Best Waterproof Tent Review and Buying Guide

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If you have ever gone on a car camping trip, or have visited a great festival that involves camping adventures, or had to unexpectedly sleep in the outdoors on your way, especially in 2023, your way, you know how essential your comfort is during such activities; if you have ever experienced heavy rain in these circumstances, you will not underestimate the importance of having a waterproof tent with you.

Waterproof tents are lifesavers when it comes to various adventures in the woods and staying outdoors during cold and rainy nights. Some readers might be surprised by this fact, but let us inform you that not all the tents you can purchase in camping gear shops are waterproof and can stay dry when it rains.

Whether you are planning your first camping trip ever or are an experienced car camping lover, updating your knowledge regarding waterproof tents for camping and new products in this sphere will not be superfluous.

In our brief review, we will provide you with the info on the top 12 waterproof tents you can purchase today. In addition, we will explain the main criteria you should take into account when you select your camping tent that can withstand rain of any severity. Lastly, you will find out how to keep your existing waterproof tent secure and save yourself from the wet weather.

Waterproof Tent

Best Waterproof Tents Top—12 

Best Waterproof Tents Top—12 Because every adventurer has a different aim and a different plan for their trip, we will not define which tent is “the best of the best.” We suggest you carefully read about each option, look at the picture, follow the links we provide to each product and select the best waterproof tent that suits your preferences and demands.

For your convenience, each option has a waterproof rating added to the description, so you do not have to search it elsewhere. This rating varies from 0 to 20,000mm, and depending upon the numbers; your tent can have no resistance at all, some normal, high, or the highest resistance. Pay attention to this feature when you pick one of our options.

1. NTK Laredo GT (Fits Up to Nine People)

Ntk Laredo Gt 8 To 9 Person

If you prefer traveling in a big group and sleeping all together in one tent does not scare anyone, consider looking at this NTK Laredo waterproof tent. As the manufacturer promises, it can fit up to nine people with comfort.

This large, 150 square feet tent with a bathtub floor that ensures rain and bad weather protection has a nice Dark Teal color. A bathtub floor is a great feature that we love in waterproof tents: it covers the seams and sides of the tent for additional water resistance. In this tent, the floor is covered with an antimycotic component for users’ safety.

The NTK tent has a weight of 23,6 pounds and a height of 6,2 feet. Polyester and polyurethane in the tent’s rainfly allow it to stay protected for a long time. The waterproof rating for this tent is 2,500mm, which is usually enough for light rain that pours all day.

Just so you know, this tent is equipped with only one door. So, if you feel like spending time with eight other people in a tent with one door is uncomfortable, we recommend you try other options.

Here is a fantastic advantage: if you are setting a tent for the first time, this NTK product will work because its poles have special colored marks that will assist you in the setting. We all know how difficult it can be, so this is a great feature that simplifies and speeds up all the tent installment procedures.

2. Coleman Dome Tent

Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

Some of you might know that a good tent cannot be cheap; that is why inexperienced people often buy tents at moderate prices and regret it. If you are looking for a waterproof tent that will save you some money, we offer the Dome Tent made by Coleman.

This model is for two individuals; however, if you are looking for more spacious options, Coleman produces Dome tents in different sizes. The model’s name can be simply explained: its roof has a shape of a dome which protects people inside from rain and wind very well.

Generally, this is a wonderful backpacking tent because it is lightweight — only 7,5 pounds — and very easy to install. The manufacturer promises that you can set it in just 10 minutes which is quite unusual for a tent.

The 35 square feet product has a couple of huge windows that you can open for a great level of ventilation. Ground vent helps get a nice airflow during sleeping. Inverted seams and welded floors ensure that you will stay dry for a long period while being inside this lightweight backpacking tent.

Clients who have bought the Coleman Sundome tent and tried it during their car camping or backpacking trips note that it has a brilliant quality for its price. However, for thunderstorms, you might need to find something more reliable.

3. Big Agnes Blacktail Waterproof Tent

Big Agnes Blacktail

Another tent that perfectly fits two people, this Blacktail model from the Big Agnes store is 33 square feet and weighs only 4,4 pounds which makes it even more lightweight than the previous model we have described. It also has an outstanding design that you do not usually see in tents.

The design features not only a regular tent construction but also some spot for your gear storage that is extremely convenient if your trip is longer than just a day or two. Polyester walls and a roof together with seams covered with polyurethane give a great protection level and a waterproof coating. The waterproof rating for this tent is 1,500mm which is more or less okay if you do not expect hard rains on your way.

We know Big Agnes for producing great-quality products loved by travelers and campers. So, you will not be disappointed if you decide to buy this compact and convenient tent. 

If you are looking for a model that will suit more people, consider checking other Blacktail sizes or another model — Blacktail Hotel that customers love as well.

4. Quechua Pop Up Tent

Quechua 2 Seconds s a famous brand that provides travelers with amazing sportswear and gear for camping and other adventures. Campers widely use its brilliant quality products all over the world.

Among all the decent products Quechua sells, this pop-up tent is a gem. Pop-up tents are perfect for car camping because they are rather easy to install: you can simply fold your tent into a huge flat structure that will fit in your vehicle. However, remember that such products have nothing to do with backpacking tents because you normally feel uncomfortable carrying such a structure with you all the way. But as car camping tents, they are fantastic.

So, speaking of this wonderful waterproof instant tent from Quechua. According to the company, you can install it in a couple of seconds because it is so easy to unfold. Like a previous member of our rating, this dome tent has a great protection level in extreme conditions like hard wind and storms.

The waterproof rating of 2,000mm lets you stay calm even if it rains all day. The manufacturer has put this tent through several field tests and even in a windy tunnel, and the tent managed to resist.

The tent is 32 square feet and can fit two people. It also has a pleasing green color that lets it get lost in the woods and prevents you from excess attention that other tourists might pay. If you are looking for your best waterproof tent among car camping tents, this can be a sign for you.

5. GEERTOP Waterproof Tent

Geertop 4 Person Tents

GEERTOP has produced a spacious tent that can fit up to four people and has a great waterproof rating (3,000mm for the tent’s rainfly and body and 5,000 for the tent floor space) which allows you to take it to your mother nature adventures in any season of the year. Neither heavy rain nor snow will ruin your weekend plans.

This reliable tent comes in bright yellow and dark olive colors. It has two doors for the convenience of everybody who is staying inside. Rainfly is made of a smart blend of nylon and polyester, and this makes the tent more breathable. The floor space`s ability to resist water has resulted from the polyurethane coverage that strongly protects the surface from water.

Surprisingly (because the capacity is four individuals), the weight of this 53 square feet tent is only nine pounds, which is quite unusual for such big models. It is easy to transfer due to the weight and its contents: you can even use it as your best waterproof backpacking tent because a group of four can carry it together — when dismantled, it has several components you can share with each other. 

Lastly, another feature of this great tent is that it has two pockets for your gear storage.

6. Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent

Vango Airbeam Odyssey

This large tent looks more like a small house: it has a luxurious screen room where you can stay and keep yourself protected from rain and mosquitos at the same time, watching mother nature through transparent walls that look more like windows.

The Vango Villa tent with a screen room is 158 square feet and can serve as an excellent waterproof family tent because it has enough room for big groups and three separate spaces inside. This lets tourists stay all together and still get a bit of privacy.

The tent is well-ventilated thanks to multiple vents located all over the place. Also, unlike many other tents of similar construction, this one has a built-in floor space which gives additional hard rain and bad weather protection. Its waterproof rating is above the average: 4,000 mm tent fabric is a lifesaver when it comes to endless rainy and windy conditions.

Compared to other tents, this product is a comfy option that lets families and large groups of friends stay together in the countryside without any problems. Besides its enormous size and great water resistance rate, it has a rather easy setup (especially considering what this camping tent looks like).

A nice green color is another bonus for people who prefer bright and colorful stuff and plan to hide in the woods. Overall, the only disadvantage that may stop customers from buying this tent is the price: right now, it costs about 560 dollars.

7. NTK Arizona GT Tent (Fits Up to 10 People)

Ntk Arizona Gt 9 To 10 Person

Here is another option that suits large groups of tourists (up to 10 people) and that is produced by the NTK brand. NTK has proven itself as a brand that offers great quality products for travelers, and we had no doubts when we included another tent from this company in our rating.

The GT tent has more or less the same parameters as the previous NTK tent (scroll up to the first position for more details). The main difference is the size and, consequently, capacity: this one can easily fit 10 people because its size is almost 140 square feet.

Sleeping there is comfortable, too, thanks to a divider that splits this waterproof tent in two spacious parts. The height is outstanding, too: 6,7 feet which are convenient for tall travelers.

Like its relative, the GT model offers a 2,500 waterproof rating and pole system with colors for an effortless and quick installation. While the size is huge for a tent, the weight is rather moderate — slightly more than 26 pounds. The pleasant dark teal color is another sweet feature of this product.

8. REI Co-op Base Camp 6 Waterproof Tent

Rei Co-Op

If you are an adventurer who travels in extreme conditions for many years or simply loves and practices various sports, most likely, you are familiar with the REI Co-op brand and shop. When planning a camping trip for six people, consider purchasing their Base Camp 6 waterproof tent, a highly durable product that can work for a dozen years at least (this is proven by experienced users).

Mesh roof and wall panels ensure a great level of ventilation inside the tent. Two doors are convenient when a group of six rests inside and outside.

The tent’s waterproof rating is 1,500mm — a rather moderate one but still, you can be safe from the rain inside this tent. As a waterproof fabric, polyester is used here.

With a weight of 20 pounds, you can hardly call this a backpacking tent. However, as a camping tent that perfectly fits into your vehicle, the REI Co-op dome tent is an excellent product.

Compared to the other best waterproof tents in our rating, this one might seem a bit pricey. Without discounts, you can buy it for 550 dollars. However, right now there is a fantastic discount, and this dome tent is available for just 385 dollars.

Lastly, besides a spacious inner room where six individuals can place in comfort, you will find several pockets to keep your gear secure.

9. Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon

If you are not sure yet about the number of people who will travel with you on your next trip, consider buying this tent for camping from Eureka! brand. And here is why: you can choose a model of this product for four, six, eight, or even 12 people.

One standing-out feature of this product is the bright colors chosen for the entire tent`s decor: orange and blue look stylish and nice. Because its weight is no less than 21 pounds (and the more people you have inside, the bigger tent you need), it is not on the list of backpacking tents; on the opposite side, when you unfold and set this tent, you realize that a person can fully stand inside, which is a great advantage.

The tent poles are made of durable and solid materials. The windows of this tent offer amazing views without the risk of getting mosquitos or rain inside. The ventilation inside is amazing, and you will never be disturbed by a lack of fresh air.

Full coverage rainfly ensures that you will not suffer from heavy rain. Overall, the manufacturer promises that it is a three-season tent.

The brand has been working for more than a hundred years now, so it can boast vast experience in sports gear production, including waterproof camping tents. Check the price on Amazon where you can find a four-person tent, six-person tent, eight-person tent, and 12-person tent options.

10.TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Waterproof Tent

Teton Sports Mesa

Here is another example of an amazing cabin tent: this TETON six-person tent (also available as an eight-person tent) has a higher level of ventilation than many of its competitors. Breathing here has no limits. The reason is this waterproof tent material: while typically, many other waterproof tents are made of polyester, polyurethane, and other synthetic materials, this one is made of canvas (that, in turn, is made of cotton).

Another great advantage of this tent is a smart organizers and pockets system: you will be able to fit all your stuff in multiple places and never get your gear wet because it will be well-protected. Besides all types of gear, the tent has enough room for six or eight people.

An extra thick tent floor ensures that you will feel warm inside your sleeping bag during the night and when sitting inside the tent on a rainy day. Doors here are extremely wide, allowing you to put everything you need inside the tent, even a camping bed for a comfortable sleep.

The tent does not have a screen room; however, there is a nice roof you can set in front of the entrance. One person can easily install the tent, and the manufacturer provides clients with detailed instructions and a video.

Because the tent body is made of canvas, this waterproof tent will be heavier than those made of other materials. Still, the ventilation you get is worth it.

Another thing to mention is the price: you barely can call it the best budget waterproof tent because it costs 600 dollars for a six-person tent and 700 dollars for an eight-person tent. But because the fabric (if you care about it the right way) can serve you for a long period, this is a good investment overall.

The TETON brand is famous for its good-quality tents; for example, another model, the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra tent, is beloved by experienced campers who travel with the risk of harsh weather conditions. Check the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra tent prices and description here.

11. Hubba Hubba NX 2 Tent from MSR

Msr Hubba Hubba Nx 2-Person

This Hubba Hubba NX 2 tent has a smart construction that allows you to survive when there are strong winds outside. Doors with rain gutters ensure rain protection. There is no need for a mesh roof here: just look at the picture and you will see spaces here and there between the rainfly and the roof.

This camping tent is lightweight, slightly more than three pounds, which is amazing compared to most backpacking tents. It is a 29 square feet two-person tent with a rather spacious sleeping area that will be a great companion on your trip. MSR has used all its smart technologies and solid materials to produce this waterproof tent that can resist awful rains and winds during three seasons of the year.

Among other Hubba Hubba NX tent features are an easy setup that two people can perform in a couple of minutes and a convenient storage system inside the tent. Several ceiling hooks allow you to attach multiple lights for your convenience. The tent body is made of nylon to keep you and your camping partner dry together with all the stuff you keep inside the tent.

This is another tent that will not keep you hidden in the woods in terms of color; however, a nice red-white combination allows you to easily spot the Hubba Hubba NX tent on the territory.

Buy the Hubba Hubba NX tent at the REI Co-op online shop. There, you will also see a nice video that explains this two-person tent`s advantages. Honestly, if you are a group of two, this is one of the best waterproof tents you can find on the market today.

12. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL1 Waterproof Tent

Big Agnes Copper Spur Hv Ul1 Tent

We have already offered a tent for camping produced by the Big Agnes brand and have explained that this brand suggests some of the best waterproof tents. Here is a brilliant example of this company`s smart products: an extremely lightweight tent for camping that you can easily use if you travel on foot.

The weight of this waterproof camping tent is less than three pounds. You will not even notice it on your back. The sleeping area of this tent fits one person which makes it a perfect option for solo campers. Inside the tent, at the entrance, there is an area with a roof where you can stay when it is way too sunny and hot inside.

The rating here is slightly lower than in the previous positions: 1,200mm. Even so, it will be enough for moderate rain, and remember how lightweight the tent is. The dome tent material is durable nylon that ensures rain protection here. Mesh ceiling and tent walls add some fresh air to the inner tent. With a waterproof coating, you will be dry and safe.

Because manufacturers usually produce the best tents for groups of two and more people, and there are fewer options for solo travelers, we suggest you choose this Big Agnes tent for camping alone.

So, this was our rating of the top 12 waterproof camping tent products available on the market right now. We hope that you have managed to find the best waterproof tent that works for you and can be used in accordance with your needs and wishes.

However, if you think that you can find the best waterproof tent on your own, without a certain list of products, we have developed some tips for you, too. They will help you not to make a mistake when selecting your best waterproof tent. Check our hints below.

Good Waterproof Tent Money Matters

Good Waterproof Tent Money Matters Probably, you have noticed that the best waterproof tent rating participants are rather pricey, and there are almost no cheap positions. Here is the reason: when you buy the best waterproof tent for camping, it should be durable, solid, and easy to set up. Other tent features like a gear loft and smaller storage sections are brilliant things, too.

For all this, you have to pay some money because there is no way you will get your best waterproof tent for just 50-70 dollars. Basically, you buy something that will become your second home during your fantastic adventures in the woods, on the beach, and in any other location far from home. So, when buying your best waterproof tent, prepare yourself for spending at least 200-300 dollars on it.

The price also depends on the tent`s size. If you are looking for a tent that fits one, two, or three people — this will be one thing. But when you are searching for a waterproof tent for camping that will fit up to ten or even twelve travelers, this is a whole other story! Always keep this in mind, and maybe sometimes it would be best to buy two different tents that fit up to six or eight individuals.

We have discussed the price; now it is time to set the criteria for the best waterproof camping tent that you can use to choose your perfect model.

Best Waterproof Tent Buyer’s Guide

Best Waterproof Tent Buyer’s Guide

1. Size and Weight

We think that this is the main criterion you must keep in mind when you choose your best waterproof camping tent. The first thing you think of when choosing among a wide range of tents is how many people will share it.

The second thing is how hard it will be to carry the tent from your car to the spot where the tent will be set (or even carry it on your back). Always check these features when you make a decision to buy this or that tent.

2. Waterproof Ratings

We have touched on the topic of a waterproof rating at the very beginning of our review. As you already know, some tents are more water-resistant than others. If you expect harsh weather conditions in the location of your adventures, ensure that you have taken the tent with a higher rating (well, at least 3,000mm).

For easier circumstances, you can buy one of the 1,500-2,000mm tents. The inner tent will be dry in case of moderate rain even if it rains all day. However, if something goes wrong, or you face bad weather during your trip and have doubts regarding your waterproof coating, ensure that your gear loft is protected enough not to ruin your stuff.

3. Materials Used

Here, we will divide your choice into two: you can choose either synthetic or natural materials.

Usually, tents are made of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. They are durable and have proven water resistance needed for outdoor activities. Another huge advantage of such tents is their weight: you can easily carry them for a long distance.

Another option is to buy your best waterproof tent made of natural materials like canvas. They will be heavier but more breathable which is especially appreciated by travelers who have allergies and breathing problems.

4. Ventilation Features

If you choose the natural fabric tent, everything is not that bad. But if you need a tent made of nylon or another synthetic thing, you should check ventilation holes and mesh in the walls and ceiling. Having the ability to breathe without any obstacles during the night is essential, believe us.

5. Setup Difficulty Level

If you are traveling alone or with only one companion, remember to check in advance how your best waterproof tent will be set up when you arrive in the wild. Use this criterion to ensure that you will not have any problems with installment and it is not only real but also simple.

These are the basic criteria you should bear in mind when you choose your perfect tent for fantastic outdoor adventures. So, let us imagine that you have already bought a tent. Is there something you can do to make it more durable and travel with it for many years? Yes, there is.

Tent Waterproof Capabilities

Tent Waterproof Capabilities

There are a couple of recommendations that will help you.

  1. Do not neglect washing your tent with special soaps and gels offered in sports gear shops
  2. Use patches to close holes in your tent`s walls
  3. Ask the tent`s brand if there are any patches made especially for your model
  4. Check your tent with a hose: use it to see where the leaks are.

These four simple tips will allow you to use the same tent for a long period and not to bother about switching to another product. Because the best waterproof products are rather expensive, it would be best if you use one tent for at least five or seven years of active traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Types-Of-Waterproof Rane

You might still have several questions regarding the best waterproof tents selection and products. Use our FAQ section below to clarify some moments.

Are any tents actually waterproof?

Yes, they are. A waterproof feature is reached thanks to materials used in various tents. For instance, synthetic tents made of nylon or polyester have great waterproof ratings and resistance.

Is 4000 mm waterproof good for a tent?

Yes, this waterproof rating is excellent for a tent. Inside this tent, you have nothing to worry about during the rainy days of your camping adventure.

How can I make my tent more waterproof?

You can make your tent more waterproof by checking it for any leaks or holes. Simply use a hose and pour water into a tent to see if there are any problems. Also, remember to wash your tent with special products and soaps and attach patches to leaks if you find any.

Some manufacturers often offer special patches that suit their tent models. Do not forget to ensure that you attach them properly.

Are waterproof tents really waterproof?

Yes. If you wisely select your tent`s materials and check a waterproof rating, there is a high chance that your tent will really be waterproof.

Do tents lose their waterproofing?

Over time, yes. There might be some holes and leaks. The good news is you can glue patches to hide the holes and ensure your tent`s water resistance.

What makes a tent waterproof?

There are two things that make a tent waterproof: the material and the construction. Speaking of materials, it can be nylon, polyester, and other synthetic options; or natural options that will protect you from the rain but will be harder to carry (like canvas). Construction plays a big part, too: there are various ways to help you stay dry like some roofs and so on.

What is a good waterproof rating for a tent?

A good rating would be no less than 1,500-2,000mm; if you know for sure that awful rain and storm might be on your way, we would suggest considering no less than 3,000mm tents and see if they are tested in hard winds.

How long do tents stay waterproof?

This depends on the tent`s waterproof rating and the weather conditions in the tent`s location. Some tents are capable of staying dry for the whole day when it rains. Others will become wet after a couple of hours. When choosing a tent, ensure that its rating is high enough for your traveling location.


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