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As you are likely to have heard, proteins represent one of the most vital elements of our existence. Proteins literally build up our cells and bodies and help us remain healthy, full of energy and power, and stay young for years. What food product can be more healthy and contain more vitamins and other essential elements than fresh eggs? They are powdered eggs representing a food concentrate made of dried dehydrated eggs.

Within the last decades, this product with outstanding qualities has gained enormous popularity among the US people. It is widely used in confectionery, baked goods manufacturing, and of course, cooking numerous tasty and healthy dishes daily.

This detailed review will get you acquainted with such an unusual but very useful product as powdered eggs.

Top Powdered Egg Brands

Today we are happy as we have an impressive choice of powdered eggs. Numerous manufacturers offer various powdered concentrated healthy products to make your everyday life easier and more comfortable.

There are various types of powdered eggs today offered by manufacturers. Powdered egg mix, for instance, is an outstanding product necessary for camping activities, or in other cases when you are far away from home and need to cook a versatile breakfast (omelets, pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, etc.). There is a significant amount of cooking recipes based on egg white powder, egg yolk powder, and whole egg powder. There exist even so-called powdered egg mix which contains as a rule a combination of egg powder and milk powder for instance. So to have a good and tasty breakfast you don’t need to have regular eggs and a bottle of milk. Powdered egg whites, powdered egg yolks, and of course whole egg powder are available for purchase.

Considering the most popular manufacturers of various kinds of powdered eggs it is worth recommending the following brands mentioned below.

1. Ova Easy Egg Crystals

Ovaeasy Egg Crystals Powered Whole Egg It represents freeze-dried eggs resembling a crystallized sugar more than powder. Due to such a texture unusual for most powdered eggs the product has the qualities and the taste of regular fresh eggs. The shelf life of this representative powdered eggs is impressive and amounts from 11 up to 15 years! The only thing you can be upset about choosing this product is its price. They tend to be a good deal more expensive and yet due to all the outstanding qualities these powdered eggs are undoubtedly worth buying.





2. Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Powder

Dried Whole Eggs This brand is a popular representative of the market of concentrated products. Augason Farms has a significant number of loyal purchasers. Their powdered eggs are valued by the customers for the following qualities: versatile numerous uses, an impressive period of storage, there is no need to use a fridge for their storage, authentic texture, and amazing taste that can be compared to the real eggs. The product is also certified gluten-free.

3. Ready Wise Emergency Freeze-Dried Powdered Eggs

Emergency Freeze Dried Powdered Eggs Unlike other products of this kind which are mostly made using the method of spray drying, Ready Wise’s eggs are obtained using another method of drying. They are freeze-dried instead. Due to the freeze-drying method of production, powdered eggs can better preserve all the vital nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, the taste and texture are improved and can not be distinguished from those of regular eggs.





4. My Patriot Supply Ready Hour Whole Egg Powder

Whole Egg Powder One of the best Whole Egg Powder is sold on My Patriot Supply by Their Ready Hour brand. Every can of powdered eggs they sell is equivalent to 73 real eggs. The good news is that in the case of the purchase of 6 cans and more you will be provided with a good discount. Because powdered eggs can be stored for years it is sound to buy more than 6 cans of this useful product.






5. Legacy Premium Bulk Whole Egg Powder

Bulk Whole Egg Powder This brand manufactures whole egg powder and the products related to the powdered eggs and is distinguished by the opportunity to sell the smaller packages of its products. It is very important in the case you do not need to buy them in significant amounts. Legacy’s Whole Egg Powder guarantees you alongside a long storage period (more than ten years) a high-quality freeze-dried product and convenient resealable packs.






6. Judee’s Whole Egg Powder

Judee'S - Polvo De Huevo Entero De 3 This brand producing powdered eggs is remarkable for the fact that it uses humanely raised powdered eggs. It means that the eggs for the manufacturing of their products are purchased only at the UEP certified farmers who raise their hens and chickens in a human way that can be essential for the powdered eggs consumers.

They also offer bulk sizes that are very convenient to buy and store because the product can be stored for years. You can buy whatever package you want (from 11 oz up to 45 lbs which are equal to 1570 eggs).





What do Powdered Eggs Represent?

As we have already mentioned, powdered eggs are the product representing free-flowing powder that is obtained as a result of egg dehydration. This product is extremely versatile, and can fully change the real fresh eggs, moreover, it can be stored for a long time enabling you to buy it in advance and bring it with you everywhere.

As a rule, powdered eggs are obtained by drying whole eggs (both, white and yolk). These two main components of the egg can be also dried separately and then mixed in the certain proportions that real eggs have or used separately at all without being blended. For the production of powdered eggs, the method of spray drying is used. It implies the way to obtain dry powder (egg powder, milk powder, etc.) from a liquid substance through hot gas drying. It is widely used in food manufacturing and pharmacology today.

So due to this genial and useful procedure, we can get powdered eggs, powdered milk, powdered eggs mix (based on the blend of powdered eggs and powdered milk), margarine powder, cocoa drink powder, and even microalgae powder (such as chlorella, spirulina, and the others) as a source of vitamins and minerals in numerous biologically active dietary supplements and other useful products that we can not imagine our lives without.

How are Powdered Eggs Used?

Nowadays powdered eggs are undoubtedly unreplaceable for your health, providing you with the recommended daily allowance of proteins and fitting those people who for some reason do not eat eggs and meat products. Let us find out the ways of using dried whole eggs.

They are as follows:

  • For cooking. You will be surprised how many recipes based on this useful and healthy product exist. You can use powdered egg mix almost everywhere. Such tasty dishes as omelets, scrambled eggs, and other meals can be cooked from powdered eggs for your breakfast or lunch. You will only have to add some water to turn the powder into a ready-to-eat meal
  • For baking. Using dried powdered eggs for the baking purposes you will be able to offer your family numerous delicious baked things starting from instantly-cooked pancakes for breakfast and ending with complicated biscuits, cakes, and even tasty homemade bread
  • As an important component in sports nutrition. The powdered egg is a part of many types of protein concentrate produced for people who live a healthy life and have a lot of training. Of course, there exist numerous types of sports nutrition based on whey protein or soy protein but the egg protein that is obtained from powdered eggs has one of the leading places in the sports nutrition industry enabling professional sportsmen as well as people actively going in for sports to obtain enough protein and daily dose of numerous essential amino acids and minerals for their daily activities and become healthier and stronger.

As far as you can see, whole egg powder represents an outstanding useful product widely used for cooking, baking, and as nutrition for people living an active life.

And yet, you might ask why not use a fresh egg instead of powdered egg whites for instance? The process of drying eggs to get egg powder is not that simple and of course, takes some time and effort. Why don’t we simply eat fresh eggs to provide our bodies and cells with enough daily amount of proteins or why don’t we use them for cooking?

The answers to these questions please find out in the section below that will tell you about several advantages of using powdered eggs over ordinary fresh eggs.

The Advantages of Powdered Eggs Over Fresh Eggs

Powdered dehydrated eggs’ advantages over traditional regular eggs are numerous. Let us consider them in more detail.

They are as follows:

  • Powdered eggs are distinguished by their significantly long shelf life. You can store most powdered eggs for years, even up to 5-6 years and more which can save you money in the long run. The only thing is to provide them with a cool storage environment and keep them in tightly closed containers. It is not necessary to store the product in a refrigerator. And yet it should be noted that once you open the container with powdered eggs you should use these contents within some months and even up to one year (the timelines vary based on a manufacturer). Keep the opened pack in the fridge.
  • Another advantage is that it is impossible to break and pour the egg powder, unlike regular eggs. It is very convenient in the process of your everyday cooking, baking, or making breakfast
  • Storage space saving is the third advantage of dried eggs and related products over fresh eggs. The benefit is evident. You don’t need to keep dozens of real eggs in your fridge as well as bottles of milk (in the case of powdered egg mix when egg powder is mixed with powdered milk). To cook a tasty dish you should simply add some water and enjoy your meals without thinking of searching for an additional food storage space
  • It is an outstanding quality of this survival product as you can take it everywhere. Powdered eggs can be rightfully called camping meals and you can be sure that having added some warm water and salt to them you can enjoy the taste and texture of fresh whipped eggs. You will never be hungry when you are far from home.
  • Other advantages are that egg powder represents a concentration of all the best nutrition qualities that a simple regular egg has. So to obtain your daily portion of protein you don’t need to eat 4 or 5 fresh eggs that are not so good for your health. A couple of spoons will be enough to satisfy your daily need for easily digestible protein. A hundred grams of egg powder are equivalent to 8 large regular eggs. Besides, dried eggs are a fully safe product as they do not contain salmonella and other harmful bacteria which can be contained in fresh eggs. Besides, powdered eggs are considered to be a gluten-free food.

As far as you can see, powdered eggs represent a long-term food storage product, they are healthy, safe, and have an outstanding convenience in everyday use (having long storage life, requiring smaller space for storage, spending much less time to cook tasty and healthy dishes).

Final Thoughts

Having read this detailed review devoted to such a healthy and useful product as powdered eggs you have concluded that it is an outstanding and versatile product widely used in cookery, sports nutrition, and all the survival situations when there is no opportunity to use regular products for making various nutritious dishes that taste good.

This concentrated product is distinguished by an impressive shelf life allowing you to buy it in advance and lay a store of it in the case of any emergency which is very important considering the complicated time we live in when numerous consequent economical and political crises occur.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What are powdered eggs?

It is the product representing egg powder obtained as a result of whole eggs (or yolks or whites) dehydration. This product is extremely versatile, and can fully change the real fresh eggs. Its long shelf life enables you to buy it in advance and bring it with you everywhere. Such eggs can be used for cooking or baking allowing you to save time and effort.

How are powdered eggs made?

A powdered egg represents a fully dehydrated egg. The method of dehydration is similar to that of powdered milk and other powdered products manufacturing. The method applied for powdered egg production represents so-called spray-drying. It allows you to get dry powder from liquid products such as milk, eggs, and oils using hot gas drying. The finished product represents a powder that turns into a dish that tastes the same as normal whole eggs. It is widely used in food manufacturing and pharmacology today. Due to it cooking, baking, and storage of products have become much easier and more comfortable.

Are powdered eggs healthy?

One serving of powdered dehydrated eggs contains 6 grams of protein which is very important for those who count calories and observe proportions of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in their dietary structure. Moreover, the powdered egg is rich with vitamins and minerals, and numerous amino acids, so using it in your diet you can supply your organism with them enabling your liver to function better as well as provide your cells with significant support. As you see the health benefits are evident.

Can powdered eggs be a main source of protein?

Powdered eggs represent a good source of protein and can help you to obtain your daily protein intake especially if you regularly train and live an active life. Each tablespoon of powdered eggs contains approximately 6 grams of protein whereas daily you need to get at least 1 gram of this vitally important component for your muscles. So if your weight is equal to 60 kilograms you are required to take 60-80 grams of protein every day. That is why powdered eggs can replace other protein sources if you take at least 10 tablespoons of them. In case another source of protein is not available to you it is a wonderful way out. But if you have an opportunity to take protein from other types of food (meat, fish, soybeans, beans, peas, seafood) the best way is to combine powdered eggs with them.

How long can powdered eggs be stored?

Depending on the brand and the storage environment you can store powdered eggs for 5-6 years and even more. If you store the egg powder correctly in the tightly closed containers in a cool place the shelf life of your product can be increased by up to 10 years. Once you open a pack of the product you must store them in the fridge, whereas its storage period is reduced to not more than 1 year and even less.

Where can I buy powdered eggs?

Today numerous suppliers offer their healthy products to you. All the best brands producing powdered eggs are represented on the shelves of supermarkets. You can buy them online, in Walmart, Amazon, etc., and enjoy your everyday meals by cooking your favorite dishes according to numerous amazing recipes which are generally available on the Internet.


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