Best Tactical Watch Review and Buying Guide

Choosing a tactical watch is a matter of survival, while fashion comes second. Experienced preppers understand that weather and resistance, GPS, barometer and altimeter parameters, premium-quality compass, and a long-lasting battery can save a life in unforeseen circumstances, whenever it is a hunting, stalking, or act of escape. Learn about the best tactical timepiece devices from Casio G-Shock, Luminox, Suunto, and other respected brands, choose the best price on Amazon, and be ready to face any survival marathon fully-equipped.

Whether you are an experienced survivalist or just a beginner, you probably understand the need for watches as survival gear. To begin with, a timepiece can be your only source of accurate time information. If a doomsday happens in which it will be difficult to distinguish day from night, it will be difficult for you to comply with the regime and maintain good health. But if you have a good and high-quality tactical watch, you will not be afraid of losing time.

In addition to the obvious reasons associated with keeping track of time, the best tactical watch will help you monitor your well-being. Many modern military watches are capable of counting heart rate. This feature will help you recognize problems with your heart or circulatory system in time.

Another military watch key such as Casio Men g-shock can help you predict the weather. Special instruments installed in military watches can show changes in air pressure and therefore predict the weather.

Well, if you are a fan of mountain adventures, the feature of determining your position concerning sea level is useful to you. If you get lost in the mountains, it will be much easier to find you, knowing at what altitude you are.

The most modern models of the best tactical watches can be called a miniature portable computer. With the best tactical watch that can sync with your smartphone, you can get in touch even in the most urgent situations.

As progress continues relentlessly, more and more diverse survival timepiece models included in recommended overseas deployment list appear on the market. Some of them are electronic. Some are completely mechanical. But all these tactical watches can be divided into several types: tactical watches for hunters, military watches for soldiers, watches for sailors, pilots, and navigators, watch for extreme sports enthusiasts.

TOP Best Tactical Watch

Top Best Tactical Watch Below you will find a list of the best watch picks. You got acquainted with the current offers on the market and selected the most optimal models for you regarding price and quality ratio.

Men’s GW-9400 Casio G-Shock Master of G Rangeman

Casio Men's Gw-9400Bj-1Jf

This model of Casio G-Shock men’s watch is intended for real survivalists. This G-shock watch has the same triple sensor system that we talked about earlier in the review. Such a G-Shock watch can determine the altitude at which you are, air temperature, and even air pressure. And of course, this Casio Men watch has all the rest of the basic functionality. It has a GPs, a digital display, automatic movement, atomic timekeeping, has a high level of water resistance, is meant for everyday carry, is made from stainless steel, and is meant especially for men. The anti-reflective coating of the glass helps you to be as invisible in the dark as possible.

INFANTRY Men’s Big Face Dual Display Watch

Infantry Big Face Mens The water-resistance of this men’s watch is up to 30 meters. It may not seem like a lot, but it is actually enough. This military watch for men is made from the finest materials: stainless steel, tritium gas tubes, scratch-resistant sapphire, scratch-resistant mineral, sapphire crystal, steel bezel. They also have a bunch of useful features: watch key, waypoint projection, search and rescue, night vision goggle compatibility for low light situations, GPS GLONASS, quartz movement. And this item is on sale at a good price.


Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

Luminox Men's 3051 This is certainly not a dive watch but a great survival military watch. They have such a high level of water resistance that you can lower them to a depth of 200 meters. They are made from durable materials: quartz movement, stainless steel, tritium gas tubes, titanium bezel, tritium tubes, sapphire crystal, tritium gas, titanium case, screw-down crown, steel bezel. Besides, they have a nice price, long battery life, digital display, scratch-resistant mineral, water resistance, and GPS. This is a real tactical watch for real men.

Casio G-Shock GD-100-1B Watch

Casio Men's Gd100-1Bcr Casio G-Shock Tactical Watch is a super multifunctional and reliable survival tool. Such Casio men can show you the date window and time in 4 time zones at once. They also have a built-in stopwatch, calendar, water resistance, and backlight. Casio men G-Shock also has the ability to sync with your smartphone through a special application. Setting up such a g-shock is much easier and faster. This watch’s device includes automatic movement, screw-down crown, titanium case, anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant sapphire, GPS, digital display, shock resistance, date window, water-resistance nylon band, long battery life. This is a good price watch that military operators use.

Armourlite Caliber Series Black Dial Watch

Armourlite Caliber

This watch has a black and white display and a very durable strap. Plus, they also have all the features that you need in a tactical watch.





Timex T49612 Expedition Shock Digital Compass Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men's T49612 This is a super shock-resistant and water-resistant watch that can survive anything, even the end of the world. And this is what men need in survival watches – reliability. The handy strap won’t get in your way, and the handy display is intuitive.

So What Is A Tactical Watch?

So What Is A Tactical Watch? It is worth starting with the fact that a survival watch is an indispensable tool for survival. Every survivalist knows that the best tactical timepieces combine many necessary but cumbersome tools for survival. And if you have a water resistance military watch, everything you need to survive is on your wrist.

There are many categories of the best tactical timepieces, so it is difficult to determine what exactly can be called a tactical watch. But there are some criteria by which it is still possible to do this. For example, a tactical watch is a super-strong construction. These military watches are shock-resistant and often water-resistant. The best tactical watch also has a compass, barometer, and many other useful features.

Of course, with such a set of useful tactical tools, watches are not the cheapest survival gear. But trust us, they will pay for themselves once after the purchase. At a minimum, you do not have to spend such valuable resources as time and money on finding and buying all the other survival devices that will already be in your military watch key.

Also, keep in mind that a water resistance tactical timepiece, if you plan on using it for survival, is not something to pick and buy in a matter of minutes.

How to Choose a Tactical Watch

How To Choose A Tactical Watch

As we said, a tactical watch is not something that you can buy spontaneously and just like that. It is an expensive gear for survival but extremely necessary. Therefore, you should choose your watch wisely. First, decide what set of qualities in a water resistance tactical timepiece is important for you. Below we will consider a list of the main and most important features that you should pay attention to when choosing a water resistance tactical watch key.

Triple Sensor Watch Technology

Of course, you can choose a watch with one of the following features. But a truly high-quality tactical watch will contain a triple sensor system in its device. These sensors include a barometer, altimeter, and thermometer.

Watch Thermometer

Every survivalist needs to know what the air temperature around him is. Survival tactics and survival success may depend on this. It is good that modern watches can act as a thermometer and are always at hand.

More modern watches with a built-in navigator can even predict the weather at your destination. Thanks to this modern technology.


An altimeter is a device designed to determine the height at which you are. For example, an altimeter installed in an airplane will give you accurate data on how high the aircraft is flying. This device is beneficial if you live in a mountainous area or plan your survival in a mountainous area. If you suddenly get lost, the altimeter will be able to indicate how high you are. This means that it will be much easier for you to find your way back.


A barometer is a device designed to measure air pressure. With this device, you can forecast the weather. It’s quite simple: if the pressure drops, the weather will get worse. If the pressure rises, the weather will become better.

Agree. This is an essential feature for survival. If suddenly your watch informs you that soon the weather will deteriorate in the area where you are, you can find shelter in advance.

Watch Quality Guarantee And Free Service

Of course, everyone wanted to have a tactical timepiece that would never break or require repair. But everything happens, and sometimes even the most durable tactical watches can break. In this case, you will have to return them for repair. And since a tactical watch is an expensive gear, maintenance will also be expensive. Therefore, you should initially invest in a watch with a warranty service. It will definitely pay off.


A tactical watch, resistant to water, is a super thing for survival and an active lifestyle. A regular mechanical watch can malfunction even if you just get caught in the rain or carelessly wash your hands. This should not be allowed for a gear that will protect your life. We all know that in survival situations, we sometimes have to deal with water. And live and survive is much safer if you can be sure that your watch is water-resistant.

If your budget allows you, you may want to consider a diving watch. Such field watches can withstand water pressure even at a depth of several hundred meters. But such watches are very, very expensive. However, a good tactical timepiece with moderate water resistance will easily survive rains and even river rafting. The main thing is not to go too deep so that the glass can withstand water pressure.


This is an essential feature of any watch, not just a survival watch. But in the best tactical watches, this feature is significant. Ordinary glass tends to scratch and becomes cloudy. Through the heavily scratched glass, you will be able to see the indicators on the watch accurately. So that at the most crucial moment, you have the opportunity to see a clear image on your military watch, choose a tactical timepiece, the materials of which will be resistant to scratches.

Trustworthy Brand

Your survival watch needs to be trustworthy. Of course, not all survival devices need to be absolutely accurate. But the watch should. This is their main task. Therefore, you should choose a watch in the reliability of which you will be 100% sure.

Choose water-resistance field watches from trusted brands. Usually, such brands have been producing watches for more than a decade and have already established themselves. In matters of survival, it is not always worth chasing the most modern devices. Sometimes it is worth choosing a proven option.

Timepiece Appearance

Since the tactical watch is designed for daily wear, you should choose the model whose appearance suits you.

Try to find a watch that goes with all of your main looks. Such a watch should not be conspicuous and attract too much attention. But this does not mean that you need to neglect their appearance completely.

A water resistance tactical watch is not a survival gadget that you can simply throw on a shelf in your bunker or backpack. They should be with you every day, 24 hours. After all, doomsday will come unexpectedly, perhaps at the most inopportune moment.

Reasons for Using a Military Watch

Reasons For Using A Military Watch

Survival watches can be used in many ways. Below we will tell you about the main and most useful ones.

Starting Fire

Starting Fire We warn you right away that this method can only be used if your tactical watch with crystal glass is broken. You can remove the lens and use it to light a fire. For this, it is enough to concentrate the sunlight and direct it onto some dry, flammable material. It is like having a surviving kit on your arm. With these watches, you will never need to start a fire with wooden sticks anymore.

Send a distress signal.

You can use your tactical watch face as an emergency mirror to signal. You just need to find the shiniest surface of your watch face and take a few highlights to signal. You can use both glass and the back of your watch. If your tactical watch has a metal backplate, polish it. Then it will work no worse than an emergency mirror.

Countdown timer

At first, you may think that the countdown timer is not the most useful watch feature. But this is not the case. Countdown will come in handy both in everyday life and in survival situations. If you can use the countdown when cooking in everyday life, then in survival, it is a completely different story.

When surviving, the countdown can come in handy when launching a bomb, defending territory, and coordinating a team.


Modern tactical watches contain GPS formatting, but there are simpler options. Any tactical watch must have a compass. And as you know, the compass is an indispensable device for survival. With it, you will never go astray, and you will know that you are going in the right direction. What can we say about the benefits of a compass that is literally tied to your hand? It will not let you get lost and will not get lost by itself. Win-win.


You can sync your watch with your team members’ watches. This makes the work more consistent and accurate.

Starting a Fire with a Watch

Starting A Fire With A Watch We warn you right away that this method can only be used if your tactical watch with crystal glass is broken. You can remove the lens and use it to light a fire. For this, it is enough to concentrate the sunlight and direct it onto some dry, flammable material.

Best Tactical Watch Summary

Best Tactical Watch Summary To sum up, we can say that a military watch is an indispensable device in many survival situations. The choice of items is varied, but the price sometimes bites, especially if you prefer to buy branded watches. Always think about the quality and functionality of the survival multi-tool watches you buy, especially survival watches. Personally, we advise you to take a closer look at GPS watches, watches with steel case, comfortable strap, kill switch, low-light sensors, shock-resistant glass, GPS GLONASS, quartz movement, and water-resistant cover. As for the materials from which the watch is made, take a closer look at the watch made from stainless steel, sapphire crystal. You can even find solar-powered watches. You can find such models among Casio’s men survival watches, like Casio g shock mud master, or consider purchasing a quartz movement GLONASS and galileo watches, solar-powered navy seal watch, Garmin Tactix Charlie, Suunto traverse alpha, or Suunto core.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below you will find answers to the most popular questions about survival watches. We tried to answer all the questions in as much detail as possible to reveal all the questions that interest you. Make sure you read the content of our article carefully. Perhaps you will find answers to the rest of your questions there.

What watch do Navy SEALs wear?

Seals prefer to wear military watches with increased durability. Significant for the navy seals is the watch’s water resistance and quartz movement. To be more specific, Morsik seals most often consider such models as Casio men g-shock and Casio g shock mud master, Suunto core, GPS GLONASS, Garmin tactix charlie, and Suunto traverse alpha. All of these models have a pretty nice price tag, but some have higher prices than others. As you can imagine, the military cannot afford to use ordinary watches, as their security must always be at the highest level. Moreover, during hostilities, you will not be able to carry a lot of equipment with you. That is why compactness and versatility are important. Such watches can easily replace many survival tools, even devices for measuring altitude, GNS navigator, and synchronization.

What’s the best tactical watch?

A survival wristwatch is an important tool for any survivalist, but it comes at a pretty high price tag. But such a wristwatch can combine several other devices and significantly increase your chances of survival. We can advise you to buy such models as quartz movement Suunto traverse alpha and Suunto core, Garmin tactix. Choose for yourself a wristwatch option in which you will be satisfied with both price and quality. It is important to choose the most suitable survival wristwatch for you to utilize its functionality fully.

What to Consider When Buying a Military Watch?

First, decide what kind of functionality you need and in what conditions you will use the wristwatch. If you just need a pretty wristwatch for every day, then a tactical wristwatch is not for you. If you are a sports enthusiast, fitter, or military man, you need a quality tactical wristwatch.

When it comes to the wristwatch’s functions and features, here, your possibilities are almost endless. You can choose an analog wristwatch or a super modern wristwatch with a display. They can show the time and date in different time zones. You can also buy a wristwatch with a three-sensor system. Such a wristwatch will include a barometer, elevation meter, and thermometer. With this set of tools, you don’t have to carry a huge backpack with you. Even this can improve your chances of survival.

As for the conditions of use of the wristwatch, you can choose wristwatches with different durability degrees. You can choose a glass wrist watch for yourself, but then it will quickly become unusable. For extreme survival, you need a wristwatch with maximum durability. It’s also best to choose a wristwatch with water resistance and a steel case, and quartz movement. But the price for such a wristwatch will be slightly higher. But they will serve many times better, and you will not need to take them off even in the shower.

Better yet, choose a wristwatch with warranty service. If suddenly your wristwatch falls into disrepair, you can repair or change it for free or at a good discount. Unfortunately, even the toughest watches can break.

How to change the Timex Indiglo watch from military time?

If you have a Timex or Garmin Tactix watch that has your military time set, you can change it to the usual one. Sometimes it happens that men get so used to their wristwatches that it is difficult to refuse them. Unfortunately, the process of changing wartime is not intuitive. To begin with, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual for the Timex or Garmin Tactix wristwatch, where you will find a lot of useful information. Timex or Garmin Tactix has a fairly simple mechanism, but it is difficult to work with it. There are few buttons, but different combinations on the Timex watch are responsible for different actions. If you can’t figure out the instructions, we have one proven method.

Hold down the time setting button and hold it for a few seconds. Over time, the second icon should blink, then minutes, and then hours. When the hours’ icon flashes, you can release the button. Now you need to press split and reset. After that, you can enter the time you need.

Why do I need a tactical watch?

Survival watches can be useful for a variety of reasons. Even if you are a survivalist with no experience, you will most likely have at least some idea of ​​how survival goes in extreme conditions. In order to ensure a safe and more or less comfortable life for yourself, you need to have many different tools with you. Sometimes, the situation develops so that you may not have time to look for the right tool. Also, carrying a huge backpack with you means being slow and tired quickly. Agree. The situation is so-so if your life is at stake. This is why you need a survival watch. In them, you can combine all the necessary tools. Simultaneously, the watch will always be literally on your wrist, so you do not have to look for it at the most responsible moment. They are also lightweight, compact, and reliable. Yes, they have a fairly high price. But it’s much more profitable to buy one multifunctional watch than a whole set of survival equipment.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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