Best Window Locks Review and Buying Guide

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Everyone is concerned about the protection and safety of their home, a concern that has become even more pronounced in 2023. It is not surprising that no one would want to become a victim of intruders and lose their property. Unfortunately, people often keep windows open in the house or simply do not change shabby windows left from the previous owners. What is more, leaving the window completely blocked may not always prevent the invasion of burglars and intruders. For example, sliding windows are extremely hackable with simple tools. What will strengthen home windows in your place of residence? Additional locks are the most functional and economical decision.

This article is a sign to consider the installation of an additional window lock. Purchasing window locks is an amazing clue that, of course, will lead to a growth in security. Moreover, the majority of locks enable the possibility to save access to the ventilation of all rooms. 

Get started with reading the article to study the installed locks and the huge variety of windows (double-hung or single hung windows, casement windows, a window frame that is manufactured from plastic or wood, and some glass features).

TOP Best Window Locks for Safety and Durabiluty

Top Best Window Locks For Safety And Durabiluty In order to simplify information and describe the variety of mechanisms and principles to install a secondary lock, we have prepared data about the best window locks. It is now less complicated for you to select a window lock to be capable of maintaining the ventilation of the living space, ensuring safe opening for kids, and hindering thieves’ attack. Moreover, it will be hardly possible to break the window.

On this page, it is possible to find the best models based on their functionality and reliability to achieve full home security.

1. Prime-Line F 2588

Prime-Line F 2588 Sash Loc During summer, a typical window lock is rather a disadvantage, since we try to ventilate each room often. Undoubtedly, an ordinary lock is nice for precluding the sudden opening, but it will complicate the full opening of the window when it is required. For such cases, if it is necessary to let fresh air into the apartment, the Prime-Line F 2588 lock will become a great alternative for solving this problem.

The operation principle of the sash locks is terribly straightforward. Put the window sash lock in a blocked mode to impede the casement window from opening, then easily rotate the sash locks to unblock the window. This window sash lock functions with all types of windows, both vertically sliding and horizontally sliding. The alternative of sash lock contains an extremely durable metal cast under pressure that will let it serve for years. Additionally, the product has three main colors, so that everyone can find the right one for their window.

To put a window sash lock in place, you are required to drill holes in the window, perhaps this might be a slight minus, but it is justified by the high quality and long service life. Simply put, this window lock has reliable protection, is amazing for frequent work, and ideal to unshut your window fully.

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2. Window And Door Safety Lock

Innovaciones De Seguridad No parent would want to catch their kids playing next to the window or try to find them in the yard after accidentally opening sliding doors. Your fears are not in vain, so have a look at this category of window lock.

The superiority of the window and door safety lock is its simplicity of installation. To attach this lock to the window, you do not need additional holes or devices, all that is required comes directly in the box. You should wipe the surface and glue this lock with a special tape, and it is ready, your kids are now under control. This lock saves the optimal width of the window opening and fixes it in a certain position. However, we advise you to attach it higher than your child’s height since older children can learn the mechanism of opening the lock.

Emphasizing all the pros, it is surely an ideal product for parents worried about their children, since it is trustworthy and does not catch the eye.

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3. Maxdot Adjustable Locks

Maxdot Adjustable Sliding Window Locks Every Maxi Dot lock is a correct way to secure your estate from burglary and guard your kids from accidental opening. These sliding window locks are rigged with a double-clamp complex (a key is included) so that you have a chance to fix a window firmly.

To make the lock function, keys and clips are required. Use a key to put the clip in place. A safe aluminum metal will be very problematic to break by picklock. At the same time, with the help of the key, you can simply take the locks off to ventilate the space. However, the key system may not make sense for everyone.

Summing up, this low-priced lock completely recoups the money spent and protects your loved family. Take a closer look at this alternative if security and saving money are your top priorities.

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4. Jeacent A/C Security

Jeacent A/C Security Window Lock Bar Why should you be interested in this security bar lock? There are numerous reasons. The Jeacent A/C Security device is wonderful for the space equipped with window air conditioning. In addition, this window lock prevents theft. The only disadvantage is that this lock can only be used for windows of a few exact sizes. This lock is plain to install: put it in place with the use of the adhesive tape.

This tiny tool is created from a durable alloy, which makes it heavy to damage it. In general, it is a very good, simple, and safe alternative to slightly increase your safety and stop worrying about the safe keeping of your living space.

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5. Boao Set Of 15 Sliding Window Locks

Boao Set Of 15 Siding Window Locks Perhaps the adorable and functional Boao set of locks will appeal to you. There are fifteen miniature window locks in the set that are installed effortlessly and work on clips. If necessary, it will be extremely simple to remove them.

When having a first look at these babies, it will seem that they are unreliable and can be broken with one touch, but believe us, they are much more reliable than you think. Their aluminum alloy is the main core of the device. What is more, the lock arrangement allows you to make a gap for ventilation while continuing to reliably protect your living space.

In conclusion, these are very inexpensive, discreet, and safe locks that will strengthen all windows in the apartments.

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6. Lion Locks Aluminum Sliding Door And Window Lock

Lion Locks Aluminum Sliding Door And Window Lock

Lion Locks are an instant and wonderful decision for strengthening your windows. These locks took the best characteristics from the ones that we mentioned above.

These locks work with absolutely various frame types, starting with conventional windows and ending with sliding doors. Durable aluminum used for the arrangement will scare away robbers, while a vinyl tab inside will not deface the window lining. If the width of your window frame does not exceed 3/16” inches, then there will be no problems with installation. Using only two screws, you are able to place the lock in place. As a result, your windows will be under shield.

Lion Locks guarantee your security, as they are reliable and proven by numerous homeowners.

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7. Sliding Window Locks

Sliding Window Locks Set If you are a fan of sliding windows, then this option of a window lock will surely suit you. It fends off the windows’ breakage and unwanted opening so that your family members, including the little ones, will not be able to accidentally fall out when opening the windows.

The solid material of these sliding window locks will never break under strong impact. You can put several locks at once to increase the reliability of your windows. Installing this protection is no different from the previous options, place a lock and bond it with a simple steel fastener.

As a result, this is a very reliable lock with a minor disadvantage that, however, does not affect reliability greatly.

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8. Reliancer 4 Pack Sliding Window Locks

Reliancer 4 Pack Sliding Window Locks All the lock options that we considered before worked on hex keys or clamps. The Reliancer locks are based on a system with special keys. With this lock option, children will not be able to open it, if they do not find the key, so hide it away.

High-quality stainless steel assembly makes them very reliable, and moisture during the rain will not harm them. Their size also increases their strength.

We recommend having a look at the most reliable option for child security, if you want to strengthen your windows.

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9. Onvian Window Locks

Onvian Window Locks The locks from Onvian are exceptionally similar to the locks from Maxdot, about which we talked earlier. The installation method includes the usage of two screws, which are twisted with two keys. Therefore, a reliable fastening is ensured. The installation process is extraordinarily simple: just fasten the window and tighten the bolts, after that your windows will be protected. Even in the case of loss of the keys required for the use of the product, you can use a regular hex.

These inexpensive and durable locks will by no means upset you, so feel free to order them!

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10. Defender Security U 9809 Window Locks

Defender Security U 9809 Sliding Window Lock The last option for today is window locks from Defender. This is also a good alternative for placing on your windows. As other mechanisms mentioned above, this tool will give additional protection against hacking.

You only need a couple of minutes to install them, besides these locks work with different types of window frames. The lock is installed on any window up to 1/2 inch wide using a special movable part. It is possible to completely close the window or leave some space for air, but it might be removed with a crowbar or another metal object, but most likely no one will waste time on this.

Defender locks are a great option that will strengthen your windows, scare away thieves. What is more, a minimalistic design and white color make them completely invisible on your windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What Types of Window Locks Are Available?

Thanks to the presence of numerous window styles, there is a huge amount of additional locks. There are keyed locks (a key is used to close a window), a window sash lock (suitable for double-hung windows), a sliding window lock (choose from bar locks or track locks, that are also known as stop locks, to ensure the secure sliding open). You might choose depending on the reliability, home security, and whether it is possible to get access to a particular type in a store near you.

Do Certain Types of Locks Only Work With Certain Window Styles?

Yes, the choice of a window lock depends on the type of a frame. There is a window sash lock and a bar lock that differ from each other. Both are usually attached to a window frame with a screw but they are suitable for various windows. Many windows have doors sliding horizontally or vertically, there are also double-hung windows and casement windows. All these types require different locks.

What Is the Safest Window Lock?

The best window locks are distinguished by several criteria: they are suitable for installation by non-professionals, can keep a casement or sliding window closed, and make it impossible for burglars and intruders to break the mechanism. Compiling a list of the best locks, we have chosen the Defender Security U 9809 model as the most reliable and versatile tool for your safety.

Can Locks Be Changed After Market?

Yes, it is possible. We are giving you a sign that now is the time to make sure that your home is secure. Installing locks on windows is not a big deal. Most often, you can simply install them on a plastic window frame using screws. It is a great idea to change the locks and get new unique keys that no one can copy. The installed locks on the windows allow you to provide extra peace and tranquility.

Is There a Window Security Film That Does Double (or Triple) Duty?

Yes, currently there are several types of protective film that really makes the glass shockproof. Moreover, the film helps to keep the fragments in one place. Therefore, a security film can protect your family.

Does Insurance Cover Damage From Civil Unrest and Looting?

Yes, even the most basic insurance policies for homeowners include clauses stating that material damage caused by riots and vandalism will be compensated. In this case, both damage to the house and damage from the theft of your personal belongings are taken into account.

How to Secure Sliding Windows?

In order to strengthen the sliding windows’ door closing mechanism, we recommend using the Defender Window Security, which is suitable for both single- and double-hung windows. You can also use quality track locks or bar locks. Make sure that the opening process remains easy and locks do not block air flow.

How to Secure Open Windows?

If you prefer to slightly open the window most of the time, then pin locks on a chain will be the best option for you. They are a simple and inexpensive mechanism. If you want to keep sliding windows wide open, then we will advise you to buy stop locks.


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