Cool Camping Gear

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Cool camping gear is a dream of every prepper worldwide. A robust tent, a sizable backpack, a portable shower facility, a hammock, cooking appliances, a sleeping bag, all to make a campfire, a DIY grill, a bottle of life-saving water, a rocket stove, and more. The list can be continued for ages. Read this article to discover all possible items of really cool and efficient survival gear.


It’s no secret that choosing the right camping gear is extremely important for those who often go hiking. And then appears a desire to take a bunch of favorite things with you, but you need to remember that you will have to drag everything by yourself all the way. Plus, a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and food also take place.

It must be said that for each season and area, the list of personal trekking equipment will be slightly different.

This article will tell you about the top positions when it comes to camping gadgets and other equipment. They are not only handy to use but also very effective.

Our list includes items that can easily impress your companions and change your camping adventure experience for the better.

When purchasing new pieces for your favorite hobby, you need to focus on your preferences in comfort and convenience, of course. Likewise, it is necessary to understand what other experienced campers say about specific models of camping accessories and their experience of using them.

We’re sure picking new fancy gadgets is fun and exciting anyway, so stay tuned to learn more about some cool camping gear!

But before we get started, please, feel free to check out our complete research about camping gear. We’re sure that you will discover something new!

Fire Stove

Fire Stove Perhaps, we would like to start with the Solo Stove. It is a portable camping stove for hiking and survival.

Nowadays, there are many different stove models for every taste and color. But this particular oven is really one of the best.

Solo Stove has everything you need for a comfortable hike: backpack-fitting camping stoves and big portable campfire pits (fire pit camping gadget), for example.

This Solo Stove This company has established itself in this area. Check Kelly Kettle review and use guide on our website, good choice for camping. They have maintained their position for many years and have been producing camping equipment from high-quality stainless steel materials. Their inventions are easy to use and also have a nice design.

This particular stove’s main feature is powerful, efficient combustion of wood and low smoke level, which is very eco-friendly.

This Solo Stove model is great not only because you do not have to change your location around the bonfire every few minutes but also for its versatility. It is specially designed so that you can place large dishes with food on them.

Before you go hiking next time, be sure you have read our camping gear list.

USB Campsite Charger

Usb Campsite Charger

Usb Campsite Charger Most of all, the camping gadgets you take on a hike have short battery life, and of course, you need a plan for this case.

Our team brings to your attention a reliable portable charger that works from a solar battery. It thus allows campers to have a constant supply of energy (so that they do not have to carry with them a big battery pack all the time).

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can save the accumulated power for unforeseen circumstances.

Quadrapro Power Bank And this is exactly what solar-powered QuadraPro Power Bank is. This model has a capacity of 6500 milliamperes per hour (mAH) and can also charge two devices at once!

It is also protected from moisture and does not take up much space. This is exactly why we love it. When packing a hiking bag, it is essential to have at least a little spare space.

If you haven’t seen our list of all the basic camping gadgets, don’t wait and read it now!

Power Jumper

Power Jumper

Noco Boost PlusThe worst thing that can happen to you outdoors is battery drain (when you have a car camping situation or just move by personal transport).

Compared to earlier times, you don’t have to wait for a passing car to jump you. Nowadays you can get a real compact jumper.

Despite its petite size, this contraption can jump-start even a big vehicle. In addition to the jumper itself, the set contains alligator clips, as well as a battery pack.

However, if your car is about 2.5L, this gadget may be too powerful for you. So take a closer look at the PowerTech 8k model. The price of such a device will be less, but it will still work properly.

To discover more hiking options on avoiding such problems, please, read our versatile camping essentials list.

RTIC Coolers

Rtic Coolers

Rtic Ice Chest Hard Cooler The main advantage of the RTIC company is that they offer the highest quality coolers at a very reasonable price.

You can put a huge fish or a large number of frozen foods under lock and key inside any of their RTIC coolers, and the insulation that is three inches can keep it cold for an entire week or maybe more.

Moreover, if a hungry bear or any other large wild animal hits your campsite, the RTIC manufacturer promises that this cooler will be able to withstand the attack of any of them.

By the way, our free guide of essential hiking gadgets awaits you right here!

Waterproof Tesla Lighter

Waterproof Tesla Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters

So you’ve set up the campsite and laid out your things. Now the important thing is to start a fire. And, oh no, at the same time, nature decides to grant your vacation with a strong wind.

Ordinary lighters or matches here will not work for sure. Therefore, it is important to have at least one windproof lighter.

The main difference between these lighters and regular ones is that they operate without fuel and smoke. But at the same time, they are powerful enough to kindle more than one fire.

Tesla lighters are a great example. They are lightweight and compact, will fit anywhere, and are a cool camping accessory as well. They are quite energy-saving because one charge from the USB is enough for you to light dozens and even hundreds of fires.

Organizing your camping essentials for the great outdoors is important, so here is our comprehensive checklist that will help you.

Firestarter Laces for Cooking

Firestarter Laces For Cooking In the case of survival, it is always necessary to have something useful in your bag with daily things. The best option is to replace the usual things with some kind of adaptation for survival or just a camping trip.

In this case, we will consider Firelaces with built-in ferrocerium tips made according to the paracord design.

Firestarter Laces For Cooking This is an indispensable thing in a survival environment because it takes up almost no space (especially if you already have it on your shoes).

This way, you can always start a fire simply by hitting the tip on any hard surface. That is, you do not need to have fuel with you to make a fire.

Also, advantageously, they are completely waterproof, which makes them very comfortable. Since matches, for example, have the ability to dampen.

And again, we recommend you to read the best backpacking and camping research about camping gear essentials.

Survival Knife

Survival Knife

Survival KnifePerhaps the survival knife is the most versatile tool when it comes to survival or camping trips.

There are many ways to use knives outdoors, yet every camper still uses them for their specific purposes.

There are many knives categories, like a full-tang fixed blade knife. But the most convenient option (and one of the best) is a neck knife that is hung around your neck in such a way that you will have access to a sharp blade at any time.

Please, check this ultimate hiking gear checklist to learn more about knives and other great outdoors supplies.

Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs The hike involves outdoor enjoyment and complete relaxation. Relaxation means that everyone who participates in this camping trip should feel as comfortable as possible.

Lying inside a tent is certainly superb, but what if you want to sit near a pond in a beautiful forest? Of course, you will need a comfortable camping chair or something like that. That is why we present to you Crazy Creek Chairs.

Crazy Creek Products For several decades, this company has been producing interesting solutions for hiking chairs that are only getting better and more modified every year.

The Crazy Creek camping chair is certainly well suited for outdoor entertainment. You can sit for a long time and enjoy not experiencing any back pain.

This Crazy Creek Chair is very soft due to a large amount of padding, and you can also adjust the position of its back to suit your preferences and adjust the chair in general, focusing on how you will use it.

If you haven’t seen our table of all the fundamental camping devices, don’t be shy and read it ASAP.

Water Container

Water Container

Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer When you need something bulky, durable to store water, Aqua Trainer water containers come to the rescue, inexpensive and very light. So it will be super handy to take them with you.

It is also very convenient to fill the containers as they have a wide hole on the top and a reversible tap that can be removed when you carry or transport this container.

Another great solution is Water Brick containers. They can be stacked on top of each other without the chance of deformation because another one compensates the load on each brick.

Waterbrick 1833-0001

Water Bricks are certainly not suitable for camping trip use, but rather for storage at home in case of emergencies. For example, such a structure can be easily stored in a basement or other large household space.

But for camping trips, they are also applicable but differently. For example, you go on a hike, take several bricks with water, and voila, you don’t need to take a bulky canister or bottle with you.

Read our best camping checklist. There you will find every piece of information about camping gear and other items that you need for camping trips.

GPS Watch

Gps Watch

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Over the years, Garmin has never ceased to amaze customers with worthy novelties in the field of terrain orientation and cartography.

But their most unique product is the Fenix 5 GPS watch, which is a worthy competitor to other GPS watches. And there is an excuse for this!

The watch can notify you of any weather changes and allow the hiker to determine at what height they are (it is handy in case you are going to reach a snow peak), thanks to the built-in altimeter.

Another advantage of this cool camping wristwatch is that it can be synchronized with a smartphone or any other device to track all changes along the route.

In addition to its versatile functionality, the tactical Fenix 5 GPS watch has a pleasant appearance. Sapphire crystal glass strongly protects against moisture (you can use them even at a depth of one hundred meters!), and stainless steel makes them durable and wear-resistant.

If you are looking for some camping gadgets, you definitely should check out the Garmin brand first.

But before you go to Garmin’s website, we recommend you to read our hiking list of camping essentials, which has everything you might need for survival or a camping trip.

DoubleNest Hammock

Doublenest Hammock Imagine having a cool camping day, actively exploring the woods, or climbing a mountain. What will you want next? Surely relax a little enjoying the creature comforts or even sleep. But the trouble is, the ground is damp or stony, cold. And now you remember the wonderful solution, a hammock!

Eno - Eagles Nest We present you with the most comfortable ENO DoubleNest hammock. It’s lightweight and won’t take up much space in your camping backpack, but it’s solid and can handle 400 pounds.

It can also be used as a full-fledged “tent” because it is equipped with a special mesh, which protects the inside from rain, insects, and dust. And it is straightforward to assemble, even if you are in a hurry.

If you’re planning to go into the wild without a big campsite and tents, we want you to check out this minimalistic ENO DoubleNest camping set up as an alternative sleeping bag.

The camping gear list is the first element you need to plan when going outdoors. People may organize such a thing themselves, but we want to provide you with an already-made one! Just click here to learn more.

Nylon Cord

Nylon Cord When you go on a hike and closer to dusk, you need to do something outside the tent (you forgot something or you have another need), then Reflective Tent Guylines from AIDIER will come to the rescue.

Aidier Reflective Nylon Cord Thus, you will no longer stumble over anything or anyone in the dark. These Nylon Guylines will help you orient yourself even if the flashlight is extremely dull.

These cords are great for other solutions as well. For example, as a clothesline or a repair element in a campsite.

You can also make a little loop of the 2.5mm cord around the zipper. This is another good way to navigate in the dark time of the day.

Be sure you’ve read our best camping essentials list, as it contains info about all the necessary gear and other items you will need in the great outdoors.

Mountaineering Shoes

Mountaineering Shoes After a long camping day or hike, you don’t want anything but to warm up and rest properly. We know that. And it often happens that by the end of the walk, your shoes become damp and “rumpled.”

Western Mountaineering Many campers have long made it a habit to have a spare pair of dry and fresh shoes with them for such an occasion. And we swear that the best item you can obtain is comfortable Western Mountaineering boots that will quickly warm every millimeter of your feet.

Western Mountaineering booties have a high rubberized sole, which does not slip, a heat-resistant insole, and a thick layer of down filling. Thanks to these shoes, you will be able to continue doing your business at the campsite without the risk of any injury.

The best you can do now is start preparing your extra pair of boots and other camping gear following our complete backpacking guide.

Tenacious Tape

Tenacious Tape

Gear Aid Any element of your camping equipment can be damaged at any time. And you will have to sew up the damaged areas one way or another, but the problem is that you will not get a super-durable repair.

Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have a Gear Aid Tenacious Tape. It will replace sewing in its usual sense without losing efficiency.

Tenacious Tape is heavy-duty and waterproof, so keep a few rolls with you to be able to close the gap at any time.

Read our camping gear list with all the hiking accessories you might need to survive or camping.

Propane Stove

Propane Stove


Coleman Gas Camping Stove It is always a pleasure to have a reliable cooking system on hand, particularly if it’s as durable as the Coleman “Suitcase” oven with a lifetime warranty.

They are composed of an understandable design, and propane cylinders are easy to find in any specialized store. By the way, they have built-in adapters that fit grill or BBQ propane tanks.

The Coleman company has been developing over the decades, and every time, it produces new unique items. That means that the latest models generate more energy (about 22,000 BTUs), which is certainly great.

To summarize, this excellent propane “suitcase” oven that will fit in any vehicle can provide you with hot food anytime you need it. Setup the oven just the way you want so you don’t ruin the cooking process.

You will find other relevant gear for your campsite on our backcountry camping prepper’s list.

Lodge Campfire Oven

Lodge Campfire Oven People often take ready-made food with them, such as a freeze-dried or dehydrated meal. But you must admit that it is more pleasant to eat something freshly prepared and hot after a long and active day.

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven Cooking over a fire is also an option, but it is much more convenient to use a portable dutch cast-iron stove with a tripod to cook and grill products, and the food does not burn in the fire (yes, they can be easily overcooked this way).

If you are traveling with a family or just a large company, you will probably like a Lodge Deep Camp Stove with a volume of up to 10qt.

This version of the furnace is convenient to use and long-lasting, thanks to the cast iron it is made of. So it can even be “inherited” by someone.

By the way, there’s also a good alternative, a solar oven. If you don’t like campfire smell or smoke, this is a perfect way to cook in the great outdoors.

Keep in mind that preparation for camping is a crucial point, so we made a list of all the cool camping gear you can get for free!

Cooking System

Cooking System

Jetboil Flash When you’re on a hike and don’t have time to cook thoroughly and just want to grab a quick bite, it’s helpful to have a portable and reliable cooking system with you.

JetBoil Flash is an excellent solution for this. The kit includes an electric starter and heat-consuming cookware. So this cool camping gear won’t take up much space in your backpack and will boil water within a few minutes. It works, by the way, from the usual iso-butane.


JetBoil portable cooker weighs about one pound and can be fitted everywhere, even when there’s only the tiniest piece of space left in your camping backpack.

We know that you are on your way to preparing the camping gear inventory, and we are here to help you. Read our full list of camping accessories to be fully equipped.

Pocket Light

Pocket Light
Pocket Light From Survival Frog
When you plan to go camping, you need to prepare camping essentials in advance. And besides other important gadgets and gear, you need to think about the light source both for tents and the entire campsite. Well, of course, you can bring a headlamp, but it will have a narrow scope. Nevertheless, electronics is a delicate topic, so you need to consider the versatility of what you take with you.

Pocket Light is an excellent choice for those who want one light source for all occasions. It is sun-powered and is additionally charged from any power source using a USB cable. Moreover, this flashlight is a kind of power bank and can charge small-sized gadgets you take on a trip.

The compact Pocket Light torch is easy to carry because its weight is minimal. But at the same time, it is powerful enough and applicable to everything, whatever you are up to.

Read our camping and survival options with every type of hiking gear and accessories you might need.

Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern Emergency Solar Air Lantern will be the best camping gear for your camp. Especially under conditions when it is forbidden to make fires, but you need to somehow operate in the dark.

It folds up and does not weigh much, so you can safely take even a couple of spare Solar Powered Lanterns with you.

Moreover, its light is enough even for lost travelers at a great distance to reach you and thus be saved.

It will also be good if you leave such camping lantern essentials of yours on a beach or a large field at night so that people who have lost their way can easily find temporary refuge.

To learn more information about cool camping gear, please, take your time and read our hiking-related list.

Pocket Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw You may encounter several obstacles along the camping way, and this is okay. Another question is how you will cope with them and how much time you will spend on it.

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw For example, you drive a car, and soon you come across fallen trees on the road. Of course, you can chop them with a sharp ax you keep in your camping gear backpack, but it will take a decent amount of time.

And this is where the Pocket Chainsaw comes to the rescue, which does not require extra maintenance in the form of greasing, fuel, or charging.

The pocket saw is an inexpensive camping gear that can save you from long, exhausting works. One of the main advantages is that it takes up almost no space so that you can keep this chainsaw close at hand.

Read our complete checklist of the survival and camping gear to be fully prepared the next time you go camping.

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad If you are looking for a versatile and compact sleeping mattress, then the Klymit Sleeping Pad is the best choice. It weighs only one pound, and its size is only 3”x8” when assembled.

Because manufacturers have designed the sleeping pad so that it has a limited circulation of air, you will sleep comfortably on the side. Your shoulder, thigh, or other parts of the body will not touch the cool ground. And the side walls prevent you from falling off the pad so that you can sleep well.

It can be inflated in less than 20 breaths, which is also certainly a huge plus. Provided that it has great 3X the R-value thermal insulation and is suitable even for spending the night in the most severe climates, especially if you use a sleeping bag as a blanket fold.

Thus, the Klymit Sleeping mat is soft and warm enough to sleep all night long and recover comfortably, yet lightweight and compact. This allows such a pad to be used both for hiking and outdoor recreation.

If you’re wondering are there any other cool camping gear such as super-comfy sleeping bags, neat tents, fancy flashlight, unusual water filter selections, or any other gadgets and accessories, then check out our gear-related list of all the camping essentials and

Camping Soap

Camping Soap

Dr. Bronner’sAnd then you may ask why soap is included in our article as cool camping gear. But everything is not so simple here!

This particular soap is one of the most gentle but effective means in a camper’s backpack. It consists only of organic components and is completely harmless to the environment.

Dr. Bronner’s soap is suitable for absolutely everything and can be used for any purpose. It works as a dishwashing detergent, as a shampoo, and as regular soap.

The great feature is that Dr. Bronner’s soaps are budgetary! So be sure to get one of these multifunctional products for your next camping trip.

Bear Spray

Bear Spray

Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray You can tap the bowler hat with a mug or fire your rifle to scare off a bear or any other wild animal that follows your track and then begins to approach you. But it is safer to have special sprays from wild animals in your survival kit.

However, only a pepper-based bear spray has a proper effect. Sprays of other compositions with a low concentration will help in defense against people but are quite useless in a fight with a large wild animal (just imagine battling a yeti using some kind of deodorant).

Consider your first aid kit content in advance and purchase a reliable anti-attack remedy such as Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray, for example. It will help you to scare the bear at a great distance too.

Along with bear sprays, you will need other elements of gear (e.g., tents, maybe running shoes, emergency whistle, bottle opener, and, of course, sleeping bags). Hence, welcome to our free camping and hiking checklist with all the essential stuff campers bring with them on their trips.

Portable Handwarmer

Portable Handwarmer

HandwarmerFeeling good is crucial when you want to go hiking with comfort. And it is important to wear comfortable and warm clothes and shoes. But what if the body parts are still frozen?

In this case, it will be useful to have a portable heating pad with you. But not all are suitable for such purposes. For example, disposable heating pads can easily get damaged or not keep you warm for as long as you would like.

Therefore, we want to introduce you to the Survival Frog reusable hand warmer, which charges quickly and is quite energy-saving. So you would not worry about the fact that the warmer gadgets will soon come to their end.

Also, this handy hand warmer has several levels of heating, so you can easily regulate the process and adjust it to your needs.

To discover more hacks, feel free to examine our extensive camping gear checklist.

Float Fishing Tube

Float Fishing Tube Often, after hiking, campers like to get fresh catch for dinner. In other words, go fishing. And the easiest way (literally and figuratively) is utilizing an inflatable boat (Kayak boats, though, might take more of your strength whilst carrying).

Classic Accessories This is the most practical camping model as it weighs only 14 pounds in assembly but can handle 350 on the water!

The bottom of such an inflatable tube is made of reliable PVC material, and the hull has a hydrodynamic design. Yet, the adjustable straps and the lightweight size allow the camper to carry the boat over long distances. And as soon as a person is on the water, they immediately begin to feel all the charm of this device.

Firstly, the inflatable fishing boat is equipped with a soft seat, the back of which can also be modified to suit one’s parameters. Secondly, the boat has a web apron and two large pockets for loot or different gear pieces, and two stands for fishing rods.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Well, we tried to fit only a part of the huge list of cool equipment for all kinds of camping trips and relevant situations. Both the basic pieces for tourism and unusual solutions for experienced hikers were displayed above.

Anyway, we’ve got more “gifts” for you. It is a full article about camping life hacks that will help you out in the great outdoors.

Take care of yourself and rest wisely!


Where to buy the best camping gear?

It is best to purchase camping equipment in trusted stores and those at least have reviews. As a rule, everything you need can be found on Amazon. In fact, some of our links are taken from there. Do not spare money on high-quality camping gear because it is imperative that they be reliable and serve you for a long time.

Why do I need reliable camping gear?

Because you don’t want to be trapped, for example. Imagine your boat is blown off in the middle of a lake or your boots are falling apart high in the mountains. Or maybe you were attacked by a bear, and you only have the cheapest spray with you. You should always check the reviews for the camping gear you are about to purchase.

How much are the best camping gear items?

It depends on what exactly you are going to buy. Small gadgets can be inexpensive and still work fine. But when it comes to tents or sleeping bags (gear that will provide you with safety), then it is better to consider models that will be more expensive but more trustworthy.

What are the types of camping?

There are many different types of camping today. They are formed based on the needs of travelers. The most common and interesting ones are hiking, skiing, mountaineering, and combined types of camping.

All these examples are connected because hikers get an unforgettable experience and strengthen their physical condition.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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