Best Driveway Alarm Review and Buying Guide

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When we think about the safety of our house, we don’t have t0 forget about the security system of the driveway. Nowadays there are many ways to make your home stay more comfortable and calm. To prevent any robbery cases and break-ins, many house owners use a special device called a driveway alarm. Due to this driveway alarm system, you are always able to stay informed about the security state around your house. And it doesn’t matter how high the security rate is in the region where you live. Still, it is always better to protect your home as much as possible. 

This outdoor transmitter which is equipped with motion sensors, will inform you about any unpleasant and occasional guests in your area. Without any worries, you will be able to take control of who and when enters your driveway. This driveway alarm system is especially convenient for houses with large private areas and prolonged driveways.

If you make a decision to install a driveway alarm security system in your private area, you will be faced with a big variety of options. In this article, we will tell you about one of the most convenient and economical models of driveway alarms, called “Mighty Mule”. So after reading this article, you will gain insight into the features of this wireless driveway alarm device and will know why to keep it in your home area.

One of the best driveway alarm options

One Of The Best Driveway Alarm Options Nowadays we can not deny the importance of the home security system. An installation of the driveway alarm will help us to live without any worries of the unexpected break-in. So if you finally have decided to get this kind of device, after reading our “driveway alarms review,” you will know about one of the most affordable devices called “Mighty Mule”.

Actually, there are two really common and convenient driveway sensors that we can recommend you install.

 Besides “Mighty Mule”, there is also “Dakota Alert”, which perfectly passes over big distances (more than 400 feet). But this article is focused only on the first one.

Still, you can find these two devices on Amazon:

Mighty Mule driveway alarm system

Mighty Mule Driveway Alarm System

As you know already. There are a few types of driveway sensors (PIR, AIR, and magnetic probe alarms). “Mighty Mule (FM231)” is an example of the magnetic probe type. Inside this device, there is a magnetic sensor that reacts only to objects from metal. That is why this driveway alarm perfectly detects cars and doesn’t react to any people or cross by animals, so there is no chance of false alarms. But still, if it happens, further you will know what to do in this situation.

In comparison with many other home security devices, by “Mighty Mule,” we can notice a really high-quality level in combination with a low price. Moreover, it is important to mention the ease of installation, so there won’t be a need for any specialist. You can install it on your own only by using special instructions.

Although we are talking about home security devices, most driveway alarms can be used not only for home purposes but also in many other places.

Main Features of Mighty Mule (FM 231) driveway alarm

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“Mighty Mule” is an organization that provides its clients with special mechanisms for gate opening, but it is also known for many quality and affordable driveway alarm devices. By creating driveway alarms, the company successfully uses the same motion sensor technology as for gate opening.

The Mighty Mule devices are really popular among a wide range of customers. And the main reason for this fact is the absence of any false alarms. If you are searching for a motion sensor that will warn you only about any autos that come to your long driveway, then this device is really for you!

Before buying this device, you will probably ask yourself: “Why should I buy it, and why do I need it?” so now we are going to focus on the main features of the Mighty Mule driveway sensor.

Mighty Mule magnetic motion sensors

This model of driveway alarm functions due to the sensor wand, which detects the surrounding magnetic field and recognizes all metal stuff that locates nearby. If you have a will, then this sensor wand is possible to hide (up t0 12 inches deep!), so it will be almost invisible and won’t ruin the view of the Landschaft. Moreover, the cable which is connected to this sensor “wand” is totally weatherproof. So in case of any storms and nasty weather, it won’t stop working.


Another feature of this “one of the best driveway alarms” is the batteries that it uses. To turn on the device, you will need “AA” batteries (which is possible to find nearly in every supermarket). We recommend you use these lithium AA batteries for better work.

False alarm prevention

Many owners of different driveway alarms complain about false alarms cases (which can be really disturbing though). Luckily, the Mighty Mule driveway alarm has another type of sensor, so it doesn’t react to any animal or any leaves that fall from the tree. The motion detection of this sensor includes only the vehicles.

You may also think about how this system works. It is quite easy! When the auto overpasses the magnetic field (a territory where the sensor is located), then the transmitter will give a signal to a receiver, so this way you will know if there is any car traffic in your space.

An alarm receiver

If any vehicle passes by your driveway, you will get a notification about that on your indoor receiver, which is really convenient. If there is a case when you haven’t heard the sound of an alert, you will still be able to know about the danger by the LED of the receiver. It will shine until you turn it off.

Another good feature of the indoor receiver is the possibility of volume control. So you can make the most convenient for your level of multiple alarm sounds. Moreover, on the receiver panel, you are always able to see the level of the transmitter battery!

Sensor range

Each model has its own detection range. The Mighty Mule transmission range contains 300-400 feet, which is not little (the shortest transmission range of driveway alarms usually contains only 50 feet!). But if you have a large driveway and 400 feet are not enough, then you can search for the Dakota Alert device.

Home security system

Many customers note the convenience of the driveway alarm in their private space. This device can protect you from any worries about your safety. Due to this wireless driveway alarm, there is no need for you to maniacally check the driveway from your window. Especially if you live at the end of the private road. The alarm receiver will simply give you a signal if any car is passing by your area.

How can I choose the best driveway alarm?

How Can I Choose The Best Driveway Alarm?

In fact, while choosing the driveway alarm system, you need to think about the different features and pitfalls of each model. There are many factors you need to consider in order to choose a good and quality driveway sensor which will inform you about any undesirable guests that come to your territory.

Here are the factors you need to take into consideration while choosing the best driveway alarms:

Different types of driveway alarm systems

There are three different types of driveway alarms: Magnetic probe alarms, Passive infrared (PIR), and Active infrared (AIR). Each type of alarm system has its own character and features.

  • Magnetic probe alarms

This driveway alarm system is really frequent among many homeowners. Inside this device, there is a metal detector, which sensors detect objects from metal only. These alarms detect vehicles but they don’t react to any animals that accidentally came to your area, so these driveway alarms don’t trigger false alarms.

  • Passive infrared alarms

This type of driveway alarm detects object motion with the help of infrared beams. In comparison with magnetic probe alarms, its multiple sensors detect the motion of vehicles, people, and animals. This device is not complicated to install and not so expensive.

  • Active infrared alarms

This device has a more complicated structure in comparison with Magnetic probes and PIR alarms. It consists of a receiver and transmitter. The downside of this driveway alarm is the limited detection range (but still it’s better than nothing!)

Transmission range

Each model and type of driveway alarm has its own sensor range but in most cases, an ordinary transmission range is up to 1,000 feet. It is one of a few factors, which is really important to consider while choosing a special home security device.

Source of power

All the alarm systems need to be powered in order to work correctly. There are three types of driveway sensors that become energy from different sources:

  • Electricity powered alarms
  • Battery-powered alarms
  • Solar-powered alarms with the installed solar panel


We all would agree that it is much more convenient to choose home security devices with an easy installation system. Sometimes it is much easier and faster to call a technician instead of reading instructions and installing the device on your own. But actually many driveway alarms are really easy and convenient to install. Everything depends on the type of driveway alarm, in comparison with magnetic probe alarms, active infrared alarms are easier to install.


A good and quality driveway sensor needs to function even in the horrible weather. So if you live in an area where storms and rains often occur, we recommend you not to forget this factor.

False alarms preclusion

The most serious problem of many driveway alarms is a false alarm. From time to time the sensor detects the motion of passing vehicles and people, so it can be really disturbing. But there is one way to avoid this unpleasant situation- with many driveway alarms, you are able to regulate the sensitivity settings, so the device won’t catch every movement. But everything depends on the model and quality of each driveway alarm device.

Moreover, the latest models of driveway alarms also have smart technology improvements, like video and voice control. All these new options will help you to take your house and the private space under control.

How to install the Mighty Mule driveway alarm?

How To Install The Mighty Mule Driveway Alarm?

As we have already told you, in order to install this wireless driveway alarm system you won’t need the help of a specialist. All you need is the instruction (which you find below) and to be attentive (!). In this review, we are going to give you some installation tips in order to make this driveway alarm work.

So here are some recommendations from us!

  • Orientation of the sensor

The sensor wand needs to be in the same line as the driveway. For the better work of this device, it is better to put the sensor in the right part of the road; it will make the system more reliable.

If we are mentioning the location tips, then it is also important to locate the transmitter in sight of the receiver. If there are many different objects between the indoor receiver and transmitter, then there are some failures in connection that are possible.

  • Inserting the batteries into the transmitter

When you insert the batteries into the transmitter, it traces the locality around. At this moment, it is really important to put away all the metal stuff that can be nearby (in the distance of 15 feet minimum!)

  • Installation of the transmission

After you find the future suitable location for the transmitter, you can install it! First of all, you need to dig a trench and then put a support post of the transmitter there.

  • Manual

We really recommend you read the instructions attentively. It is not so hard and complicated in case you strictly follow all installation steps and tips.

What can I do in any false alarms situations?

What Can I Do In Any False Alarms Situations?

Actually, with this type of wireless driveway alarm device, this situation is hardly possible. But.. we understand that everything happens, and it is not so hard to fix the situation.

The possibility of false alarms is usually connected with the fact that nearby there can be standing the same Mighty Mule device. Don’t worry! It is easy to repair. First of all, you need to try to change the microswitches on the transmitter, they need to match each other, and that’s all.

In case of any repair or installation problems, you can always contact a specialist and ask for help, but you can try to do that on your own at first.

Best Driveway Alarm Summary

Best Driveway Alarm Summary

We all always need to remember about our safety. Even if you live in an area with a low crime level, it is still better to secure yourself and your family members from any robbery attacks and break-ins. In order to prevent this kind of unpleasant situation, people install special security sensors not only at home but also in the driveway area. After reading this review, we really hope you got an idea about the Mighty Mule (FM231) device and its benefits. Now you can understand the main features of this “one of the best driveway alarms”, and that will help you by decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the top-rated driveway alarm?

There is a big variety of different models and types of driveway sensors. By choosing a suitable alarm system you need to consider many factors (such as the length of your driveway). One of the most popular alternatives is the Mighty Mule (FM231). By considering the lower price of this device (especially in comparison with other driveway alarms!) It has many important benefits. First of all, it perfectly prevents any false alarms due to its sensors that react only on vehicles. If you are searching for a device whose detection range is up to 400 feet then this model is really for you.

You can also pay attention to another alternative device named “Dakota Alert”, this one is more expensive but passes for a bigger detection range.

Is there a driveway alarm that alerts your phone?

In order to provide a higher level of security some of the latest models of driveway alarms are equipped with new technology updates like weatherproofing, voice control, sound control, and security cameras. It is also possible to download a special app, in which you will get notifications if some car is passing by your area. That will make the process of controlling your private space home area more convenient.


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