Door Reinforcement

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Door reinforcement is something that you should think about if you want to keep your house from burglary, a sneaky evil locksmith, and other break-ins. Fortify your home, temperring your door frame, using a robust deadbolt and screws for crime prevention promotion: add a metal shield to your door to reach utmost security of your home. Read on to find out how.


Reinforcing doors can significantly impact the security of your home. Many people think that thieves or criminals will try to get into the house through a window or other alternative methods. But this is not the case. Most often, these guys break in through the front door frame. And if the door is not reinforced, nothing will stop them.

As you can see, reinforcing doors are an essential element of survival basic prepping and a home defender security system. In our review, you will find information on the reasons for reinforcing doors, how you can reinforce the doors yourself, interesting door reinforcement features, how to secure your garage, rating, and a step-by-step guide on reinforcing doors.

Which Door Construction Is The Best And Why Is It Important

Which Door Construction Is The Best And Why Is It Important

Reinforcement of doors is good, but before getting down to business, it is worthwhile to understand whether the door itself is strong enough. No amount of door locks and reinforcement kits will help if your doorway is made of plywood. Below you will find a rating of the most common materials for making front doors and analyzing each material.

Doorway Security Windows

First, let’s determine if your doorway has a window. Of course, such features can be an interesting design element. But remember that if such glass is broken, it will not be difficult for robbers to reach the reinforcement lock and open it from the inside.

If you are not ready to give up doorway windows but still want to increase the home security, we recommend replacing the glass with more durable materials. A good option, in this case, would be polycarbonate and defender security window film. This product is always in stock. Plus, you can always reinforce the doorway window with satin nickel bars. Of course, it is not so beautiful, but it is very reliable and safe.

Solid Wood Door

36&Quot;X80&Quot; Exterior Entry If the appearance of your front door and home security is important to you at the same time, then choose a solid wood door. These doors have a lifetime warranty, are easy to reinforce, and look very good both inside and outside the home.

Please double-check the quality of the doorway before purchasing. It should be 100% wood. Yes, these doors are not cheap but trust us; they are worth it.



Hollow Core Door

These entries don’t even isolate sound. And certainly, such a doorway should not be installed as an entrance complete door system.

These have a wood frame, on both sides of which a skinny layer of plywood and sometimes cardboard is glued (sometimes nailed). You can put any defender security door lock, door shields on such a door, and in general, use all door security equipment. But unfortunately, this hollow-core variety will not do any good because such a belief can be broken with bare hands. Even sliding doors and swinging doors are better.

Solid Core Door

Kimberly Bay 2-Raised

Slightly safer entrances than hollow bark doors, we also do not recommend such doors as front doors. People think that these entries are much more reliable and made of wood. Good thing this product is always in stock.

Such doors absorb moisture very strongly. This renders the doors unusable faster than you might imagine.




Insulated Metal Door

Insulated Metal Door

A hardware supply door is the best option for making your home safe. Most importantly, make sure you choose a quality option. Insulated Metal Door will not be cheap, but you will have to fork it out—also, this product not always in stock.





Reasons Of The Door Reinforcement

Reasons Of The Door Reinforcement

Reports In general, there are many reasons for strengthening the entrance doors. To begin with, break-ins most often occur through the exterior door.

Of course, you can say that you have a security solution. But how will an alarm system save you from being robbed? Such technologies can only inform that there is already someone in the house.

And it is also worth noting that it is worth reinforcing the front door and the back doorway, and even the garage doors. The movies show that burglars enter houses through windows, but in reality, they prefer doors that can be easily broken open, and then you can quickly escape through them. This is an important part of home fortification strategy and target hardening.


Ways To Reinforce Your Doors Below you will find a rating of ways and stock products to help you improve your home safety.

Security Peephole

Choose a product with a wide viewing angle to prevent burglars from hiding, lock bumping, and lock picking. Also, take care that the peephole has insulation from the inside. Otherwise, they will be able to watch you through the peephole.

Door Stop Alarm

3-Pack Upgraded Door Another easy way to reinforce your doorway is to install a Door Reinforcement Stop Alarm. Such a product will stop the opening door and activate an audible signal if enough force is applied.

Pros: easy installation, no wiring required, availability, door stops are always in stock, alarm features, satin nickel color

Cons: Have to “install” them every night.

Door Jammer

U.s. Patrol Jb5322 Alarm A door reinforcement item jammer is an item that fixes your door. That is, it cannot be opened from the outside without first removing the doorway jammer. You can safely carry this product to all your homes when you travel. This will greatly enhance the safety of your home.





Double Cylinder Deadbolt Keyed

Deadbolts are one of the best door security options imaginable. It doesn’t cost a burglar to pick a regular home security door lock on a doorknob, but it takes a lot of work.

Installing it is also not very easy, by the way. So it is better to contact an experienced home security door lock and door reinforcer with this case.


Video Doorbells

Arlo (Avd1001) Video DoorbellThis product is a smart item with features that allows you to always be in touch with yourself.

Such video doorbells have motion sensors, and they record up to several days of material. Every time someone approaches your home, they will send a special signal to your phone.




Rekeyed Door Lock

Prime-Line E 2402 Replacing the keys is a good option for the best door reinforcement, as it does not require much effort from you. These rekeyed door locks are especially relevant for people who rent a house.

You can buy a special reinforcement kit that contains everything you need to change your keys. It is effortless and fast, and even a beginner can handle it without a professional door reinforcer.



Electronic & Smart Locks

Lockly Secure ProYou can install the most secure reinforcement lock on your doors, but it won’t do any good if you forget to close it.

Modern smart locks can be opened and closed remotely. Installing such a reinforcement lock will not be easy, so it’s best to contact an experienced lock and door reinforcer.

If you ready to block yourself our from outside world – learn how to make cement at home or yard in few simple steps.




Security Solution And Reinforcement Strategies For Garage Doors Do not forget that garage doors are also needed for strengthening, especially if your garage is combined with a house.

Below you will find a rating of items that are in stock. They will help you secure your garage door.

Keep The Doorway Closed

This may seem obvious, but the garage doorways need to be closed. Always check to see if your doorways are closed before going to bed or leaving home. This is a simple yet reliable technique.

Motion Security Ligh

Amico 3 Head Led This product is a good way to scare off thieves. Most of the robbers prefer to work in the dark. This is because it is easier for them to hide. Motion-sensing lights could ruin their plans. Remember that it is best to prevent break-in initially.




Reinforce Your Doorways

The door reinforcement should not end only at the door reinforcement of the entrance. Make sure that your garage doorways are also reinforced.

Use A Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Using this product will help you open and close doorways quickly and easily. Modern openers can be connected to a smartphone. Then you can close your garage doorways even remotely.




Prune Back The Hedges

It is best not to plant bushes in the places that lead to the entrance to the garage. It will be easy for robbers to hide in the bushes, which means they will choose the most appropriate moment to enter the house.

Install A Keypad



This product will help you give access to your home for guests or helpers. A keypad is also a good way to keep your home safe as you won’t give anyone a spare key.





Step By Step Guide On How To Reinforce A Door

Do not forget that no door lock will help you strengthen the door if you have an unreliable door frame. We will tell you about two main ways to reinforce a door frame, door armor, and hinge shields.

Door Reinforcement Kits

Door reinforcement kits are a simple and reliable way to reinforce doorways. The Door Reinforcement Kit contains everything you need to reinforce the lock, door armor max, and door frame. Moreover, such sets are suitable for any type of reinforcement lock, whether it is a regular home security door lock or a deadbolt strike plate.

Of course, a door reinforcement kit is not always the cheapest option, but it is reliable.

Such kits are also called armor concepts, they are always in stock and can be ordered online, but you will need to provide your email address.

Armor concepts will help you protect your home and strengthen doorways and door frames. Armor concepts can also be used to repair broken doorways. Check out the stock now to buy armor concepts at a bargain price.

Longer Door Screws

Power Pro 48604A cheaper but also good way of door reinforcement is to replace the screws with longer ones.

Most often, doorways come with 2-inch screws that are short enough to prevent burglary. You need these screws to attach the door frame to the building itself. This product is always in stock.

A piece of advice: It is best to replace the screws one at a time so that the door does not move or come loose.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line So, to choose the best door reinforcement method, you first need to determine how reliable your door is. If your door is to be strengthened, you can start the process by choosing one of the listed methods. You may need the help of a lock and door reinforcer, but it is quite possible to handle it yourself. The main thing is to select the goods that are in stock and proceed to the door reinforcement.


What is door reinforcement strike plates?

The door reinforcement strike plate is a special product that reinforces the lock. Roughly speaking, these are metal plates that make the fastening point of the reinforcement lock more reliable.

How do you stop a doorway from being kicked in?

To prevent the doorway from being knocked out, you can use a door security bar or other product that mechanically prevents the doorways from opening. They have easy installation and a high level of reliability, even if a burglar uses a battering ram to open the door.

How to secure double entry doorways?

One of the best door reinforcement options is to reinforce both doorways at once, external and internal. In this case, it is better to make the outer door metal and strengthen the inner doorway with a reinforcement lock and door armor max.

How to secure a door without a deadbolt?

Make sure the door is strong enough to reinforce it. After that, you can install the reinforcement lock, door stops, smart lock, and screw it on long bolts. This is one of the best door reinforcement solutions.


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