Best Window Security Bars Review and Buying Guide

Security Bars Introduction

Security Bars Introduction Considering the annual statistics of home break-in cases, we really need to carry about our home security system. Unfortunately, the window is the most “attractive” part of the house for any burglars, so it is better to place special window bars to prevent any home invasions.

The window security system consists of special metal bars that don’t allow you to enter the window from the outside. Window security bars are the perfect option if you want to avoid any unpleasant guests in your home area.

There are some people that prefer not to install any window grilles, because of their unaesthetic look. Despite that fact, we think that safety is the main point, so it is better not to ignore any window security bars (especially if you live on the ground floor!).

In our review, we will tell you how to choose the most suitable security bars for your home and you will also find out about the 10 best window security bars options and their short description!

We hope this article will be useful for you!

Best Window Security Bars on Today’s Market

Best Window Security Bars On Today’s Market Before you decide to install the window security bars, it is better to get acquainted with some basic information about the main models. In our review, we are going to tell you about the top features of the 10 best window security bar models that are popular among many homeowners!

1. Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar

Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar Many homeowners prefer to install the Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar because of its main features. Besides the resistance of this window guard, its design is pretty nice and doesn’t distract the eye. It is also not a problem if you need to get outside immediately, the locking mechanism can be easily opened from the inside.

The installation process is also pretty easy and you can easily install it on your own without any extra help. At the end of each bar, some special cups will prevent your window frame from any damage.


  • Modern and fancy design.
  • Easy installation process.
  • The bar can be easily removed whenever you want.
  • An emergency exit.


  • Unlike the length, the width can’t be regulated.

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2. Defender Security Segal Window Guard

Defender Security S 4775

If you worry about your little kid’s safety, then we recommend you to think about the Defender Security Segal Window Guard option! Due to the uneasy locking system, your kids (or any thieves from the outside) won’t be able to remove it.

In case of any emergency situation, the quick escape won’t be a problem. The special locking mechanism can be easily opened from the inside and impossibly a security bar from the outside.


  • Tamper-resistant mounting hardware.
  • Not complicated windows open the system from the inside (in an emergency case).


  • These window guards are located indoors and can take some place by turning.

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3. Roe Mo Telescoping Window Security Bar


Roe &Amp; Moe Telescoping Window

Roe Mo Telescoping Window Security Bar consists of two burglar bars. The bars are great in use and have a modern look that doesn’t ruin the view of your home area. Luckily, the grids are lightweight and you need to use them both at the same time.


  • The weight and smooth surface of the bars don’t distract the eye.
  • The extra length option.


  • Due to the light plastic mechanism of these burglar bars, they can be accidentally removed by children.

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4. Ideal Security Childproof Window Bar (Our Top Pick)

Ideal Security Window Security Bar

The Ideal Security Childproof Window Bar is known as a really reliable security device. The bar will provide your kids with total protection and will help you to get rid of the extra worries. In comparison with many other models, the installation of this bar is much more complicated. But still, on the internet, you can find some useful videos where people explain how to install that, or you can simply read the instructions.

By installation, to prevent your windows from opening, you will also need to know the exact growth of your kids.


  • The special lock will prevent your kids from falling outside.
  • The length of this model can be changed from 10.5 to 16.5 inches.


  • By installation, you can face some complications.

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5. Grisham White Window Guard


In comparison with any other window security bars, the Grisham White Window Guard is much harder to install, but despite that fact, hundreds of customers underline the quality and strength of that model.

To install the Grisham White Window Guard you will need to buy some brackets that are purchased separately from the metal grids. Actually, these brackets are pretty easy to find, but there are many models, so don’t be confused by choosing the right model.

The appearance of the metal grids is as well important as the quality. Luckily, the Grisham Window Guard has a pretty nice look from the street because of the metal floral elements that can be placed between the grids of your window frame.

The grids are also painted with a special waterproof white paint, which blends into your window trim.


  • The bars are waterproof and rust-resistant.
  • Fancy metal grids with a variety of ornamental variations.
  • An especially great option for basement windows.
  • Variety of color options.


  • The complicated installation process.
  • Brackets that are sold separately and for an extra price.

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6. Wedgit Sliding Windows Security Bars

Wedgit Twist Tight

If you don’t want your window grinds to be seen from the outside, then you should think about Wedgit Sliding Windows Security Bars, because they are nearly invisible. Despite the external fragility, many homeowners opt for this mark because of its quality and durability. Luckily, these window grilles can be easily installed, so no required tools are needed. Just follow the instructions and in a few minutes, your window guard will be at the proper place.

This device was specially made for sliding windows, so you can not use that for ordinary windows. The Wedgit window fixed bars are tightly located between the sliding doors and can be easily regulated.


  • For installation, no special tools are needed.
  • Wherever you want, these window guards can be taken off.
  • The length can be changed from 25 to 42 inches.


  • The invisibility can be a big minus since the prominent metal bars can give a fright to the potential thieves.

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7. International Closeouts Security Guard

International Closeouts Security Bar

Some people are searching for such a burglar bar, which won’t attract any attention from the passers-by. If you don’t want to install any typical severe window guard that will scare any “unwanted guests”, then we recommend you purchase the International Closeouts Security Guard. These security bars are especially great for sliding windows or patio doors.

Among all the benefits, such as fancy design, invisibility, and little weight, the customers have some doubts about its durability. And that’s true, if you decide to change the height by twisting it over, the bar can break apart.


  • These bars won’t damage your windows because of the special caps at the ends.
  • This window security has a pretty design and is suitable for sliding windows.


  • Fragility
  • Impossibility of changing the length, so you should better measure the window opening before you install these bars.

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8. Fairy Baby Child Security Bars

Fairy Baby Child Window Guards

Hundreds of customers made their choice to use Fairy Baby Child Security Bars because of their great features. For instance, there is no need to drill any holes to screw these bars. The installation process is pretty easy and you can place them on your own without any special tools or master help.

Of course, each parent wants to prevent their little kid from falling out, that is why the Fairy Baby Child security bars are the perfect option for that. These bars are made of high-quality material and you can also choose the proper length. In case of any emergency situation, you can easily remove the release latches, so a quick escape is guaranteed.


  • The grids are located really close to each other, so the baby won’t have a chance to accidentally get outside.
  • This window security bar has a nice look and it is nearly seen from the street.
  • You can choose the most suitable extra length from 61.8 inches to 87.4 inches.


  • The Fairy Baby Child Security Bars are made only for kids’ security, so they won’t stop any unpleasant guests from getting inside your home area. But still, these bars can be a great visual deterrent factor.

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9. Knape & Vogit John Sterling Swing Window Guard

Knape &Amp; Vogt John Sterling Swing

Knape & Vogt John Sterling Swing Window Guard can be a really suitable option for your home area if you want to prevent children from falling out. These security bars have different design options, and it is also possible to choose the number of blocks (from 3 to 8).

The installation process is not that difficult but you need to be careful with a swinging door. These security bars can be installed indoors and outdoors but the specialists observe they are not that good for exterior use.


  • The bars are powder coated, so they won’t be rusted with time.
  • The durability of bars.
  • It is possible to change the width of window bars.


  • This window guard is a great option if your goal is to protect your kids from falling out. But these security bars may not be appropriate for break-ins prevention.

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10 Jh Smith Window Security Bar

Window Security Bar

If you are searching for a reliable security bar option, which is not complicated to install, then you should take into account Jh Smith Window Security Bar! This burglar bar is not as complex as it seems at the beginning. Many customers opt for this window guard because of its great benefits such as a safe locking mechanism and durable white powder coating that provides water and is weatherproof. Because of its size, this window security bar is a great option for small windows.

It is also important to install the locking mechanism correctly.


  • Convenient length
  • Special rubber cups at the ends of the bars.
  • Easy installation
  • Fancy design
  • Powder-coated bars


  • Fragility because of the plastic connectors

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How to choose the best window security bars?

How To Choose The Best Window Security Bars? The process of choosing the window security bars is not as complicated as it seems at the beginning! Before you decide to install the burglar bars, you need to consider some factors, such as the purpose of use, the window location, the type of burglar bars, and their style.

If you have never had such an experience of choosing the window security bars on your own, you may need the advice of a professional. 

Further, we will tell you what to take into account by choosing the best burglar bars for your home space!

1. The type of security bars

If you decide to find out some information about the window bar types, you might be confused by the wide range of different options. In special shops, you will face a huge variety of window guards, such as indoor security bars, bars with glass break sensors, a quick release mechanism, motion detectors, etc…

The type of the window security bar for your home area depends on the purposes of use. In our review we can note three main types of the window bars:

  • Removable window bars

This kind of burglar bar is mainly installed for the night period and then takes off in the forenoon. It can be pretty convenient if the building’s appearance is especially important for you during the day. These removable bars are also a great option to prevent children from danger.

  • Swing-away burglar bars

In the case of permanent window bars, an emergency exit can be really a problem. So If you worry about the fire exit in an emergency case, installing the swing-away window guards can be a great decision!

  • Permanent window guard

If you carry about the security systems of your home area, then you should think about installing the window security bars. These window bars will secure you and your family from any break-ins and forced entry, so you can be calm about your safety. The permanent window bar will provide you with ideal security, but in case of any emergency situation, you won’t be able to leave your home by getting out of the window.

2. Location of the window security bars

Due to the variety of options, you can decide on your own what kind of burglar bars you want to install in your home space. The bars can be installed not only outdoors but also indoors. Each variant has its benefits, so think about that before installing.

3. The style of the window bar

Many people carry about the look of their window bars. Of course, security is always in the first place, but let’s not forget about the appearance. In the stores, you will find a big amount of different burglar bars for each taste. In most cases, they are made of metal and have some plastic parts.

4. The process of installation

If you are going to install the removable window bars, then the installation process is not a problem for you! You can easily install that on your own after reading a special instruction. In the case of the permanent burglar bars (that are located outdoors), you might need the help of a professional master.

5. Regulations

There are some fire regulations that you need to take in mind before installing the security bars. That is why you might carry about the proper size, color, and style of your future security bars.

6. Easy access

First of all, it is better to explore the window bars assortment in your local stores. In the case of metal bars it is better not to risk their long delivery and extra cost -by the time the steel bars come, your home can already become an aim of unwanted guests.

Best Window Security Bars Takeaway

Best Window Security Bars Takeaway As you see, the process of choosing the most suitable window security bars has its own complications and pitfalls, that is why we told you about the points you need to consider by choosing your best window guard.

In our review, you can also find a list of the top 10 burglar bars with the main characteristic of each window guard. We hope this review was useful for you! To get some more information about each model we recommend you to follow the links that are located in our article.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Do window security bars work?

Yes, of course! The installation of the window security bars is the perfect decision if you want to secure your home area from any unwanted guests. Some special security bars can prevent your kids from falling. In our article, you can find some information about the different window guard models and we hope it will help you by choosing the right option.

How do you mount a security bar on a window?

The installation process depends on a type of window security bar. Some bars you can install on your own without any professional help. Sometimes you can only follow the instructions or watch some tutorials on YouTube. But in some cases, the help of a specialist is needed.

How much will burglar bars cost?

Everything depends on the model of your future burglar bars. If the bar is frail and only has a plastic mechanism, then the cost won’t be that high in comparison to more quality bars.

Also, by choosing your burglar bar, make sure that no extra details are needed.

How to choose the best window security bar?

By choosing the most suitable window security bar you need to consider a variety of factors such as the type of the security bar, its style, and material. You also need to consider that the type of window guards depends on your goal: there are special window security bars that were made specially to prevent your home from any break-ins or the children from falling outside.

What are window security bars?

Window security bars are the special metal (or sometimes plastic) grids that secure your home area from any “unwanted guests”. Some parents also worry about their children’s safety, that is why hundreds of parents prefer to install this kind of device to protect their children.

What are the main types of window security bars?

There are a few main types of window security bars: removable, swing-away, and permanent burglar bars. The removable window bars can be installed for the night period only. The permanent window bars are the most durable bars but you can not fastly remove them in case of any emergency situation. That is why many homeowners prefer to install the swing-away burglar bars- these bars have a special quick-release locking mechanism that can be opened from the inside at any time.

What are the window security bars materials?

There is a variety of materials that can be used in window security bars production, everything depends on each model. Some window guards are made of metal grids and some are made of plastic.

What is the best burglar bar option?

There is a big variety of great window security bars options and it is pretty complicated to choose only one. But according to customer opinions, we would recommend you to think about the Ideal Security Childproof Window Bar option. This bar is pretty durable and has a pretty nice look at the same time.

Is it possible to open the window with the burglar bar in an emergency case?

Actually, due to the quick release mechanism many window bars models can easily provide you with a fast escape in an emergency situation. That is why many homeowners prefer to install not permanent window bars that can be opened at any time.

Are there any extra details I need to buy for window guard installation?

In most cases, you don’t have to buy any extra details if you want to install the window security bars. But by some models, you may need that. For instance, by Grisham White Window Guard the brackets are sold separately and you need to consider that.


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