EMP Protection: Staying Safe 

Why does anybody need to think about EMP protection? You only imagine a life in an aluminum shield, sheltering you and your family from the harm of electromagnetic waves from the outer world. The whole world’s infrastructure shattered and failed, no electronics work on the planet, and even the luxury of microwave ovens is a long-forgotten myth. If you want to know how to survive after a severe EMP attack, read on.

We can no longer ignore that an electromagnetic pulse attack is more probable than it has ever been. This is why it’s essential to have an EMP protection plan worked out and specific appliances to have in your preppers list. Do you really trust people telling everything is under control? Power plants bring us as much risk as benefits. But what else should we do to try to


survive a nuclear attack? North Korean Government will stick to testing its nuclear weapon, which is enough to damage a nation, not saying most countries in the world. Believing that fake-friendly meetings help make the situation less tense is ridiculous. And even if this country does not get to a point where humanity is in danger because of nuclear power, some other terrorist

organizations or countries will. Moreover, apart from a possible human-made EMP event, solar storms and RF weapons can cause serious threats. The time to protect yourself from a massive EMP attack has come.

  • Are we ready to experience the EMP attack in the United States?
  • How tremendous will the destruction be?
  • What can be done to protect yourself and survive?
  • What’s the best EMP protection plan?
  • What actually is EMP?

You’ll find the answers to these questions in the article.



Here is a list of the most important EMP topics to look into:

  • EMP — Finding Out What It Stands For
  • The Weapon Which Can Cause A Massive EMP Attack
  • High Altitude Detonations
  • The Worst EMP Strike —What It Will be Like
  • Three Ways To Help Yourself Stay Alive When An EMP strike Is There.
  • The Weapon Which Can Cause A Massive EMP Attack
  • Evaluating The Seriousness Of The Damage
  • An EMP Protection Plan Which Will Save Your Electronic Devices
  • The Faraday Cage Construction
  • The Best EMP Plan To Stick To

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EMP — Finding Out What It Stands For

We deal with electricity 24/7, and it seems safe because the only things we normally see are wires. Although, it can be more dangerous than just an electrical current kept inside some isolating material. An electrical current is produced when a conductor moves through a magnetic field. When a moving magnetic field passes a conductor, it creates a current, and this is a phenomenon that we call an EMP, or an electromagnetic pulse.

This might sound like an extract from a dull university lecture you’ve been listening to someday, but that’s what it really is —an EMP is an extensive burst of electromagnetic energy, extremely harmful for all types of electronic equipment. An EMP attack is something that can leave all the wiring destroyed. Millions of people are not informed about the threat and the EMP protection everyone can use, as it is not much you can read in English about it. Keep on reading the article to find out more.


The Weapon Which Can Cause A Massive EMP Attack

A nuclear power plant will never be surrounded by people wishing to live nearby because they understand a certain danger. The hydrogen bomb explosion also sounds horrifying because we know the circumstances that electromagnetic radiation causes, with the gamma rays getting absorbed in the air or ground. You will definitely need to find the nearest fallout shelter. Meanwhile, the detonation of the nuclear weapon also creates a large release of nuclear EMP, which can burn out all the electronics on its way. But if you have a pacemaker, tested to certain high power military and UL standards, installed.

Should be mentioned that a nuclear EMP consists of three components:

E1 Pulse

The moment when gamma radiation gets released in an explosion, it ionizes atoms in the atmosphere, and an early-time (E1) high-altitude EMP (HEMP) is generated. An E1 extends vastly and reaches the earth’s magnetic field straightaway, which creates microwaves. The microwaves strike the Earth’s surface hard, which leads to the induction of high voltages in the conductors. HV induction is likely to cause a massive electrical breakdown, which will obviously be immensely damaging for electronics.

E2 Pulse

E2 generated by the nuclear weapon is similar to electromagnetic impulses in which lightning strikes produce. This type of EMP is almost as fast and dangerous as E1, but fortunately, the US’s infrastructure is mostly ready to withstand the effects of such harm. By the way, lightning also causes Electromagnetic Interference (or EMI), which affects the functioning of electronic devices, though it usually occurs in a small frequency band.

E3 Pulse

The late-time high-altitude electromagnetic pulse or simply an E3 component is different from the first two, as it is slower and not so dangerous. A solar flare produces a proportional amount of energetic particles, causing a serious threat to electronics, power lines, and transformers. The E3 component is quite similar to a geomagnetic storm caused by a regular solar flare. The latter is normally followed by a coronal mass ejection (CME), leading to temporary disturbance of the Earth’s magnetic field, but this doesn’t require specific EMP protection.

High Altitude Detonations

As most military nuclear weapons are supposed to harm certain enemies on an exact location as significantly as possible, they are rarely intended to be high-altitude. Though let’s evaluate: an EMP travels along the line of sight, that’s why if it occurs high above the ground, it can be destructive to huge areas. When the nuclear bomb explodes tens of kilometers high up in the atmosphere, it will extend miles away! EMP becomes less intense with distance, but still enough to damage most types of electronics.

The point mentioned above should make you think something over: how probable is that a group of terrorists would aim at leaving millions of people with no access to technology and telephone lines if there is such an option?

But a nuclear attack is not the only potential source for creating an EMP event made by people. There also exist special EMP-generating devices, which are called explosively pumped flux compression generators. The principle is generating an electromagnetic pulse in a coil rolled around a metal core while simultaneously compressing the coil into the core using explosives. This helps to achieve a compression of the electromagnetic field.

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The Worst EMP Strike —What It Will be Like

This has finally happened. You heard the alarm and got ready to protect the electronics you possess. The EMP strike occurred and burned out every electronic device not only in your area but thousands of miles away. You’d been precautious and put your cellphone inside a hand-made Faraday Cage. Getting your mobile out of a galvanized storage can makes you the only person out of thousands to have functioning equipment. But how are you going to use it?

Even if you’ve managed to save your solar panel charger and some other devices, you won’t be able to use them because an EMP strike has destroyed the cell phone towers, utility distribution system, generators, solar panels, and windmills. There is no internet connection because of power loss, and you can’t use your cellphone to call your family and friends. Such a situation can’t be overcome in days. Perhaps it’s going to last for years. The life of millions of people has changed in a minute. But you can do something to experience much less harm than others.

Three Ways To Help Yourself Stay Alive When An EMP strike Is There

Faraday cages will save your laptop, but will you need it if the consequences of an EMP attack are much worse than you expected and using electricity at your home becomes impossible?

We definitely should consider more thoughtful protection plans to survive after a devastating EMP strike, such as a survival retreat.

EMP Preparation Option 1

Evaluate the possible consequences and prepare to get back to the 1860s. The world didn’t know anything about using planes, cars and other forms of transport we’re now so accustomed to. People weren’t using microwave ovens, cookers, and washing machines. It was impossible to chat with a friend online because “online” didn’t exist. Still, if the world faces a massive emp attack, we all will have to develop certain skills to get used to a new way of living.

EMP Preparation Option 2

Create as many Faraday cages as possible and store your devices there. Don’t forget chargers and generators to live through a period the world loses electricity.

EMP Preparation Option 3

Install EMP shields on your home and transport.

Each family possesses most of the electrical appliances below:

  • A Refrigerator
  • A Freezer
  • A Washing Machine
  • A Dishwasher
  • A TV
  • A Microwave Oven
  • A Computer

Will all of them in the list be fried in case of an EMP attack?

If you have an EMP shield, it will shunt even a massive electrical surge and protect your electrical equipment. Even if the sources of electricity aren’t available during a period of time, when the world is back to normal life, you’ll still have all the necessary devices at home, unlike those people who never thought of EMP protection! Keep in mind that shields must meet the military standard (Mil-Std 188 125).

Moreover, if you have solar panels, you can install an EMP shield stunting device to protect them. This will mean that you’ll be one of the very few people to have access to the electricity supply!

An EMP shield can be installed on your vehicle as well, so, fortunately, you can protect it from becoming a metal mess and get back to using it once the power is restored. Besides, a non-damaged vehicle could be filled up at the gas station.

Here’s some information about how EMP shields work:

We’ve made sure that EMP attacks are a possibility of tomorrow. Isn’t the investment in the protection of your electrical appliances, your vehicle, and the home itself worth staying confident that you’ll make it through the other day our world is turned upside down?

No option is better than another one, only sticking to all of them, keeping in mind all the danger we might face, you’ll be able to come through.

  • Purchasing EMP shields will help you save all the expensive household appliances until infrastructures get back to normal life.
  • Building Faraday cages will backup your devices.
  • Learning survival skills is the most challenging option, though it’s most obvious and never a bad idea. Understanding how to manage your everyday life in post-emp attack conditions is essential while most people are shocked.

The US Government admits that 9 out of 10 citizens might die within a year after a massive EMP attack. Destroying a nation doesn’t have to be an instant nuclear weapon explosion. That’s much easier and safer for the enemies to make the attack milder, as, eventually, the created tension will lead to the people fighting with each other for energy, drinking water, and all the other ordinary things once we’ve lost them. The US nation is used to comfort and unprepared for surviving a collapse. It’s time to take the EMP threats seriously and learn surviving skills, which will be vitally important when dealing with EMP effects.

Evaluating The Seriousness Of The Damage

The world becomes a more dangerous place each day, and we’re closer to facing the risks of EMP attacks. It’s utterly important to focus on EMP protection because you will find all the unshielded devices burned out in the end otherwise. Look at the list of what we’re about to lose in case of EMP strikes:

  • Power Grids
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • Landline Telephones
  • Desktop Computers
  • Mainframe Computers
  • Routers
  • Jet Aircraft Systems
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Banking Systems
  • Hospital Diagnostic Machines
  • TVs
  • Internet
  • Refrigerators
  • Everything With Inserted Microchips

And it can be continued.

This perspective seems insane and horrifying. A massive EMP attack can make a huge part of the nation. Let’s say the population of Washington DC or LA will get back to the 19th century, where people will have to try to survive without most of the items they’re accustomed to using in their everyday lives.

Management of EMP effects is a huge branch of electromagnetic compatibility engineering. An EMP simulator has been created to generate the transient EMP pulse and investigate its propagation throughout the modeled domain. Millions of dollars are being invested in creating the pulses and working out what kind of plan will protect infrastructures if humanity faces an attack. But here’s what you need to know about what you personally can do to defend yourself and your home:

An EMP Protection Plan Which Will Save Your Electronic Devices

Although the probable harm is significant, there are some ways to protect your devices if there are EMP attacks. One of them is the installation of electrical shields. If the wire is applied to a grounded shield, it will get the burst of an electromagnetic pulse and then release it into the ground. That definitely is the solution to defend cables, but will the microelectronics be out of danger?


The Faraday Cage

In 1836 Michael Faraday invented an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is a container made of conducting material. If the metal mesh is connected to electricity, the external electrical field won’t be distributed to the cage’s inner part. Thus, there won’t be any harmful effect on electrical equipment placed inside a Faraday cage. There is also a way to strengthen a Faraday cage by nesting it, covering the cage with some other cage, which will help you keep your things stand the EMP, EMI, or RFI (radio frequency interference) effects.

Steven Raichlen Best Of Barbecue Galvanized Faraday cages can be bought or quite made at home. Basically, you’re able to protect your devices from EMP attacks by covering them with aluminum foil, which already will be a trivial Faraday cage. Make sure that the device is wrapped with no gaps. Otherwise, the electromagnetic pulse will still reach it. Mind that extra layers of foil won’t protect the device unless you’ve covered it completely. Moreover, if you wish to wrap the device several times, you’ll need to put some insulation between aluminum foil layers. It may be an isolating material, such as cardboard.

Another way to make a Faraday cage is lining the aluminum foil sheets around a cardboard box and putting it inside a trash can. If the trash can lid closes properly, there is no need to worry about your electronics. You can also use a garbage can without aluminum foil to store your devices. Though, make sure that it is made of galvanized steel.




The Best EMP Plan To Stick To

Step 1

Install EMP shields to protect your home and all the devices inside from an electromagnetic pulse, which definitely will burn all the uncovered equipment left. Buy an EMP shield to cover your vehicle. If solar panels are on top of your house, don’t leave them unshielded to keep your electronics functioning when the power grid is unavailable. Check out the standards your emp protection shield should meet. Remember that they will also protect your home from a lightning strike!

Step 2

Provide yourself with reliable backups for your mobile phone, flashlights, phone solar charges, tablets, etc. Store them in a self-made Faraday cage or buy a Faraday bag. Remember that if you want to remain to be able to communicate with someone distantly, you’ll need to provide yourself with devices like walkie talkies (better keep them inside a Faraday Cage, but actually vacuum tubes, which are the main part of these radios, are very resistant to even a high-frequency EMP attack), and flashlights (better not with LED lights, as they are very susceptible to EMP).

Step 3

No one should underestimate the importance of learning off-the-grid survival skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about how to survive when energy sources are impossible to access. Look through relevant literature and videos.

EMP events could leave you isolated or cut-off basic food, water, and medical supplies for a long-term period. Make sure that you’ve prevented getting helpless: prepare a stock of most needed things in advance.

The way our ancestors lived is now considered to be extreme. Nevertheless, we could return to this reality, and you may want to learn more about it.

Take care and do everything you can to prepare and follow a tactical plan which will keep you out of danger in any disaster.

Consider the volume of food storage, and don’t forget about drinking water supplies.

The EMP threats are real, but all these shouldn’t keep you up at night. Each point mentioned in the article will help you get ready for the possibility of an EMP attack not only mentally but, most importantly, practically. Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can you protect your car from EMP threats?

Your vehicle will be damaged in an EMP event unless you purchase and install a special shield, meeting the Mil-Std 188 125, which is a reliable kind of protection even for such a big and complex machine.

Will Faraday cage protect from EMP?

A Faraday cage is a comparably simple continuous covering made to protect electronic devices from a magnetic field. A Faraday cage won’t save your home, but it undoubtedly will save your cell phone.

What will work after an EMP attack?

The infrastructures of most countries aren’t ready for a massive EMP attack. Likely, our nation won’t have access to a power grid after an EMP attack. However, shielded electronics or the ones kept in Faraday cages will stay usable. There will be only survival guns and home-made ammunition available.

How can you protect against EMP?

Study the information you find about living through a disaster and learn survival skills. Prepare food, water, and medicine supply for at least a month. Protect your electronics with Faraday bags or store them in a Faraday cage. Shield your home and vehicles.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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