Best Tactical Pants Review and Buying Guide

A good pair of tactical pants made from reliable fabric, be it polyester or cotton, is a must-have in any survivalist’s list. Their pockets are roomy and can keep some smaller gear items, your mobile phone, and even a first-aid kit and weapons. Read this article to find out about the use of teflon in the production of the best tactical pants, and more exciting facts concerning survival.

In this piece, we will share all we know about tactical pants for both men and women.

We have covered so many topics and have discussed a good deal of survival gear items, but we haven’t talked about proper tactical pants so far.

If you have been thinking of swapping your regular jeans for a pair of quality tactical pants — doubt no more, the time has come. Tactical pants will keep you warm, safe, prepared for any kind of emergency, and way comfortable in general. With abrasion and stain-resistant materials, a pair of tactical pants turns into an irreplaceable survival gear item and a true lifesaver.

Top-8 Best Tactical Pants on the Market in 2021

Top-8 Best Tactical Pants On The Market In 2021 As you can see, there are a lot of perks in using good tactical pants. The question is, how do you pick out really good ones? No worries, that is why we are here to help you. There are plenty of brands that suggest you purchase their survival gear, including pants. We have studied the contemporary market and have picked out the top-8 best tactical pants suitable for both men and women.

Hereunder, we will take a closer look at each suggested model, study the pros and cons, and help you to narrow your choices down.

1. 5-11 Tactical TacLite Pro Pants

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Rating: 5.0

Cost: 54, 99-79, 99 dollars a pair

Our first tactical pant on the list is the 5-11 TacLite Pro. The company has already earned a name in the tactical gear market. People trust them for a reason: they make some really good, high-quality stuff. The manufacturer’s brand new TacLite Pro pants are a great upgrade to the original cargo pants. The good news is, you can purchase the new model at a very affordable price (54, 99-79, 99 dollars a pair).

The 5-11 TacLite trousers consist of a 60/40 polyester-cotton blend. They are more breathable, damage, and stain-resistant, and they dry faster. This model has a lot of hidden pockets too. With the Cordura reinforced 5-11 tactical pants, you will have all your tactical gear in the right places. You can also use their large thigh and deep hip pockets for more heavy gear. If you ever happen to run out of storage space (which seems almost impossible with this model), you can attach extra pockets to a heavy utility belt.

The 5-11 pants are coated with Teflon, which makes them dirt and water-resistant. Teflon doesn’t let the drops of wet dirt stick to the fabric, so any such substance would simply roll off your tactical pants. The tactile Pro pants obtain a gusseted crotch and articulated knees for greater mobility and a full range of motion, which is a significant asset on a bug-out trip. 5.11 Tactical Women's

The 5-11 TacLite also makes tactical pants for women. If you want to keep a low profile and yet have cute, comfortable, and super functional trousers, the 5-11 tactical women’s pants are meant for you.

Check out this video to find out more about the product.

You could get a pair for about 54, 99 to 79, 99 dollars the moment this article was out. Click here to check out the current price.

2. CQR EDC Assault Tactical Cargo Pants

Cqr Men's Tactical Pants Rating: 4.8

Cost: 29, 99-39, 99 dollars a pair

The CQR EDC Assult Cargo Pants is a very decent pair of tactical pants at an affordable price. This model is mage resistant to water, fading, physical damage, and shrinking during washing. The CQR tactical pants are made of ripstop 65/35 polyester-cotton combination.

Their design resembles the military and law enforcement uniform. The CQR EDC cargo pants have eight multi-use cargo pockets you can use to store various survival equipment and tools. Climbers especially love this model for its strong steel snap buttons and a zipper pocket that comes in handy if you want to secure tools at easy reach at a high altitude. All these advantages make these cargos a sturdy option for climbing and hiking, and everyday carry.

Check out this video for more interesting details on the CQR EDC tactical cargo pants.

You could get a pair of these trousers for 29, 99-39, 99 dollars when this piece was published. Click here to check the relevant price.

3. Tru-Spec’s 24/7 Men’s Tactical Pants

Tru-Spec Women's Rating: 4.6

Cost: 79, 99 dollars a pair

In our opinion, the Tru-Spec 24/7 Men’s Tactical Pants are the third-best tactical pants for men and women on the market. They are made of the same material that the CQR EDC tactical cargos (a 65/35 poly-cotton combination). They are durable, sturdy, and dirt and water-repellent.

Customers tend to admit that Tru-Spec original tactical trousers and the legendary 5-11 pants are equally durable are comfortable. So, in all seriousness, we can say that this model is comparable with the absolute leader of our Top-8 chart.

The model also has a slider waistband for an extra comfortable body fit, deeper front pockets than the original model, two knife and two accessory pockets, two internal pockets for magazine pouches, two cargo pockets with the hook and loop clasp, a separate cell phone pocket, and a super convenient knee pad pockets.

These Tru-Spec original trousers have the same military service/public service look the CQR EDC pants do, which is just another part of their charm. Moreover, this manufacturer has additional Women’s 24/7 Expedition series and special water-resistant Men’s series.

You could get a pair for only 79 99 dollars the moment this article was published. Click here to find out the relevant price.

Check out this video for more useful information about the product.

4. Dickies Canvas Men’s Tactical Pants

Dickies Lp702 Canvas Rating: 4.5

Cost: 49, 99-79, 99 dollars a pair

Many people think that Dickis only make workwear for mechanics and other professional. But the Dickies Canvas Men’s Tactical Pants prove that Dickies can make pretty decent tactical wear as well. Dickes tactical wear, just like most of their lines, is made of a hundred percent pure cotton canvas. The tactical trousers are designed with some extra space between the thighs to make the pants even more comfortable both on the move and sitting down.

The pant has a second reinforcing layer of fabric in the seating area and durable interior pockets for storing weapon accessories. Wide belt loops distribute the hanging weight perfectly well, so even a fully-loaded belt attached to the trousers should not be an issue. Articulated knees allow you to add knee pads, if necessary, and the Teflon outer surface will keep your trousers stainless at all times.

If you watch this video, you will see that medical fire/rescue military personnel uses the Dickies tactical pant as part of their functional uniform and civil everyday carry. EMS pants provide for more air, sturdiness, and utility on the go.

The only concern with these trousers is their water-resistance. Pure cotton does very well in dry conditions and warm temperatures, but this material is too heavy for quick drying. However, this problem can be easily resolved with a water-repellant.

You could get a pair for about 49, 99-79, 99 dollars (depending on the color, quality, and model) when this article was published. Click here to find out the relevant price.

5. Helicon-Tex Urban Men’s Tactical Pants

Helikon-Tex Otp Rating: 4.4

Cost: over 100 dollars a pair

Thanks to a more aggressive cut and tailoring style, the Helicon-Tex Urban Men’s line favors the police officers. Of course, it’s no Flying Cross with their MIL-SPEC compliant tactical gear and equipment, but they do great on day-to-day service. These tactical trousers obtain a total of 12 exterior and hidden pockets — plenty of space to store the duty gear, which is jet another asset for a police officer.

Helicon-Tex has one more advantage in store for you. Urban Men’s tactical trousers are made of reinforced stitching material that will provide you with a complete range of motion and maximum dexterity right when you need it. Frankly speaking, you could take a beating (not that we would want you to) and get out without a scratch. If you are not impressed yet, here’s another shocker: the internal pockets are made with tactical padding in mind.

Check out this video to take a closer look at the product.

This is the most expensive item on our list so far. It used to cost over a hundred dollars a pair. Click here to find out the current price.

6. AKARMY Combat Work Pants For Men

Akarmy Men's Cotton Rating: 4.1

Cost: 39, 99-49, 99 dollars a pair

The AKARMY Combat Men’s Work Pants are a very budget-friendly option for those who want to get quality, style, and comfort all at once. They are loose-fitting and breathable tactical pants made of pure cotton. The variety of pockets will let you stash your staff wherever you feel most comfortable.

You can wear them casually for bug-out activities or quiet and relaxing BBQ weekends with friends and family in the countryside. We have found the only minor con in this model is that the front zip lined pocket is just a decorative hoax. But, at such a wonderful price (39, 99-49, 99 dollars a pair), we can pardon the manufacturers this little annoyance.

AKARMY has a special trooper series that offer the customers soldier-looking samples of tactical trousers and everyday carry. These pants come in various camouflage, navy midnight blue, and law enforcement green colors. You can pick the one you like.

You could get a pair for about 39, 99-49, 99 dollars the moment this article was published. Click here to find out the relevant price.

7. The 5-11 Stryke Tactical Pants

5.11 Tactical Men's Stryke Rating: 4.1

Cost: over 100 dollars a pair

Stryke pants are another 5-11 model on our list, but they differ greatly from their TacLite Pro cousins.

Stryke pants have very interesting thigh pockets: they are higher than most models have and streamlined. Such form helps keep the pocket’s contents from falling out constantly and swinging from side to side during the walk (a gripe of many cargo shorts and pants). That is why we strongly believe that streamlined pockets are the feature.

The Stryke Tactical Pants come with a total of 12 pockets, and they have a more modernized look to them compared to TacLite’s cut. They have a phone pocket on each side, which is an amazing asset for ambidextrous people. The trousers are made of two-way stretch Flex-Tec material and come with a gusseted crotch and reinforced knees — classic features of all 5-11 models. But comfort comes at a greater cost, and these babies are no exception.

5.11 Tactical Women's Stryke Stryke is gender-friendly. The company has a Women’s tactical pants line and is available to purchase online at the given link.

Check out this video for more interesting details on the product. Click here to check the current prices.

8. Under Armour Storm Tactical Patrol Pants

Under Armour Men's Rating: 4.0

Cost: over 95 dollars a pair

The Under Armour has put a lot of thought into their Storm Tactical Patrol Pants, and you can totally tell. The manufacturer may not have added every feature to these pants. Still, it sure has made only essential advances to the product, like large cargo pockets, convenient magazine holders, reinforced crotch and knees, and an invisible inseam.

Plus, Under Armour is one of the very few manufacturers on the market that still make a hundred percent synthetic tactical pants. As we have already learned, cotton is a heavy material that quickly soaks up the water and takes up plenty of time to be completely dry again. Synthetic materials cope more efficiently with keeping the water away from your skin and are more likely to save you from hypothermia in an emergency.

Check out this video for more details on the product, and click here to find the current cost.

Gear to Put in Your Tactical Pants

Gear To Put In Your Tactical Pants All survival situations are different, and the gear you can use in one turns out to be completely useless in the other. The contents of your tactical pants may also depend on what other tactical gear you will be taking with (like a tactical plate carrier, or a tactical backpack, and so on). In case some people have absolutely no idea about tactical gear, we encourage them to take a look at our survival pants carry checklist:

This list is by far not exhaustive. Everybody has different needs and a different understanding of first-necessity items. But this is a good start, and you can edit it as you go.

Online Shopping Guidelines

Online Shopping Guidelines Many of us are shopping online these days. It is very convenient, especially in times of a global pandemic. Therefore, we have prepared several recommendations for your more convenient and carefree online shopping.

All the products that we have mentioned in our Top-8 chart are available to purchase online. If you have already picked out your personal favorite, go to the online-store page, choose the necessary one amongst the clothing categories, and start adding products to your cart.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet high-quality option, we suggest choosing models for at least 39, 99-49, 99 dollars a pair. Of course, more attractive options start at 54 99 dollars. But keep in mind that it is your health you are investing in.

Please note that many online-shops use cookies nowadays. You will need to accept the cookies or dismiss them in the cookie settings to proceed with your shopping. If you happen to have any difficulties, you can always contact customer service for technical support.

Best Boots/Shoes Footwear Accessories

You can also purchase tactical footwear accessories to go with your tactical pants. You can choose from the equipment categories whichever tool you like better. You can purchase additional footwear holsters, hydration knives (good for tactical purposes underwater), portable work tools, optics pouches, or lighting weapon lights for concealed carry in your boot. The choices are truly endless.

VIP Shipping

Any customer can order the VIP shipping at the online-store official website. If you have everything you need in your cart and want to place an order, press the cart button and start filling out the order form. You will be offered to use VIP shipping for an extra fee (usually on page 1 of your order form). Choose it if you’d like to receive the goods faster, and then choose the way of payment.

Best Tactical Pants Summary

Best Tactical Pants Summary Nowadays, tactical products and items (from tactical backpacks to tactical watches or tactical knives) are becoming mainstream amongst those who enjoy outdoor activities. As you can see, the competition in the tactical gear market is pretty intense. There are a lot of brands that offer tactical pants, so there is something to choose from.

There are options made of stretch and pure natural materials for adjusting to any weather conditions. While cotton is perfect for hot, dry weather, synthetics are more resistant to water, dirt, and damage. Plus, synthetic materials are more adaptable to severe weather conditions. There are options with a variety of pockets. Some brands make their trousers with zip-off pockets so that you could reconfigure them to your liking (especially if you are a lefty).

With such pants, tactical uses would be nearly endless. But, no matter which pair you choose, any quality survival pants will have common features:

  • various pockets for storing gear;
  • durable, damage-resistant tailoring;
  • athletic cut, articulated knees, and a gusseted crotch for a wider range of actions;
  • breathable materials (preferably water-repellent);
  • wide belt loops for securing a heavy-weight utility belt;
  • holsters for carrying spare magazines.

Moreover, good survival pant is also gender-friendly. If your pant of choice complies with all these criteria, you can make sure you have truly made the right choice.

Check out our latest survival belts article (link to our article) to choose a perfect survival belt for your new tactical pants.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are good tactical pants?

Good tactical pants are sturdy, durable, resistant to water and dirt. For such pants, tactical uses define them as a product and their place on the market. But keep in mind when choosing a pair of tactical pants that it all comes down to your specific needs and requirements at the end of the day.

What are tactical pants used for?

These pants are specifically designed to counter boiling heat, extreme cold, fierce wind, and heavy rain. Tactical pants can protect their user in almost any weather condition. Plus, tactical pants are very functional too. They have plenty of extra hidden pockets to stash your compact survival gear in.

What are 5-11 pants?

The 5-11 pants are a model inspired by the military (from fire departments to EMS and lighting law enforcement security). They are designed for tactical purposes from the beginning. Multiple pockets, adjustable waistband, protective fabric — these any many other features make the pants the best-selling product in the market today.

Does Walmart sell tactical pants?

Sure, it does. For instance, you can get a pair of Royal Robbins tactical pants in Walmart for under 20 dollars. They come in various colors too. These trousers are great for outside activities. They are loose, have plenty of room for maneuvers, and are breathable. However, the quality of those trousers is still very doubtful. Most probably, they wouldn’t cope with more serious survival tasks.


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