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Today, in 2023, more and more manufacturers offer travelers and fans of an active pastime (hiking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting) a wide range of ready meals for a quick and hearty dinner. At the same time, companies produce products that can be easily combined to create a varied menu. This fast food method allows travelers, climbers, hunters, and other fans of long trips to eat if there are no cafes and restaurants nearby.

One of the best companies supplying an emergency food kit to the market is Augason Farms! Augason Farms is a famous company that offers people a wide variety of products and a flexible food system since Augason Farms products are easy to combine. The company adheres to a systematic approach to business development and focuses on the needs of a wide range of consumers. If you haven’t heard of Augason Farms yet, it’s time to order a sweet and crispy snack or Augason Farms diced carrots!

This detailed article provides all the necessary information about Augason Farms products, fast delivery, and where to find retail stores. You will also learn about the advantages of this company and what products Augason Farms company offers customers. Read the article carefully to be aware of all events and current prices!

Augason Farms: Emergency Food Supply In Various Situations

1) High Trust Rating

As already noted, the products of Augason Farms are in great demand, as evidenced by high ratings and positive customer reviews. According to current data, the company’s overall rating is about 85/100 points! It is significantly higher than that of other manufacturers.

People trust Augason Farms because the company provides high-quality service and healthy food at affordable prices:

  • Pasta dishes
  • Liquid honey
  • Dried sweet corn
  • Vegetable oil
  • Sweet cream butter
  • Cabbage flakes
  • Other nutritious food

The company receives the most positive ratings due to the excellent quality of food, a decent price-quality ratio, and customer orientation. Consumers appreciate the individual approach of Augason Farms to everyone because the company makes it possible to eat quickly and deliciously in a survival environment.

Ready meals from Augason Farms are perfect for you if you are on a hike or in the woods and do not have the opportunity to eat in a cafe or cook a meal. Try to assemble your emergency food kit yourself! You can find Augason Farms products on Amazon or the manufacturer’s official website. Check out the current prices and order emergency food!

2) Main Comparison Criteria

Depending on your goals and approach to planning for emergencies and natural disasters, you can choose any emergency food. Below is the most objective rating of Augason Farms and the advantages of products compared with competitors’ products.

1 – Delicious Taste

According to customer reviews and overall ratings, Augason Farms provides a high-quality emergency food supply to consumers. Many buyers note that emergency food from Augason Farms is edible and has a fantastic taste!

For instance, many people recommend the following ready meals:

  • Soup mixes (chicken noodle soup, corn chowder soup, or creamy potato soup)
  • The Augason Farms spinach flakes that you can add to pasta or sauces
  • Creamy soup blend that will win your heart with an unforgettable robust flavor
  • Stir-fried rice and pre-cooked beef (or freeze-dried beef)
  • Healthy vegetables (chopped onions, tomatoes, corn) and hot oatmeal

Fans of fast food and ready meals buy such products because it is a unique and convenient option for a snack or a lunch. Many soup mixes contain meat and vegetables and have a mouthwatering flavor, and it’s delicious!

2 – Variety Of Products

As a rule, stock Augason Farms has a wide range of ingredients! In this matter, Augason Farms has no competitor brands because the company supplies a large number of products from the stock to the market. For instance, you can order short-term food kits that include about six healthy meals. One of the favorites is the1-year 1-person premium emergency evacuation kit, which many customers recommend. This kit contains two soups, cheese rice with broccoli, rice with a creamy texture, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, and several snacks (stock banana chips).

On the other hand, if you want to eat more nutritious meals, you can order a bulk supply kit. This emergency food supply includes various ingredients and dishes from meat, pasta, cereals, or fish. You can order any emergency food supply kit to cook pizza, omelet, or baked turkey. As for bakery products, these emergency food supply sets include the tastiest buns and blueberry muffins. By ordering one emergency food supply kit, you will be satisfied with this purchase and the quality of the products! Browse the entire range of products, including a home emergency supply, and choose the right one on the online store!

3 – Emergency Food Storage

Perhaps one of the main distinguishing features of the products from Augason Farms is the long shelf life. As a rule, the duration of stock food storage (stock scrambled egg mix, stock honey powder, stock bell peppers, popular creamy wheat cereal, stock pre-peeled) is from 10 to 30 years. But you need to understand that, for instance, dairy products (powdered milk or nonfat dry milk) and banana chips have the shortest shelf life. For this reason, you need to check your products regularly and change your food supplies!

Another advantage of emergency food storage from Augason Farms is the long-term storage of products after opening cans. Even if you have opened, for instance, dehydrated butter powder, this product may last up to a year. It is beneficial because you won’t have to throw away the can after a few days. Also, food in the emergency grab-and-go pills is individual packages inside the pail. But you will need a wrench to open such cans!

4 – Quick Cooking

Although the products of this company are of high quality and delicious, one of the disadvantages is the relatively long cooking time (about 20 minutes). It’s not convenient when you’re outdoors because you’ll spend more time than usual. Moreover, you will have to use more dishes and, accordingly, you need to wash them after cooking.

If you want to use emergency food supply kits, you will need a fuel supply, kitchen utensils, and an oven. Therefore, it is better to think about this moment in advance so that after buying ready meals, you will not be disappointed by the process.

5 – Excellent Pricing

The ratio of price and quality of products is perfect! Augason Farms offers excellent options for ready food kits, and many buyers note this feature. On average, a can costs less than a dollar, and a dish with meat costs about $1.5. Not every store has such favorable offers, so do not miss the opportunity to try such an inexpensive food option. You can order products through online sales channels such as Walmart and Amazon.

6 – Ideal Customer Service Team

As a rule, the customer service works perfectly, and many customers note the attentive attitude of specialists. Besides, the website is informative and easy to use. Nevertheless, the company does not offer a loyalty program or free samples.

7 – Gluten-free And Vegan Entrees

For allergy sufferers, Augason Farms offers a wide range of gluten-free products. This assortment is quite enough for you to cook a delicious lunch or dinner. By the way, vegetarians can order bean burgers or other dishes that do not contain meat. Unfortunately, if you are lactose intolerant, you’d better buy alternative milk (banana, almond, coconut, or powdered milk).

8 – Typical Flavor Characteristics

It is difficult to evaluate short-term and long-term food kits since ready food is not always healthy. But if you use bulk ingredients, you can eat a balanced meal containing proteins and vitamins. Below are the main components that products from Augason Farms have.

  • Protein and sodium

Food short-term and emergency evacuation kits contain a low amount of protein. However, dishes containing meat and beans, on the contrary, include more protein. The website offers a wide selection of different products, and you can order the desired product yourself (for instance, whole egg powder, pie crusts, or favorite soup mixes). The amount of sodium in food is high, but most of the competitors’ products have the same amount of sodium.

  • Carbohydrates and sugar

Ready meals with a high carbohydrate content have lower sugar content. Even flakes or the Augason Farms tomato powder contain no more than 10 grams of sugar. It is an excellent dehydrated food item!

  • Vitamins

The content of vitamins and minerals in these products is low, and it is one of the disadvantages of these food packages. Although these foods contain potassium, magnesium, and iron, they are still not healthy enough.

Types Of Food Supply Kits

1 – Short-Term Food Kits

At stock Augason Farms you will also find a couple of short-term food kits for quick snacks. Popular among such kits are the following:

Short-term food kits are nutritious and contain a perfect amount of calories. If you order such products, you will be satisfied! Moreover, by adding several ingredients to dishes (for example, whole egg powder), you will be active and cheerful all day.

2 – Long-Term Food Kits

The company offers several long-term food kits:

  • Evacuation food supplies (heavy-duty buckets that contain prepared meals)
  • Shelter-in-place food supplies (cans of bulk food supplies designed to be stored at home)
  • Emergency preparedness supplies (a mixture of bulk-food cans and emergency evacuation food buckets)

The average daily calorie intake in kits varies from 1200 to 2140 (the 4-person ultimate emergency preparedness kit). At the same time, when buying a grocery set, you get detailed information about all the ingredients.

3 – Bulk Food Supplies

If you are a fan of bulk products, you are lucky with Augason Farms, as the company offers a wide range of such ingredients. You can order, for instance, dairy products (non-fat dry milk), protein – freeze-dried meat, or peanut butter. Many amazing customers recommend legumes and grain products (rice, pasta, oats), fruits, and vegetables (chopped onions). All products are available on Amazon, and you can view all production and shipping capacities!

Final Words

Thus, the manufacturer Augason Farms offers a fantastic range of products with a long shelf life. Many people can buy ingredients and products (stock dried meat, pie crusts, fruits, and vegetables) to cook in a crisis. However, choose products considering their taste and aromatic characteristics and their usefulness. Also, take care of a long-term water and fuel storage plan in a crisis. Go to the Amazon website and order products from Augason Farms, and you will not regret the choice!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How Do I Store Augason Farms Foods?

As a rule, it is better to store food in a cool and dry place. The shelf life may vary depending on the storage conditions. If you want your products not to spoil instantly, do not open all the cans and food kits. Read the instructions and make sure that the room temperature is low. Remember that proper emergency food storage affects the taste qualities of products.

Is Augason Healthy Food?

Not all products from Augason Farms are healthy, as most short-term food kits contain many calories. However, if you want to eat good food, you can add various ingredients with vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Augason Farms offers consumers several such healthy food kits. Besides, many products are valuable, especially at the most critical moment. By the way, dried whole egg powder adds versatility to your emergency food supply, and banana mixture adds mouthwatering flavor!

How To Buy Augason Farms Products?

You can buy Augason Farms products online, on Amazon, or on the manufacturer’s official website. The website is intuitive and informative, and you can view all the products and even filter them by categories. Each good food kit has a detailed description, including shelf life, preparation, and shipping.

Are Augason Farms Eco-Concious Foods?

There is no definite answer. On the one hand, many products contain vitamins and minerals and are environmentally friendly. However, most meat dishes, soup mixes, or flavoring additives have harmful chemical elements and are not environmentally friendly products. Remember that ready food is not intended for a healthy diet, as the composition of such products is harmful.

Do I Really Need A “Food Grade” Bucket To Store Food Long Term?

Not always! If you have, for instance, a basement in the house or a garage, you can store food there. As a rule, a Food Grade Bucket is necessary for those people who do not know where to store most of the products. If you still want to buy a Food Grade Bucket, use it for its intended purpose.

Where Is Augason Farms Located?

Augason Farms company was established in 1972 and is now one of the best manufacturers of ready-made food. The legal address is the following: 1911 S. 3850 W. Salt Lake City, UT 84104. However, the company has its own online store, and you can easily find products from Augason Farms on Amazon.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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