How To Make Pepper Spray For Self Defense

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How to make pepper spray? As it seems at the first glance, a pepper spray is a great self-defense solution. While it is a non-lethal weapon, the effect of using the spray is considerable. The spray bottle is easy to fit into your pocket or bug-out bag, so you will be safer from the dangers posed by people, dogs, and other animals. Read our article to find out more about the mixture in the contents of the spray and find out how to cause harm to your opponent without a knife or firearm.

If you want to increase your confidence and be prepared for every dangerous situation, you better have some self-defense tools in your pocket. By choosing a pepper spray, you get an efficient and compact non-lethal weapon for daily self-protection and survival. A powerful spray can prevent physical conflict and get rid of the intruder.

Knowing how to make pepper spray from zero on your own is a guarantee of self-confidence. While you can create self-defense products at home, you have more chances to survive in an emergency. This article will help you learn this skill and make pepper spray as many times as you want.

Prior warning

It Can Be Dangerous

Before making your pepper spray at home, make sure that you will do it in a well-ventilated place to prevent serious breathing problems; if, while working with pepper, you meet some respiration difficulties, you should better purchase a manufactured spray.

Also, there is always a risk of hurting yourself and other people by accident. If the pepper mixture of your homemade spray gets in your eyes, it may lead to blindness, and you will need medical help.

It Won’t Be So Powerful.

Devil Juice™ Pepper Spray

Let’s clarify that you won’t create pepper spray as effective as the one you can buy in a store. The manufacturers use advanced technology to regulate settings and design a spray bottle to maximize the device’s strength. All of these and internal pressure inside the tool are not so easy to organize at home.

It means that for better self-defense, you should purchase a high-powered pepper spray. Our recommendation is Devil Juice Pepper Spray with heat around 3 M SHU. This stuff is super hot and can defeat a huge attacker momentarily.

The picture below illustrates what 3 M SHU heat is: Homemade Pepper Spray Ingredients

Homemade pepper spray can’t have an equally intense Scoville heat level. You can get a perfect self-defense weapon for you and your family and order Devil Juice Spray right now.

Note about our affiliate advertising program: Follow the link and get a chance to buy this device at a discount. There is also info about the delivery system.

How To Choose Peppers?

Pepper Scoville The main rule in making pepper spray at home is to ensure that the peppers you use have a high Scoville heat unit level. An ordinary black pepper for cooking is unlikely to work. Shortly, the hotter the pepper, the more effective weapon you get eventually. You aim to find both cheap and scorching peppers for your ingredients. Please, bear in mind that the idea of using these peppers is to overwhelm an intruder, not to injure him badly.

According to the Scoville unit scale, the bell pepper takes the lowest position. It means that it is an inappropriate pepper for self-defense. The options from the Cayenne Pepper and upper are acceptable but note that they are not powerful enough to stop a threat assuredly. If you want to get something stronger then try the Red Savina Habanero. It has enough heat units to give you some time for running away from an assailant.

However, the best option is the Carolina Reaper, as it occupies the highest position in the SHU rating. As a spray, this paper has an effect that lasts for several hours and can be a good self-defense tool capable of conquering your attacker.

Composition Info

To make your homemade pepper sprays, you need the following ingredients:

  • a liquid;
  • chili pepper oil or Capsaicin.

The latter thing, capsaicin, is an active one in pepper spray, and the former is essential as it makes the substance fluid. You may use either rubbing alcohol, Acetum, or Water. The most affordable option is water, but vinegar and alcohol extend the pepper spray’s shelf life.

Homemade Pepper Spray-Making Instructions

Protection Measures

Never forget to protect your body, respiratory system, and the environment before making pepper spray. Remember safety goggles to keep your eyes covered, rubber gloves for your hands, and a protective mask to avoid breathing the chemical vapors. Be especially careful if you or other people (if you make this homemade pepper spray in a team) are allergic to peppers, and remember that safety first.

List of required items:

  • 6 chili peppers or > (try to choose the hottest ones)
  • either 1 bulb of garlic, 2 Tbsp of crushed garlic, or powdered one.
  • baby oil or vegetable oil (e.g., olive oil)
  • a container for the substance, a funnel, a food dehydrator, an oven, or at least a solar oven for drying the chili peppers.
  • a bottle of water

Besides, find an appropriate spray bottle, make sure it’s intact, and don’t have any holes in the sidebar. Believe me. You don’t want this thing spilled on your personal belongings.

Step 1. Dry your chili peppers with a dehydrator or other equipment.

Step 2. Finely chop the peppers and pour them into one cup

Step 3. Add the remaining ingredients to this powder: 2 Tbsp of baby oil, the garlic, and lastly, 12 oz of Acetum or rubbing alcohol.

Step 4. Turn the cup content into a paste using hands or a blender. Note: try not to spill the mixture around.

Step 5. Put the resulting mixture into one bottle through a funnel or coffee filter and let it sit till the next morning in the cold to make it more effective.

Step 6. The funnel covered with cheesecloth put the pepper spray mixture in the 20 oz container and added another 12 oz of Acetum or alcohol.

Step 7. Place a safety cap, and that’s it. All you need is to pour the substance into a spray bottle, and your pepper spray solution is ready.

Please keep it in a cool place and use it in case of danger. The shelf life of this substance is up to 3 months.


Devil Juice™ Pepper Spray

When we found out how to make pepper spray, it is time to deal with the dirt triggered by this device’s preparation and purge everything, including kitchen utensils, a funnel, containers, and other stuff. Spoiler: just water won’t be enough!

Capsaicin is difficult to remove as it’s a kind of oil. So, you need to mix water and bleach as a solution for your bowls for this purpose. Hot water mixed with dish soap and mineral oil gives you a solution for blender cleaning. Left it on your kitchen appliances for around 30 min. Keep in mind that plastic holds oils, and do not forget to use protective equipment while cleaning it up.

You can take homebrew peppers in case you don’t want to use powdered or ground ones. Besides, I want to remind you that your spray will be the most effective, combined with your intention to escape a fight and stop an attacker.

Thus, if you need something more powerful, buy one bottle of Devil Juice Pepper Spray. Follow the link to know all information about the product and delivery system. Please hurry up to order it at the low price of only $9.

As a takeaway: have another go to our extensive survival blog we provide here on the website and enlarge your knowledge in survival and all things concerning it, such as the first-rate survival gear, most important survival skills, hacks for homesteaders and straightforward prepping guides!


What Rule Of Pepper Selection?

To create good and efficient pepper sprays, you should focus on the SHU level. An effective and damaging spray that can inflict intruders includes the hottest kinds of chilies. For instance, the cayenne pepper has a medium effect and is unlikely to knock out your attacker for long enough to run away. Thus, if you find hotter stuff, it will be much more powerful. Remember to use alcohol and vegetable oil to make the spray stronger.

What Does The Scoville Scale mean?

People use SHU to measure the heat of chili peppers. The higher level of SHU, the hotter the pepper is. During creating a bottle of homemade pepper spray, you need to base on this scale and choose the hottest option you can find.

How To Protect Home From Burglars?

  1. Install high-quality home security devices, such as surveillance cameras that broadcast recordings on the smartphone screen, alarms, etc.
  2. Self-defense is essential, so have several non-lethal weapons to deter or neutralize intruders without killing someone
  3. The firearm will be helpful because it will show the robbers that you are serious about defending yourself. But don’t shoot them, or law enforcement services will punish you instead.
  4. Set up metal doors and door frames. Besides, never forget to keep your door locked all the time.
  5. Install window stops that won’t let your window to open more than 6 inches
  6. Think about protective bulletproof furniture as a part of the interior. It guarantees that in case of danger, you will not be with empty hands.
  7. Having a safe room to have a part of the house where you will be able to hide from the burglars
  8. Think about having a guard dog as a pet. It will alarm you if someone goes on the territory.
  9. Remove plants and trees from the windows to ensure that you see what is happening outside all the time.
  10. Cover your property with motion sensors to make sure it is always protected


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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