Best Tactical Pens Review and Buying Guide

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While some brutal survivors may undervalue the importance of having a tactical pen in their survival gear kits in 2023, a tactical pen can be a great thing to put in the pocket or in your bag before you embark on a trip. Made of aluminum, steel, or even titanium, the pen can be a self-defense weapon and won’t take much room in a pocket of your shirt. In our article, read about the exciting features and something that you never knew a pen can do.

At first glance, this is an ordinary writing tool that you can easily use to fill out a couple of forms or sign a document. However, do not underestimate this device. It turns into a real self-defense weapon in the right hands, which can easily compete with some lethal ones. This article will introduce you to the topic of tactical pens and tell you which models are most effective for daily use and how to learn the necessary self-defense techniques.

TOP 5 Best Ultra Modern Tactical Pens

Top 5 Best Ultra Modern Tactical Pens

Pen If you decide to buy a tactical pen anyway, you will probably be interested in choosing the best model for everyday carry. Here are some guidelines for potential users.

Firstly, pay attention to the appearance of a device. Ideally, it should have a hard titanium construction. Other nice options are aerospace aluminum and stainless steel. For getting a perfect pen, you should search the one with a carbide tip glass breaker as well.

Secondly, the handle should be comfortable and tight in hand. Keep in mind that an intruder will try to take away the pen from you during a fight. Besides, it should not accidentally slip out of your hands.

Thirdly, a tactical pen should still perform high-quality writing functions, as its name implies. Pay attention to the replaceable ink cartridges function. You don’t want her to stop writing after a few months, do you?

And finally, the discreteness of the tool is important as well.

After that, it makes sense to pay attention to the good price – it should be available for your wallet.

If you manage to find a tool that meets all of these requirements, you are the lucky owner of one of the best tactical pens in the world!

If you don’t want to waste time looking for a suitable weapon, here you will find some of the best models:

1 The StrikePen


This is just a godsend for every customer. The StrikePen is a grade aluminum heavy-duty multifunctional device. The tactical Pen includes a led flashlight and many other additional features such as a bottle opener and a pocket knife. For this price, it is on the list of top tactical pens. Furthermore, if you hurry up and place an order on the site before the end of the discount, you will be able to get this coolest survival device for free!

Check whether this free offer is still being valid or not.

2 Smith&Wesson Pen

Screw Cap Pen

Another quality heavy-duty pen device made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a black finish. It is ultra-compact, super light, and beneficial! The Smith&Wesson Pen has an ink refill option that is a handy function for a tactical pen. It is very comfortable to carry in your pocket as it has a pocket clip and bolt action. And it was made in the USA.



3 Stainless Steel Pen

Writing Pen

The next is another self-defense weapon that is made of military-grade stainless steel. So, it is very durable and powerful. Like a previous model, it has a led flashlight and hard glass breaker tip. Also, it has ink refill compatibility.



4 Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

Ballpoint Pen

This is a very strong, perfectly balanced, and comfortable Atomic Bear tactical pen that fits snugly in your hand. It has a solid grade aluminum body and perfect minimalistic design. The pen is sold complete with an EDC belt sheath.




5 Sminiker Tactical Pen

Multifunctional Survival Tool

Sminiker is a super powerful and small aircraft-grade aluminum self-defense weapon. The Pen has a nice glass breaker tip and steel pocket clip. It means that you can attach it anywhere– such as a survivalist vest, to your everyday carry backpacktactical pants, and bug out bag, of course. It will be a great addition to your travel equipment!



Tactical Pen Origins

Tactical Pen Origins

Another name for this tool is Kubotan. It was invented in the middle of the 20th century. It had the form of a keychain, which could be used to fend off the attacker in case of danger. Usually, it can not be identified as a weapon at first glance. The Kubotan looks like a trinket – blunt at one end and taper to another one stick. Despite its simplicity and low cost, this item can cause real pain to your assailant. Even if you are not a master of martial arts. Besides, it is super compact and easily fits in your pocket or bag.

Moreover, Kubatan teaches you the basic skill of a survivalist – no matter what you have on hand, you can use it as an effective weapon to stay alive. Improvise, think creatively to save your life in a dangerous situation. Find out how to apply simple, everyday things like a pen or pencil in fighting to defend yourself. Remember that there is no matter what tool you use, the thing is HOW you use it.

What is Self Defense Pen?

What Is Self Defense Pen? Now when you know something about Kubotan, let’s move on to Tactical Pen itself. Generally, It is a Kubotan as well, but it camouflaged as an ordinary pen. However, this is one of the essential multi-tools for preppers on a par with survival hatchets, fire starters (survival matches or a lighter), pocket knives, and so on. It is not only a useful writing instrument but a nice metal weapon using which you can poke or prick any detractor. But I do not recommend you check its effectiveness on your friends or relatives – the sharp carbide tip of the pen can deliver unbearable pain. And if you hit with a hardened end of the pen vital points of the body, it can cause serious injuries up to death. So, the tactic pen is a perfect everyday carry gear and effective self-defense tool.

Here is the link to get a copy of the Survival Gear Control List for FREE.

Why You Need to Have It in Your BackPack

Why You Need To Have It In Your Backpack

In the modern world, which, despite all its progress, is still fraught with many dangers, it is necessary to always be on the alert. Having at least basic self-defense means will never be superfluous, even if you live in a city with a low crime rate.

However, you cannot take a firearm or stabbing lethal weapons everywhere- law enforcement agencies may not approve of this. Besides, not everyone is ready to carry a blowgun or baton in a bag in unforeseen danger. Swords and bows will unlikely suit you as well. That is why it will not be excessive to have a compact non-lethal weapon with you, which you could easily carry in your pocket or backpack. The tactical pen will be the solution for you in this situation. I ensure you, in skilled hands, the pens are mightier than the sword. Even if you are very good at fighting techniques, having such a tool will still be an extra advantage for you.

Options For Using The Pen

Options For Using The Pen In fact, I think that everyone understands how a tactical pen serves its owner: you can use it as a self-defense weapon or as a writing utensil.

Yet this device has some features that allow you to use it for other purposes:

For Glass Breaking

If you need to break a window, the tactical pen will handle this job perfectly. Its pointed end is strong enough to penetrate even thick glass. All you have to do is press your back against the glass to hit it with the pointed end of the tool, making hitting movements from the elbow. Here is a good glass breaking tip for you: do not forget to wear tactical gloves while doing it to protect your hands from potential damage. Do not be afraid; put in enough effort, and everything will work out!

DNA Material Collection

The creators of this device have definitely thought through all the details. The pen’s design allows you to scrape off and keep on the tip pieces of skin or drops of blood of your attacker. Thus, law enforcement agencies will easily identify the attacker after analyzing his DNA in the lab.

Top 9 of self-defense pen features:

  1. Looking like an ordinary writing pen, it does not attract too much attention.
  2. Because of their small size, they are hard to snatch from your hand and use against you.
  3. It is a multi-tool, so you can easily use it to make a couple of quick notes.
  4. During a search, few people pay attention to tactile pens and consider them as evidence.
  5. They are your secret defense weapon up your sleeve that can be used speedily.
  6. In an emergency, it is a perfect glass breaker.
  7. Most people don’t perceive a pen as a possible threat, which allows you to use the surprise effect.
  8. If a criminal escapes from you in a car, you can quickly write down its license plates on your hand to identify him later.
  9. The pen can aim at vital points on the human body and quickly disable the intruder.

There is no need for being a master of self-defense art to learn how to implement tactical pens. All you need is to learn some basic techniques and practice them to the point of automatism.

Best Pen Techniques of Defense

Best Pen Techniques Of Defense It is unnecessary to attend masterclasses to master the pen — you can use improvised learning tools such as YouTube. Watch a few videos and practice these techniques with your friend, without hurting each other, of course.

Below you will find a few elementary methods of using this tool:

Slash It

Despite the absence of a blade, a tactical pen can be used in the same way as a tactical knife. If you swing and hit your opponent with the point (in the chest, head, neck, or face), he will receive almost the same severe damage as from cutting kits, especially if the force of the strike is great.

Hit Human Weak Spots

For effective usage of the self-defense pens, you need to be at arm’s length from the attacker. In this case, you are in the most advantageous position because you have access to your body’s pressure points. Knowing the location of these points and the methods of influencing them, you will be able to neutralize your enemy without making a lot of effort. Pay attention to the video below and remember where these points are more prepared for a battle. This is life-saving information.

Stab It

Undoubtedly, this is the most basic technique of using these self-defense tools. Stab your weapon in vital spots, such as the eyes or Adam’s apple of your assault, to neutralize him. If you hit them, you are guaranteed to defeat your opponent because he will not continue the fight anymore.

Don’t miss the following 2 min video. It will show you how effective tactical pens can be and give you more useful techniques.

Rules For Using Tactical Pen

Rules For Using Tactical Pen

A list of recommendations:

You Better Have Several Tools

Sure, if you have only one pen, you can always carry it with you. It is a fine option. However, for better protection, you should buy several items and store them in different places. Tactical pens are ultracompact, so they can easily fit in your backpack or pocket. Besides, keep a pen in your bug-out car and another one at home. If you have a special cache for survival, do not forget to put one of the devices there. The bottom line is that it must always be on your hand to be put into action in case of danger. By the way, do not forget to leave one device in your prepper medical kit as well.

Think Outside the Box

Imagine various options for dangerous situations in your head and think about how to get out of them with your tactical pen’s help. There is no perfect way to use it, and that is why you should be as creative as possible in your actions. Remember that your goal is to survive at any cost. And the tactical pen is designed to help you do that. All you need is to add a creative approach and some improvisation in your self-defense.

You should never:

Treat it as a Main Weapon.

The tactical pen is not the best option to go into battle with. Remember: any non-lethal weapons, including pens, will never compare to a firearm or a knife. Use this tool only as a last resort when you have no other choice. In this case, it will definitely be effective.

Depend on it completely

If you suddenly decide to bring the pen to places that are not intended for this purpose, you may have security services problems. At the very least, it can be confiscated from you as a type of self-defense weapons. Despite its inconspicuousness, the tactical pen is still different from the usual writing instrument, and a knowledgeable person can easily recognize it as a weapon. If it is taken away from you, you should not feel helpless.

Use Simple Writing Pen Instead

When there is no other option, plastic pens can also be a means of self-defense. However, never consider that plastic pens on the market have equal functions as the tactical ones made of aircraft-grade aluminum. An ordinary ballpoint pen is designed for writing, not for attacking aggressive people. It can break down at the most inopportune moment and let you down.

Users Tips

Users Tips

Please don’t treat them like toys and harmless ballpoint pens. Even though they belong to the class of non-lethal weapons, they are still weapons. And they can be deadly. So, ever underestimate their power. If you accidentally kill someone with this pen, you will bear responsibility for the murder, even in self-defense. This is the reason why you should avoid a lethal outcome in all possible ways. Stun, neutralize an attacker and call the police – that is your prime plan.

Besides, remember that if you bring a tactical pen, for example, to the airport, you can be recognized as a criminal and arrested. Therefore, always find out which places the carrying of non-lethal weapons are allowed and in which it is not in advance.

If a quality writing device is what you are searching for, you better purchase a ballpoint pen or embassy pen instead. A tactical pen or, I should say, a Kubotan is a self-defense tool, and weapon firms make it. It means that it may not have a replaceable ink cartridge or perfect ink quality. No, it has to help you to survive, nothing more.

Also, do not think that when detractors see a tactical pen in your hands, they will run away from you immediately. On the contrary, you will likely face ridicule and bullying since no one considers the pen a real threat. Your protection is the effect of surprise and unconventional thinking in the implementation of your tool. Never tell others about the presence of self-defense equipment in your pocket, and do not show it until you have to use it in action.

Follow this simple advice, and you will be safe.

Best Tactical Pens Summary

Best Tactical Pens Summary If you still have not purchased a tactical pen, go ahead. And it is better to buy several at once and let one of them always be in your reach. There is nothing worse than being caught off guard, right? But more importantly – constantly training in applying your non-lethal weapon. Because there is no lifetime guarantee that you will be able to apply protection techniques without training; otherwise, it will be useless in a critical situation. You should always be alert, know how to implement basic defense techniques, and do it unexpectedly and unconventionally. Practice, practice, and practice again. And let the cottage will always be with you!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Tactical Pens Effectiveness

Of course, it works. Moreover, it can even be used with the right approach to killing a person (which I strongly recommend not to do). It all depends on how well you handle the tool and how prepared you are for the attack as a whole. For instance, knowing the weak spots on a human body makes your pen much more powerful and dangerous in your hands. However, you should consider that going with a pen in your hands against a firearm or a knife is suicide. Thus, evaluate the situation and do not rely on just one pen.

How Deadly is a Tactical Pen?

Like any less-than-lethal weapon, the Tactile Pen is created to stop the enemy, not kill him. However, if you aim at vital points and intend to kill, then it is possible. But remember that killing in self-defense does not absolve you of responsibility. Moreover, you can easily go to jail for the murder, and nobody will care about what type of weapon you used.

Airplane Restrictions

Since the handle for self-defense is a weapon, it is forbidden to have it with you in the cabin of an airplane worldwide. Since a titanium pen is quite dense, it can grab and hold passengers or lead to accidents onboard the aircraft. What if you decide to penetrate it into someone’s body? However, you can leave your pen in the checked-in luggage if you need it.

Is a Tactical Pen Worth it?

Depends on the purpose of its usage. The tactical pen is the last emergency means of self-defense when you have nothing else at hand. You may never experience it in action. Or perhaps it will save your life more than once. In any case, having a couple of pens in your backpack as an everyday carry will never be superfluous, right?


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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