and your survival bag is crammed with quality survival gear, the only thing left to catch on is expansive knowledge. For that— we write our articles. Read on!

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While resting in nature or surviving after a disaster, you want to feel as comfortable as at home. And what could be better than drinking some hot tea, coffee, or brewing revitalizing herbs? It is most convenient to boil water for these purposes in a special tourist kettle. Many tourists claim that you can boil water in a cooking pot. Yes, you can, but it’s extremely inconvenient and takes a great while.

First, the pot smells like food, no matter how hard you clean it, which will unpleasantly affect the taste of the hot drinks you want to make. In addition, pouring water from such dishes into cups is hard because its main purpose is to prepare food.

There are a lot of special kettles on the tourist market these days. They differ in shape, size, design, material, and so on. In this Kelly Kettle review, we will tell you about Kelly Kettles.

And all the Kelly Kettle product line is undoubtedly the leader among other camp stoves available on the market today.

How Kelly Kettle Works

Yrtiypul The design features of the Kelly Kettle are unique in shape. Kelly Kettle consists of two primary components (the kettle itself and a fire-base), making it a hollow wall volcano camp stove, where the water is inside the walls. And it is fair to say that the Kelly Kettle cooking system works the same as a rocket stove.

Thus, you heat the inner wall, and at the same time, the fresh low-bleach water inside, which makes the process much faster. This Kelly Kettle structure increases the area of contact of the kettle with fire and, accordingly, the speed of boiling water.

It is not always possible to quickly make a campfire and boil water in a kettle on it. It always depends on the terrain, dry wood nearby, and the weather since the task becomes much more difficult in a strong wind or light rain.

Camp Stove With Kelly Kettle, you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions, just throw dry twigs or other materials inside the kettle’s chimney and set it on fire. Just start the fire at the fire-base of it in any convenient way. In the hollow middle part of the Kelly Kettle, called the chimney, there will be a fire in the walls the water boils.

This way, you will have a bonfire inside the Kelly Kettle system that will not smolder from a gust of wind or wet soil.






What you also need to know about Kelly

Kelly Kettle New Any fuel is suitable for boiling water. In this case, natural fuels are any solid material you can find outdoors, such as dry twigs, pine cones, wood chips, or leaves. To boil water in a kettle from Kelly, even a small amount of combustion materials will be enough, so you do not have to carry fuel or alcohol burner in your backpack.

By the way, you can purchase a useful accessory for the kettle. Pot Stand by Kelly allows you to cook food at the same time as boiling water. Simply place the Pot Stand with raised pot supports on the kettle’s chimney and put a small frying pan or cooking pot on top for a hot and quick meal. Such Kelly Kettle accessories will turn a regular kettle into a convenient hobo-style stove.


Kelly Kettle Variety

The types of Kelly Kettles are quite similar. The only difference is in the material from which the kettles are made. Here you will find information about the features of each material depending on the specific type of Kelly Kettles.

The most common and reliable materials for Kelly Kettles are stainless steel and anodized aluminum. However, due to the variety of models, every tourist will choose the most suitable option for their particular case and cooking purposes.

1. Scout Kelly Kettle

  • Stainless steel

Scout 41 The Stainless Steel Scout Kettle is one of the most sought-after kettles on the market today. It is comfortable, reliable but not very suitable for hiking. The fact is that stainless steel products are quite heavy. That is, it will significantly increase the backpack weight during the trip. Therefore, it is more beneficial to use the stainless steel alternative when car camping.

Regardless, the Scout Kettle is very useful during harsh weather conditions. Such a kettle can boil water in a few minutes, despite strong gusts of wind, blizzard, or storm.

The size of this kettle is medium but quite spacious, perfect for small groups of people. The Stainless Steel Scout model holds up about 40 fluid ounces and has a special whistle that notifies you about rolling boil.

  • Aluminum

Kelly Kettle Scout 41 The aluminum version of Kelly Kettles is leading in the number and prevalence among tourists. The reasons are obvious but significant: the relatively low price, durability, and lightweight of these camping kettles (the Aluminum Scout Kettle weighs less than two pounds).

The Aluminum Scout Kelly Kettle holds up the same as a Stainless Steel Scout Kettle, just over 40 ounces of water. It also has a convenient whistle for rolling boil notification.




2. Base Camp Kelly Kettle

  • Stainless steel

Kelly Kettle Base Camp Stainless Steel Basic Kit 54 Oz The stainless steel version of the Base Camp Kettle has a natural fuel cooking system. You even do not have to use too much fuel to make a hot and fresh drink. To start a fire, you will need any natural material that you can find around the camping: pine cones, wood chips, or a used coffee filter. You can add more fuel during the process, but we are sure that even a couple of twigs and leaves would be enough.


  • Means for lighting a fire are not so numerous and include regular matches and lighters. The most convenient way to start the fire is with a gas burner, of course, if you have one. Given the size of the material required, this will take only a few seconds.

Big Base Camp Kelly Kettle is made of stainless steel and has a 54 ounces liquid capacity, making it excellent for hiking with a few friends.

It is also convenient that the fire-base of the Base Camp Kettle is adjustable and can be flipped into its bottom. This is useful when you don’t have a lot of space in your camping gear.

A handy whistle will warn you about boiled water, and the solid structure of the Base Camp Kettle will allow you to heat water even in the most severe weather conditions.

  • Aluminum

Kelly Kettle Large Anodized Aluminum 54 Oz. Anodized aluminum is a lighter-weight type of the Kelly Kettle. Water quickly boils in it. Besides, it is quite budget-friendly and as multifunctional as other models of this brand.

The advantage of anodized aluminum is that it is a stronger and more durable material.

All other characteristics of anodized aluminum are the same as regular aluminum. It is light (this Kelly Kettle model weighs just over two pounds), capacious (like Steel Base Camp Kettle, rated for 54 fluid ounces), durable, and easy to keep the kettle clean.

However, the base of the aluminum Base Camp Kettles is made of steel. This is because aluminum is a soft metal that can deform under high temperatures, losing its shape and main features.

3. Trekker Kelly Kettle

  • Stainless steel

Kelly Kettle Trekker 20 As with the previous Kelly Kettle model, the fire-base of the Trekker Kettle is made of stainless steel to make it more long-lasting and reliable. Certainly, among other advantages, steel is incredibly resistant to damages and does not rust in high humidity conditions.

One of the main criteria when buying any tourist kettle is its capacity. Therefore, it is important to choose the size based on the number of people who will use the kettle during the hike. The more people gather the more capacity of the kettle will be required.

This compact Trekker Kettle for 20 ounces of liquid is convenient for hiking up to two people. In addition, it takes up almost no space among other equipment, which makes it useful for dynamic outdoor activities.

Besides, it is also a great option for transporting cold water safely.

  • Aluminum

Https:// Thanks to a special alloy, the Aluminum Trekker Kettle allows you to quickly boil water no matter what conditions you do it around.

If you are a camper trying to lighten the weight of your hiking backpack, then this Trekker Kettle will please you with its weight of just over one pound and compact dimensions (designed to boil 20 ounces of liquid).

To make sure that Trekker Kettles are perfect for hiking, take a look at their packaging. The fire-base is made of high-quality material for long service life, and the convenient drawstring carrying bag allows you to expand your carrying options.


Kettle Kits

You can collect a set by yourself by buying all the elements separately for your specific personal needs and requirements by purchasing camping utensils. But this method is unlikely will save much space in your backpack and lessen its weight.

There is a very large selection of tourist kettle kits on the market today, and this part of the Kelly Kettle review will help you figure out what kind of kits you might need and the difference between them.

Each camping Kelly Kettle cooking set is made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Let’s take a look at the Kelly Kettle cooking sets.

1. Ultimate Kelly Kettle kits

Kelly Kettle cooking sets can include a variety of items and accessories. It all depends on your needs, whether you are planning a long hike or a short tourist trip outdoors. All-in kits are more suitable for long hikes and activities, and in this part of the Kelly Kettle review, we will tell you more about various kinds of such kits.

  • Aluminum

For tourists whose importance is the speed of movement and the size of the backpack, sets made of aluminum are best suited, since it takes up space to a minimum due to its compactness and lightweight.

1. Kelly Kettle Scout and Base Camp kits

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit 41

The Ultimate Scout and Base Camp kits have many useful accessories, which come in handy when you want to quickly make some hot and fresh meal. The elements in those two sets are the same, except for the kettle sizes.

So, along with Base Camp and Scout kettles, Ultimate Kelly Kettle cooking sets also include:

  • Larger fire-base and cookset
  • Cooking pot support
  • Hobo stove
  • Aluminum cups and plates (two of each)
  • Carrying Bag

2. Kelly Kettle Trekker kit

The Ultimate Trekker kit has the same set of cooking utensils as the previous two. But hobo camp stoves, cookset, and other elements in Trekker kits are more miniature than the Scout and Base Camp ones.


Moreover, there is only one cup to fit into the Trekker Kelly Kettle, which may be a bit unhandy if two people want to use this kit. However, it is still a great cooking set that you can use to enjoy a fresh meal during your trip.

  • Stainless steel

The Ultimate Steel Base Camp, Scout, and Trekker kits have the same elements as the aluminum versions:

  • Base Camp, Scout, or Trekker kettle
  • Larger fire-base and cookset
  • Cooking pot support
  • Hobo stove
  • Steel cups and plates (two of each)
  • Carrying Bag

Steel sets are much stronger and durable than aluminum versions. They do not deform or scratch easily. Yet steel cookware is slightly heavier than aluminum, but this does not affect its efficiency in any way.

High-quality camping cookware is usually very durable and will ultimately save you both money, and the time you would have spent picking and buying new utensils.

Basic Kelly Kettle kits

  • Aluminum

Unlike other camp stoves, the anodized aluminum sets have less weight but must be handled with special care, as they can bend when you accidentally hit or drop them. Cooking sets produced with aluminum are mainly intended for boiling water and cooking food applying the fire-base that comes with each set.

These Kelly Kettle sets are perfect not only for campers but especially for hikers, climbers, or cyclists where the weight of the equipment is extremely important.

1. Base Camp kit

Kelly Kettle Trekker 20 Oz The basic aluminum Kelly Kettle cooking kit consists of the following items:

The Kelly Kettle camping sets have a significant plus. Kelly Kettle company usually uses such a design of all elements that can be easily folded into one another, saving space in your already bulky backpack.

In this set, the composition is as follows:

  • Large Base Camp Kelly Kettle
  • Fire-base
  • Pot support and cookset
  • Carrying bag

2. Scout kit

Kelly Kettle Trekker 20 Oz The basic Scout Kelly Kettle Kit, in addition to essential cooking elements, also includes some extra accessories, the same as you can find in the Base Camp model:

  • Medium Scout Kelly Kettle
  • Fire-base
  • Pot support and cookset
  • Carrying bag




3. Trekker kit

Kelly-Kettle-Review-Base-Camp-Kit Along with the portable Trekker kettle, this kit has the same items as the previous two Kelly Kettle ones unless the size of the accessories is much more compact.

Such cooking sets weigh almost nothing, yet they are very durable and reliable. Perfect for cooking food for one or two people.

  • Stainless steel

Kelly Kettle Trekker 20 Oz 2

Kelly Kettle cooking kits made of steel do not differ much from aluminum ones in additional elements. It also includes Scout, Base Camp, and Trekker kettles, and a fire-base.

However, there are a couple of differences. The steel Kelly Kettle sets also have:

  • A grill grate
  • Hobo stove
  • Pot handle
  • Portable cooking pot

Such a combination of elements is good because such sets of cooking utensils can be compactly assembled so that you end up with a small bag with everything you need for cooking food most comfortably.

Kelly Kettle Recommendations

A few things you need to know before using the Kelly Kettle:

  • Kelly Kettle Pot Stand can be used only for simple meals, such as instant noodles, rice, dehydrated meals, or scrambled eggs.
  • Do not use the Pot Stand when the Kelly Kettle is not filled with water. It can damage the kettle and even make some holes due to the peculiarities of heat distribution.
  • Make sure you removed the rubber stopper when heating water. When the water evaporates, and steam is about to come out, a hard pressure appears inside the kettle, which can easily blow out the rubber stopper and water under strong pressure.
  • The kettle chimney, inner, and outer walls are extremely hot. Be sure to take the kettle by the wooden handle. Otherwise, you may be injured. You can use the handle along with the stopper chain for more convenience.
  • Each Kelly Kettle set made of steel can be attached to the outer part of the backpack with a special drawstring. It is fairly strong, and nothing bad will happen to it.
  • Aluminum kettles should be stored inside your gear bag since it takes up minimal space due to their compactness, and outside of the bag, such kettles might be damaged by tree branches or stones.

Potsupportnew The Kelly family has a huge range of related products. However, for everything to work in the best possible way and the kettle, it is best to use additional accessories from this particular brand that come with their drawstring carrying bag.

This is necessary not only for convenience but above all for your safety since the elements in each Kelly Kettle cook set perfectly work combined. Moreover, you can use the kettle as a container for the whole Kelly cook set, saving space in your backpack during active camping trips.

Kelly Kettle Review Breakdown

Kelly Kettle is one of the most reliable travel utensil brands in the global market. The materials used to create kettles of this brand are high quality and reliable. By purchasing Kelly Kettle gear, you can go camping with confidence and without fear of its possible malfunctions.

All in all, choosing a kettle for camping is not so difficult. You just first need to decide on its purpose, the occasion of using it, the quality of the material (steel or aluminum), and the cost you are planning to spend. Also, knowing the conditions of your trip, make a decision and choose the kettle that would perfectly suit your needs.


  • Be sure to remove the rubber stopper to avoid steam burns when boiling liquids in the kettle and place the system in a stable position.

Good luck with your choice, and have a pleasant time outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a Kelly Kettle be used indoors?

Kelly Kettle models are available in stainless steel or aluminum. Both are strong, durable materials that are corrosion and damage-resistant. It is easy to clean such kettles and requires little maintenance.

This can be used even at home, but it is fraught with smoke in the room. So, one way or another, to heat water in such a kettle, you must first make a fire. And as we know, there is no fire without smoke.

From a safety rules point of view, it is not recommended to use Kelly Kettles indoors.

What is a Kelly Kettle used for?

A portable kettle is an essential gear every hiker should have for a better outdoor experience. Traveling in the mountains or doing other activities in the wilderness, you want to drink hot tea to warm up and continue to enjoy your day. Moreover, such a device is simply vital when you need to cook some hot and fresh food.

The Kelly Kettle provides you with a special opportunity to heat water and cook food in all weather conditions. For those who prefer active recreation in nature, buying a tourist Kelly Kettle will be a great idea, as it will certainly become a necessary item while cooking outdoors.

And even in the event of an electric kettle breakdown or a power outage in your house, you will certainly be glad that you have a camping kettle that will not leave you in trouble.

Also, special extra accessories such as a hobo stove, a small alcohol stove, aluminum or steel plates, and cups of different sizes will help you cook comfortably and quickly wherever you go. It is convenient to use, compact, and portable, all the features you want your camping kettle to have.

Why is it called a Kelly Kettle?

The history of the Kelly Kettle brand is quite interesting. For the first time, such a kettle appeared in the 1890s on a small farm in Ireland. The owner of this farm, Patrick Kelly, invented this tin kettle after a cold winter and many experiments with materials.

By the way, now the company is owned by the great-grandchildren of Patrick Kelly, so it can be considered a family business.

Where is Kelly Kettles made?

The first Kelly Kettle prototype was made long ago on a farm in Mayo County, Ireland. Today, Kelly Kettles are manufactured in the UK and China company factories.

It is fair to say that the production of aluminum models is located in both countries, while stainless steel products are produced only in China.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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