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Did you know that in 2023, the glass of your window can be fortified to protect you from heat and UV radiation with a special security window film? Besides, window glass is fragile and presents a weak spot in your overall security. In this article, we will talk about self-adhesive safety & security window films, mirror-like films, static cling-proof, stained glass films, and more! Read on to find out!

If you want to take your home protection up a notch, this post is for you!

Уou will learn:

  • What a security window film is and why you might want to install it in your home;
  • What alternative solutions for such films are;
  • How to choose and install a security window film;
  • What the best security films that the marker offers are;

What are the Window Films and What Do You Need Them For?

Smashed Broken Window

So what is a security window film? Technically speaking, it is a thin and transparent plastic piece attached to the indoor side of windowpanes to prevent the glass from shattering. This makes shatterproof films a great solution against forced entry.

If you have an anti-shatter film adhered to the glass, it will not let it shatter. Broken glass shards will not be lying around on the floor, so no one in your family will get hurt. But what is even more important is that an intruder will most likely change his mind about breaking into your house.

Shattering a windowpane is easy and fast. But if there’s a 3M film on it, this task gets much more difficult and time-wasting. And as we know, usually, burglars tend to choose the path of least resistance and try not to make too much noise or waste too much time breaking in. So while the anti-entry film will not protect the glass from breaking, it will surely give intruders a hard time getting into your house.

Watch the video below to grasp the main idea behind anti-shatter films and how they help to make your house a lot harder to break in:

It is fair to say that security window films are the most slept on products for home fortification. We think it’s unfair and would like to do proper justice to them and tell you why you should install them in your house. And there are two main reasons you should consider having all the windows in your house fortified with such films. Let’s sum up these two points.

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1) First of all, when we speak about window films, we think “burglar-proof,” “home safety and security,” “no intruders.” And basically, that is true, and that is what security window films are for.

Unprotected windows are the most vulnerable parts of any house—especially the ground floor ones. Any burglar knows that. That is why intruders always try to use windows for break-ins. After all, doors are often equipped with alarm systems. This is usual for the United States. But the importance of windowpane protection usually stays overlooked. And if you don’t have bulletproof glass or steel bars on your windows, our recommendation is to install burglar-proof films.

Of course, an intruder will break the glass, but the glass will not shatter, making a forced entry possible. Instead, the broken glass will stay in the window frame because the security window film will be keeping the shards together. This kind of obstacle is a more serious problem for intruders. It makes an easy smash-and-grab job a time-consuming challenge. And chances are, most intruders will give up and leave your property.

Here’s the video on how you make your windows burglar-proof:

Another idea for having an additional layer of protection for your windows is when your home becomes your shelter. Picture this, the world as we know it is gone. And you are trapped inside your home trying to make the best of this situation to survive. Most probably, you have your doors and other entrances fortified. You may even have your firearms prepared for a possible forced entry. But what about your windows?

In the world after a global disaster, you will want to make sure your property is one hundred percent protected against break-ins. So getting your windows fortified with security films is just what you need.

2) Overall safety of yourself and your family is another feature of shatterproof films.

Broken glass can be of great danger. Especially for small children. Glass is straightforward to break. Whether on purpose or unintentionally. After all, accidents happen. And if the glass gets broken, razor-sharp shattered shards fly all over the place. It may happen during severe thunderstorms or maybe even after bomb blasts. Shock waves can easily smash windows in your house, letting sharp broken glass pieces and hazardous outside debris in.

Flying at high speeds, shattered glass can hurt you badly. That is why you need to install reliable glass protection on your windows – this will add the necessary layer of protection to your home. A security film will help keep glass pieces together so they won’t fly around and hurt anyone.

That is why we insist that window security film protection is one of the must-have security systems for your home. Installing shatter-proof films will not only provide extra home protection against break-ins but will also ensure overall safety.

Are There Any Alternative Options to Security Films?

As we said, we believe that a security film is a great safety and security item for your home. But the truth is it is not the only option. Today, the home security industry has many products in-store offering a wide range of security solutions for homeowners. Window security is not an exception.

So if you are not sure that a security window film is really what you are looking for to make yourself feel safe and protected, here are the five alternative ideas.

1 – Security Screens

A window security screen is the first thing that comes to mind. Such screens are installed outside of windows and serve as a more serious break-in protection thanks to their design. But there is a question:

  • How quickly can you remove this security screen from the inside in case of a fire?

In reality, during some accidents, people must leave a building as soon as possible. And if doors are blocked, the only safe way out is through windows. But what if security screens block the windows? Will there be enough time to unbolt or remove them any other way?

However, if you don’t see potential safety escape problems using security screens (like we do), please check this security product out.
2 – Window Bars

Window Bars Window bars are quite popular and, technically speaking, may somewhat be called predecessors to security screens we mentioned above. The concept is well-known worldwide: you protect your property by hanging bars on your windows.

This protection works right off the spot by letting anyone around know that getting inside your home through windows is not going to be too easy. Burglars prefer not to mess with barred windows looking for easier options.

So security or burglar bars work just fine. But there are two nuances we would like to bring up about this product:

1) While protecting your property from break-ins, the bars do not protect the glass from breaking and shattering. Burglars may not get inside your house, but they may easily smash your window leaving sharp shards of glass lying all over the floor. Or your windows may be smashed by high winds during a severe storm. If a bomb blasts near your house, the glass will also most probably shatter and harm yourself or someone in your family.

2) Window bars are not too good-looking. Many people don’t fancy the idea of looking outside at the world through the bars. It gives them the feeling like they are trapped in a prison cell and not sitting safe and sound at their homes. So if you don’t want to turn your home into a jail, window bars are not your option.

3 – Window Locks/Alarm Sensors

Truth be told, elaborate safety locks and sensors are pretty useless if you consider that an intruder may smash the window and shatter the glass. So what’s the use in using a lock then?

The main feature of a 3M security window film is not letting a burglar shattering the glass in the first place. If an intruder can’t break your window just like with the regular unprotected window, they will most likely be taken by surprise and prefer to retreat as soon as they can. Housebreakers don’t like to waste time and make noise. And that is what they will do when encountering a security window film fortified windowpane.

Besides, let’s not forget that a security window film is not only about protection against intruders. A security film also ensures overall safety during accidents. Thanks to the binding agent used in a window film, it will keep broken glass together and not let it shatter. That is why we insist that 3M window security films are perfect both for home or business fortified protection.

4 – Riot Glass

And the final alternative is riot glass. And guess what, this is the best option if you are looking for something more reliable and professional. Riot glass is just awesome, but… The price is too high.

Regular homeowners can hardly afford to install riot glass in their homes. Riot glass is perfect for an office building or a luxury store. But as great as it can be, riot glass is hardly an option for most private customers out there who want to protect their homes.

Choosing a Window Film

Now that we have concluded that a security window film is the best safety and security item for most homeowners, it is high time to find out how to choose the right one for yourself.

Well, it’s quite easy. The key feature you have to look at is the thickness. The thicker the security film is, the more window strength it ensures. Most professionals recommend 100-micrometer films for three mm. thick glass and 175-micrometer ones for six or more mm. thick.

Another product features worth considering are

  • the structure and construction of a window frame;
  • the Application quality;
  • the film’s adhesive strength.

Read on to find out more about anti-shatter films. In the sections below, you will learn about how to choose the best places to install the window film and what the best window films on the market are.

Where to Install a Window Film?

Domushnik 696X458 1

If your house is not too big and you have just a few windows, it might be a good idea to cover all of them with 3M safety films. But what if you have a large house with lots of windows in it and you don’t have enough money to protect each window with a burglar-proof film? Here are some tips to help you out.


1 – Bedroom

First of all, you want to make sure that nothing will threaten you while you sleep. Besides, bedrooms are the most popular indoor locations where people choose to place their safes. So a lot of valuable stuff can be in there. Not to mention, many people keep firearms in their bedrooms. It all makes bedrooms a top priority when speaking about burglar-proof measures.

2 – Ground Floor

This is a no-brainer. A ground floor window is an obvious choice for an intruder, especially if it’s a pane in a secluded area somewhere in the backyard or hidden behind a tree or a bush.

3 – Roof Access

And finally, the roof. In reality, housebreakers gain access to a house through the roof. So it is only reasonable to make sure that all of your house’s roof windows are protected with a burglar-proof film.

Installing a Window Film

Installing a film does not take any special skills or knowledge. The only thing you have to keep in mind is taking it slow. Without enough patience, you will most likely fail. If you are not completely sure that you will do everything right, address window film installers for help.

We also recommend you watching these videos to use them as guides:

Here’s another tip:

  • When installing a 3M film, try to attach it to the glass and the window frame. If the film is adjusted only to the glass, a housebreaker may bust it out of the frame. But attached the film both to the glass and frame ensures a much stronger location.

The Best Window Films On the Market

After doing some research, we’ve managed to pick the top three shatterproof films you can choose from.

1 – VViViD 12 Mil Clar Safety Anti-Shatter Film

Vvivid 12 Mil Clar Safety Anti Shatter Film We will start with a thick anti-shatter option. This anti-entry film is 300 micrometers thick and provides insane glass protection. Another feature of this film is that it provides UV protection and blocks light and heat, letting you save some energy on air-conditioning for your building.



2 – BDF Window Film Security and Safety Clear

Window Security System All BDF products pass required testing and therefore make for high-quality window films that will not only protect your property from forced entry. This security film will also work perfectly as a window tint blocking 99% of UV rays.





3- HOHOFILM Clear Safety and Security Window Films

Hohofilm Clear Safety The final option here is hands down the most affordable of all window films out there. It may not be the best of options, but, let’s face it, not every customer is ready to break the bank. So this 50-micrometer film is perfect for its price.




Home safety is not limited only to alarm systems, fortified doors, and motion sensors. There are also simpler solutions that give an additional level of protection. A security window film is one of those solutions.

Such films are perfect for home or business. They are completely transparent and attract no attention. But they will definitely take any housebreaker by surprise. We highly recommend thinking about window security film protection to make your home a safer place.


Does Window Security Film Really Work?

As a matter of fact, it does. But there is one thing you should know before buying one of those. 3M safety films do not make windowpane unbreakable. They only keep pieces of glass together, making it hard to get inside a house and ensuring safety so that no one from your family would get hurt on a piece of shattered glass.

What is the Best Window Security Film?

The top anti-shatter film is:

  • VViVid 12 Mil Anti-Shatter Film;
  • BDF Safety and Security Film;
  • HOHOFILM Safety and Security Film.

Is There a Window Film That Works at Night?

If you want to make your windowpane impossible to look through, you should use the so-called “blackout window film.” It will provide a thick window tint so no one can see what is happening inside. The effect even increases during nighttime.

Where to Buy 3M Window Films?

3M safety window films are available in online stores like Amazon, or buy them from 3M safety production manufacturers.

How to Install Shatterproof Window Film?

Installing a shatterproof 3M safety film is quite easy. The main thing is to be patient. It is best to attach the 3M film to the glass and a window frame as well. This will ensure the best window protection.


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