Monkey Fist Knot for Survival Adventures

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Some people do not know what a monkey fist knot is, especially in 2023. This type of knot made of paracord, rope, and other objects (there are many possibilities!) is great for self-defense and is an essential point on a survival gear checklist. You can use marble, a simple golf ball, or other materials. We will show how to make a monkey fist with or without a jig. You can adjust the weight of a monkey fist or even make a monkey fist keychain! It’s very flexible and useful – so don’t hesitate to try it.

The Monkey Fist is a perfect knot for your survival trip!

As you know, there are numerous self-defense devices for any emergency case when you are in danger:

Who knows where and when you’ll get into a difficult situation? It very well may happen while:

  • you’re going to your house from your girlfriend’s place late around evening time
  • you’re pacing back to your auto in an abandoned parking garage
  • you’re moping around a small town during your vacay

Any place you are or whatever you’re doing, you need a method for self-protection, something to shield yourself from an aggressor or possibly attacker, from the one who jumps out of nowhere and grips your wallet or wants to kill you. You should be set up for literally any emergency, regardless of whether in a city or during survival conditions in a rural area!

However, one self-protection weapon that is usually ignored, yet is extremely helpful, is a monkey fist knot. A huge amount of people don’t have a clue what a monkey fist is. Moreover, they don’t know how to use one or how to create one.

First of All, What is a Monkey Fist?


Monkey fists are considered decent and approved-by-many self-protection equipment that is both deadly and powerful, to cut a long story short. Like a small flail, a monkey fist can come in various sizes, shapes, and weights. Some are applicable for a keychain or a clutch; others are bigger and more difficult to hide. However, they are both – perfect ways for both self-protection and survival.

Nowadays, one can purchase numerous sorts of monkey fists from bunches of various sellers. In case you know where to look, they are everywhere. They’re actually really simple to make yourself, at home! Figuring out how to make a monkey fist knot will save you several dollars, and it’s additionally a helpful skill to have in the field of survival.

If the hell breaks loose or in case something terrible happens, you would want to have access to as many ways of protection as possible. Also, the more weapons you can make by yourself, the better.

Take a look at the “world biggest monkey fist made,” a fun thing!

Monkey Fist: a Historical Overview

Similarly, as with most tied instruments, the monkey’s fist knot’s roots come from the early 19th century. Sailors utilized them as a method to throw ropes between ships or to a seashore (as a heaving line), and when there’s no other choice, they will use them in a fight, as well.

Firstly, the monkey fist was drawn around cannonballs for additional weight on the rope; simply imagine how that would deal with an attacker! Getting hammered with a cannonball thrash could cause some critical harm… don’t you think so?

From that point forward, the monkey fist has been proclaimed broadly as a survival device and a type of self-protection. A large portion of the monkey fists you will discover today are not cannonball sized, of course.

All things being equal, they’re now shaped down to marble size: this makes a monkey fist simple to convey. They can be appended to:

  • extra zipper tabs
  • keychain holders
  • bug-out-bag loops
  • any kind of clothing with zippers

The Best Uses of the Monkey Fist

This is quite possibly the most distinctive instrument in a survivalist’s weapon stockpile. Compared to other pocket weapons (like pepper spray), a monkey fist can fill a wide range of needs going from decorative to dangerous.

Below you can find a list of the most famous monkey fist ways of use:

Monkey Fist for Fighting

Clearly, these tools serve as extraordinary self-protection weapons, ones you can employ without hardly lifting a finger. One may just put them into pockets, clutches, or bags, no problem here; furthermore, many can be appended to a wallet, zipper, or keychain, allowing quick access in a difficult spot.

Below one may find a way to utilize a monkey fist for self-defense:

  • Take the long end of the rope by its edge point and twirl the heavy monkey fist, utilizing it as a thrash.
  • A round-shaped thing is what you will attack your enemy with, swing hard the rope and make your hit to the end of the rope to make the maximum power output in one swing.
  • Focus on touchy zones like the throat or crotch
  • If your monkey fists are huge, then your motion is pretty tough, and you will produce more power, making your weapon really successful.

Skydiving Monkey Chute Ripcord

This is very common among individuals who work with parachutes. Skydivers join these to their parachute ripcords, as this makes it simpler to grasp on the ripcord while in free fall.

You should seriously think about purchasing bright and unusual monkey fists (or use some kind of beautiful paracord to make your own). That way, when the air is whisking past your body and face, you can see your ripcord 100% clear, grab it, and yank it. At that point, ideally (huh), your chute comes out.

Monkey Fist Pet Toys

Isn’t it stupid to spend a big sum of money on toys and entertainment for your cat or dog at the store? Make your own toy instead! Monkey fists serve as incredible pet toys because the material is light (either rope or cord), and they are truly hard-to-break. Ideal for biting, a well-timed fist will brighten up your 4-pawed friend’s day! Also, you can continue to make new colorful toys when the pets destroy the ones they have.

Zipper Attachments

Do you have a zipper that is somehow lacking a grasping tab? Don’t worry about it! A simple solution is to have some monkey fists that can be bound to your zipper, regardless of whether the slider grip has dropped off. Due to being shaped like this, they serve as incredible little zipper knobs. They will also do great if you will attach them to anything you desire: bags, tactical backpacks, even jeans, any kind of trousers!

Rock Climbing

Once upon a time, before this activity was largely perceived as a sport, they were utilized as cams. Cams, for the ones who don’t have a clue what we are talking about, are the tools that climbers jam into cracks to make points of connection with the surface. The present cams are pretty practical, yet monkey fists do, for the most part, something very similar when employed for rock climbing. You wedge the knot into a crack in the stone as tight as it is possible at the moment. The next step is to clip the rope into the other end with a carabiner. Much the same as that, you are clipped to the wall in the event you fall, and your monkey fist goes about as an anchor – one to shield you from being dead. Those who climb frequently use clove hitch knots to connect the equipment tightly.

Actually, I don’t suggest employing monkey fists in this manner except if you have no other choice. Using homemade climbing gear can turn out as a disaster!

Perks of Monkey Fist Keychain

Monkey fists function that great as keychains for a few reasons:

  • To start with, they are typically good and simple to spot (making your keys simpler to discover and harder to lose)
  • Furthermore, this puts an additional self-defense weapon readily available. Keys are one thing that is quite often on a person; henceforth, keeping one on your keychain guarantees you’re always protected!

As Paracord

At long last, most monkey fist knots are created from paracord, which has many survival applications. So in case, you’re ever in a difficult situation, and in need of some paracord, you can unstrand your monkey fist and simply utilize the paracord.

Monkey Knot Throwing

Actually, this was the initial purpose of the tool that we are discussing; if you have ever thrown a rope at a huge distance, you know that this job is almost impossible. In any case, when one has a monkey fist on the end of the rope while throwing it, it brings in some additional weight, empowering the thrower for a lot higher precision and a lot more strength.

Anyway, one can throw a fist monkey knot not only with a rope. One can likewise append written notes to the rope to pass messages on really big distances. You can then append smoke bombs to them if you want to clear out a territory inside the throwing range. You could even use them to start a fire: just soak it with fuel, light it up, and throw it really hard, as hard as you can.

Best Monkey Fist Knot Paracords in Retail Today

Where can one purchase Monkey Fist? The short answer is: on the Web.

  • little and big ones
  • colorful, decorative ones, and many more!

Here are is a bunch of the coolest monkey fists one may but right now:

GSM Nautical Monkey Fist Keychain

Nautical Monkey FistGSM Nautical Monkey Fist Keychain is an easy, old school tool that connects to your keychain via a strong metal fasten. It’s the ideal accessory for your auto or boat keys.


Poifect Gear Set of 2 Monkey Fist POI

2.75Inch Monkey Fist Poifect Gear Set of 2 Monkey Fist POI is applicable for fire-spinning activities, as poi’s are somewhat fire-resistant. This permits you to get them on fire and begin turning them around like crazy. These tools can likewise be utilized for self-protection because regardless of whether they’re not lit with flares, they’re still dangerous.

These pois’ are of the biggest size out of all of them, making them the supreme choice for somebody hoping to purchase a survival weapon!

TreeStar Round Umbrella Self-Defense Keychain

Treestar Round Umbrella

You’ll cherish the TreeStar Round Umbrella Keychain – a really cool bright, and colorful monkey fist keychain! It’s a superb decision for a present for your beloved ones (maybe even one for yourself). A charming and classy key chain to organize every one of your keys!

How to Make a Monkey Knot by Yourself

Possibly you need a particular size of your monkey fist, or perhaps you want to get one produced using specific cordage material. Well, finding the ideal one can be troublesome or even impossible. That is the reason it’s necessary to figure out how to make your own monkey knot. You can modify it to meet your own requirements and needs!

That is, as well, will help to understand how to create the monkey fists on your own during survival circumstances. You might actually make a backup weapon for yourself and any other person in your group. What’s more, as for guarding yourself in an “SHTF,” there can never be enough weapons, you know!

Make sure to notice that you can slide ahead to the video instructions if watching somebody make a knot is easier to understand for you (rather than reading written instructions).

The Materials

  • Paracord of the desired color
  • Ball-shaped heavy thing
  • Scissors, glue, lighter
  • maybe a Monkey Fist Jig

Remember that a monkey fist jig makes this process much easier. We’ll take a look at some good-looking jigs to think about after telling you how to tie them without the jig itself.

Monkey Fist Knot: Bit-by-Bit Making Process

Step 1: take the strand of the rope. One should operate with the dominant hand, wrapping the cord vertically 3 times around the fingers of your other hand: by this one, you would form a loop 3 turns wide. Make sure the longer end is closer to your fingers, as this will be the end you are going to work with.

Step 2: remove the triple loop from your hand. Check that these 3 turns don’t fall out, then get if of the loops from your left hand and place them between your right thumb and forefinger.

Step 3: horizontal skew. Your right hand should still hold the 3 original vertical turns. Afterward, your left hand has to cover the long end through and around the vertically braided cord. Perform this 3 times, ending up with 3 horizontal loops wrapped around 3 vertical loops.

Step 4: cover the rope vertically once again. This action is optional, but it will make your node much stronger, despite the fact that it depends on how much extra cord you have left. Once you complete the horizontal wraps, make 3 more vertical covers on the highest point of the vertical covers you first looped. Afterward, place the 2nd horizontal loops between the 1st vertical and secondary horizontal ones.

Step 5: put a ball-shaped object into the loops. Now there must be a hole in the loops you created. Put the ball right in the middle. You can use literally whatever you want, whether it’s a stone, a billiard ball, or a cannonball. Just put it straight into the loops.

Step 6: bind the knot tightly. To perform that, one will have to tighten each loop separately. One can begin with the loop closest to the cord’s short ends and go into the horizontal loops, and then into the secondary vertical loops. You should tighten each, checking you don’t pull too strong on the first few loops. One may have to practice a lot for this. And one must have a lot of patience to accomplish this! Try not to get too upset: you may have to perform this several times to the node to get the knot extra tight.

If you did everything following our instructions, you’d have a working Monkey Fist. Well, we understand this is not a schema that will come out well-done for the first time you make a knot. You will most likely need several times of practice before you succeed, but once you are used to it, it will be really easy for you!

Video Tutorials for the Monkey Fist

It is commonly said that it is better to see something with your own eyes than to hear about it 1000 times. So there are a few “how to make monkey fists” video-instructions.

Making A Knot With A Ball Inside

This video explains how to create a fist monkey knot with a marble within.

Making A Knot Without A Ball Inside

This video describes the easiest way to make a monkey fist without any item inside (like a marble). This makes for a tiny, keychain-sized monkey knot; notwithstanding, simply know that these don’t give a lot of self-defense value.

Making Fist Monkey Knot With A Jig

This video will show one of the basic jig methods to make your paracord monkey fist.

TOP Monkey Fist Jigs in Retail Today

Once more, for the monkey fist jigs, there is a special tool called toolbox. With a toolbox, it is simpler to create your own monkey fists. They act as an additional set of fingers to carry the loops in the process of their making. This likewise empowers you to tie 4-, 5-, and even 6-loop monkey fists!

Hence, you should choose one from the list below, well, it depends on how exactly you are planning to use your toolbox.

Maxi-Monkey Fist Paracord Tool Jig

Maxi-Monkey Fist Paracord

This simple and easy monkey fist jig is fit for making knots from 5/8 inches to 2 1/4 inches, merely of the size of a pool ball. Moreover, it incorporates a rough full metal-frame platform, and for extra power, there are four zinc-plated steel poles.



Paracord Planet Monkey Fist Pro Jig

Paracord Planet

In this kind of jig, make a choice between 10 inches up to 60-inch sizes. The Paracord Bracelet Pro Jig has vertical dowel posts to carry lots of paracord designs. This jig will make all of your cord projects measured and done very well.



Uni-Monkey Pro Plus Paracord Tool Jig

Uni-Monkey Pro Plus

This jig is equipped for making monkey fists in measurement ranging from 5/8 inches up to 4 inches; not to mention, it has a durable 1/8 inch aluminum pivoting head in addition to four zinc-plated steel poles for extra strength. It has an accuracy laser cutting in centimeters and inches, both of them, and is accessible in silver, dark, and blue anodizing furnishes!

Final Thoughts

Monkey fists are madly cool and flexible as a type of survival weapons (and not only as a weapon!) They’re modest, they’re simple to make, and they’re exceptionally helpful for surviving. Owning one is valuable, but having skills in making your own is worth learning.

They serve as fabulous gifts, which are very helpful for survival and everyday life as well. Hardly any survival knots are as valuable as the monkey paw knot, and even less can accomplish a THAT wide scope of survival tasks and needs. Get one!


What is the monkey fist knot used for?

Sailors generally utilized a monkey fist knot to add additional weight for throwing coils of rope from the boat to shore. In other words, it was used as a heaving line knot on sailing ships of yesteryear. Now those perfect survival tools are widely used as weapons and fire starters. It’s also a piece of cool survival jewelry!

How to make a monkey fist keychain?

Just make a basic monkey fist knot, form a line knot or an eye splice knot, or basically any other knot that would connect the monkey fist with the keychain. Then attach it to your keychain. For more details, make sure to read the whole article!

Is the monkey fist knot illegal?

It actually varies by state. The monkey’s fist as a weapon became known as a very harsh slingshot. Carrying or attempting to attack with a slingshot is a crime in the state of CA, for example, while it is a gross misdemeanor in the states of Nevada and Washington.

What is inside a monkey fist?

Basically, inside a monkey fist, any round thing can be placed, such as a ball, a tennis ball, or marble.

How Much Rope Is Needed?

The paracord length for the knot should be around 4-5 feet. But it depends on the preferable size!

How to make a monkey ball?

One will have to get a paracord, some kind of round-shaped object, glue and a lighter. Then, one will have to do special movements with paracord threads to form a ball-like shape. In the end, everything will have to be tightly bonded (the cord and the ball inside). You can also find some diagram-pictures on the Web that show how to create a monkey ball. For more comprehensive instructions, read the article above!


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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