How We Rate Survival Products

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How We Rate Our Survival Products

It is always better to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios of our lives than to be caught by surprise unaware, especially in 2023. With this idea in mind, all survival products on our website are rated by our team so that when urgent situations occur, every item of your survival gear will work perfectly.

Here, we do not introduce products that were paid to be reviewed by us or sent free of charge. All our items have gone through a thorough assessment based on the four criteria: consumers’ and experts’ feedback, brand, and item rating. Let’s now dig a bit deeper into them.

  • Consumers Feedback

What do most people do when considering buying a particular product? They, of course, get to see other consumers’ feedback. Supported by experts, our team looks through numerous clients’ testimonials before we pick an item to review. We guarantee the topmost quality of the products we introduce to our readers. 

  • Experts feedback

However, it is better to have more opinions on survival products to develop an unbiased view. Not every item has enough reviews from customers online, or they can be very vague. This is when our professionals, together with experienced survivalists possessing extensive knowledge in the field, unite and discuss potential products for our website.

Brand Rating Method

We have a particular system with its own criteria for choosing brands that we would recommend to you. For more information on them, please read further.

Variety of products

The more extensive the diversity, the easier it is for a customer to make a weighted decision. However, many of the companies that we look through will not make it to our webpage. 

Transparency, Accuracy, and Reputation

Transparency is all about the way the company operates and how open and comprehensive its work is for the customer.

  • Are they available only online, or do they also have a physical office?
  • How simple is it to access the information about the company and its employees?
  • What can a client find out about the administration of the company?
  • How quickly is the brand able to provide an answer to the clients’ inquiries?

Accuracy can tell you whether the company can provide a person access to the results of lab testing.

  • Can you find information about the contents of the products? If not, can you request it and get a positive answer?

Reputation is about the way the company is perceived among the competition in the survival industry.

  • Do they provide a guarantee on the product? Can you return it simply? How about a refund policy?
  • For how long has the company been on the market?

UX (User Experience)

Here are the metrics that we use:

  • Is it easy to access and use the website of the company in question? 
  • Does the brand provide profound and verified information?
  • Can you say that the customer service workers are polite and knowledgeable?
  • What kind of method of communication is used: chat, email, phone calls? How fast is the reaction of the employees?
  • What is the duration of a shipment?

Product Rating Method

The main thing that you should understand about our technique of product rating is that our metrics for the assessment can vary depending on the type of items. For everyday gear, you would require products of small size and weight and some basic products such as a knife and flashlight. For a bug-out bag’s contents, the main criterion is the variety of products it can contain, which is of paramount importance when you have to leave your area due to an emergency, and it can be days or even weeks before you will be able to come back.

We are mostly focusing on the following list of the Survival Products’ categories:

  • Survival Products
  • Preppers’ Products
  • Survival Gardening Items
  • Survival Kitchen Tools 
  • Homesteading Instruments

For these categories, we have a general checklist that can be applied to any product:

  • Expert and Customer reviews. 

As we have already mentioned earlier, reviews of different categories of customers are really important. They can hint whether the product is worth mentioning or not.

  • Usability. 

This metric of a Survival Product tells you about the extent to which the item is easy to be used in different circumstances. Why buy different products for wilderness and evacuations when you can purchase only one for both situations?

  • Package options. 

Is express delivery available for your region? Do you get your order in a simple plastic bag or in a box with bubble wrap? No one would want to purchase an item that will come ruined after shipping.

  • Sustainability. 

It is always good to know whether the brand cares for our nature. That’s why eco-friendly materials of the products, as well as their packages that can be easily recycled and have a minimum of plastic, are an important feature for many people now. We always try to encourage such companies by reviewing their products.

  • Ease of installation. 

As we are talking about surviving in nature, most of such cases are of extreme urgency in terms of decision-making. What is the use of a tent that takes too long to be set up? Or of a flashlight that requires you to always hold the button for light? Rest assured that products reviewed by us can be easily set up and dismantled.

  • Pricing policy. 

It is not a secret that most of us would want to get a Survival Kit at an affordable price. In some cases, some of these items of survival gear might be even better off than those of a higher cost category. However, that is not an undoubted truth, which is why we always try to find you the best solution suitable for any budget.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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