Best Non Lethal Weapons Review and Buying Guide

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Non-lethal weapons and self-defense techniques and weapons are a must for any survivor, especially in the year 2023. You can never predict when you will need a pepper spray, a taser, a stun gun, or some firearm, and the right choice of the tools can be crucial for saving your life. Non Lethal weapons can be of great use if you don’t want to rid anyone of their life but wish to save yours. Such things as a bat, a keychain, a knife, or stun batons can increase your chances of survival and save your soul as well. Read on to find out about the best non-lethal weapons available.

TOP Best Non Lethal Weapons

Top Best Non Lethal Weapons Non-Lethal Weapons That Actually Work

Non-Lethal Weapons Overview Nowadays having self-defense weapons is a necessity for everyone.

Pay your attention to the NL ones, especially, if you do not like firearms or you are afraid of such a radical measure. In this case, you just need to choose the NL option and find out the way how to implement it to stop an intruder efficiently during self-defense classes.

Here you can argue that if you already have a firearm, you do not need additional protection measures. However, there are many types of attacks that do not require a lethal response. For instance, pickpockets hardly deserve to get shot to death for trying to steal your wallet.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of NL weapons that can cause serious injury and defend their owners. Moreover, some of them prevent a fight by stopping an attacker beforehand.

This article included content that informs readers about non-lethal weapons and their classification.

Non-lethal Weapons overview Non-Lethal Weapons Overview

Pepper Spray In short, it is a device that is supposed to decrease the possibility of killing someone including your target. At least reduce this possibility comparing with traditional lethal weapons like survival firearms and tactical knives.

You can find it by different names such as compliance weapons or less-lethal, less-than-lethal, pain-inducing,non-deadly ones. Do not perceive such formulation literally because these devices are still being dangerous and even military forces use them often. They reduce the risks, but anyway using them can lead to deaths and accidents and serious legal consequences!

Tactical Pen NOTE that If someone gets injured or dies you will bear the whole responsibility to law enforcement agencies no matter what kind of self-defense weapon you used.

There is a list of effective non-lethal tools:

  1. Pepper Spray by Devil
  2. Electric Gun
  3. Tactical Pen
  4. Crusher Baton
  5. Tactical Whip
  6. Monkey Fist
  7. Survival Flash Light
  8. Tactical Shovel
  9. Survival whistle

Pepper Spray by Devil

Pepper Spray By Devil Recently I have read an interesting article about a poor guy who tried a Carolina Reaper once. After that he needed urgent medical attention and doctors hospitalized him.

Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili pepper in the world. A person who eats it feels a terrible headache and severe nausea as well as several stroke-like symptoms.

And now imagine a pepper spray with oleoresin capsicum as powerful as Carolina reaper or even more.

Oleoresin capsicum in Devil Juice is 2 times hotter than it and measured at 3 million Scoville Heat Units. For comparison, Carolina Reaper is around 2 million SHU.

This spray has a wide range of a strike. No one will be able to approach you up to 6’ and across 120deg.

To avoid cases of accidental discharge and hurt you instead of your attacker Devil Juice solution has safety.

Electric Gun Electric Gun

Electric Gun This kind of non-lethal gadget is one of the most popular among people who prefer not to use guns but think about their safety.

The ViperTek is a super-effective stun gun with sharp spike electrodes that can hit your target with astonishing strength even through thick clothing. Besides, the gun produces power enough to defeat huge men in a few seconds.

Also, the stun gun has special design features that foresee different scenarios of the fight. So, if an attacker tries to take this device away from you it will deliver a shock of high voltage right to him.


Furthermore, the VipperTek has a rubber coating handle that prevents the instrument from slipping out of your hand.

The stun gun has a Rechargeable Battery that is very convenient because there is no need to buy new batteries every time.

Tactical Pen Tactical Pen

Сertainly, this pen will help you if you need to take some notes because it has a nice ball-tip point. Moreover, it has a replaceable cartridge so you do not have to worry that the pen will lose this writing function forever one day.

Tactical Pen 1

However, it is not just the usual mean for writing. Despite a small size, this device can save your life by neutralizing your attacker. The survival StrikePen is a perfect non-lethal weapon for SD. In case of a melee attack, having this tool will be your benefit as it has a hard tungsten steel striker tip. As a bonus, you can use it as a way to break glass in an emergency.

The StrikePen is a device that includes a set of tools for different types of situations.

This device is a great part of the survival equipment as well. It has such helpful functions as a strong light-emitting diode and replaceable tooltips.

Of course, this tactical pen can become a lethal weapon if you strike somebody in certain dead parts of his body. That is why to use it properly you must take a self-defense class.

As I mentioned above your main goal during the conflict is to defend yourself and not to kill your intruder accidentally. Even if you make him blind by sticking this pen in his eye he will stay alive anyway.

Crusher Baton Crusher Baton

Cold Steel Defense Baseball Bat Brooklyn Crusher The Brooklyn Crusher bat will be a weapon of choice for fans of the Walking Dead show!

While a usual wooden baseball bat is not the best choice for a self-defense weapon because it can let you down by breaking right during an assault, the Brooklyn baton is deprived of this drawback.

This Baton is a super effective non-lethal instrument that is made of almost indestructible polypropylene.

The protection tool has a large reach of 29 inches and a total weight of 2 pounds. This is enough to knock out your attacker and discourage them from attacking you again.

Tactical Whip

Tactical Whip If you like movies about adventures you will appreciate this type of non-lethal weapons.

The FastStrike Tactical Whip is a great and one of the most unconventional self-defense weapons that are easy to use.

It is a 17-inch long spring cable made of rustproof steel that allows you to attack from different directions.

The solid grip handle of the FastStrike guarantees that the gadget will stay in your hands during self-defense. It also attaches to your pack, bag, or pocket.

The only minus of these devices is the absence of the whiplash that we are used to hearing in movies.

Monkey Fist knot

Monkey Fist Knot The next non-lethal weapons you can either buy in a ready to use state or tie it yourself.

A Monkey First Knot is a rope wrapped around a heavy ball that you can use for close combat.

In case if you would like to tie a Monkey Fist on your own and design it according to your preferences you need:

Survival Flash Light Survival Flash Light

If you need several necessary devices simultaneously the StrikeLight will help you.

You can use it as a baton since this hard aluminum weapon with sharp endpoints lets you attack an intruder effectively. Besides that, the barrel expands 4 inches more with a turning of a hand.

In case if the situation is not that bad yet you can blind an intruder with a powerful flashlight which this device includes.

Choose a disorientating light regime to confuse the criminal and prevent more serious conflict with the help of the StrikeLight device.

.Tactical Shovel

Tactical Shovel The EVATAC Tactical Shovel most likely was not a weapon initially. However, this 24 inches handle which ends with a hard chainsaw/ax can threaten anyone!

This is a perfect survival device that includes a set of useful functions such as a whistle, magnetic compass, and a Ferro rod fire striker for producing sparks.

As I mentioned the Shovel is double-bladed. One of the sides looks like an ax convenient for any detailed work while another one is a saw that is nicely fit for wood and other building materials.

In fact, you do not even need to use the EVATAC Tactical to scare a criminal and prevent a potential threat.

Another good news is that hitting somebody with this shovel you unlikely to kill him or seriously injure. That means that police forces will not take you to jail.

The EVATAC shovel is a solid survival tool, made for more than just digging ditches!

By the way, for those of you who are preparing for a surviving scenario will be important to get a survival shovel and to keep it among your survival gear.

Survival Whistle Survival Whistle

Survival Whistle

This survival whistle is a great additional tool for your collection of non-lethal devices.

Just imagine a powerful whistle with a sound of 142-decibel right next to you.

The HyperWhistle is one of the non-lethal weapons that confuse an intruder and hurt him in the distance. While using it you need to have hearing protection that goes with the whistle to keep yourself safe from the sound.

So, it is a weapon that helps to avoid physical conflict.

If there is a threat, people in a radius of 2 miles will pay attention to the high sound of the whistle.

Best Non Lethal Weapons Summary

Best Non Lethal Weapons Summary Overall, remember that investing in Self-Defense weapons is a way to increase your chances to survive in dangerous situations. All of these non-lethal devices are effective and it is just a matter of your choice which ones fit you the most. It is even better if you get several non-lethal weapons and learn to implement them in a fight.

Probably it is a StrikeLight flashlight that you would like to have in your arsenal. Then read more info about this non-lethal option on the website.

Or it is a classic pepper spray option with an intriguing name the Devel Juice.

In case if you prefer the StrikePen device you must remember to attend some classes to find out how to use the tactical flashlight properly.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can I own less-lethal tools?

In the United States, the law and the government do not prohibit carrying them for self-defense so you don’t need to have consent. The main problem is that if your actions with such a weapon led to the death or violation of the rights of a person, you will be responsible even though you did not shoot from a firearm. These means allow you to neutralize the danger and win some time to escape or call law enforcement agencies.

What is the most efficient compliance weapon?

All of them are effective if you know how to use non-lethal weapons as I wrote in the text above. The choice of SD gadgets should be based on your personal preferences and the concrete situations in which you use them. However, pay attention that their efficiency depends on whether you take educational classes there you learn how to protect yourself through non-deadly weapons or not.

What is the most important function of a self-defense device?

It depends on your preferences. For everyday life, I would recommend having a couple of compact products such as pepper spray, a survival whistle, and a stun gun. The StrikePen is good for close combat but you need to be physically prepared. To protect the house from strangers, you need to try other non-lethal weapons, such as a Tactical shovel, which can scare off the criminal and avoid the fight.

What compliance tools do policemen use?

When the police need to use force against protesters it appeals to different kinds of these armaments. Among the most popular are tear gas, some types of riot gun with rubber bullets, and rubber pellets and other projectiles, stun grenades, and many others.  The police and military forces implement riot control by using less-lethal weapons but many cases when police officers accidentally killed people in the United States confirm that “non-lethal” is a controversial name for this range of products.

What are non-lethal guns?

Police forces have the right to apply such guns or kinetic weapons to disperse the protests. These guns can shoot a rubber bullet and other projectiles and should cause pain, but not penetrate the skin as in the case of firearms. Also, there is an option of a stun gun or other energy weapons that neutralize a person through electrical shocks that cause painful and unwittingly muscle contractions.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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