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It can be crucial for a survivor to have a properly equipped bug-out vehicle: a truck, trailer, bike, motorcycle, or all-terrain jeep will increase your survival chances. Learn about the gear and tools to have in your vehicle to be able to overcome all difficulties of riding for survival.

The bug-out vehicle is an excellent transport for when you need both to get out on the street and do not want to travel on foot (to be more adapted, we recommend this prepper list). Unlike a motorcycle, vehicle type of transportation is also convenient because it can carry colossal bags. In this way, you can kill two birds with one stone. You will get to your wilderness location more quickly, and also, you will be able to transfer almost all the bug-out bag things you need.

When choosing a bug-out vehicle, we recommend that you choose the one that is ready for the SHTF attack. So, there are a couple of such survival vehicles, the one we definitely can and some of which we definitely cannot afford.

In this article, we will provide you with a lot of useful information about this type of survival SUVs and tell you which vehicle choice is more interesting. In general, all the highlights and some desirable characteristics that you should consider when picking a bug-out car (or even a bug-out motorcycle). And in the end, we will recommend the two best decisions for any prepper. So stay with us to get more information!

Be sure to read about bug out bag preparation to be always combat-ready and bug out from home and your everyday life. Want to learn how to hotwire a car? Be our guest!

Insanely Expensive, Oddly Rebellious

We would like to begin with some expensive survival vehicles because, although many people do not have enough money to afford it, these bug-out vehicle samples provide a kind of inspiration to make our own transport more suitable for all possible conditions. May be you are up to sherpa vehicle for survival needs ?

The Arctic Tacoma Truck

Ac220656E26Ead2114Fa7092C1122C33 This bug-out truck was built by Toyota as early as 10 years ago, in 2010, for expeditions to the South Pole. By the way, this bug-out vehicle coped with the trip with a bang. It took only some 40 hours. That is, if you want to hide in Antarctica or in a similar place (who knows what place you decide on a survival retreat), then this track has exactly everything you need.

The characteristics of this beast are as follows:

  • V6 supercharged 341 HP gas engine for 4.0 liters
  • Gas tank up to 330 gallons
  • Military-grade steel grade suspension
  • Mickey T. Icepack Tire Set
  • Massive protective components

Such a bug-out car certainly deserves a place on our list thanks to its functionality, but the price of such a “gear” pleasure is a considerable $400,000.

The Combat Guard Machine

1326079179 2 This battle crumb weighs about eight tons and is considered one of the first positions when choosing a survival vehicle.

This unit is perfect for any terrain and weather conditions.

The ground clearance is 0.7 meters, and the tires are 54 inches so that this baby can navigate the water at a depth of 1.5 meters! Along with the listed features, this SUV includes:

  • Diesel engine Cobra 6.5 liters
  • Carrying capacity 1.5 tons
  • Four-speed automatic transmission
  • The top speed is 75 MPH.
  • Capacity for eight people, with reliable seat belts on all seats

This truck is capable of transporting off-road not only ordinary things but also any ammunition. But the worst thing in all this is that civilian access to this miracle invention is still closed.

The RPV Tactical Armored Truck

Rpv Tactical Armored Truck Suffice it to say that the overall weight of this vehicle is 20,000 pounds. What does it mean? The fact that this colossus will be useful to you exactly when the uttermost hell is going on on the road.

This giant consists of solutions such as:

  • Diesel engine V8 of 6.7 liters and a capacity of 300 HP
  • 4×4 transmission with 6 speeds
  • 40-gallon diesel tank
  • More than 600 lb-ft of torque

People are sure that with this monster, there is no chance to save fuel at all, more than 5 mpg fuel consumption, sure as eggs. But for sure, it will keep your family members safe.

The Rhino GX

Rhino Gx Rhino is the most relevant title for this bug-out vehicle because, as we all know, it is necessary to stay away from them like from a fire.

This beast combines:

  • Ford 450 Super Duty frame (made of 18 gauge steel)
  • 6.8L V10 Single Overhead Cam design
  • The 362 HP engine
  • Mud tires in 38 inches
  • 20”x10” aluminum-alloy wheels
  • Ventilated disc brakes
  • Reinforced calipers

So, thanks to the strongest characteristics of this vehicle, it will not be difficult for you to go off-road to the bug out location and transport everything and everyone in safety.

The Traffic Un-Jammer

For the case when the traffic jams have become so impassable that you have to clear them yourself, this nice survival fellow will come to your aid. Thanks to its special shape, this heavyweight will handle any such job. Comments here will be unnecessary.

The Defender Icarus

Defender Icarus This all-wheel-drive SUV is perfect for those who dream of a truck with room for camping equipment and gear and a side firearm compartment. But the main disadvantage of this giant is the capacity for only two people and the work on gas. But onward, with a big minus, there is a big plus – camping equipment.

There is a folding stove for an unforgettable outdoor experience, lighting, large storage space for gear, and even a camp kitchen. That is, you do not have to look for some prepper location in the bosom of nature. You can survive right on this track.

Down To Bussiness

Of course, it is exciting and useful to consider the above bug-out vehicles’ characteristics and maybe note to yourself some of them. But what can we talk about if the average price tag of such a monster is 600+ thousand dollars?

Further, you will no longer stare at those options that make your soul pleasantly sad because we get down to what really matters. Here we will give you examples of what you can afford first, and secondly, you can build with a great desire.

But before jumping straight into the options right away, we first propose to figure out what type of things exactly make bug-out vehicles such.

The bug-out bag is also an important thing. Learn how to prepare it in case of emergencies so that your bug-out bag could be utmostly helpful.

Purpose Of Your Bug-Out Vehicle

The following part will help you decide on the right vehicle or maybe even RV from all SUVs on the market, so remember them and use:

  • How many people will you need to transport?
  • How many vehicle gear, survival gear, and bug-out supplies will you take with you (such as prepper foods, water, survival rifles, blankets, etc.)?
  • What terrain will you meet on your bug out route, and how far is your wildlife shelter?
  • Will you refuel due to gas mileage or diesel fuel consumption issues?
  • Do you want to avoid some possible traffic jams, or will there be many off-road obstacles?
  • Will you need to break any fence on the way to your bug-out location?
  • Will you have sufficient fuel in your long-term stock?

More About Off-Road Features

A global catastrophe will be a complete surprise in any case. People probably don’t have to spend a great amount of money on the best bug-out car or motorcycle in the world. Because for survival in a difficult period, a good-quality SUV is quite suitable, in which you and your family can fully overcome almost all obstacles on the roads.

Jacked Up Truck

We understand that most likely, you will choose a location in some remote area, where there will be many hills and off-road, and some of the other obstacles.

Of course, the chances are high that your SUV could get stuck, but with careful driving and economical gas consumption, this risk will be much reduced.

But there is another side, on the bug-out vehicle from the picture above, the clearance is larger, as well as the center of gravity, so rollover takes second place among a lot more potential threats.

That is, your bug-out vehicle shouldn’t have one maximum clearance. Not to the detriment of the balance that keeps you and your family afloat.

Great Additions

These options are more suitable for some delicate ground (snow, for example). But, of course, they may be used on a lot of any other surfaces as well.

In fact, the Dominator Track System transforms any truck into an off-road vehicle that can drive on any surface. Moreover, this add-on does not require special skills and can be installed in less than an hour.

The manufacturer claims that these tracked systems are removed as easily as restored. That is, you can change your vehicle in less than an hour and turn it from a survival all-wheel-drive SUV into an everyday car (but it still will be a great bug-out vehicle where you can store some survival kit or gear).

What Is Better

Of course, the emergence of new models is more pleasant. New problems appear, for example, their dependence on electronics, so when EMP attacks the pace, they can lose almost all their features and become completely useless.

Also, along with the new models’ problems, there are no fewer problems with the old ones. For example, it is challenging to find spare parts on them in case of an EMP attack. But that’s not all. Older car models often require the most travel and more frequent maintenance. Of course, it is clear that it is easier to work on it due to the already known design, but more frequent tire pressure and BOV check can diminish your enthusiasm.

It is completely different when you abuse some vehicle. And this is an entirely different question. Which bug-out vehicle or motorcycle, old or new, can withstand such a load. If you still prefer more older models, then we recommend you to watch the YouTube video of the crash test.

To dispel the myth that the new models are completely more different from the old ones, it must be said that new SUVs and other types of vehicles not always done based on old ones, but they are built using new, improved materials to accurately protect the driver and everyone who is in the car.


The best bug-out solution in this matter is to put reinforcement on the bolts to most powerfully strengthen and improve the stock’s setup.

Spare Tires

V Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket Every driver knows that it is important and necessary to have a spare tire with him in his bug-out vehicle. And if you are faced with such breaking one of them, BOV problem or over limiting the tire pressure, are you really ready to count on one spare tire that you have? We recommend that you purchase a full spare and also find a place to store them, for example, on the roof or in the trunk. The picture shows a variant of one of the storage methods.


Where To Store

Bestop 7630135 Black Diamond Supertop For Truck We are sure that for every prepper who has a bug-out vehicle, the main question is to store their emergency supplies and bug-out gear. It’s great if you have a bug-out trailer or camper that your car can pull so that you don’t have to look for a place in the pickup truck itself to store the necessary bug-out gear. But if you do not have a trailer or a camper, then the big question is where to put your bug-out baggage.

The good idea is to purchase tarps such as a topper to keep the contents of your bug-out bag from rain, wind, etc.

Items To Put In Your Bug-Out Bag

Along with this, it is imperative to think about what the main items will be in your bug-out bag.

1. Light rack

Undoubtedly, to drive off-road and not bump into large stones or other obstacles, you will need a more powerful light source. So we advise you to get a lightweight but robust light rack and install it on your bug-out vehicle to avoid possible discomfort.

2. Fuel reserve

For obvious reasons, in the event of an SHTF attack situation when you need to jump off your seat and go to a prepper survival location, you may most likely not have enough one cylinder of gas. Therefore, you will need to refuel somewhere and find an additional fuel source, and gas stations should not be taken into account. So it is always imperative to have spare fuel gallons with you. In addition to refueling on the way to your bug-out location point, most likely, after you reach the bug-out location, you need to have additional resources.

3. Food supplies

One of the most important points for any prepper is to have a sufficient amount of food supplies with you. Of course, in case your bug-out food storage is well filled with food in advance, this may not bother you. But thinking about what you can eat in case of an emergency is necessary in any case. No matter what type of location you chose.

4. Water storage

The very first thing a prepper should make sure of in case of an urgency bug out is, along with the amount of food, the amount of water that they take. Of course, it would be ideal if there is a water source at the bug-out location where you are running, but we are more than sure that you will want to drink on the road and in any other situations. So it would help if you always had some supply of water on hand.

It is also essential to remember that before drinking the water at the destination, it will be necessary to purify it.

5. Spare battery jump starter

Screenshot 1 1 A safe bet not to be trapped due to bug-out vehicle malfunction is to carry a small but potent emergency jump starter with you that can help you out at any time if your car’s battery runs out. And again, you should think about it in advance, and while there is an opportunity to order one now in any browser of your choice.


6. Survival gear

If you already have a bug-out vehicle or an RV, you should also have a ready-made and fully packed bug-out bag with important items and all rescue gear with you.

Still, many people keep arguing about what exactly should be in your survival kit or gear. Moreover, you never know what you might need. First aid kit, firestarters, walkie talkies, rescue bows, knives, of course, can water filters, chargers, HAM radio, bug-out lanterns that keep your BOV ready for any situation, tent, spare tarp, any card game options to diversify your leisure time in some way as there is no opportunity to watch a TV, or maybe even night-vision goggles or window breaker. It will take up some space in your truck, but we have already talked about this above.

Most of these items should already be in your bag’s weight. So it’s worth checking back and making a gear list of what you already have at home and what else you need to spend your money and preparation time on. Make sure you and your family members, people with whom you share home and friends have read about a bug out bag preparation and following comments to be always combat-ready.

7. Ammunition

Keeper Mg Magnetic Quickdraw Gun Holder One of the most useful items in your survival bug bag will be weapons. Various rifle ammo, weapons, and other types of ammunition. We recommend that you bring as many weapons as you can into the free space of your bug-out vehicle. Moreover, get yourself a Keeper Gun Magnet to always have it at hand on the road.



People have different reactions. It should be borne in mind that the most crucial factor is the level of psychological training of people in an emergency. And the most frequent are thoughtless, unconscious actions of a person due to his reaction to danger. Therefore, in the case of SHTF, it is wiser to prepare for the worst.

The bug-out vehicle is one of your main hideouts. Therefore, you do not need to save money to make your bug-out vehicle more secure. Your survival car must be covered with heavy-duty armor and has one of the most durable frames, which protects the bug-out truck from almost all types of impacts and collisions, as well as be bulletproof.


When choosing a bug-out vehicle, it is also important to be guided by its carrying capacity. That is, if your trailer is stuck, you will need a powerful towing force to pull it out, so it is important to follow the conditions when purchasing vehicles so that it meets at least the minimum requirements.


The videos below provide great examples of how best bug-out vehicles look. From all of the mentioned above, this is the quintessence of what you should rely on when choosing a sport utility vehicle in case of an emergency.

Two Win-Win Options


If you choose some of the best choices available in the field, we recommend considering these two options of the possible bug-out car.

  • Jeep wrangler unlimited (trailer included)
  • Off-road equipped four-wheel-drive pickup truck (topper included)


Repeating, it should be noted that these best bug-out vehicles contain all the points that we described above and are also considered as one of the most accessible survival vehicles or SUVs for SHTF attack.


The Recap

So, in this part are the main excerpts from the tips for choosing the right bug-out car:

  • Your potential vehicle (ATV/RV) must have basic offroad clearance characteristics as well as 4×4;
  • The bug-out vehicle must be able to be further modified for greater reinforcement and better protection;
  • Consider all possible ways to store things, that is, the ability to pick up a gear trailer or camper;
  • Remember that you will need a spare wheel and storage space for it as well.

If you have met all the basic requirements when choosing a suitable car for yourself, now it is the time to take care of additional accessories to pump it, so you can add various devices like SHTF radios improve communication frequencies (such as a signal booster) or for more comfortable long-term driving as well.

We understand that it can be tough to choose a bug-out vehicle that would provide you with reliable protection and safe bug-out transit. But this task is quite feasible if you adhere to the basic criteria that we told you about.

Of course, not everything should rest on the functionality of the bug-out vehicle. It should also be comfortable with it. So be managed not only by the safety characteristics but also by the convenience. Since for every driver, the bug-out car must first of all be comfortable to drive. Because leaving your comfort zone, your home with your family should be as comfortable and safe as possible.


What is the best survival vehicle?

The best option for such a bug-out vehicle or ATV is an armored and bulletproof SUV. And the best thing is when it has the opportunity to attach a survival trailer or camper to be able to transport a large amount of gear and necessary life-saving tools. It is also important to remember how many family members or other people can fit in it and how big the gas mileage is and whether you have enough fuel supplies before you reach your bug-out location.

What should I keep in my bug out vehicle?

In such an SUV/ATV/RV, you need to have a bug-out bag with all the necessary life-saving supplies, such as a tent, tarp, fan belts, motor oil, spare wheels, emergency radio, and more other things that a prepper can collect and responsibly prepare for a possible bug out.

What does bug out mean?

It’s almost the same as running away or escaping. That is when the situation is urgent and time is running out, you take in an armful (preferably prepared in advance) “bug-out bag” and go to a safer place called “bug-out location.”

What vehicles can survive an EMP?

Many people are concerned about the danger of their bug-out vehicle breaking down under the influence of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). A prepper needs to buy a bug-out vehicle with a diesel or gas engine made before 1975, as the later models of bug out vehicles are modified for traditional ignition systems. Modern vehicles do use a range of electronically controlled systems, from fuel injection to gearbox controls. Therefore, old cars must be protected from EMP attacks. However, several real-life tests have shown that this is not true in all cases.

Are Humvees EMP proof?

Once upon a time, the American military replaced the Humvee with heavier and more armored vehicles. But they quickly replaced them and returned to work since the Humvee does not have electronic engine control, electronic braking, and other circuits like this that could be affected by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from various sources. Then the answer is yes, and they are EMP proof.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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