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We know many canned products, starting from beans and vegetables to meat and fruits, but hearing about canned bacon in 2023 may be confusing. Even though the majority strives to minimize eating canned foods and replace them with fresh substitutes, sometimes there is no way to avoid buying a canned meal. For instance, when you go camping for a couple of days, you rarely consider bringing raw bacon with you. 

So, if you did not know about canned bacon and think you will prefer classical raw bacon more, this article is for you. Moreover, if you are already a fan of canned meat, do not hesitate to read this text and know which brands of canned bacon have the best taste quality and storage conditions so that you can enjoy your ready-to-eat canned feast!

Why Choose Canned Bacon Slices?

Why Choose Canned Bacon Slices? Let’s start with some essential features of canned products and some qualities of bacon in general. So, canned food is usually pre-cooked servings of some product, which means you can use them immediately without cooking. In the majority of cases, products from cans are almost the same tasty. However, some benefits of fresh foods vanish.

But why do so many people choose cans? It is because canned food should not be cooked and saves a lot of time that you can spend on preparing and cooking the products. Also, fresh products have a little storing time and require special conditions for storage, while canned food storage is easy and suggests a long shelf life.

So, the only complaint towards cans is decrease in vitamins in products. Also, canned fruits are filled with extra sugar for preservation. That is why some products consist of more calories than fresh food.

Facts About Bacon Slices

In case you didn’t know, canned bacon slices are not just real cuts of meat. It is made by the following procedure:

  1. fat parts of pork meat are being cured with brine (wet cure) or dried in salt (dry cure);
  2. sodium nitrite is added to stabilize the product color and speed up the curing process;
  3. later, some producers smoke or boil the meat, yet in most cases, the meat is left to dry for some time;
  4. Then, the meat is cut into thin slices and packed.

The great taste of bacon is obtained by fair preparation techniques, salt, and smoke flavoring, so there is still no need to worry about eating bacon. However, due to the fact that bacon meat is high in fat, it is better to eat it once per day (for breakfast or lunch) to avoid stomach diseases, especially if you prefer eating fried bacon slices with fried eggs, for instance.

How to Choose and Store Canned Bacon?

How To Choose And Store Canned Bacon Surely, you need the best brand of canned bacon to make it a perfect addition to your breakfast. However, there are so many trademarks to choose from. What should one rely on? It depends on several factors, such as the quality of the can and the quality of the meat itself.

Talking about the package, it is important to pay attention to the use-by date in the product code. Even though canned goods are long-term storage products, they still may spoil. Also, remember to look at the quality of the package, it should not be bloated or damaged (it approximates the expiration date). If you are not sure how to read the product code, contact customer service representatives to find out the expiration date and components of the product.

Many canned foods have about 10-year shelf life, yet some batches cannot be eaten due to incorrect storage. Canned bacon and some other canned goods must be stored in cool and dark places, however, refrigeration is not a good option. The storage also depends on the net weight of one can, which is usually about nine ounces. The bigger the package, the bigger is the chance bacteria may appear inside and spoil the whole product. Therefore, store it in a colder place and eat it sooner.

The choice of the can also depend on what type of bacon you want. In a store, you may find fully-cooked bacon, tactical bacon, crispy bacon, and even raw bacon. As we observed from the comments of many customers, people consider crispy bacon to be more delicious and easier to store and cook. However, in our list of top brands, we will present different types of canned bacon, so you will find what is closer to you!

Top Canned Bacon Brands

Top Canned Bacon Brands According to the many benefits of canned bacon types and their other characteristics, we conducted a list of the best brands. Here, you will find five trademarks that are considered to be the best on the market not only by us but also by hundreds of customers.

Yoders Canned Bacon

Yoders bacon makes the top of the most ratings due to its 10-year shelf life, convenient size and net weight (nine ounces and about 40 slices of bacon per can), and the best grade and taste!

Yoders canned bacon is made with 100% pork meat and will please you with its crisp and uncomparable taste. It is ready-to-eat bacon, so you only need to heat it a little and add it to your feast. What is more, the slices are packed crispy and smoked, so you will definitely enjoy it.

Usually, preserved goods cannot be fried since long-time storage, and fatty products are not compatible. However, Yoders canned bacon slices somehow surpassed this rule and gave us the opportunity to enjoy great bacon with long-lasting shelf life, so one can enjoy rolled bacon right from the container even ten years after the purchase! That is why it is perfect to store for an emergency situation, also as the servings remain with perfect taste and flavor within such a long period of time.

Even if you do not expect to store Yoder’s canned bacon for a long period of time, you can still use it in daily life and do not regret it. The amount of calories here equals any other fried bacon, and there are no added flavors, so the product is 100% natural and will not harm your health if you eat it in reasonable amounts. It is perfect for camping due to the nutrition facts and the bigger amount of protein that will prepare you for a long day of physical activity.

Do not be surprised if you try Yoders canned bacon once and will not stop buying it after. It is a perfect substitute for fresh bacon that will save your time since it is already cooked.

CMMG Tactical Cooked Bacon

The second place fairly goes to CMMG cooked bacon. It has almost the same features that Yoders canned bacon has except for the price and taste retention durability. Many customers declared that the bacon tastes close to raw-cooked meat after both one month and three years of storing! It is the most long-lasting flavor of bacon among all the trademarks presented on the market. Maybe that is why its price is a little higher than other brands suggest.

Like other packed bacon producers, CMMG uses sodium phosphates to prepare the bacon for long container storage. That is the complaint that bothers many customers, yet it is impossible to avoid it in canned bacon production. Except for this preservative, there is a big amount of protein, which is actually not a drawback, yet should be considered before eating.

Like the previous brand, this bacon is fully cooked and only needs a little heat before eating. It is a great companion for camping adventures since it has the brightest bacon flavor and is highly nutritious due to the easy preparation procedure, short time of cooking, and the number of fats and protein.

Even though this brand claims long-time storage and prolonged shelf life, it is still better to eat canned bacon as soon as possible since some customers reported spoiling after five years of storage.

SPAM Bacon

The most popular preserved meat trademark thanks to its ham also suggests buying its bacon perhaps in a package of 12 ounces, which may be not so convenient. Nevertheless, SPAM is known in a good light for a reason. The nutrition facts and components of SPAM bacon declares there are no added sugars and trans fat per serving. Moreover, it comes in a loaf with added ham, what could be better?

There is again no need to cook bacon as it is already cooked and can be eaten in both cold and hot conditions. You can also apply refrigeration towards its storage if you are not going to keep it for a very long time. Also, SPAM bacon is considered to be the most delicious and best for further cooking. You will only need a pan to fry the bacon and receive a few magnificent servings of traditional tasty bacon.

Moreover, you can purchase only two cans of SPAM pre-cooked bacon to be able to eat it daily for almost a month! There are more than 40 slices per package, so it is a perfect choice for camping. However, the shelf life of this product is only three years long, so acquiring it in advance for an emergency may be a bad idea. Another beneficial feature of this product is that the content of sodium erythorbate in the meat is the lowest among other producers!

All in all, there are many benefits from buying SPAM bacon, the biggest one of which is its components and nutrition facts. What is more, you can eat it in any condition and make delicious meals with it. Be sure that if you try it once, you will hardly stop buying it later.

Great Value Luncheon Meat

Similar to SPAM production, this Great Value cooked bacon comes in a loaf and is called like that since it is made from real pork and bacon. This is also a pre-cooked product which you can eat in any condition or make some feasts with it. However, a notable fact is that it should be stored in a dark and cold place since its shelf life is only two years, unlike all previously mentioned goods.

Also, many customers reviewed it as too salty, which is a typical feature of any pre-cooked bacon since it is getting cured with salt while it is stored in a can. However, the level of sodium in this food is also considerable, which is 33% per serving, yet this is a normal amount per pack.

You can try this product as an addition to your food or as a snack for a camping trip as there is no point to keep it for long-time storage in case of emergency.

Lehman’s Canned Bacon

The last but not the least participant on our list is Lehman’s company. It is a kind of luxurious bacon, each pack of which consists of almost 60 slices of bacon! Although its price is relatively high ($30 per pound), the ingredients and nutrition facts are incomparably good. You will find the least amount of sodium and calories per serving in this product.

As previous slices of bacon listed there, Lehman’s bacon has a 10-year shelf life, which is undoubtedly a benefit. So, this kind of rolled bacon is not considered to be the best for a food storage program, yet it can become a part of your daily ration thanks to the low amount of calories.

How to Make Homemade Canned Bacon?

How To Make Homemade Canned Bacon? Yet the market is full of preserved delicious bacon products from many brands, so it is reasonable to try making it by yourself at home. In spite of knowing the exact composition of the product, it is also a fun and profitable ability. For instance, you may make several packs for your friends and relatives or serve the table with dried bacon as a snack.


Tools and Ingredients

  • piece of fat meat
  • parchment paper (can be replaced by wax paper)
  • container or a jar
  • canner (needed condition – 10 PSI)

Cut the piece of chosen meat into thin slices and place them on parchment paper so that the pieces do not touch each other. The paper should be approximately two feet long and a foot tall, so the slices are placed vertically and may come out of the edges of the piece of paper. However, it is better to leave some spare area on the edges of the paper along the long ends.

Cover it with another piece of the same-sized paper. You need to fold this kind of fabric in half, so you can place something heavy in the middle of the paper. As you succeed with folding, roll the paper from left to right tightly so it will fit the jar. Fill the jars with rolled bacon slices.

To equip the containers correctly, check that they have no cracks or damages and are absolutely dry and empty. Place them in the canner and let them vent for some time. Set ninety minutes and 10 PSI to seal the jars. After the time is gone, let the freshly dried bacon cool down for 12 hours and check whether the jars were damaged (you can change them if something happened to the surface).

Voila, the bacon is ready! Place it in cool and dark storage and be ready to eat it whenever you want. Since you do not add any preservatives, its shelf life is only one year, so do not forget about it for a long time. We also recommend placing a canning date on the jar, so you will not be misled.


Conclusion Now you know how to choose the best presented on the market canned bacon and how to make it by yourself at home. Hopefully, you do not get overwhelmed by this information and are not going to eat big amounts of fatty food like bacon every day.

Our best choice is Yoders canned bacon since it has the best-storing conditions and components for its price category, but making this food by yourself is undoubtedly the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can You Still Buy Canned Bacon?

Canned bacon is one of the most widespread canned goods which is especially useful for survival situations. You can find it not only in supermarkets but also in online shops such as Amazon or eBay and in most camping equipment shops.

How Long Can Canned Bacon Last?

Most brands provide a use-by date that lasts two years. However, many canned cooked meat can really be edible even after five or ten years! However, it does not mean you can eat bacon that was bought ten years ago. First of all, check whether the smell and visual features of the product seem to be normal.

What is Canned Bacon?

Canned bacon is fat parts of pork with added sodium as a preservative. The slices of meat are stored in salt for some time to cure them. In general, it is similar to common bacon you can find in any store, however, it is already cooked and can be stored for a longer period of time. That is why it is so popular among travelers.

Does Walmart Sell Bacon in a Can?

You can find many trademarks selling canned bacon presented in Walmart. So, there will be no difficulty to find whatever seems closer to you in the closest branch.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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