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Choosing a weapon for self-defense or a gun for survival can be a tricky task to perform in 2023. Of course, some items of the proper survival gear in your well-packed backpack are essential, too, but the survival skills and situational awareness you possess will turn out even more beneficial. Whether you are a professional homesteader, survivalist, or prepper, read our article to find out about an untrivial option for survival and self-defense tool.

Not just a stick

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane Walking sticks are tools for helping older adults or disabled people, but our readers know that they can become excellent self-defense cane. Most people are very skeptical about the “Self-Defense Cane,” but this self-defense tool is necessary for those looking for a fighting stick that can be with them at the right moment. Also, what will you do when your other weapons for self-defense are banned or left at home?

There is often a situation when you are flying on vacation to another country or on a business trip. Still, there may be problems transporting your favorite EDC tool for self-defense when passing through border control. But you don’t want to be left without the opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones. To solve this issue, we have prepared a large article about the KA-BAR combat cane. Remember, this is not an assistant for a hike; this self-defense cane will be able to get to where our many weapons options for Everyday Carry (EDC) can’t pass.

In the photo above, Chris Costa from the Costa Ludus self-defense school breaks the glass of a car for shooting exercises without making any effort. A wooden cane helps to pull out large pieces of glass without cuts on the hands.

Why Do You Need a Fighting Cane

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane21 If you properly take up the issue of training together with self-defense canes, they will be able to provide you a little extra protection in those moments when there is no way out of the conflict without a fight, and you will get a solid advantage when fighting with several opponents.

With the growth of your skills and the presence of a good coach, you will get the opportunity to be able to stand up for yourself with combat canes in more difficult fights, and also learn to make throws, knockdowns, and blocks, and become one of the cane masters.

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane3 In the images below, a seventy-four-year-old master, Sung Cho, from his martial arts center, is using a walking stick. He grabs the leg to break the attacker’s balance to prevent a blow and knocks the opponent to the floor. Excellent!

You can find many videos on any video resource about armed attacks in plain sight in China or London. Would you be happy to fight off an attacker with a knife with an excellent quality aluminum cane instead of bare hands or a tool made of crumpled paper?

A Guide to Using a Martial Arts Cane

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane34 If you think that just grabbing a walking cane by one tip like a baseball bat and swinging it blindly to hit the attacker is a good idea, this is the wrong point. By such actions, you will only make it easier for your opponent to win.

Here is a tip on how to do it correctly. Take a combat cane in both hands parallel to your chest; this will allow you to block blows or counterattack your opponent. With the help of a curved handle, you can trap limbs, break the balance, and overturn your opponent. If you put a good block, it will help to knock the blade out of your hands or even break bones. When it comes to your safety, you cannot think about the health of the villains.

The technique that is shown below: An attack with a knife is carried out on a master of martial arts, Sung Cho. After blocking the hand, Sung Cho conducts a counterattack, grabbing the opponent’s neck and knocking the opponent to the floor, taking him out of balance.

Action taker

What will you do if you look into the eyes of risk and danger? Hold the handle of the fighting cane, lift the other tip and make the final attack on the leg. Legs are the hardest to bear the blows inflicted. By making a strong blow to the leg, you are most likely to immobilize the opponent. Self-defense canes are ideal for such fights. In addition to getting a cane – get a light timer to protect your home.

Fighting can is exactly what can save you from the threat of being beaten in the park. A simple but accurate blow below the belt will stop an enemy’s attack, and it will save you from problems. Moreover, this self-defense tool will always be with you.

If a skirmish is inevitable while walking on the street, it will be better to end it quickly. Any blow with a fist, foot, or blade aimed at you can be easily stopped by an accurate blow with a walking stick, causing pain to the opponent. And a decisive blow to the head or neck will completely stop him. Training your skills in self-defense will help you to be ready for any fight.

Self-Defense Canes’ Types

At the moment, there is a huge number of fighting canes of various colors, shapes, and purposes. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

1. Gun Canes

If you think that such devices have been preserved only in secret NATO developments or James Bond films, then you are deeply mistaken. This type of cane is really for sale!

But in order to get it, you need a permit to carry walking canes with other weapons, and, in most states, you also need a concealed carry permit. This cane has a solid pistol grip style handle with a fire weapon fit inside; at that point, your security is growing. The intended purpose of this cane is to neutralize the enemy who also has a firearm.

Unfortunately, it can be confiscated due to the danger of this self-defense tool, so it is not as convenient as an ordinary walking cane.

2. Sword Canes

These self-defense weapons are made of cold steel with swords inside. They have an excellent but simple design. But it has one big disadvantage: these sword canes have a very weak cold steel sword bracing, which makes the sword blade fall out at the right moment. Actually, this may cost you your life. Therefore, we do not recommend taking this walking cane with you, as it is too inconvenient and dangerous.

3. Shocking Cane

For this type of equipment with an electric shock device, such as the Arc Angel Stun Cane, you do not need much experience in using self-defense canes and training for a good level of self-defense.

However, if the situation does not require that you deprive someone of feelings with an electric shock, then you will frighten opponents with light and sound from a cane. This will help scare dogs or some people with bad intentions since the light of a stun cane might be a potent weapon.

4. Hammer Canes

Unlike cold steel sword canes and gun combat cane, the hammer cane will pass any verification point at the airport or at the border, especially if you choose an option that is as inconspicuous as the Cold Steel Guard 2 model. You can search for other models, but they look more like a weapon. A hammer tip is more reliable than a sword. While the blade of the sword is very unreliable and has few uses, the hammer is better attached and can serve as a breaching tool. A curved back spike can help you to break something. When the enemy meets this cane, his neck is definitely not going to be well. We choose the hammer, not the swords.

Development and Characteristics

Self-Defense-Cane-Combatives-Hidden-WeaponUnlike other wood models from more solid wood species, this KA-BAR fighting cane weighs more and is made more firmly and more cunning. This walking cane is not made of wood but of polyester and injection molded nylon with the addition of aluminum. The entire length of this wooden cane is 39 inches, and it weighs 2.2 pounds. The outer diameter of 1 inch allows you to ensure the size of the “pocket” of 0.75 inches. Such dimensions make it easy to control the self-defense cane when training martial arts, and it is easy to get used to it.

Self-Defense-Cane-Combatives-Hidden-Weapon In the photo below: A special open hook of the handle of the self-defense cane KA-BAR for easy grip of the limbs and the tip for pressure on pain points, unlike the rounded handle of a walking cane made of wood.



A few words about creators

A police officer and the creator of the TDI fighting cane for self-defense, John Banner, said that KA-BAR makes a walking cane in New York to meet the high demand. Banner says: “Mexican police officers distribute walking sticks to elderly people for their self-defense. Canes are needed to carry a weapon when you need it.”

There are two more factors that distinguish a cane for self-defense from an ordinary walking stick, and they can be seen at first glance at the fighting cane. The first detail is an enlarged curved handle with a special pressure point, which we have written about above.

In an ordinary walking aid made of wood, the handle is bent in the form of a semicircle and contains a gap of 3 inches between the shaft and the tip. Because of this reason, the capture of the limbs will be more difficult. The handle hook of the KA-BAR cane for self-defense has a larger gap and a less round shape, which will allow you to grab the opponent by any part of the body.

Also matters

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane-26 The second fact is that ordinary reed walking sticks have a smooth structure, which makes it difficult to move the self-defense cane in your hands, or it will simply slip out of your hands. At the same time, the KA-BAR wood cane has two special handles, one on the upper shaft and the other on the lower shaft. They will help you calmly push the weapon, block and parry. And the location of the hands-on them is slightly wider than the shoulders; this is the ideal size for capturing this weapon.

The lid on the leg is easily removed, and you can hide important items for yourself, keys, or money in the tubular shaft. But be reasonable; when visiting public places or government institutions, be prepared for the fact that you will be examined. Obviously, you do not want to get into an unpleasant situation when passing through the scanner with your walking stick for self-defense. This is polite and correct!

Captain says

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane-20 We asked the captain of a commercial airline engaged in international transportation. He replied that travelers should not worry about their walking aid; they are perfectly legal and do not count as weapons! You will only be offered to remove it to a secluded place so as not to disturb you. You can find more information on the website of the airlines themselves.

We advise you not to put objects in the cane that threaten the safety of people around and not to take self-defense canes equipped with firearms or blades.

In Full View of Everyone

Selfdefensecane Because of its harmless and modest appearance, the cane used to be found in many public places. A cute cane made of wood with patterns may look stylish, but it is uncomfortable. People who know a lot about self-defense canes usually use a hooked shape because it can be hung in a specially designated place or hung on the arm. Also, beautiful canes are usually not used in martial arts.

The technique below: Sung Cho, attacked with a bat, blocks the opponent’s swing and grabs his neck with the handle, then holds the grip on the ground, preventing him from moving and hitting.

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane-44 But what will you do when your cane is grabbed by the tip and does not let go? Will you be left without a weapon? No, act in the same way as you would be released from the grip, turn the axis of the cane against the opponent’s thumb, then, with a sharp movement, you will be able to pull out the cane. Of course, this will not be so easy to do in real life, so we advise you to organize training with a teacher so that you are not deprived of your only weapon.

It is possible that a thief or a criminal will get you in the parking lot. In this case, the cane will not serve as a sign for retreat, he does not see a trick in it, but this object will help you keep a safe distance between you and the criminal. Blades or firearms will protect you if you are attacked by an armed attack. In addition, training in the gym will help you stay calm in such moments.

Case in point

The situation is presented below: Some raging man wants to steal John Capriola’s Ferrari from Sarasota. But the combat cane quickly deprives him of this desire.

Ofgp-Selfdefensecane453 Also, the cane is ideal for people who have a concealed carry permit; there are cases when we find ourselves in an environment where it is impossible to protect ourselves with something other than a cane; with a cane, you can block and parry the blows of an opponent with a knife, or even knock him to the ground, then leave the scene of the fight.

The deadly risk might be right in plain sight. You may collide with a lot of opponents with a knife, and the situation may be approaching the point when either you will kill, or you will be killed. The cane can provide you with a few seconds or the distance to win a position. And it gives you the opportunity to change the place, the position of the body, choose better options for hitting, and so on. If you have the opportunity to shoot, then the cane will help you to prop up your hands for a more accurate shot.

The technique from Sung Cho is shown below: When you are grabbed from behind, the cane will remain in your hands. With the sharp end of the handle, you can easily put pressure on the opponent’s hands, which will free you from the grip.

Rules for Choosing a Walking Stick and Some Dood Options to Consider


The choice of a walking stick is influenced by several factors, which we will now pay attention to:



1. Cane Handle

There are canes not only with typically curved handles, but some also have rounded versions that are easier to hold and behave like a bat when hit. But if you look at them from the other side, then the hooked handles will help you grab your opponent by the limbs and disable him. And their sharp ends will help put pressure on the most painful places. The choice is still up to you.

2. Fabric

Usually, the cane is made of various types of wood because it is strong and lasts for a long time, but it is cumbersome compared to polyester or aluminum. But they are easier to adjust in height because you can simply cut off the desired size. Other materials are made for lighter canes, for women, or for older adults.

3. Shaft

The larger the shaft, the heavier the cane will be, which means a stronger blow. However, lighter types of combat canes behave more stable in the hands, and it is harder to take them away. But if you expect fighting from nowhere, we recommend taking a cane with a wider shaft.

The best canes for self-defense

Now, we will show you three options that, in our opinion, are the best of their kind:

1. United Cutlery M48

Opplanet-United-Cutlery A perfect option, which took the strength from steel and fiberglass flexibility. This intimidating cane is not easy, but it easily compensates for this with a universal application. Located on the handle, the sharply curved part will help break through the tree or cause wounds to the enemy if he asks for them, and it will not even be scratched. Unfortunately, its size is not suitable for use as an ordinary walking stick. Instead, it is a universal tool for you as a combat cane. It is also heat-resistant!

2. Zap Stun Cane

Zap Walking Cane If you do not feel safe owning an ordinary cane, this comfort cane will provide the enemy with a shocking blow of a million volts. It is not heavy and will not interfere with you while walking. But it is not intended for strikes, only as a stun device to immobilize an opponent! You might not use it but only scare criminals by shooting an electric current into the air, showing the sign. However, it’s not completely waterproof, so be careful. And constant walking can damage the tip of the cane; watch out for this when using.

3. Cold Steel City Stick

Cold Steel City Stick This is the best walking stick from the categories of rounded handles. A solid and reliable walking stick, and it is quite easy to use. Moreover, this cane is a copy of the stick by Pierre Vigny, the founder of stick wrestling. Its handle is made of rubber and looks very stylish, but usually does not last longer than two months. The lack of a hooked handle makes it impossible to capture an opponent, but beginners will not be able to pull it off in a street skirmish. This stick will serve as an ornament to your style and will always help you stand up for yourself.

The cane is an excellent tool for your self-defense; by choosing the perfect cane for yourself, you will find not only a wonderful protective tool but also a friend who will be with you in any fight. And the inconspicuousness and modest appearance of the cane will not tell the enemy about the possible presence of weapons in your possession. Use the cane only in emergency cases, and take care of yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are canes good for self-defense?

Yes, canes are ideal for self-defense; their durable materials and normal weight will help you block the enemy’s blows, knock the weapon out of his hands and deliver counter-blows, discouraging all desire to fight with you or someone else from your family.

Can you carry a stick for self-defense?

Of course, the inconspicuous appearance of the cane will help you to use it as an assistant for walking and an excellent device for protection. Convenient developments of the cane will help to fight villains more effectively.

Is there a cane gun?

On the Internet, you can find many types of canes, from electric canes to pistol canes. However, this is considered to be a prohibited weapon. Therefore, you need a license to carry it in the majority of states. So wear it wisely!


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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