How to Make Homemade Weapon

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If you want to know how to make homemade weapons, read on! But before reading, you should be sure that you will use the information for survival purposes only. A homemade DIY bomb, a deadly slingshot, a flamethrower, a hammer, a blade, a sword, a crossbow are all dangerous weapons. However, in a survival situation, a prepper (not a terrorist) cannot live without the things mentioned above. If you aren’t to cause harm to civil people, read on.

When it comes to the point where you need to defend yourself and your property with physical power, you might need self-defense weapons you can make at home. This article is set to embrace your creativity in a way that will help you save your life and family. We’ve tried to assemble the best materials for you to know how to make a homemade weapon.

Thinking Creatively

Do you remember McGuyver? This is an action movie hero from the ’80s, the same-named TV show’s main character. He became famous for his unique skills of making up survival tools and ways to escape from numerous dangerous situations. Mc Guyver managed to get everything possible from what he had at the moment. Even though his inventions sometimes were quite weird and had a cinematographic logic in basis, most of his success came from his creativity. There’s even a verb “to McGuyver” that means to craft something useful from the scrap you have on hand. Remember, there are no wrong answers with homemade weapons. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to increase your creativity before anything happens: you will be very limited in time and supplies when it comes to real action. The best way to get prepared is to know all the possibilities. Who knows? Maybe even a non-lethal weapon is better off than nothing.

Before You Begin

If we discuss only situations that do not include criminal actions or deviant behavior, in modern society, you may need to use a homemade weapon in a World’s End kind of critical situation that we may see in a prospective story, movie, or a book.

This is a Fictional List we Made up to Describe These Situations:

  • something goes wrong when you are away from home (for example, you may face aggressive wild animals while hiking in the woods)
  • massive riots and protest actions which can cause looting and certain danger for your family and loved ones
  • revolution may start the interaction between military forces and civilians when the national army turns against its own people
  • a natural disaster or a nuclear bomb can cause massive destruction and communication breakdowns (the consequences of a catastrophe like this may be far more dangerous than the event itself)

Homemade Weapon as a Survival Tool

We don’t have a possibility to speak about weapons you can make at home in general in this particular article. It would take a lot of work even to read this huge amount of text. But what we can do is to surf through the enormous amounts of specific information to give you the most common and useful examples of weapons you can design. Only those that have proven to be useful and handy when it comes to survival have made it to this list.

Our List of the Best DIY Weapons

You don’t need to be a skilled engineer, gunsmith, carpenter, or fletcher to get through the survival situation with your own homemade weapons. Remember! Anything can become a tool or a weapon in crucial times, and even a simple and non-lethal weapon is better than nothing.

Homemade Pepper Sprays

One of the most common weapons today is pepper spray. It is widely used for social defense by special forces and even public services because of its appropriateness. If it is used right, you can even avoid the direct physical damage demobilizing your opponent. You can find many various products like Devil Juice Pepper Spray on the market, but if you want to make it at home, you should give a closed look at your regular spray bottle of any kind. You may certainly have one in your apartment.

When you have found a container, you’ll need to clean it out. Then you need to mix the hot chili peppers in a bowl, adding some water. After you’re done with this part, you may need to expose the seeds that lay at the bottom of the bowl. Remember! The seeds contain far more active elements than the pepper’s body. Add some ground black pepper and mix the whole thing up. The next step is to add some more water and get the mixture to the oven or microwave’s boiling point. Wait until this liquid cools and put it in the spray container.


Don’t be confused by the hooligan glory of this weapon. The well-made slingshot can do decent damage. It is convenient in terms of its size and use. Also, you can find appropriate ammo very easily: small rocks and tiny metal scrap will do. Even though the professional Zone Yan slingshot you can find at the store is much more accurate and powerful, you can still use this homemade weapon for hunting and self-defense.

Homemade Flamethrower

This is the block for people looking for the most badass weapons they can make at home. There are not many weapons to be more spectacular than a flamethrower. Naturally, it is one of the most dangerous for the target and even for the user himself. Make sure that you consider the direction of the wind and never use it inside. Also, it is imperative to use the right type of fuel in your flamethrowers.

It is easy to make a flamethrower from the fire extinguisher; check out this video below:

Bow and Arrows

The bow is an ancient weapon known for thousands of years. First arrowheads were made from stone and were found where the first human settlers appeared. The bows were made from wood, and the strings were made of animal parts. Eventually, technology changed bows: professional bows created for sports and hunting from modern composite materials today. If you want to make a professional weapon by yourself, it could take a while. So if the time is crucial, there are two quite similar ways to make a homemade low budget DIY bow :

PVC Bow (this given method is just one of various methods you can find on the web)

  • Cut a 4′ piece from a 1”- 1 ½” PVC pipe.
  • Cut the grooves on both sides of the pipe to hold the string.
  • Find the string (try to use mason wire).
  • Bend the ends of the pipe gently.
  • When you achieve a shallow curve, tie the engs of the string using the grooves.
Remember! PVC pipes are pretty badass. PVC pipe compound bow is not the only weapon you can make from them. You can even make a pipe shotgun.

Plywood Bow

  • Sizes and shapes are similar to PVC pipes’ one made: find a 4′ long section of 2” – 3” plywood.
  • If you have some time, you can glue two plywood pieces together to make your bow stronger. Skip this step if you don’t have time.
  • Cut the sides making your bow easy to hold.
  • Make tapering ends.
  • Make one notch on both sides.
  • Tie the string to one end curve the plywood to tie another end.

Remember! PVC pipes are pretty badass. PVC pipe compound bow is not the only weapon you can make from them. You can even make a pipe shotgun.


Needless to say, the arrows are essential. You don’t need to cut stones or melt metal to make a homemade arrow. You can use scrap, nails, and screws for the arrowheads. Use something straight for the shaft. Fletchers used bird feathers for fletching, but today folded paper, cut plastic, or cardboard can work as well.


The whips are were invented to control the domesticated animals. But it is common to use the tool as a homemade self-defense weapon and a weapon to punish people. You can buy Real Leather BULL WHIP online for about 25 bucks. The article below will help you make one yourself.

The famous Hollywood movie Indiana Jones made the use of a whip as a melee weapon iconic:

To make one at home, you’ll need:

  • Find survival paracord.
  • Take a 6’ – 8’ segment of cord and tape the end you want to handle.
  • Use a smaller string if you want the famous Indiana Jones crack sound when you use the bullwhip. The end of the whip is breaking the sound barrier making a mini sonic boom.

Here’s a video about making a homemade whip:

To make sure that you got the moves with your bullwhip, watch this video:

Homemade War Hammer

Hammer was probably first made of a stone tied to a wooden handle. Sometimes the easiest solution suits best. When it comes to the DIY weapon, you can always use duct tape to fasten something heavy to a long pole. Lots and lots of things will do: a piece of metal, rock, or a heavy piece of scrap tied to the pipe can become a real heroic war hammer. You can customize it with a saw blade and turn it into an ax or a saw blade tomahawk. Check out this tactical survival hammer and let your fantasy go, but remember to be practical.

Learn how to make a survivalist hammer using this video:

Homemade Weapons Using Blunt Force

Some ways are even easier than making a hammer. The first weapon was likely found on the ground. Broken sticks, pipes, brooms, table legs, and garden instruments also can become decent survival weapons in an emergency. Any primitive club tool can be beneficial. Also, you should definitely consider using a baseball bat. Remember to use a tool as a weapon if it is needed.

The video below shows you how to build a melee weapon from the junk:

Throwing stars and spikes

Ninja stars or shuriken is a hidden weapon from Japan. They were made from metal in many different shapes and were used mostly by samurai warriors instead of a popular myth. Hidden throwing daggers could blind, wound, and distract the attacker. Some of them were left on sight by a purpose: they could have been poisoned before. To add shuriken to the list of weapons you can make, you don need to be a blacksmith from Medieval Japan. Just put together the pieces of scrap metal and sharpen them. Try different forms and shapes: it’s time to use your creativity.

Try this video if you still need some guidance:

Dart Guns and Blowguns

All you need is a pipe gun and a small dart. The pressure that builds up in the blowgun throws the dart with enough power to pierce the skin and give a serious injury. People used this weapon for hunting for thousands of years. Today you can find a wide range of well-made examples of a professional pipe gun online.

This video will help you to build one yourself:

Homemade Taser

Tasers became very popular all around the world. They are not only used as a weapon, such as a stun gun or a taser gun. In terms of electrical devices, it is always better to choose a professionally designed taser. It gives a powerful and stable charge. Amongst the other taser or taser gun could be used against the animals without confrontation. The zapping sound of an electrical charge burst through the air, and the ozone scent scares the beasts and human beings, that are not used to the sound. But survival situations suggest desperate measures. If an attacker or a group of home invaders got in, you’d need all the weapons by hand. The following video will show you how to make an easy to make self-defense tool inside your house.

You can make a small taser easily:

To defend your living room and zap’em, you will need these DIY pocket tools:

  1. barbeque lighter
  2. scissors
  3. duct tape
  4. a pen

We need to know that this kind of homemade taser can cause a fire. If you want it to zap your attacker constantly, you’ll need to charge the trigger.


If you’re being pursued or need to stop an attacker on a vehicle, you may use homemade caltrops. If you can meld metal, then you can use any sharp objects to do a chain-like DIY project that could be dragged across the road and ruin the tires.

DIY Sheet Metal Self Loading Pistol

This is a rare case when someone’s got all the things needed to build a decent firearm at home. If you got a proper workshop inside your house and are willing to save your life in a difficult situation, you may consider making a homemade pistol. It takes a lot of metalwork and a huge amount of time and patience.

In the videos below, the process of making is fully viewed as well as the demonstration on a shooting range:

Knives and Shives

To find a way to make a self-defense weapon, you need to look in a place where people discover their secret survival skills. There’s a lot of information about making shives and knives in prisons. Prisoners can use a harmless toothbrush or butter knife to make a lethal weapon. The sharpened end of a reasonably solid piece of anything will do, but you need to look for something easy to hold to be sure you don’t cut yourself. Other design features are based only on your fantasy.

Check out the video below to know how to make a sharp DIY knife:

Apply a Different Way Of Thinking: Prepare, Adapt, and Overcome

The best way to protect your life and business is to get prepared. This also refers to a certain mindset. You need to understand that you might need to do anything and use your weapon in a critical situation. You need to remember that amount of possible variations of DIY weapons is limitless.

Making Something Out Of Nothing

No matter how hard you try to make your brain to be more creative. Mostly, the easiest way is the right one when you face a catastrophe. Look around you. Your natural survival skills can give you the right idea. If you’re already in a situation when you need a weapon to protect your life but don’t have anything with you, look for the nearest hardware store.

Amongst the others, there is a list of general rules, certain tools, and products that can help you build your homemade weapons:

  1. Be creative. It’s always good to think outside the box.
  2. The possibilities of duct tape are almost limitless. This is your best friend when it comes to craft something in a survival situation.
  3. Make a tool if you need one. Everything around you can become a decent tool in a certain situation, and most of the tools can easily become weapons in skillful hands.
  4. Wherever your fantasy takes, you always remember that your weapon needs to be crafted quickly and efficiently.

We hope this article will help you build survival weapons if society could not protect you anymore. You are a Survivor. If there are two men in one room with the same equipment, most likely that one will lose all the hope and be depressed while the other will have a pipe gun, pepper spray, and other badass weapons they purchase after reading this article.


In this block, we will give you the answers to the most common questions on this topic:

Is it legit to make weapons at home?

The answer is mostly yes. You can make almost any kind of weapon at home using legal components, except for some kinds of firearms. It is legal to make and own a gun, but you are strictly prohibited from selling it: every man that wants to produce firearms for sale needs to have a license for that.

What are laws and statutes concerned?

Basically, to be assured, you need to learn about gun legislation. Most of it is in the Gun Control Act of 1968, but they’re always maybe some local laws that can make you have your registration for a homemade weapon done. With technological progress, we may see new legislation forms to regulate weapons made at home. There’s already a lot of cases of using a 3d printer to make a gun. These firearms are made of plastic, and the current legislation allows you to print, assemble, and own these things if you put a piece of metal in the body of a gun. This is made for gun detectors in public places.

Who can make a survival weapon?

Nearly anyone can make a weapon at home when it comes to survival needs. Use anything you’ll see at home: it can help you and easily become a weapon. Try to choose simplicity and practicality over other qualities of a homemade weapon.

Why make survival weapons at home?

For most cases, making a weapon at home is more of a need than a reasonable choice. It would be best if you were ready for crucial times when there is no time to buy a proper weapon. It is always better to have a professionally designed thing for something than a scrap taped to scrap, but when the time comes, it can be the thing that will save your life. Be creative.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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