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Fallout shelters are becoming a massive idea in 2023. The likelihood of a radioactive nuclear attack requires a ready solution: apart from having a survival kit, gear and clothing, you should also have a bunker to dwell and radiation suit while the situation normalizes. The shelter will be your shield against the aftermath of an explosion of a nuclear bomb. To learn more about nuclear shelters and other solutions rather than your basement, read the following.

Intro to Local Bomb Shelters – Be Safe from Explosions and Radiation

Intro To Local Bomb Shelters – Be Safe From Explosions And Radiation The world we live in nowadays seems to be quite unstable. One of the most powerful and, simultaneously, the scariest issues about it is the nuclear weapon. Why is it so frightening? Because one unit can destroy dozens of buildings and take hundreds of lives. Fortunately, we have not experienced the bombs exploding above our heads yet. But it already feels like we are sitting on a ticking bomb.

Humanity faced nuclear blasts already. The consequences of radiation waves are damaging: besides erased cities, the bombs also leave nuclear-charged particulates within the air we inhale. These invisible particles leave a mark within human bodies and have a negative impact on the lungs and bronchus.

If it does not sound realistic enough, have a look at the nuclear explosion map: you can create a simulation of your city or other closest places under nuclear attack. After that, the maps will show you the consequences of this attack for you and your family.

Should we Just Accept the Situation and Seek Fallout Shelter Locations Information?

Should We Just Accept The Situation And Seek Fallout Shelter Locations Information? Of course, not. This is the problem of the entire planet, so we have to think of it and solve it together. To ignore – is not an option, as the situation is indeed fragile. Since we try to act as a team, I am here to share some meaningful pieces of advice with you. These are going to be devoted to the following information:

  • 1) What Options Do I Have If The Attack Starts Today?
  • 2) Federal Bunkers
  • 3) Underground Mines
  • 4) Caves
  • 5) Better Alternatives to Fallout Shelters


What Options Do I Have If The Fallout Starts Today and how to Find Safe Room?

What Options Do I Have If The Fallout Starts Today And How To Find Safe Room? Those who had a chance to think carefully of the potential threat of nuclear attack might want to have a safe plan-B, find fallout shelter, and survive the blast wave. The question is – where can we such fallout shelter, or, at least, some fallout shelter sign?

The perfect way would be to get a personal bunker for you and your family. But, such a kind of fallout shelter is expensive, so not everyone will afford it. However, there will probably be people willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to save their lives.

This means the majority of us will have to search for other options. If we get lucky, we will find some other, natural, fallout shelters.

First of all, do not try to get inside any building above the ground – this is not a solution! Even though the government strongly recommends hiding inside the building, it is not a safe shelter. This recommendation is just a distraction from the fact that there are no government-sponsored mass nuclear shelters.

Alright, we do not have much time to complain about the absence of 100 percent security. Instead, let me pay your attention to the underground. Although underground is not a perfect shelter to hide in when the fire begins, it is rather safe, especially compared to the buildings above the ground.

So, here is the list of places I am willing to introduce to you:

  1. Federal Bunkers;
  2. Underground Mines;
  3. Caves

When you finish reading the material, you will be acquainted with these fallout shelters’ positive and negative sides. Besides, I will show how to notice the possible fallout shelter signs and find one near your house.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Federal Fallout Bunker Options to Survive Nuclear Explosion

Federal Fallout Bunker Options To Survive Nuclear Explosion First of all, let us discuss Federal Bunkers, often illustrated in the films (ex. Deep Impact).

Imagine: a safe place for thousands of people under protection, covered somewhere under the ground. A shelter, where the government will take care of everyone: provide food, water, a place to sleep. And people will be able to live there for years! Unfortunately, it works only in movies. In reality, it will not be a heaven-like territory.

The Problem With The Federal Bunker – Keep Your Survival Kit

Firstly, such a luxury is expensive: not every government has enough resources to build such a bomb shelter (but, of course, some do).

Secondly, once created, this place or city is monitored and controlled like a real prison.

Thirdly, this fallout shelter will hardly manage to contain many people in itself – on the contrary. There will be enough resources and food only for a small percent of humanity.

And, what really matters, the chance that you will be the one who will be allowed to stay at this fallout shelter is too small – only the most important persons will have a chance to use it.

But, even if all the previous points are accomplished, you will probably not have enough time to get there before the shock wave hits you – it will be too far away.

Anyway, if you are still interested in the Federal Bunkers’ information, you can get it here. Remember that poncho shelter is not an option anymore!

For you just to keep in mind: you will not have much time to compare and contrast various options – this is the case of seconds!


Underground Mines as Local Fallout Shelter – Safety From Nuclear Disaster ?

Underground Mines As Local Fallout Shelter – Safety From Nuclear Disaster ? If the situation on the ground becomes too dangerous because of the possible attack, what do you do? Maybe, you would like to wait somewhere above the ground, in the space? You will be surprised, but it is possible, but only for the most important persons, like the president. So, let us focus on something more real: the underground tunnels or underground mines. They can serve as a possible fallout shelter.

These tunnels are placed in very multiple parts of the world, although not in every city. By these, I mean gold mines, silver mines, salt mines, and many others. A huge percentage of them are still functioning. However, many are left and closed.

It sounds effortless – just to check the presence of such a mine near your place of living, and, when the radiation levels increase, hide inside, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there is one big trouble.

The Trouble With Operating Mines – Prepper Advice

You cannot easily get inside the functioning object. They are under constant monitoring of the mines security system, and hardly it will let you just come inside. Maybe, in case of emergency, like the nuclear attack, the workers down there will make an exception for you, but we cannot be sure. Chances are you are going to be left next to the entrance after the guard’s prohibition to get inside. So, probably, we should better focus on some more reliable fallout shelters?

And these are the abandoned underground mines!

Abandoned Underground Mines and Emergency Management

The United States contains hundreds, thousands of mines, which are not operating anymore. These are the signs that there are no reasons for a mine in the city to continue functioning:

  • It is no longer a safe place for people to work in (maybe damaged, maybe crumbling);
  • It ran out of resources, which is used to provide before (gold, salt, etc.);
  • The material extracted is not precious enough to maintain the mine and others.

Anyway, this is basically a free space under the ground, which now can serve as the fallout shelter. So, it’s time to use it!

But, before you rush into searching for the closest underground mine, there is something you should pay attention to: many mines are too dangerous to stay in and to choose them is not a solution!


Have you ever heard the saying “canary in the coal mine”? Have you thought of why do people even put the birds under the ground?

The reason is that canaries are much more vulnerable to toxic air than humans are. So, as long as the bird is singing, the mine is safe, and people can continue working. But, when it stops singing and dies – these are bad signs. It means the concentration of gases is too high and the work should be stopped.

So, some non-functioning mines are too toxic. Going down in such a “shelter” is not an option since being there is just as health-threatening as inhaling the dust. This means that you will definitely have to take a gas mask. Those who do not have one might suffer from methane, carbon dioxide, or carbon monoxide in the tunnel. High concentrations of these gases can lead to death. There were cases when people died even standing near the entrance, not inside the mine.

But heavy gases are not the only possible problem of such fallout shelters.

Problem Number Two: Possible Fallout Shelter Disruption and Low Radiation Protection

Before you enter the tunnel, it is necessary to check whether it is predisposed to the disruption or not. Some mines have higher chances to collapse than others. If you get inside such a mine, you, for sure, will hide from the fallout and radiation spread, but you will not be safe.

The nuclear blast’s strength is high enough to destroy a city, so in case of such a blast, the mine will be damaged, and you will find yourself buried under the ground. Of course, the nuclear wave will not hurt you much directly, but this scenario is far from satisfying. This is not an option for those who want to survive the catastrophe.

And if the previous alerts did not sound persuasive enough for you, you can check the list of other threats and obstacles you might run into in the non-functioning mine.

Other Threats And Obstacles to Local Bomb Shelters – Survive the Nuclear Disaster

Briefly, among these are:

  • Bears, lions, and other mountain animals;
  • Disorientation and getting lost;
  • Loss of balance and falling from the ledges;
  • Other plausible troubles.

Now, if you still want to check if there are any mines (preferably abandoned) next to the building you live in, I cannot (and will not) stop you.

In some cases, you have to choose between bad variants, but having a bad plan is still better than having no plan at all. So, now I will tell you how to find a mine next to you to use it as a fallout shelter.

Instructions To Find Mine Local Fallout Shelters Close To You

There are special online interactive maps where all the underground mines are collected. You can check them to identify the fallout shelter locations. And here is the map I have prepared for you. On the website, you can find the name of the closest mines and their locations and commodities with references. Thus, you can easily screen your area of living and make some notes about where to run if the radiation begins to spread. But be careful: not all the mines will be of your interest! Some of them focus on surface operations on the ground, so they provide little (not at all, actually) protection when “the event” occurs.

But, of course, the mine shafts are on the map as well. So, just rewrite in your notebook several locations and spend a day exploring them.


But still, the chances are you will not be able to get inside – getting access to such objects is quite a complicated task. Of course, it might turn out that you, the reader, already know somebody working at the mine next to you, but, I think, you don’t. Getting acquainted with some mine workers seems to be a nice opportunity to increase the probability of surviving! But, do not forget about the non-functioning mines!

People created a convenient map of abandoned metal mines in the United States. You can find it here. You can follow exactly the same instructions that I gave you previously: search around the places you spend the majority of time in and choose the underground ones. Map Of Abandoned Metal Mines

I want you to pay your attention, that I do not insist on you staying inside these shelters when the apocalypse begins. On the contrary, before the event, it would be a better idea to keep close to them, but on the outside!

Maybe you will be lucky and find out that the mine you are interested in is already explored, and people who did it have shared their experience online:

And there are even better fallout shelters than the non-operating mines. I will discuss them at the end.


Caves Safety as Rescue Fallout Shelters – Keep Your Everyday Carry

Caves Safety As Rescue Fallout Shelters – Keep Your Everyday Carry Now let us take a closer look at the naturally created caves. They seem to be a perfect example of fallout shelters since they have been formed by natural forces and will not be easily destroyed by nuclear earthquakes. And yet, there is one huge problem: caves will not save you if you live far away from them!

And even if it happens that you will be standing nearby in case of blast, you still may not get access to them, as the largest caves are public and are under the protection and control of the government. Some of these caves are so popular that you will have to sign up for a week-long tour.

This means that the best variant will be to find a small unpopular among tourists cave. For example:

Now I provide key instructions on how to find a cave shelter close to you.

Instructions For Those Who Want To Find a Cave Bomb Shelter

The most popular way to find a cave in your surrounding is to use Wikipedia’s Cave Page. There you can find information about the majority of caves in America. You will not even have to follow the links and check the site Wikipedia will suggest you go on – all the necessary information will be on the main page.

Here is a clear example of a cave in Arizona:

Pepper Sauce Cave But be careful – as you might see, such caves are a popular destination for tourists, and if, for example, dozens of thousands of people visit them every year – there is a high probability that when the nuclear blast starts, it will be overcrowded. This is not an option.

You should better spend some time talking to local residents, who might have some information on the smaller caves in the area. But not somewhere too far away – you will not have much time to get there!

And now, as I promised, I suggest my personal top-list of the best alternatives.

Better Alternatives to Fallout Shelters

So, you have to keep in mind that the best option is:

  • Underground

Any place above the ground is unsafe! The blast waves have enough destroying power to damage buildings, to erase entire cities. Staying on the ground is not a solution.

  • Close

When the wave hits, you have seconds to make a decision. Taking relatives, leaving the house, searching for a fallout shelter, and getting inside takes time. So this perfect option should better be somewhere as close as your garden.

What does it mean?

It means the solution is to have a place underground just next to your house, as a part of your property.

You might think that this is a dead-end: as I said in the beginning, personal underground shelters are expensive. Not everyone has enough money to afford to spend dozens of thousands of dollars on that. Do not get scared! Some folks actually manage to build their own small backyard root cellar for such purposes! It means they are prepared for the nuclear attack, and it cost them just several hundreds of dollars.

Of course, this is not the place where you would like to spend a year of your life. But this is a chance to keep you and your relatives alive after the catastrophe. In this bunker, you can wait for the worst of fallout to dispel.

There you can prepare some food and water to survive in the following months. It is close and easily accessible! And this is the only real possibility to stay alive when the crisis begins.

So, if after reading this (or other articles), the number of those who started to take this problem seriously increased – this means I achieved my goal. If you are now one of them – you can for sure check out the Easy Cellar. It will not take too much time to scroll through – but thanks to it, you will be able to survive the nuclear blast.

Thus, now you know how to check for the fallout shelter signs, whether the ground zero in the building is safe to wait out the high radiation levels, where you can hide in the city, and whether you actually can do anything at all to survive the nuclear attack.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How long do you have to stay in a fallout shelter?

The most popular opinion is that you have to stay in a fallout shelter for at least two weeks. These days will be enough for the nuclear-charged particulates to disperse, so you could avoid health problems from inhaling the dust. But, if you have enough provision, you can spend a month in the shelter — it will not make it worse.

Are there bomb fallout shelters?

There are fallout shelters of various sorts in different cities. A city can contain both functioning and non-functioning underground mines, self-created bunkers, and caves. This article provides information on how to find them all and which one will be better to choose if you want to survive the nuclear blast.

How long does it take for nuclear fallout to go away?

It is impossible to give a concrete amount of days or months, which will be enough for nuclear fallout to go away. This process can last from 1 to 5 years. Only when 5 years pass can the territory be radiation-free and completely safe for living. But it does not mean that you have to stay in the bunker for all these years. Human bodies are strong enough to keep functioning even if the radioactive situation is not perfect.

How many bomb shelters were built during the Cold War?

When the Cold War began, people from different countries started the preparation for the possible nuclear attacks. Thus, this period is the most “fruitful” if we talk about the bunker creation. The amount of bomb shelters built during the Cold War varies from country to country. So, there is no concrete answer to the question concerning the shelters created during the Cold War.

What is nuclear blast fallout?

Nuclear fallout is the spread of nuclear-charged particulates in the air after the nuclear blast. At first, they are visible and are usually presented as ash and dust. When time passes, they become invisible but still present in the atmosphere. Nuclear fallout is harmful to people’s health, so the best decision would be to stay at the bunker before the radioactive level falls down.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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