Best Sap Weapon Review and Buying Guide

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Even if you have never gotten into a conflict on the street, you cannot be completely sure that some kind of psycho will never attempt to attack you. At such moments, there is a choice either to run or defend yourself. What if there is no way to avoid a conflict? In this case, it is good to have a small weapon for self-defense, and sap is an ideal option. Saps are a robust device, as they can easily put a person, who is attacking you, on the ground. However, be careful and keep in mind that when applied with a strong blow, saps can cause serious trauma. Many people know that this weapon is called a leather sap, blackjack weapon, or sand club. The terminology, in this case, may be imprecise, since the names of the saps differ depending on the time period.

We advise you to read the entire article to learn more about the sap weapon and become familiar with the laws regarding it.

Top Sap Weapon for Survivalists

Top Sap Weapon For Survivalists There are many different kinds of saps. Basically, all tools differ in their size and design. Each of them has the same deadly force, strikes very accurately, and is legal in many states. If you want to learn more about the best and most reliable saps of various sizes, keep reading this article.

1. Boston Leather Junior

The Boston Leather Junior blackjack is an ideal option for those who want to scare little thieves or fight off-street punks. The weight of this blackjack does not exceed eleven ounces. When folded, it will easily fit into a pocket, so it will not be dangerous to go outside with it. In addition, due to its size, you will not have problems with law enforcement. This is a very beautiful and unique sap that will add to your self-confidence.

2. Boston Leather Denver

This sap refers to a more serious type of weapon and is more like a baton. Blackjack weight is about twelve ounces. Its rather small size does not raise questions from law enforcement agencies. The leather handle of this blackjack is very comfortable in the palm of your hand and does not slip, which ensures an accurate hit. However, it is quite bulky, so it will be difficult to disguise it. The Denver sap is a good option for quite a dangerous city.

3. Boston Leather Texan

The next sap is called Boston Leather Texan. This is a major blackjack that will serve you faithfully. Its weight is about thirteen ounces. The entire sap is upholstered in beautiful dark brown leather. Moreover, despite its size and weight, it can be easily hidden and you will not lose it. With the help of a few backhand strikes, you will do the opponent a favor if you do not break a couple of bones. Therefore, we do not recommend using too much force when hitting. This is a great blackjack for all occasions. With it, you do not need to apply much force to neutralize the average man. At the same time, it looks very cool.

Best Sap Weapon Main Specs

Best Sap Weapon Main Specs Saps are effective self-defense weapons that will harm an opponent’s body if you are under threat. This type of impact weapon looks very harmless and this is its main strength. What does it look like?

The form of the sap resembles a large tablespoon measuring from 8 to 11 inches. The covering of the leather sap is made of heavy leather so that it does not get damaged when you strike. There is a spring steel rod inside the sap, which makes it possible to deliver an accurate and heavy blow after spring steel returns to its previous position. Inside the tip, there is a weighing device made of molded lead clay, lead powder, lead shot, or molded lead weight.

Since this is an effective bludgeoning device, we advise you not to use it for blows to the head or to places where there is a high probability of reaching the bone, since the strike can become lethal. Police officers recommend hitting the attacker in the area of the body with a large accumulation of muscles. Such blows will knock a bad guy out of the fight, but will save him from an imminent deadly threat.

Past of the Blackjack Weapon

Past Of The Blackjack Weapon Now it is hardly possible to find a person who keeps such weapons as saps, even police officers have stopped using them for self-defense long ago. However, these passive impact weapons have an interesting history.

Saps first appeared in their current form in the 19th century. Comrade and personal bodyguard of President Abraham Lincoln always had a blackjack weapon and brass knuckles with them. Therefore, the president was the first person who initiated the big popularity of sap.

Around the middle of the 19th century, saps began to be massively used by the police and became an important part of police weapons, such as the police baton. A century later, this type of weapon became more dangerous for mass use, according to the views of most departments. After that, the overwhelming majority of states issued a law banning the use of sap, which is still in force.

Benefits of Using Saps

Benefits Of Using Saps Despite the fact that the sap looks very miniature, it has a number of great advantages over other shock cold weapons for self-defense. Let us consider each of the pros.

1. Small size

Perhaps most people will find the modest dimensions of the sap ridiculous, but this greatly simplifies moving along with the sap. You can easily put it in your jacket pocket so that it is always with you. In addition, smaller weapon strikes are much harder to predict. Some types of sap are designed specifically for a small street fight. For example, they will be useful if you are attacked by a drunkard.

2. Deadly force

The sap is considered an effective survival tool, relative to the small size of this impact weapon. The mechanism of the leather sap is designed specifically to easily cause lethal damage with a strong strike. We do not recommend doing it this way, because, with an accurate light blow, its effectiveness does not decrease. Simply put, this is a great weapon for self-defense, which can cause minor injuries to neutralize the attacker and escape from the fight.

3. Perfectly legal for defense

The sap will be an ideal defensive tool if you want to protect yourself. You will have no problems with inflicting a couple of bruises on your opponent with the help of sap. However, if an attacker has an injury (for example, when being hit in the head) the law enforcement will have some questions for you. Therefore, the main rule when using sap is to be careful and measure the impact force. Otherwise, you can easily fracture the opponent’s bones.

Disadvantages of a Sap

Disadvantages Of A Sap The sap has several drawbacks that need to be taken into account when choosing one of the many types of weapons.

1. Can be applied in close combats only

Unfortunately, the deadly force of the sap is not enough to use in various situations that can also happen to you on the streets of the city. Saps are practically useless against an attacker with a gun or a crowd of people armed with dangerous knives. Of course, with a set blow and good practice, you have chances against the crowd, but do not play with fire.

2. Problems with the law

Saps are banned in some states and countries, so be careful when using these protective tools. If the person you hit has a big serious injury, you may have some problems with law enforcement. Familiarize yourself with the constitution of the state or country regarding edged weapons, and be sure to check permission to carry a bladed weapon, as it may be banned. You may have to own a permit to carry a weapon with you. To receive this paper, you will need to undergo a psychological examination to prove that you will not be hitting folks without reason.

Best Sap Weapon Summary

Best Sap Weapon Summary In conclusion, we can say that saps are a good option for self-defense in the city. This weapon can be used by both ordinary people and professionals familiar with some defense techniques. Availability of a variety of saps will allow beginners to choose the best option, that will not allow them to do much harm in a fit of fear. This is a very reliable tool that you can always take with you. Moreover, a stylish design of each sap will allow it not to stand out and it will organically fit into your look. Let us be honest, blackjack weapons are not the most popular option for self-defense, but if you like them, you will emphasize your individuality with them.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is a sap weapon?

A sap weapon is a unique type of edged weapon that works on the principle of bits. Its special shape, that is very similar to a tablespoon, increases the plane of impact. Inside, there is a special flexible steel that allows you to deliver an accurate and powerful blow. The lead tip makes the blow heavier, which adds strength to it.

Are brass knuckles illegal?

Brass knuckles are completely banned in many countries where the carrying of bladed weapons is prohibited. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. For instance, in Serbia, the sale of brass knuckles to persons over the age of eighteen is allowed, but they cannot be worn in public. There are various laws in the US states, but usually, to wear brass knuckles, you need to get a special permit.

Do police still use nightsticks?

Now the nightstick is less likely to be found in the arsenal of the police department. This has happened since they switched to a folding baton. The nightstick was very bulky and uncomfortable, which greatly slowed down movement, for example, when running. The folding baton, in turn, is easily placed on the belt, does not interfere, and easily opens for use.

What are ghost weapons?

Ghostly weapons sound quite mystical, but there is no mysticism in this. A pistol that a person made in their house is usually called a ghost gun. These guns do not have serial numbers, therefore, they will be much harder to track when someone commits a crime. Thus, this type of pistol is very often used by criminals so that they cannot be tracked.

Why is the makeshift rifle so bad?

In general, all homemade weapons are very inaccurate, in order for them to shoot well, you need to do a lot of heavy procedures. Since the rifle must shoot far away, it is almost impossible to make it at home.

Are zip guns legal?

In many countries, any firearms are prohibited without a special permit. Various US states have different rules. In some states, they are completely prohibited, and in others, you only need a permit to buy a zip gun.

What is a monkey fist weapon?

The monkey fist is an unusual weapon, which is a large round knot made with a rope. Inside the knot, there is a weighing device. With the help of a rope, you can swing the heavy knot and hit your opponent. The structure is somewhat similar to the structure of the sap.

What self-defense items are illegal in Texas?

In the state of Texas, weapons such as knives with a blade length above 5.5 inches and brass knuckles are prohibited. There are also several restrictions regarding the possession of firearms. However, in Texas, there are few prohibitions regarding guns.

Is blackjack illegal in California?

Yes, since 2012, blackjack has received the status of a prohibited weapon in the state of California, which is why it can no longer be used, carried, sold, and stored at home.


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