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More and more people nowadays get interested in “medicals” created by “nature itself”. Tired of pills, people look for certified organic gifts of the Earth, obtaining either healing features or simply those who can provide at least some health benefits.

One of such obviously “beneficial” gifts is the mullein plant. Today, it will be the focus of our discussion.

Benefits of Herbs

Luckily for people, the surrounding environment has created a range of plant spices, which proved their effectiveness to support the human body and even cure certain infections. The research demonstrates that a single herb can produce several beneficial effects on a body.

Despite the fact that not all of the herb alternatives obtain a pleasant flavor or taste, making teas of those can relieve stress, reduce muscle strain, and produce a soothing effect. To gain these benefits, one simply has to drink some decoction (or tea) created from the flowers or leaves of the herbs.

However, most people should be ready that drinking such tea will not bring the magic. To stay “healthy and wealthy”, according to the research, one should do sports, sleep enough time each night, and even consume additional vitamins. For example, vitamin C activates the immune system of the organism, protects it from the influenza virus and some other dangerous bacteria, and even makes wounds heal quicker. Or, say, vitamin D is widely used to strengthen the bones and the teeth. 

But still, adding the proper teas to the diet (in accordance with your needs) can bring significant health benefits and help people avoid catching unpleasant infections. A herb that we will be discussing in detail today is a mullein plant — and, correspondingly, mullein tea, produced from it.

We will discuss the best manufacturers suggesting tea options available on the market today, explore the herb in detail: its appearance and characteristics, and even learn how to create decoctions using mullein collected by yourself.

Trustworthy Organic Mullein Leaf Tea Manufacturers

Now, if you want to prepare mullein tea, you will have to buy it at first, unless you are living in the area where mullein plants are growing. Usually, you can find it on the forest edges, on stony and sandy steep slopes, covered by a sufficient amount of sun, and even on the pastures — places, where shepherds graze the cattle.

But, if you are a city resident, living in the stone jungles, chances are that buying mullein tea on the market is your only option. That is why let us get you acquainted with some trustworthy manufacturers who sell mullein leaf tea for an affordable price.

Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas Organic Mullein Leaf Tea The first candidate on our list is Buddha Teas. Buddha Teas company is known for creating organic teas that serve health purposes. Besides mullein plants, Buddha Teas also manufacture products from other herbs, such as dandelion root tea, lavender tea, sage leaf tea, and many others.

Mullein leaf tea by Buddha Teas includes bleach-free tea bags, also free of caffeine, GMO, and gluten — a perfect option for people prone to various allergies. When creating their teabags, they include zero preservatives or additives (no artificial flavors guaranteed) to keep the product pure and useful for health — dried leaves are the basement of the drink.

You can order their products on either the official website of Buddha Teas or on such platforms as Amazon. The company is known for frequent sales and prices that will not damage your wallet.

Rokit Teas

Rokit Teas Another company that suggests high-quality mullein tea bags is Rokit Teas. They are known for providing different sets of packages that include different amounts of tea bags. The more you order — the lower the price for a single tea bag pack. There are such options which include 2, 4, or even 6 boxes (each box includes 18 bags). it will be totally enough for the entire family if you want.

Mullein Tea by Rokit Teas, just like the previously mentioned company, includes bleach-free tea bags, which are, by the way, eco-friendly: each bag is created as a biodegradable product that will produce zero damage for the planet after its use.

In a sense, this is a sweeter tea than the one suggested by Buddha Teas. And still, manufacturers suggest adding honey or sugar to the cup to make the process of tea consumption a pleasant and memorable experience. We think that it is a debatable piece of advice — additional sugar is probably not the best idea for people who struggle with diabetes of any type. And yet, this remains up to the consumers.

Gabio Green

Mullein Organic

The last but not the least company that we would like to mention on the list is Gabio Green. They are rated relatively high among the plant tea producers — customers rate them 4.5 stars out of 5.

One of the best products they suggest is the tea produced from dried mullein leaves. In other words, it is not in bags — you use a special kettle for preparing and drinking the product. Mullein tea by Gabio Green fits the needs of all ages: from teenagers to elderly people. It helps with breath-related problems, produces soothing effects, and serves as the aid for people struggling from constant coughing.

Their mullein leaf tea only requires fresh boiling water to get prepared. Unlike bag teas, which can “produce” a maximum of one cup of tea, a tea from dried mullein leaves, brewed in a kettle, can deliver its best benefits to the entire family at once.

The Herb In Detail

People started using mullein extract a long time ago, once they discovered its health-stimulating features. Poured with hot water, the dried leaves of the plant relieve coughing during asthma or bronchitis, and, in general, fight the causes which irritate the lungs by removing the excess mucus.

It works perfectly well as an expectorant, helping deal with infections that touch lungs and produce unpleasant coughs. According to the research, adding a cup of such tea to your diet prevents you from catching colds, protects your throat from strain, and, generally, improves your health — in other words, one should not neglect the plant and its advantages.

Some test-tube studies demonstrated that mullein extract is useful when one has to treat ear infections — adding it to ear drops is a well-known solution, applied even in medical conditions. In combination with other extracts and minerals, this flowering plant is used in asthma treatment, and in combination with honey, mullein extract allows to treat bronchitis and colds.

Mullein Plants Description

In general, each person who has ever seen mullein in life or in the pictures will be able to recognize it and see it in reality. As we already know, it can be observed on steep surfaces with an excessive amount of sunlight. It has well-recognizable flowers: with yellow petals and red centers.

Mullein is a tall plant: it can reach up to 2 meters in height, with flowers on the top. These flowers usually appear in July and in August — in general, in the second half of the summer. They are also used when preparing mullein decoction — they add a sweet flavor to the drink (people with serious food allergies should stay cautious when consuming it — before doing so, one should attend a consultation with a therapist).

How To Apply Mullein?

People who have never dealt with this herb might experience complications when taking it at hand for the first time. For unprepared users, it is unclear for how long one should brew mullein before consumption. If you buy this tea in packages, the manufacturers usually provide instructions on how to use the product directly on the pack.

But what if one lives on the territories where mullein grows naturally?

In general, there are two ways a person can apply mullein manually:

  • To make an infusion from mullein flowers
  • To make tea from mullein flowers and leaves

An infusion from mullein flowers

To create such an infusion, one has to follow several simple rules:

  • Find healthy flowers of the herb and collect them
  • Dry them up
  • Grind them into a coarse powder (with small pieces of flowers remaining whole)
  • Use one tablespoon with 200 ml of boiling water: mix them together
  • Let it stay for approximately 15-20 minutes
  • Get rid of the wet flower powder
  • Consume 1 tablespoon per 3 hours in cases of the excessive cough

A tea from flowers and leaves

Creating tea from this herb is simpler than one can think of it. The only peculiarity is that it is better to collect leaves of mullein before it starts flourishing at the end of the summer. Consider June as the perfect period for this activity.

When you collect the leaves, dried them up, and ground them into the powder, you can start using them. Take a middle-size kettle, put two tablespoons of the mullein powder in it, and add boiling water.

After that, let it stay for 3-4 hours. Then, get rid of the powder, so that only the liquid part remains in the kettle or any other vessel. Fill 15-20% of the cup with the decoction you received, add hot water and consume it warm, just like any other tea.

A Fun Fact

Now, when you already know quite a lot about the mullein and its advantages, and before we move to the conclusion, let us share a fun fact with you: mullein, when added to the water, is capable of making fish inside fall asleep. Scientists cannot claim for sure why it happens, but if even fish cannot resist the herb, people suffering from insomnia will definitely find their salvation in it!

Instead Of The Conclusion

More than one study was conducted in the area of plant decoction’s effects on the human bodies. People suffering from coughs of different natures can try mullein tea to relieve the seizures. But, before drinking this beverage, those who have been experiencing cases of food allergy should address doctors on this issue.

Mullein tea itself is a relatively tasty decoction with a slightly sweet flavor — but, like any other plant-based teas, mullein has a specific taste, which one probably will have to get used to. The research showed a significant amount of positive features associated with mullein decoction consumption — the majority of those are available on the Internet, and the most curious readers can google them themselves.

Thus, if you have been dealing with some cough cases for a while, you can try this nice and available product by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I drink mullein tea every day?

Test-tube studies demonstrated that mullein extracts appeared to be helpful in lung disease treatment, in cases of chronic asthma, with excessive cough, and to reduce throat pain. In general, the mullein plant is associated with health advantages, and it is difficult to overdose on mullein tea. Yes, you can drink mullein decoction every day, but it is not recommended to drink it more frequently than four times per day.

Does mullein tea make you sleepy?

According to research, mullein tea positively affects people’s sleep. It improves its quality and makes falling asleep an easier process. It can be used to treat cases of slight insomnia, but it is not an “everything-solving” medicine. Anyways, despite the fact that mullein tea can make you somewhat sleepy, you can still manage the means of transportation after consuming it.


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