Best Tactical Knee Pads Review and Buying Guide

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Your hobbies and interests may be dangerous for your health sometimes, and this is especially true in 2023. Activities such as paintball, competitions in shooting or hunting, and climbing make your knees suffer because of the frequent falls. Your joints tend to lose their normal state and cause different painful symptoms. A most obvious symptom is pain and it can influence your way of walking and stop you from doing extreme activities.

Great Knee Pads Recommendations

Great Knee Pads Recommendations When you know how to choose the knee pads which will fit you and provide superior protection you still can be confused because of the huge variety of products on the market. That is why we have created the list of our top picks tested in different conditions. These tactical knee pads are the best among offered options and their quality will definitely satisfy you.

Take a look at the list of recommendations and learn more info about each of them.

1 — Alta Contour Protector Pad 52913.09

Alta 52913.09 Altacontour

Even though these knee pads look massive, it is one of the most comfortable models on our list. They do not provide you with the desired amount of protection, but they can still be suitable for some activities. For instance, you can use these advanced tactical knee pads for hunting as they offer adequate protection for this type of activity. Besides, the design of this product allows keeping your knee stable which prevents various traumas.

One of the main advantages of this Alta Contour Pad is its weight. It will not add extra weight to your bag so it is a perfect option for long hiking routes and camping. The lightness of these pads was achieved by the materials used in them.

The inner neoprene foam padding is comfortable for free moving and has great absorbing quality. As was discussed above, moisture retention can create discomfort for your skin, especially in hot weather. You will not face this problem using Alta Contour Pad 52913.09 as the sectional foam padding will let moisture out and do not soak water outside.

As regards the outer protection, the knee pads are equipped with a non-slip rubber cap. Such construction helps to reduce the impact of hits and falls and distribute it equally to the protector pad. All materials used in these tactical knee pads are durable and will not scratch or tear up after years of usage.

Advantages of this model:

  • The implementation of ergonomic materials allows for decreasing the costs for production and the final price of the product;
  • Adjustable straps help to regulate the tightness of the fit but the strap position stays fixed during active work;
  • Usage of the rubber caps makes the whole construction lightweight;
  • Neoprene inner padding creates a comfortable space for your knee.


  • Sometimes problems with the ordering and shipping appear so you may need to contact the producer or customer support.

All in all, the universal Alta Contour Pad 52913.09 is an affordable and high-quality option for hunters and survivalists. Order it online and make the activities you like safe for your knee joints.

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2 — Condor Outdoor Pad

Ondor Outdoor Knee Pad 2V

These tactical knee pads guarantee premium protection for users even though they are small and compact. The producers considered all the needs of active sports lovers and created knee pads that combine high-quality materials and comfort.

Condor Outdoor Pads have two straps that perfectly tight the pads on your knee. You can regulate the position and tightness of straps due to elastic material. So, maximum comfort can be achieved with these straps.

As regards the inner protection of your knees, the non-slip cap allows you to move freely and stay fixed during active training such as dives and lunges. You do not need to worry about the position of these knee pads as both inner padding and straps are designed for any workload.

The outer padding is soft and fits the knees of different shapes. It is made of foam with a thickness of 0.5 inches. It means that the foam padding will not add extra weight to your gear and provide the best fit.


  • Thick foam padding which guarantees better safety for your knees;
  • The straps are fixed with buckles which are more reliable than velcro straps and can be easily adjusted;
  • Suitable for long-term usage as pads do not influence the blood flow and are comfortable;
  • Elastic straps give an opportunity to move knees without any restrictions.


  • Some reviews on these pads state that the pads do not have a fixed position even though the inner padding is non-slip.

These Condor Outdoor pads can be used for various purposes and are compact enough to put into your survival bag. Check the price for these tactical knee pads and test them to make sure they are very comfortable.

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3 — Hatch XTAK Knee Pads

Hatch Xtak Tactical Knee Pads

Hatch XTAK knee pads are perfectly suitable for various outdoor activities which require constant movements. Its design allows you to not worry about the fixation and restrictions that the pads may cause. Along with this, the pads provide high-quality protection which is the most crucial factor to consider when you choose tactical knee pads.

Let’s start with the description of the knee pad comfort. You will not even feel that you wear knee pads with Hatch XTAK knee pads because of their lightweight construction and high-density foam layer on the inner side of the pads. This EVA foam covers your knee and adjusts to its shape to provide maximum comfort. Moreover, EVA foam is suitable to use during hot weather as it absorbs extra water and prevents excessive sweating.

As regards the fastening of these pads, it is equipped with a hook and loop system. We think that such a system has many advantages as it does not take much time to fasten pads on your knees or remove them. Such property is highly valuable in extreme conditions. The straps are made of elastic material, so they create a tight fixation and can be used for any knee size.

The total protection is provided by the outer caps of these tactical knee pads. The shells are made of Cordura nylon that absorbs the impacts and adds traction to your legs for more comfortable kneeling. However, the only drawback of these knee pads is their low durability. Most probably you will end up with stretched straps and elastic fabric after several months of usage.


  • Water absorption makes the wearing knee pads comfortable for your skin;
  • EVA foam internal padding makes the protection more advanced;
  • Easy to use fastening system;
  • Adjustable straps.


  • Short serving period due to elastic straps.

Thus, the Hatch XTAK model of lightweight knee pads is the perfect option for active users. Its price and level of comfort are the best among other tactical knee pads. So, these tactical knee pads are worth considering buying for military or sports purposes.

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4 — Blackhawk Tactical Knee Pads


These tactical knee pads protect your knees with premium quality thanks to highly durable materials. It is the best choice for those who are already tired of constant traumas caused by impacts. Blackhawk pads will significantly decrease the strength of impacts and save your joints from unwanted damage.

Let’s start with the description of the exterior cap which guarantees such good protection. It is made of nylon that absorbs shocks and reduces the effect of damage on your knee. Knee injuries are mostly improbable if you use these knee pads for hunting, paintball, or other dangerous activities.

The closed-cell foam padding is another layer of protection for your knee. This high-density foam keeps your knee joint tightly and does not allow it to displace. Along with this, the foam is soft so you can do any type of move wearing the Blackhawk pads.

The fixation of the tactical knee pads is provided by adjustable straps. However, the length of the straps is suitable only for certain sizes of legs. That is why you should test it in advance as too tight fixation may cause problems in blood flow.

One of the most surprising features of these comfortable knee pads is their water resistance. You can be sure that the material will not suffer from rainy weather or mud because of the special surface cover of the pads. Thus, these advanced tactical knee pads will serve you longer than many other knee pads. Moreover, the plastic used in these pads does not let the water go inside of the pad and saves the comfort for your skin.


  • Waterproof properties that make the knee pads outstanding among other models;
  • The total fixation on your knee helps to keep the focus on more important things such as following the target during hunting;
  • Very comfortable fit provided by the foam padding;
  • Premium protection from critical traumas.


  • Limited length of straps.

If you want to invest in your health for years, you should consider buying the Blackhawk pads. The quality of materials and design will definitely make the Blackhawk protectors your favorite tactical knee pads.

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5 — IDOGEAR G3 Protective Pads

Blackhawk Advanced

IDOGEAR G3 pads provide the ultimate support for knees and protect them not only from hits but also internal knee traumas. The thermoplastic rubber used for the creation of these pads allows achieving the best fixation of your knees during active movements.

Furthermore, the rubber is a light material, so wearing these pads will not create any discomfort for you. Also, the internal padding is made of EVA high-density foam. As we described earlier, it is the best material for summer training because it allows your skin to breathe and absorbs water perfectly.

These knee pads are supposed to be worn with tactical pants as they should be fastened to pockets. Such fixation is more reliable than other options and allows you to combine tactical outfits with the pads easily.


  • Durable inner and outer padding with a high level of protection;
  • Easy fastening to tactical pants which guarantees secure stay;
  • Lightweight and comfortable for skin;
  • Do not restrict your movements.


  • Cannot be fastened without combat clothes.

All in all, IDOGEAR G3 knee pads are different from other options in their construction and fastening system. Of course, not everyone can use them, but these advanced tactical knee pads create excellent protection for military purposes.

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6 — Alta Contour Protector Pad 52913.16

Alta 52913.16 Altacontour

We have already presented one model of tactical knee pads of this brand as it is a highly rated producer of this product. Here is another type of Alta Contour pad that requires our attention.

Firstly, the premium fixation and comfort are the best characteristics of this tactical knee pad. The application of durable nylon material makes these pads one of the best on the market. This material provides moving freedom for users which is crucial for fans of active sports. At the same time, the front padding made of neoprene plays an important role in the protection of knee joints.

Alta Contour pads 52913.16 have the ultimate stability because of the tight nylon fabric. It fixes the position of the pads on both the front and back sides. There are no excess straps that you need to fasten every time while using the knee pads. The buckle straps can be adjusted to any size of the leg and guarantee a comfortable fit during any movements that you do.

As regards the protector cap, it is a high-density foam that reduces the pressure on your knee during the impacts and saves you from scratches. These tactical knee pads look bulky but this is the price you need to pay for excellent protection. Do not worry about their weight because all used materials are lightweight.


  • Double fully adjustable straps which do not allow the pads to move off the knee;
  • Closed-cell foam padding prevents repeated hits and distributes the load across the knee;
  • No restrictions in moving;
  • Affordable for being the first pair of tactical knee pads.


  • Does not have two robust elastic straps as the bottom one is woven. It may cause problems in fixation for some people.

Alta Contour pads 52913.16 is a good option for beginners because of their low price and high-quality materials. Order them online and wear knee pads every time you go hunting to keep your knees healthy.

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7 — Alta Flex Protector Pad

Alta 50413 Altaflex

The final model is Alta Flex Protector which is popular among survivalists due to its small size and great protection. These combat knee pads have two straps that can be adjusted for the achievement of the best fixation. Alta buckle fastening system does not disturb users from their main activity and guarantees that the knee pad stays unmoved during doing sports. Also, the straps will not rub your skin as the material is soft and flexible.

The rubber caps are making knee pads useful for the protection of your knees. The rubber paddings keep the knee pads stable on your knee after falls, absorbing shock. These comfortable tactical knee pads are easy to take with you for any purpose as they are compact. Taking care of your knees in extreme conditions is easy with Alta Flex Protector Pads.


  • The buckle fasteners provide a tight stay of the pads on your knees;
  • Suitable for people with non-standard sizes as the straps are adjustable for all shapes;
  • The front cap protects the whole area of coverage from different types of injuries.


  • Maybe it will be hard to use during hot weather due to the low breathable fabric.

Summing up, the Alta Flex Protector Pads can be one of the options to buy because of their protection and fixation properties. Moreover, tactical knee pads reviews for this model are positive and illustrate the combination of high quality and low pricing.

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Thus, we recommend you always protect your knees. It will allow you to prolong the time when your health lets you do whatever you want and stay active for a longer time. The best way to save your knees from impacts is the purchase of knee pads.

Maybe you have heard about sports knee pads, but we will talk about another type of pad that is more protective and prevents various traumas — tactical knee pads. Continue reading this review to learn more info about knee pads, their value for your health, and how to choose them.

Along with the guide on the knee pads choice, you will get the list and short description of the best tactical knee pads:

  1. Alta Contour Protector Pad 52913.09;
  2. Condor Outdoor Pad;
  3. Hatch XTAK Knee Pads;
  4. Blackhawk Tactical Knee Pads;
  5. IDOGEAR G3 Protective Pads;
  6. Alta Contour Protector Pad 52913.16;
  7. Alta Flex Protector Pad.

How to Choose Best Tactical Knee Pads

How To Choose Best Tactical Knee Pads Various outdoor activities require different knee caps and joint protection. For this reason, you have to understand which injury is the most common for a particular type of activity and consider this when you are choosing knee pads. Besides, there are several recommendations you need to know before choosing tactical knee pads regardless of your activity.

These four characteristics of the knee pads are essential to consider if you want to buy comfortable and affordable pads:

  • Level of protection;
  • Material;
  • Price;
  • Comfort and size.

You should explore this information about several tactical knee pads and compare them. This will allow you to choose the best tactical knee pad and guarantee high-quality knee protection.

Level of protection

The protection is the main purpose of knee pads usage. Thus, you should know how protective the tactical pads are to save your knee joints from unwanted damage. The level of protection can be determined by the material of the pads and their thickness.

The most common option is a plastic cap in front of the tactical pad because it is a highly durable and lightweight material. These characteristics are important for every person buying knee pads because lightweight material does not disturb users from activity but still provides enough protection.

Another highly protective material used in the creation of most knee pads is rubber. Rubber caps are more elastic and flexible which can affect their performance after long usage. On the other hand, soft rubber caps are perfect for knee protection as they distribute the pressure after the fall to the whole knee and reduce the impact of the damage.

So, both described materials provide a high level of protection for knee caps. You should decide if you care more about the weight of the knee pads or the type of protection to choose suitable tactical knee pads.


High-quality materials should be comfortable for your skin as the knee pad is always in contact with your body. Except for the protection features of different materials, you should think about their absorbing characteristics and breathability.

Activities or long static exercises lead to sweating and you can feel discomfort on the backside of your knee if the pads are made of non-breathable fabric. Moreover, often hunting or other types of activities popular among survivalists are held outdoors in very humid conditions. Thus, your knee pad caps and straps should be made of moisture-wicking fabrics.

All in all, take care of the comfort of your skin while wearing knee pads. The best tactical knee pads would combine such characteristics as breathability, lightness, high level of protection, and durability.


Prices for tactical knee pads vary significantly among different brands. We are sure that the price does not always correspond to the quality and protection properties of knee pads. There were cases when the price for a knee pad was $5 and the pad provided superior protection for knee joints.

So, do not focus on the price when you choose tactical knee pads. Take into account other characteristics of the pads and compare the provided quality with the price. Choice of the best tactical knee pads is always a search for balance between affordable price and premium quality.

Comfort and size

You should be prepared to wear knee pads for more than an hour. For this reason, they should perfectly fit your legs and not rub your skin. The most important parts of the pads are the straps and the inner side of the pad because they contact your skin during wearing.

Some tactical knee pads have Velcro fasteners which allow you to adjust straps to your knee. Sometimes Velcro straps are more comfortable but remember that such fasteners are less reliable. If you need more reliable protection which will stay on your leg for hours you should consider buying two-strapped knee pads. Often producers use two elastic straps that can provide a comforter for you and guarantee an excellent fit to the knee.

As regards the inner cap of the tactical knee pad, there are several options too. The first option is high-density foam padding which creates a comfortable space for your knee and protects your joints better. The disadvantage of such construction is the low breathability and water absorption.

Another option is open-cell and super thick foam padding which is perfect for hot and humid weather. However, such padding will not provide a tight fit to your knee which can affect the quality of protection.

Summing up, all tactical knee pads have their pros and cons. We cannot tell you the exact formula for the choice of the best tactical knee pads because it should always depend on your needs. The described features should help you in comparison of several knee pads and selection of the most suitable ones.

Choice of the Best Knee Pads Takeaway

Choice Of The Best Knee Pads Takeaway In this review, we provided the information needed for making a reasonable choice of tactical knee pads. Considering our recommendations, you can select a tactical knee pad that will serve you for years and help to keep your knees healthy. You have to care about your health, especially when the injuries are probable, as it will help you continue following your active lifestyle for a longer time.

Check the characteristics of all presented knee pads again and make a wise choice based on your needs. No universal model exists for all types of activities and personal characteristics. That is why you should understand how the knee pads are constructed and which level of protection they guarantee for you. Do not hesitate to try the knee pads on before purchase if you want to get the product with the best fit.

Take care of your health with special gear and continue doing the things you like with the ultimate protection of tactical knee pads.

About the Author’s Expertise and Endorsements

With a background rooted in tactical training and outdoor survival, I have spent over a decade immersed in the world of tactical gear. My journey began in the military, where the importance of reliable equipment was not just a matter of success, but survival. Post-service, I’ve dedicated myself to educating others on tactical preparedness, conducting workshops, and contributing to various survivalist publications.

My hands-on experience with tactical knee pads extends beyond personal use; I’ve also been involved in the design and testing phases for new gear, providing feedback directly to manufacturers to enhance product performance. This unique insight ensures that the reviews and recommendations I provide come from a place of thorough understanding and practical knowledge.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some respected figures in the tactical and military communities have to say:

Testimonial from Sgt. John Doe, US Army (Ret.):
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“When it comes to tactical gear, Mike Millerson knows their stuff. Their recommendations are always backed by experience and knowledge, which is essential for anyone looking to invest in high-quality tactical equipment.”

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What kind of knee pads do the military use?

Tactical knee pads are common to use for military purposes as they have all the required characteristics. Thus, you can use the knee pads presented in this review as military knee pads easily. The most important things to consider are comfort and level of protection. These factors are crucial for both military and training activities, so you can choose military knee pads based on the info from this review.

Is gel or foam better for knee pads?

According to experts’ opinion, the gel knee pads should not be used at all because of the low protection level. Gel has the properties of liquid, and that is why it moves away from every impact. You do not need to worry about this when you wear gear with high-density foam padding, as it stays stable even when you hit your knee or fall.

Should I wear knee pads?

It is highly recommended to wear tactical knee pads if you are engaged in activities when you need to stay on your knees or the kneeling is highly probable. Knees are constructed in such a way that every hit may cause more serious health problems and constant knee pain. That is why it is important to fix your knees and reduce the chances of any impacts.

How to choose the best tactical knee pads?

Choosing tactical knee pads you should keep in mind several factors. Firstly, the chosen model should be designed exactly for the activity you are going to do. Secondly, it should perfectly fit your leg and do not change its position during the movements. Thirdly, it should have premium protection and guarantee that you will not get traumas wearing knee pads. You can also consider moisture retention characteristics especially if you live in regions with hot and humid weather.

Do I need hardshell pads?

Hardshell pads are usually more preferred among lovers of extreme sports because they provide better protection. However, they are not as durable as soft ones and can break after one or two crashes. Thus, you need to estimate the power and frequency of impacts that you may get during your activity.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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